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NOTE: (the only part of the profile im going to do out of character, this is not intended to be mean to twilight, It's just meant to be a bit of harmless fun and i'm clearly a very bored person. Basically I'm going to write a fic as though it was a blog by Bella after all the events of twilight. At the same time I'm going to have a twitter profile and an account of the imdb eclipse boards that run along with this fic, I will act in character over there and pretend to be Bella and ask what ever crazy questions you want to ask me, some times i may answer the questions in the actual fic itself. I have no idea if this is actually oing to work but no harm in trying right? Other than an authors note on the first chapter i will try and stay in character unless you ask me specifically to be me like you want to know what the heck im doing lol)

Name: Bella Cullen

Age: 18 (forever... aren't i a lucky bitch?)

Bio: Most of you probably already know this and most of it will be told in my blog thingy/fic but oh well. I have the most amazing husband who is litterally sex personified and i also have a daughter whom i also love dearly. We aren't your most normal of families, not quite human really. Incase you didn't know i'm a vampire of the sparkly kind and so is my husband, my daughter isnt quite shes half human aswell but that will be explained eventually.

Likes: Edward, sex with Edward and errrrrm hunting with Edward? i can't help it that guy makes me horny!

Dislikes: lies!!


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I’m going to assume you’ve all read twilight or watched the film. I’m going to tell you the truth of my story instead of what Stephenie wrote. Well the basics are all the same but so much else was changed. AU vamp check profile for details
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