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So, your wondering why my names 'AustinMahonesmysterygirl' is my name? Simple. I am a unique and original #TexasMahomie. I have supported Austin and Alex since the very beginning- it was like yesterday when I saw Austin and Alex messing around on their videos! #TeamShootUsDown! I became a YouTube Blogger and teen youth undiscovered talent person since the age of 12. I was just an ordinary girl looking through videos in 2007' and nothing had caught my eye! I mean nothing! So I waited and waited...finally I had clicked on a video that had 400 hits at the time. The account you may ask? -Kidrauhl. I couldn't even talk I was speechless. I fell in love with Justin Bieber. As I waited patiently day after day to see another work of art, more and more artist were inspired!I am a true #Belieber4EVER. Before I knew it people were requesting me to check out CodySimpsonMusic, and BAM another outstanding artist. I became happy and happier- it felt like my job was finally paying off to see all these talents. So one was a quiet day and I had just came home from a long day of auditions. I signed on YouTube and a new video had been uploaded just an hour before I arrived home. Some account named 'ShootUsDown' and there were about ten-12 views. I checked them out- and it wasn't the looks, it wasn't the breath taking smiles, it wasn' was the heart, the love, the passion, the personality, the youth. There were no more words...I knew after this first video...I would be proud to say I was one of the VERY first to ever see it. So I smiled and knew that these two -- Alex and Austin wouldn't give up. I mean they couldn't right??? So, one day I wen't on break and came back to a video while I was looking up Justin's never say never song, and there was a cover, and of course to my surprise it was Austin Mahone :) As I suspected he didn't give up...and NOW he owns my heart and (20,000 other girls), but I am a loyal fan. I believe that even if Austin wasn't the most adorable guy in the world he would still be the most amazing singer! And Alex a true actor in the making. So my ending? Well, if I said my true name than there wouldn't be much mystery, right? What I can say is..I'm 16 and one day when I gain the courage to finally introduce myself to Austin it will be an amazing feeling that I hope I will never forget, but till than I will always be ~AustinMahonesmysterygirl.