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Hayyyyyyy-lo! Thalassa here! But you can call me lots of names, like Thally, Sora... and I'm always opened to new nicknames! You should know that I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, as well as a Nintendork and a Potternerd. My fav books are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson... and there's more, but I'm spacing so I don't know what else. Video games are sweet too, as I play KH, Zelda, Sonic, Mario, Spyro, and many more! I love Disney (Disney World is my favorite place EVER), except for new-Disney. Well, Tangled and the like are great, but Disney Channel? Not so much. Phineas and Ferb is cool though. Oh, two more huge likes of mine: roleplaying and voice acting. Oh boy, do I love that stuff. So you should totally check out Thalassa Promise on Gaia Online and ThalassaPromise on YouTube to see some of the other stuff I do...

Anyway, although I haven't been here in a while, I've decided as of today (Dec 21 for the record) I'm gonna try to get back into this fanfiction stuff! Never stopped writing, just stopped publishing. So that means... I WILL be finishing Double XIII eventually! Hopefully soon! And depending on how well that goes, I may even write a sequel. Maybe. Slightly maybe.

So on the subject of fanfics, I write what my likes are! So that means you can expect KH fanfics, maybe some HP and PJ, and I think Zelda, Sonic, and Spyro would all be super fun to write for! Oh, and NiGHTS too. Good stuff.

My current projects are Double XIII (Kingdom Hearts Fanfic), Magic Appreciation Day (Harry Potter Fanfic), Fawkes International Academy (Harry Potter Fanfic... sorta), Letters to Sora, Letters to Harry, and a super secret project code-named Pacisci Mortis. That super secret project? Well, if all works out exceptionally well, you might just see it in stores. If not, it'll end up here. And yes. It IS a fanfic. Let's just see how far fandom can go, hm?

Well, that's about all I got. If you have any questions or requests, I'll see if I might be able to get back to you! I'm pretty busy, but I do my best to keep up with friends, internet-based or not! See ya around!


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