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Despite my earlier cares that no one would read this anyway, I am posting a profile. If you're reading this then hopefully YAY! XD If it's not a yay reason, then CREEEEEEP! XO

For a tiny tisy bitsy insight on me, here is a conversation I recently texted with my friend after making a comment on how my stomach was making strange noises.

Friend: “I told u to stop eating the bodies of the pp ive killed! Their angry spirits will inhabit ur stomach forever!!!”


Friend:”I warned u!!!!but u didn’t listen to me rawr”

Me:”They looked so yummy, & I needed blood. & humans r like steak! Lol”

Friend:”Well aftr I was done with them they did kinda resemble hamburger meat … lmao”

Me:”Nuuh! Steak!”

Friend:”They did not look like steak when I left them … did u eat sumone elses dead bodies?”

Me:”Nuh, im sure they were urs. U left ur mark.”

Friend:”Hmm, they must hav decayed a little then.”

Me:”… ew.”

Friend:”That’s what u get for eating dead bodies.”

Me:”I swear you told me that they were fresh.”

Friend:”When is a dead body ever fresh? I told u to only eat them while they were sedated or unconscious, tho u mite get a little spazy when they’re drugged.”

Me:”I like the drugged me though!”

Friend:”Awwww, then eat away … if u enjoy spirits in ur stomach!”

Me:”Ehhhh, I guess I should find another snack for me then.”

Friend:”… I love you. :D”

And there's just a song that I like. XD Linkin Park, From the Inside

Don’t know who to trust
No surprise
Everyone feels so far away from me
Heavy thoughts sift through dust
And the lies

Trying not to break
But I’m so tired of this deceit
Every time I try to make myself
Get back up on my feet
All I ever think about is this
All the tiring time between
And how
Trying to put my trust in you
Just takes so much out of me

I take everything from the inside
And throw it all away
‘Cause I swear
For the last time
I won’t trust myself with you

Tension is building inside
Everyone feel sso far away from me
Heavy thoughts forcing their way
Out of me

I won’t trust myself with you
I won’t waste myself on you
Waste myself on you

And here, is an amazing poem a friend of mine wrote that I love, and feel the world needs to read! Please world come to my profile to read this poem! XD

Bloodlust in his eyes

His venomous and evil cries

Time in the palm of his hand

My eternity a fleck of sand

His voice a low, malevolent roar,

"You cannot ignore me, not anymore

Look in my eyes and you will see

The rest of your life inside of me

There really is no need to fear

Your voice is lost in time my dear

My world of happiness, your world of strife

Please let me take your beautiful life

I'll give you a love to fill the universe

I want to be your favorite curse

Trust in me I'll believe in you

Do not take me as a fool

There are ashes burning all around

And ashes, ashes we all fall down

Will you be my little lamb?

You think you can, you think you can

So hush little one, and don't you cry

I won't let you fall into the sky

You won't fall and break your crown

And no one will come tumbling after

Your crooked smile and your crooked ways

Have captivated me through these crooked days

And I swear that if you are smart

You will love me with all your crooked heart."

The King of Hearts and me his Queen

Please someone hear me scream

A cold hand and cold breath

Instantaneous living…death.

Friends on the internet(?): Well, I dunno when to start calling people friends. So, ... I dunno, there's three people I RP with that I like. SpearofHope (I'm getting to know him, I hope I don't scare him), Dusk (who changes his name a lot), and livinglife. One of them is mad at me, but still ... Other then that many people annoy me with their RPing style ... so I ignore them as much as I can.