The Quiet Woman
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The faceless voice of a woman sings into the dark, her words euphoric and amorous. "Sous le dôme épais où le blanc jasmin..."

Listening dreamily, the young woman stares into the ancestral ring, built long before her time, anxious to meet the distant world on the other side.

A well seasoned military man stands by her side with a head of gray, wearing a dashing smirk. Together they walk through the glowing portal into the next adventure.

"À la rose s'assemble sur la rive en fleurs, riant au matin viens, descendons ensemble..."

The night is dark when her feet land on the cold street. Chasing the renowned black coat through the streets of London, the woman now finds herself in over her head. The detective in front of her is yelling over his shoulder, demanding her to keep up.

He makes a sharp turn to the left. Then bursts through a door. Huffing, the woman stops a moment, mentally preparing herself for the dangers inside. Taking in one last breath of damp air, she storms inside.

"Doucement glissons de son flot charmant suivons le courant fuyant dans l'onde frémissante d'une main nonchalante viens, gagnons le bord..."

Cheering with the crowds, she runs outside looking up at the sunny sky. The small hero of the big city, his red boots gleaming in the sunlight, flies by above their heads, waving and smiling down at them.

"Où la source dort et l'oiseau, l'oiseau chante. Sous le dôme épais où le blanc jasmin, ah! Descendons ensemble!"

The alarm screams into her ear from the bedside table. With her eyes still closed, the woman gropes for the off button. After she shuts it off, her cd player dominates the room again. With the song softly ending, she opens her eyes. Then she gets up to go to work.

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