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Random facts about me :

I'm a 32 year-old loving mother, avid reader and aspiring writer...and I'm French.

I studied english literature in college, so I decided to try and write something in english for once ( luckily my beta is here to tell me when I write things that don't make sense!)

My favorite author is Stefan Zweig, especially his novel Letter from an unknown Woman. I love stories about obsession, and I can be really obsessive, too. I'm addicted to fanfiction; I read so many amazing stories here... and I'm very proud of the writers who got their fic published!

I'm also on twitter @DdreamingFairy , follow me for everyday life chaos and random rambling...

After spending years writing with someone else's characters, it's time for me now to create my own and move on from fan fiction.

I will very soon delete my fics from here, but I posted them on my own blog after a good amount of re-editing! High School Reunion and My Blood,... are re-written with non-Twilight characters, the ones I had in mind from the start. HSR is actually finished on my blog!

If you want to read them and more from me (in english and in french!), follow me on wordpress: