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Author has written 3 stories for Witcher/Wiedźmin, Andrzej Sapkowski, Lord of the Rings, and Dragon Age.

Calanteli is the name of the half-elf ranger I created to play Neverwinter Nights. In the interlude between NWN and NWN2, I started a story featuring Calanteli. Since it is not a fanfic (it's based in a world of my own creation), I cannot upload it here. But if you are interested, it can be found here on my Homepage. Chapter 7 is in progress though I have taken a break from that story and I am currently working on my first fanfics based on Dragon Age: Origins. However, I am considering reviving Calanteli in a Hordes of the Underdark fic, but this has yet to be finalised. Additionally, I am working on a pirate-adventure story, written from a first person perspective, which I am deliberating about whether it should be a POTC fanfic, so updates on that coming soon.

I have been writing since Middle School in order to vent my creativity (which tends to arise not when I need it, but when I want to escape doing school work). I tend to concentrate mainly on fantasy, though I have written a couple of pseudo-romance shorts as well. I have found, looking over my work, that my stories tend to focus on the exploration of personal development and male-female relationships and interactions. This is the first time that I have decided to make my work available to a wider audience (until now my writing has only been seen by a select few), so I am interested in constructive criticism and comments!

PS - I have a habit of starting stories and then getting stuck (during which time I start new stories), so don't worry if I do not update a work for a while. I always mean to, but sometimes creativity just doesn't flow... :(

My Stories

Feylin's Story - I admit this is only a working title because I have thus far been unable to come up with something more imaginative. I started playing Dragon Age: Origins last summer, and also wrote a short fan fiction based on the beginning. I was not really going to submit it, but then I was like 'Heck, why not?' Originally this story is only intended to cover the events of the 'Origins' part of the game and not go into the main story-line. However, the project proved to be too much fun to give up, so I have decided to jump into the main storyline as well.

Making of a Witcher - Prequel to 'Demons of Perdition', focusing on Marken's childhood and how he became a witcher. Started writing this when I realised that there is way more to Marken's back-story than I could cover in a single chapter of flashbacks. May also get deleted, depending on how 'Demons of Perdition' progresses.

Adventures in Fantasyland - What happens when two unsuspecting Tourists get stuck in Fantasyland? A humorous fanfic/parody based on Dianna Wynne Jones' A Tough Guide to Fantasyland. The book is mandatory reading for anyone who reads or writes fantasy and also because it is hilariously funny! Co-written by Llandaryn, LuckyShadows and me, which can be found on Llandaryn's page, or under my favourite stories.

Lord of the Rings: The Abridged Script - This started off as one of my brother's school projects and is now being expanded to encompass the entire trilogy. Product of many sources of inspiration and the way too active imaginations of my brother, sister and I.

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The Very Secret NWN2 Diaries by Llandaryn reviews
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Feylin's Story reviews
A spirited Dalish elf gets more than she bargained for when she drags her best friend into a mysterious cave. Forced to become a Grey Warden, she must learn to navigate the treacherous world of Thedas if she is to survive the coming Blight.
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Because not everyone has time to read the books or watch the movies...
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