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Hetalia FOREVER!!!

Members of Ivory-Five:






Information on Rainne:

The main writer of the stories. She usually does most of the hand-written work, plus she does all the romance scenes, which everybody loves to read! (At least in the group)

Information on Blake:

The guy who usually comes up with any fighting scenes, or come-backs/arguements. He also roleplays a character when there is a lack of inspiration, taking on that character's personality and movements, so the inspiration, and the words, come easier.

Information on Max:

Easy to say that Max is the most perverted, and can come up with a lot of dirty jokes for any perverted characters in stories. He, like Blake, roleplays the characters, helping make scenes and arguements much easier to write and perfect. He is also the one to come up with many comedy pieces, and knows when to insert swearing, and when it's best to leave it out.

Information on Justin:

All of the little details, like room or person description, tends to be his line of work. He can describe things with ease, and he and Rainne get very into detail when they describe rooms, people, etc. He can also talk about daily routines, for example, everything that a person did that morning for breakfast would usually be his and Rainne's ideal writing.

Information on Jason:

The horror expert, and the one who usually gets the beverages and food. He also revises the chapters to make sure everything is the way it should be, which is why that chapters in stories will occasionally be revised in the middle of that stories work.

We also have a new helper, Fuyuko! She's... a... half-member? We're not sure what to call her, but she will be helpful in chapters ahead. So remember, she's a bit involved with Ivory Five as well!

Please note that there won't be much updating. We'll try to update every so often, but no promises.

Also, if you want to send us a PM (Private Message), asking for a one-shot pairing or anything like that, we're going to make a whole ton of one-shots for you people! Yes, you. But not you. You know who you are.

With love,


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Mistaken Love for lack of better title by xXKeira-UchyXx reviews
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