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Author has written 11 stories for Teen Titans, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi, WALL-E, My Little Pony, and Twisted Metal.

Pen Name: LimpBizkit3030 (FJR12)

Real Name: Francisco

Birth: 7/19/87


Food: Burgers

movies: Scarface, Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, Tears of the Sun, Terminator series, Air Force One, Jurassic Park series, Spider Man 1 and 2, Fast and Furious 1 and 2, Bad Boys series, The Rundown, Scorpion King, Adam Sandler movies, Jim Carrey movies, Top Gun, Hot shots 1 and 2, a few disney movies like Aladdin, The Hulk, Speed (the second one was stupid), Phone Booth , Beavis and Butthead do America, South Park movie, Alien vs. Predator, Freddy vs. Jason, Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys, The Puppet Masters (based on the Sci fi novel about aliens. not Puppets), Puppet Master 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Curse of the Puppet Master, Retro Puppet Master, Puppet Master: The Legacy, Demonic Toys, Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, Friday Night Lights, Jack Frost, Jack Frost 2:Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman, Starship Troopers1 and 2; Jaws 1, 2, 3, and The Revenge; Deep Blue Sea, Resident Evil 1 and 2; Godzilla movies, Dude, where's my car, Reign of Fire, Alien1, 2, 3, and Resurrection; Predator 1 and 2; 3: the Dale Earnhardt movie, Vin Disel's movies, and a lot more.

video games: Resident evil series, WWE series, Medal of Honor series, Midnight Club series, God of War, Burnout series,Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, Madden series, Tom Clancy games, Grand theft auto series, NCAA football series, Need For Speed series,SuperMario (old school and new school), James Bond Games, Def JamVendetta and Fight For New York, Halo1 and 2, True Crime: Streets of L.A., Mortal Kombat series, Desert Strike and it's sequels, xXx, Tony Hawk games, Matt Hoffman games, Kelly Slater games, Shaun Palmer games, Dragonball Z games, NFL Blitz series, MLB Slugfest series, NHL Hitz series, Driver series, Legend of Zelda, Reign of Fire, Doom series, Godzilla games,and alot more.

hobbies: writing, football, and bike riding

sports: WWE, NFL

shows: Teen Titans, Robot Wars, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi,WWE, NFL, XFL(R.I.P) Simpsons, Bernie Mac show, Hogan Knows Best, Punk'D, Room Raiders, MTV Cribs, Malcom in the middle, Spongebob, G4 video games network, NBA, MTV, Ed, Edd, n Eddy, Danny Phantom, Fairly Oddparents, Real TV, South Park, Mad TV (the one with the Limp Bizkit skit), Dragonball, DBZ, DBGT, Beavis and Butt-head, In Living Color (R.I.P), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (new and old school), Crank Yankers (R.I.P), and alot more.

Music: Heavy thrash, punk metal; rap

band: Limp Bizkit, Godsmack, Kid Rock, No One, Cold, MuDvAyNe, Our Lady Peace, Finger 11, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Puddle of Mudd, Gorillaz, Saliva, Creed (R.I.P), Nickelback, Dry Kill Logic, Breaking Point, System of a down, Linkin Park, Static X, Ministry, Spineshank, Slipknot, Pressure 4-5, Staind, Drowning Pool, Lenny Kravitz, Kilgore, Pantera, Red Hot Chili Peppers, They Might Be Giants, H-Blockx, Factory 81, Biohazzard, Rob Zombie, Powerman 5000, KoRn, Smash Mouth, Motorhead, U2, Alien Ant Farm, Dope, Sum 41, Union Underground (R.I.P),Seether, Queit Riot,Anthrax, Rage Against the Machine, Disturbed, Cypress Hill, 12 Stones, Neuortica (R.I.P), Trust Company, Megadeth, the Exies, Mercy Drive, Green Day, Bon Jovi.

Fanfics that I finished:

Teen Titans: Revoultions (Finished)

Teen Titans: Matrix Reloaded (Finished) (Alternate title: Teen Titans: Return of Team Matrix)

Teen Titans: Matrix Meltdown (finished)(only tragic story)

Teen Titans: BFC special (Finished)

Teen Titans vs. The Sinister Six

Hi Hi PuffyAmiYumi vs. Limp Bizkit

Fanfics in the works:

Teen Titans: The Chronicles of Geo (In works)

WALL-E: Transform and Roll out

Fanfics cancelled:

Teen Titans and Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys

Grand Thet Auto: Grove Street Titans 4 Life (was in the works but cancelled after losing interest)

Teen Titans vs. Sinister Six 2

Star Fox Fanfic

Fanfics announced:

Teen Titans: Resurrection

Unknown Anime Fanfic

Teen Titans fic (my last story before retiring)

Bios on my story characters

Geo T. Anderson

Age: 17

Height: 5" 8"

Weight: 168 lbs.

Likes: Completing missions.

Dislikes: Failure.

Food: Egg omletes,pizza,salad, meat, Veggin Delite sandwiches.

Least favorite: candy.

Dreams: To be the best like his father.

Beverage: Milk, energy drinks, andsoda pop.

Weapon of choice: Ninja weapons,military and futuristic weapons.

Allies: Morpheus (master and teacher), Neo (father), Trinity (mother), Carla Stone (girlfriend) (deceased), Oracle (advisor), Architect (boss), Zeo (brother), Trini (sister), Teen Titans (friends), Bob Brewer (friend), Katie Kombs (friend), Sam the Symbiote (pet), Arella (advisor) (Raven's mom), Raven (girlfriend).

Enemies: Slade, Agent Smith, Smith Clones, FBI, The HIVE, and other villians of the Teen Titans.

Bio: Geo is the leader of Team Matrix (a.k.a Anderson Trio, now Team Anderson). He is the son of Neo and Trinity and Morpheus' top graduate of his training school academy. He has a twin brother name Zeo and a sister named Trini.Geo is one of the guys who doesn't give up on anything like a mission or a fight and he also gives out commands to his team like a good leader. While growing up, He was part of S.E.A.T.S. (Special Elite And Tactical Services) in the Child Soldiers Division and later joined the main branch of S.E.A.T.S. after graduating from S.A.T.S. as leader and commander of the 32nd Squadron (better known as "The Silver Sabres"). When he was attending the training school academy of Morpheus, he falls in love with a girl named Carla Stone, who was the new student of the academy. Geo, Zeo, Trini, and Carla became Team Matrix a month later before their graduation at the school. Reason why is because that the four were involved in an accident with the Matrix Core that gave them the powers of using the matrix in and out of the virtual world. Sadly, Geo lost his one true love, Carla, in Operation: Jungle Strike. The murderer was none other than Agent Smith but Geo doesn't the identity of Smith until the next year. In Operation: Black Scorpion, Geo and his team were ordered to eliminate the Agent Threat in the matrix by destroying the FBI. The mission ended when Geo aborted the final task when Zeo and Trini were critically wounded and almost end up dying. Now, Geo travels to the year 2003 in order to change history of one the greatest heroes: The Teen Titans. The titans accepted Geo into their hospitality where they learned everything about him. Today, he constructed a huge laboratory inside the tower with 3 floors that covers half of the building. One of the titans, Raven, grew a big crush onhim since he isvery heroic. The two had fallen in love during a devasting but remarkable mission inside the matrix world. Another thing about Geo is that he joined the BFC with his twin brother Zeo and left the sport four years and later reassigned to continue his popularity until an early retirement. He is a former 12 time World Champion, 4 time tag team champion with Zeo, and Light-heavyweight champion of the BFC.


Geo entered the BFC when he was 13. His brother, Z, followed a year later. The two brothers first competed in BFC's Little League when they were both 7 years of age.

He made his BFC debut on Brutal Impact against Warden Williams, where he won the BFC light-heavyweight title for the first time. He lost the title months later against Hard Hat Harrison at September to Remember.

Geo and Z became the best tag team inBFC history.They were called The Enforcers for a month, The Roadsters for a year, and now they called themselves The Anderson Bros. They became Tag Team Champions for the first time at Thrusday Throwout against The Pain Killers. They lost it against The Jailbirds at Hardcore Rulz; won it against The Maniacs at Summer Bash; lost it againstTrain Wreck and Mr.Money Matthew at Battle Brawl; won it in a remacth at Sunday Night Fight; lost it against the Bone Crushers at Saturday Night Challenge; won it in a rematch at King Of The Octagon; and finally lost it against The Body Builders at Monday Night Mayhem. They left the BFC for three years after losing their tag team title.

Geo met Carla Stone at Morphues' training academy. The two became boyfriend and girlfriend a week later.

Geo, Z, Carla,and Trini compromised Team Matrix but when Carla was killed, they kept the name until they changed it to The Anderson Trio.

The Anderson Trio's first mission was Operation: Smuggler; where the team was ordered to take out a druglord in Metro City.

Geo's favorite weapon is the pulse rifle from the Unreal video game franchise. His brother made it for him.

Geo's favorite vehicle is the Law Master IV Cycle. The vehicle is based on comic book hero Judge Dredd.Geo's brother made it for him and the team.

Geo and Raven are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

Geo likes metal and gothic music.

Looks: Medieum black hair (later, clean shaved) , same attire and glasses that Neo wears, a bit muscular.

Moves: Bullet time, Multiply himself, Stop motion mode, teleporting uppercut, super fast flying.

Zeo R. Anderson

Age: 17

Height: 5" 9"

Weight: 296 lbs.

Weapon of choice: Ninja weapons, samurai swords, military and futuristic weapons.

Likes: Weight lifting, play black jack and poker with Geo, and play ice hockey with Geo during winter.

Dislikes: Wasting time.

Food: Veggie Delite Sandwich.

Least favorite: Junk food.

Drinks: Milk, soda-pop, kool-aid.

Dreams: To be part of S.T.O.C.S. (SEATS Top Officers Commanding Society)

Allies: Geo (brother), Trini (sister), Neo (father), Trinity (mother), Morpheus (master and teacher), Katie Kombs (girlfriend), Bob Brewer (friend), Teen Titans (friends), Sam the Symbiote (pet), Carla Stone (friend) (deceased), Oracle (advisor), Architect (boss).

Enemies: Agent Smith, Slade, Michael Snyder, Smith Clones, FBI, and All Teen Titans' villans.

Bio: Zeo is Geo's twin brother. His nickname is Z since both him and his brother's name sound alike. Before he joined BFC and even became the member of Team Matrix, he was a 1st class sniper and commander of S.E.A.T.S. for the 21st Eagle Brigade (Beter known as "the Eagle Eye Snipers"). He got kicked out of the military in a year when he accidently shot one of his own team mates, which is the general's son. However, he is later reassigned thanks to Geo's meeting with S.E.A.T.S. officials. After the military, Zeo decided to join the BFC with Geo. Once the two left BFC, Zeo decided to learn on how to fight like a samurai at the training academy from Morpheus. He has a girlfriends named Katie Kombs, an asian high school student. Like Geo, Zeo also reassigned to the BFC to continue the popularity of what he and his brother share. He's a former 2 time BFC world champion and a 4 time tag champion with Geo.


Zeo's nickname is Z.

Won the BFC world title in one year. He won it against Maverick Moore at Sunday Night Fight and against Bulldozer at Fight Fest 18.

Zeo can fight like a samurai with his swords.

Zeo only wears triangular glasses because they make him look cool. That is the same reason why he wears a SWAT team attire instead of any Matrix attire because he is more into combat.

Has a girlfriend named Katie Kombs, who is a fan of the BFC and lives in Zion. She met him at Metro City during one of the Andersons' mission entitled Operation: Hostage Rescue. She was one of those hostages who were taken by Metro City terrorists.

Zeo is not only a fighter, but he is also a mechanic and inventor. He make exact replicas of almost anything from past super heroes and video games like Judge Dredd's Law Master Cycle.

Zeo likes heavy thrash punk metal music.

Sometimes, Zeo can be a bit annoying to his team.

Looks: Like Geo except that his hair is shorter, super muscular, wears a black vest, black finger gloves, two samurai swords, black combat boots, black SWAT team pants, triangular glasses.

Moves: Bullet time, stop motion, fights like a samurai, super fast flying, pick up heavy objects.

Trini N. Anderson

Age: 16

Height: 5" 4"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Allies: Geo (brother), Zeo (brother), Neo (father), Trinity (mother), Teen Titans (friends), Bob Brewer (boyfriend), Katie Kombs (friend), Carla Stone (friend) (deceased), Sam the Symbiote (pet), Morpheus (master and teacher), Oracle (advisor), Architect (boss).

Enemies: Agent Smith, Slade, Smith Clones, FBI, Agent Serena, and all Teen Titans' villians.

Likes: Science, reading, and swimming.

Dislikes: Whinning.

Food: Steak, fish,and candy.

Least favorite food: pudding.

Drinks: Milk, juice, soda pop, and energy drinks.

Dreams: To be President of S.I.T.S. (SEATS Institute of Technology and Science)

Weapons of choice: Ninja weapons,Military and futuristic guns.

Bio: Trini is the sister of Geo and Zeo. Looking like a small clone version of Trinity as a child, she isthe brains of the group. Her dream in the future is to become president of the Zion Science Academy and CEO of S.I.T.S (S.E.A.T.S Institute of Techonology and Science) Trini did not join the military but learned military tactics and strategies from her brothers. She also learned how to fight from Morpheus when she was 12.She is not a fighter in the BFC but supports her brothers. She found Sam the Symbiote in one of the earliest missions of going to Metro City and travel to the moon, where she found a mysterious rock that contained the purple creature. After three weeks of training, teaching, and communicating with the monster, she named him S8734 or Sam. Knowing a symbiote's weakness of fire and sonics, she created an antidote that made Sam fire and sonic proof.


Trini is the smartest person of the whole group.

Has a boyfriend named Bob Brewer, who is a scientist in Zion's Science Academy.

Looks: Like Trinity as a child, short black hair (later, long blonde hair) wears the same attire like her mother.

Moves: Bullet time, stop motion, mind powers, super fast flying.

Sam the Symbiote (a.k.a S8734)

Age: unknown

Height: unknown

Weight: unkown

Allies: The Andersons (masters), Teen Titans (friends).

Enemies: Agent Smith, Slade, and all Teen Titans' villians.

Likes: Helping.

Bio: Sam is the assistant and pet of Team Matrix. He is a symbiote. A symbiote is an alien race from another planet. Sam is an offspring of his commrads Venom and Carnage from Spider Man, although he doesn't carry their weaknesses to fire and sonics. Thanks to Trini, he's fire-proof and sonic-proof.

Visit this site to see what he looks like


Sam the Symbiote is an offspring of Venom, Scream,and Carnage from Marvel's comic book hero Spider-Man.

Sam only eats meat.

Trini Anderson found Sam in Operation Moon Quest, where the team had to find the missing pieces of a crashed shuttle and Sam was the one who survived the crash.

Looks: Purple slime, alien creature.

Moves: Combines himself with a human host to have his subject get greater abilities.

BFC (Brutality Fighting Championship)

Type: Sport mixed with Kung-Fu, wrestling, Kick boxing, and other fighting styles.

What do you get when you mix the UFC, PrideFC, WWE, and ECW? You get an ultimate, brutal fighting league. The BFC is a bloodbath sport that the Anderson brothers partcipate in. There are two rings of the BFC. The first one is shaped like the UFC Octagon for single matches and the second is a wrestling ring that is only used for tag matches and special matches. The BFC is owned by Zion council member Mortis Morgan.


Mortis Morgan is the father of Mr. Money Matthew.

Wrestlers of the BFC: (the ones listed in paranthesesare spoofs of real life wrestlers. I don't own the real life wrestlers)

Mr. Money Matthew ("Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase)

Hard Hat Harrison (Triple H)

Stupendous Sid (Sycho Sid / Sid Justice)

Bull Dozer



Maverick Moore (Shannon Moore)

Warden Williams (The Big Boss Man)

Robert Rancid (Nailz)

A.J. Miles (A. J. Styles)

The Grave Digger (The Undertaker)

Danny Dangerous (Lou E. Dangerously)

Awesome Andy (Mike Awesome)

Geo Anderson

Zeo Anderson

Back Ache

Head Ache

Twister Tim (Brock Lesnar)

6-Ball (8-Ball)


The EvilPriest (The Sinister Minister)

Canadian Officer Chris (The Mountie)

Justim Possible (Justin Credible)

Nuclear Bomb (Adam Bomb)

Train Wreck (A-Train / Prince Albert)

Night Stick Nathan (Nathan Jones)


Scorpion Savage ("Macho Man" Randy Savage)

Cowboy Jones (Cowboy Bob Orton)





O.J. (Orlando Jordan)

Dog Derrick

Kenny Karate

Olympic Oldum (Kurt Angle)

The Metro Butcher

General Garrison (Sgt. Slaughter)

Lt. Luis



The Indian Chief Tanaka (Tatanka)

Ceasar Irwin Angle...CIA (Irwin R. Shyster...IRS)

Giant Greggory (Giant Gonzalez)

Female wrestlers:


Christinia King

Misty Moore

Candy Cheers

Angela Clinton

Nikki Sanders

Michelle Reed

Shelly Sanders

Erica Elliot

"Queen of BFC" Polly Marie ("Queen of ECW" Dawn Marie)

Tag Teams:

The Vipers: Scales and Rattler

The Roadsters / The Enforcers / The Anderson Bros.: Geo and Zeo. (The Road Warriors / Legion of Doom: Hawk and Animal)

The Bone Crushers: 6-Ball and Skull (The Deciples Of Apocaylpse: 8-Ball and Skull)

The Pain Killers: Back Ache and Head Ache

The Body Builders: Bulk and Bruiser

The West Sidaz: Thug, Dog Derrick,and Balla

The Wrecking Crew: Hard Hat Harrison and Bull Dozer

Team Money: Mr. Money Matthew, CIA, Train Wreck, and O.J. (Team Canada)

The Army of Chaos: General Garrison and Lt. Luis

Los Ninos del Rico: Boriqua and Rican.

The Dark Side Ministers: The Evil Priest and The Grave Digger (The Ministry of Darkness)

Championship Titles:

BFC HeavyWeight

BFC World

BFC European

BFC Light Heavyweight

BFC International


BFC Hardcore

BFC Womens

BFC Tag Team

P.P.Vs and shows (in order):

Battle Brawl (WCW Superbrawl, WCW Fall Brawl, and WWE Royal Rumble)

Hardcore Rulez (ECW Hardcore Heaven and ECW Anarchy Rulez)

Fight Fest (WWE Wrestlemania, WCW Starrcade, and WCW Superbrawl)

Guilty Until Proven Innocent (ECW Guilty as Charged)

Brutal Impact (TNA Impact)

King of the Octagon (WWE King of the Ring)

Road Rage (WCW Road Wild) (Outdoor PPV)

Summer Bash (WWE SummerSlam, WCW Bash at the Beach, and ECW Heat Wave)

September to Remember (ECW November to Remember)

Halloween Blood Bath Horror (WCW Halloween Havoc)

Survival of the Champions (WWE Survivor Series and WCW Clash at the Champions)

War Games (WWE Armageddon, WCW World War 3, and WCW Fall Brawl)

Monday Night Mayhem (WWE Raw and WCW Monday Night Nitro)

Thrusday Throwout (WWE Smackdown and WCW Thursday Thunder)

Saturday Night Challenge (WCW Saturday Night)

Sunday Night Fight (WWE Sunday Night Heat)

Other characters:

Carla B. Stone

Age: 16

Height: 5" 7"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Allies: Geo (boyfriend), Trini (friend), Zeo (friend), Sam the Symbiote (pet), Morphues (master and teacher), Oracle (adviser) Architect (boss).

Enemies: Agent Smith, Smith Clones, FBI, Agent Serena.

Likes: Hanging out with Geo.

Bio: Carla was the fourth member of Team Matrix and she was Geo's girlfriend. She first met Geo in Morphues' training school and the two became a couple.She was killed by Agent Smith on Operation: Jungle Strike.


Carla was the second smartest person of the team and she was co-captain next to Geo.

Looks: Long, Black hair, white, wore a black jumpsuit.

Moves: Stop motion, bullet time, mind powers.

Bulk and Bruiser (The Body Builders)

Age: Bulk (29), Bruiser (28)

Weight: Bulk (401 lbs.), Bruiser (370 lbs.)

Height: Bulk (6" 10"), Bruiser (6" 9")

Likes: Both like wrestling and winning championship titles.

Two huge heavyweights and rivals of the Anderson brothers. Bulk and Bruiser are the current tag team champions of the BFC league. Not only does Bulk weighs 401 lbs. and Bruiser weighs 370 lbs., these guys are unstoppable. There finisher is the body squash, where both of them run at their opponent from the behind and front who is standing still and collide with each other.


Fight Fest 20, which featured The Anderson Bros. vs. The Body Builders in a retirement match, was the final match of the Anderson brothers. They won the match but still left the sport for good.(see the story "Teen Titans: BFC Special")

Vehicles in my stories:

The Lawmaster IV cycles

The Lawmaster IV cycles are the Anderson's favorite land transportation vehicle. The vehicle is an exact replica of Judge Dredd's vehicle but with a new a design.

Weapons: missiles and laser cannons.

Abilities: Fly, hover, ride on land and water.

The M-Hummer H2

The coolest vehicle for the Andersons is this bullet-proof, armored black hummer.

Weapons: 50 calibur machine guns, missiles, and lasers.

Abilities: Turbo boost, oil slick, transforms to sub and plane.

Time Jet

This vehicle is F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Plane mixed with the abilities of a harrier jet. This plane is used for time traveling.

Weapons: Bombs and lasers.

Abilities: Time travel.


Since the titans have the T-Sub, the Andersons have their own. It is actually a B-2 spirit stealth bomber with submarine abilities and airplane abilites.

Weapons: Torpedoes and lasers.

Abilites: becomes a sub and a plane.


The Andersons very own fighter planes. They are actually F-16s with a black design.

Weapons: Missiles, machine guns, and lasers.

Abilities: Turbo boost.

WALL-E: Transform and Roll Out Autobot/Decepticon Characters list.

This section includes the cast of characters that had been drafted into the fanfic. Reason being is that people had been asking who's in it and who's not. So be sure to check every day to see who is introduced.


Main Characters


2. EVE

Minor Characters:

1. John

2. Mary

3. Captain McRea


5. Receptionist bot

6. Rejectbots

7. M-O

8. HAL (WALL-E's roach)


Main Characters

1. Optimus Prime (live action)

2. BumbleBee (live action)

3. Ironhide (live action)

4. Ratchet (live action)

5. Jazz (live action)

6. Arcee (G1 Cartoon)

7. Springer (G1 Cartoon)

8. Kup (G1 Cartoon)

9. Cliffjumper (G1 Cartoon)

10. Wheelie (G1 Cartoon)

11. Dinobots: Grimlock, Swoop, Slag, Sluge, and Snarl (G1 Cartoon)

Minor Characters:

1. Aerialbots: Slingshot, Silverbolt, Air Raid, Fire Flight, and Skydive (G1 Cartoon) (Form: Superion)

2. Blaster (G1 Cartoon)

3. Rewind (G1 Cartoon)

4. Eject (G1 Cartoon)

5. Prowl (G1 Cartoon)

6. Omega Supreme (G1 Cartoon)

7. Blurr (G1 Cartoon)

8. Elita - 1 (G1 Cartoon)

9. Chromia (G1 Cartoon)

10. Firestar (G1 Cartoon)

11. Tracks (G1 Cartoon)

12. Protectobots: Blades, First Aid, Street Wise, Groove, and Hot Spot. (G1 Cartoon) (Form: Defensor)

13. Inferno (G1 Cartoon)

14. Red Alert (Transformers Aramda)

15. Alpha Trion (G1 Cartoon)

16. WALLIOUS Prime (WALL-E, EVE, and Wheelie's combined form)(Created by writer of story)


Main Characters

1. Megatron (Live Action)

2. StarScream (G1 Cartoon)

3. Soundwave (G1 Cartoon)

4. Shockwave (G1 Cartoon)

5. Frenzy (G1 Cartoon)

6. Rumble (G1 Cartoon)

7. Laserbeak (G1 Cartoon)

8. Barricade (Live Action)

9. Blackout (Live Action)

10. Scorponok (Live Action)

11. Galvatron (G1 Cartoon)

12. Constructicons: Hook, Mix Master, Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Scavenger (G1 Cartoon) (Form Devastator)

Minor Characters

1. ThunderCracker (G1 Cartoon)

2. Skywarp (G1 Cartoon)

3. Insecticons: Kickback, Shrapnel, and Bombshell (G1 Cartoon)

4. Combaticons: Brawl (Live Action), Swindle (Transformers Animated), Blast off (G1 Cartoon), Vortex (G1 Cartoon), and Onslaught (G1 Cartoon) Form: Bruticus

5. Stunticons: Motormaster, Dead End, Breakdown, Drag Strip, and Wildrider (G1 Cartoon) Form: Menasor

6. Lugnut (Transformers: Animated)

7. Blitzwing (Transformers: Animated)

8. Payload (Transformers the 2007 movie the video game)

9. Stockade (Transformers 2007 movie toyline)

10. Tidal Wave (Code name: Ultimate Creation)

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