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Author has written 14 stories for Resident Evil, and Legend of Zelda.

Author Update - 2018:

Taking a hiatus from the works for personal reasons. I’ve lost the desire to write for the time being. Additionally, I’m working on refining my writing lately. My bones are good - my pacing and structure need some work. I’m aware of it and don’t need to be called out on it continuously. So, on that note, it will probably be larger sums of time between updates. Thank you for all the support.

I've been writing for this fandom for so long that I honestly think I'm a dinosaur. My first fic I think I wrote in 2004 (at least the first one that I published on here.) It was a mess. But it had a big heart. It had 8 reviews and I felt like I'd written the Catcher in the Rye. Haha. I've come a long way. But some things won't ever really change: my writing is the seat of the pants. I go with the flow. And I love a good sense of humor so you'll find that a lot in my stories. Let's see if I can get you to keep reading huh? What do ya say?

Avoid my stuff if you don’t like humor. Fair warning. I enjoy it. It keeps me writing. I realize there is NONE in Resident Evil. I don't care. It's my story. Don't read it if you don't like it. Leon is funny. I write him funny. Chris is so uptight it's painful, so I write him funny too. Why not? I like it.

For a series of my other works: I have the pen name Red Dead Wedding. It's where I'll post my stuff that doesn't really suit this pen name and also any works I write for other authors.


OBSESSION: This one hits a stall for me right now. It started life as a short story involving the obsessive and painful love of Sherry for Leon. It grew and mutated, as my stuff tends to, into something longer and more versatile. It needs a natural conclusion and waits for me to find where that is for it. Wesker is totally gross in this. Which is fine and sorta uncomfortable. It's dark erotica. So it's weird.

RE4: OBSCURITY: And so it is. It's 4 with Jill. What's more obscure than that? This is, currently, one of my only ones that don't get lemony on us. It does and it doesn't. It's a flirty love story tied to canon action and storyline (with an AU twist of Jill of course). FUN. Terribly unpopular of course. But I've never written for acclaim. Just for fun. So I'm enjoying the hell out of writing it. Maybe more then almost anything else I've written. It's me, being me, playing with others barbie dolls in a universe I'm familiar with. I love it. I really, really do.

DARKENED SKY: Ah my original crack ship of Leon and Jill. Where to end it? It haunts me. It's mythology and virology and fun. Action and romance and research. A thrill ride.

THE DEVIL'S BARGAIN: Valenfield. Potentially a terribly long story until the end of time. Or could be reaching its end post RE5? Hard to say. I never look that far ahead. Totally filled with drama and smut and love and fighting. Wesker plays his part as guiding and manipulating them here. He's gross. I love him. It rambles. It gets a little lost. I make no apologies. And it's garnered some pretty heavy support on both sides of the fence. Read at your peril. Chris is not the boring one dimensional asshat that Capcom paints him as. I soften him. I harden him. I GROW him as a character. I don't throw him in as a broken drunk with a bad hair cut. He changes. I ALWAYS write my stories with a lot of history and sometimes too much heart. He's young and happy, grows old and dark, and tries to find his balance. Read the BSAA story on here: THIS is how I write him. If you don't like it, please don't read. I don't have time for reviews flaming me. Go find something else to do with your time, seriously.

THE ADVENTURES OF LEON AND CLAIRE: Oy this funny little story. It's so silly. It's Cleon and meant to be humorous and written simply and without flowery passages or prose. Where is it going? Wherever it wants.

RE7: NOT A HERO: What's funny about this Chris/Zoe post 7 fic is that I LOVE IT. I love it. It is written with more gusto and heart than a lot of my stuff. The first chapter is some of my finest stuff. It's another odd pair and so it isn't popular like I wish it was. Because it's so fun and dark and intriguing. I'm proud of it. It will end probably with the next chapter if I ever finish it. Likely with Lucas and Chris having their showdown.

RE7: RECKONING: Let's get rid of Ethan and Mia. Why not? Who needs them? Let's put Leon in Ethan's shoes. Let's make Claire his wife. She's missing. And clearly, the Baker's have stolen the wrong girl. Unfortunately for them? They aren't getting a sweet guy in loafers. They're getting an angry ass kicker in steel-toed boots...and a pissed off boulder punching brother with a REALLY big gun. 7 - the way it should have gone. UTTER gore fest. Leon's wisecracking humor and fighting. Jack isn't chasing you in this version. Leon is chasing Jack. Haha. And Chris? He's not some old skinny guy with a pompadour hairdo. He's a big muscled bad ass with a smart mouth and no tolerance for bullshit. How fast can the Bakers run? Will they escape into the bayou while the heroes clean house? Nope. You can't stop Claire. She's gonna make sure she burns that house to the ground and pisses on the ashes.

REVELATIONS: HAUNTING GROUND: A slightly AU take on Revelations blended with Haunting Ground and romance. Triangle love story. Small doses of the lemony stuff. Leon/Jill/Chris.


RE6: GROUND ZERO: Super fun to write. It's 6 with Leon and Jill. Such a potentially unloved ship, of course, which is my thing. But I LOVE them together. Probably BECAUSE they are NEVER together in the series. It's fanfiction. For me, that means I get to do whatever I want with them. I write what strikes my interest. And 6 was always unfinished somehow with each campaign. I may try Chris' campaign with Jill too just to feel it come together better.

SHEETS OF FIRE: This is one of my first ever written fanfictions. It's so old it has mold on it. It's older then Barry Burton. It's fun. And AU. And totally silly. It has a waitress and a love triangle and bad jokes. It was fun. I leave it up to remind me why I enjoy writing so much.

RESIDENT EVIL: BSAA: Ah this Sheva/Chris fic. My favorite. One of favorites ever. It is so cute. It's love and laughter and fighting and fucking. It's good stuff. Huge following on it when I penned it years ago. Lots of reader input went into it. If you're a lover of popular ships, it's a good story for you. It's Chris, the way I like him: FUNNY. He's funny. Why? Because Capcom makes him so UNFUNNY - that I write him how I think he'd be OUTSIDE of the mission. We don't see him any other way in game. So that's what I do: I write WHAT I DON'T SEE. And YEAH - FUNNY. Because I fucking like funny.

BLOOD OF THE SACRED: My one shot Zelda fic. Beautiful. Timeless. Sad. A good read when you want to be angsty and sigh.

ABSOLUTION: Oh, Absolution. Why are you the bane of my soul? This is angst and grief and pain and torture. It's Leon, dark and tortured, like we find him in Vendetta. He's lost. He's looking for love. He's never had any. That's right. It's Leon Kennedy fighting the good fight and looking for love in all the wrong places. It's MASSIVE. It's HUGE. It covers multiple endings and strains and love affairs. It stands as some of my best, most painful, and lost works. I couldn't love/hate it more. If you like the torture of love lost and good sex, this is the story for you. It's Kennedy in a way you won't ever see him again, I promise you. He's a total fucking mess. I love him.

PAIRS OF THE MOMENT: Jill and Leon, Jill and Chris, Leon and Sherry, Leon and Claire, Chris and Zoe, Chris and Hunnigan.

For a series of my smutty one-shot stuff (that doesn't fit any story or was removed for failing to fit the story): I usually pop that stuff up on Archive of Our Own (AO3). The pen name is the same. I may not put it up here as to keep this pen name as...SOMEWHAT...respectable. Potentially. I didn't even know about AO3 until like two months ago. So I have no following there yet. Or maybe people don't like me...O_O The rules aren't as strenuous on AO3, so that's where the smutty stuff hangs out. There's plenty here but I'm going to start shifting it more and more as time goes on to avoid being OVERLY smutty on here.

If you’re interested in my smutty stuff, pm me. I’ll consider putting it up here if there’s enough interest.

On a side note: I've had some requests for commissions lately for stories. I'm open to the idea depending on the pairs and the angle. Interested in something specific, that isn't necessarily story related, shoot me a PM here or on AO3 or DeviantArt. I'm fairly fast minded, you let me know what floats your boat, I can probably build a story that makes you feel good. I love spitballing ideas even if they aren't something I would ordinarily conceive. I read TONS of stuff daily. So, I'm open-minded.

Remember when PMing me regarding things that my stuff is fluff and action and romance/lemony/smutty. I WISH I was the kind of writer that can pen the darker stuff I enjoy reading so much. But my dark stuff ends up sweet somehow and everybody falls in love. So, sometimes we just have to accept our style is what it is.

Additionally: if I love you - I will probably try to write a story for you.

All the awesome cover art I use for Claire/Leon and Leon/Jill is done by Demonleon3D. Chris/Sheva and Chris/Jill is done by Lonewolf117. They are on DeviantArt and can be commissioned. It’s beautiful stuff.

Who knows how often I'll write! I enjoy any who enjoy me. Read it, hate it, love it, leave it. I dig it all. And look forward to reading some of yours in return. The one and only thing I can tell you that I don't tolerate is overt, rude, or typically hateful types. If your criticism is constructive - bring it. If your criticism is hateful - don’t bother.

Think you can write it better? Go for it. It’s why it’s fanfiction and meant to be entertaining.

But I don’t need a mean little comment about it being OOC or gross. Not your cup of tea? Move on! Why troll someone’s hard work and be hateful?

One: It takes guts and blood and grit to write a word of anything that means a damn. Don't go flaming people's stuff. It may not be the best you've ever read but it probably cost them some time and energy to write it.

Two: EVERYBODY TYPOS. It happens. I don't reread my stuff a thousand times but if you do, and see it, let me know. I'll go in and happily fix it.

Three: If you see a story inconsistency or you think it could be better, drop me a line. I love the eyes of my readers. They see what I miss. I love hashing out my stories. I love interacting when it serves the purpose of the tale.

Four: I go through periods where I write like a dog and periods where I never write. If you follow a fic and I don't finish it, I'm sorry. The muses work and they flicker off for me. I may finish, I may let it die and delete it later. It happens. If you have ideas that could help kick-start the noodle for me? Let me know.

Somebody referred to me as an icon in the fandom. Although humbling and alarming to know I've been around so long I've been promoted to a status, I don't consider myself an icon. Just a girl that loves the series and sticks with it through all its wins and losses (Dead Aim - what? No. Horrid game. Fun though.)

Additionally, I don't speak fanfiction lingo very well, even after all this time. I'm learning the slang: fluff, lemon, crack ship etc. I just write what I want. That's all I know. It doesn't fit any one category and I wouldn't know if it was any of those slang terms unless someone told me. (I had a loyal reader remark about my "lemon" once and I was offended, thinking she meant "lemon" like sour or potentially like a bad used car. NOPE. She meant a sex story. Haha.) So, don't assume if you review and use the terminology that I immediately know what you mean. I'm learning as I go, proving you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks.

Guest Anonymous Reviews: I have strong feelings on these. I don't automatically delete them, though I've been cautioned to do so. But I think, sometimes, they have merit. Sometimes they are relevant. Sometimes, they are flaming and hateful and trolling for the sake of being an asshole. So, on that note, I read them once a month usually and then 9 out of 10 get deleted. Sometimes? I don't read more than a word and delete them. If you can write it better, write it. This is FANFICTION.

It's my right to write it how I want. It's artistic license. It's my vision. Get your own if you don't like mine. It's why WE WRITE IT. To see it the way we want. I write to see what I want to see. If I don't, I read someone else's. So if you anon review, make sure its constructive or I'll delete it. Something like: "This is gross." Is not getting put up. One: Are you six years old? No. Then grow up and learn how to write a helpful review. Two: I don't flame. I don't allow it. And I don't abide it. So peace out. IF you write a constructive anon review such as:"It wasn't really for me and the sentence structure needs work but the bones of it are pretty decent." I'll probably let that go up on my wall. Why not? We all have opinions. We all have naysayers. And we all survive it.

I know where my flaws are as a writer. I’m aware. I don’t need it hammered at me. Again, if you can write it better, do it. Honestly the trolls have made me so irritated I don’t even feel like writing anymore. Through the grace of a few good readers and those who support me, I continue on the quest to better my stuff. But I need to get back to writing for me. Writing to please the masses annoys me.

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