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Author has written 2 stories for Song of the Lioness, and Harry Potter.
Update 04-20-04:
Yes, darlings, I'm alive. *sigh* I've just been out of fanfic lately...barely even read them anymore. What's caused this horrifying change? An evil time of life known as SOPHOMORE YEAR. It'll be worse next year, I expect. Besides, I'd like to say I'm quite disappointed. Tamora Pierce used to be the only fandom I, I'm sorry to say, I've noticed all my favorite authors have gone MIA...(like me, of course, but I'm the most recent, sadly)...except Arsahi, but she's not even writing, is she? *mourns the loss* I've seen a few good HP fics and that's it...and that's why the loss of hope and abandonment of you dears for so many months. *smiles slightly* My meager skills have been put to use on RPGs *indicates above and below*
As to why no writing (For the two or three people in the world who may care) I've said, I've been busy. And highly uninspired. I've had a few short ficlet-what-ifs to write for the rpgs, and that's all. Perhaps I'll be tempted if someone restores my faith that the Golden Age of TP fics isn't quite over. Yes, that is a challenge, and I hope someone can meet it. It's quite sad...I'll visit the page and I'll see far too many Earth-to-Tortall fics, which was barely an interesting plot the first time I saw it. And all these characters-on-crack fics? You can only have them insane so often, and done in so many ways. Darlings, you're fanfic writers for novels, not attempts at stand-up comedians. Write a story with a plot and characters that are what were presented in the books, not something random thrown together for (at best) two seconds of vague amusement.
*sighs again* More later.
It's Sandrilene Laterne, formerly Lady Sandrilene, but changed to fit new circumstances. The new name is from a character I formed on my rpg. (*points up*)
Someone please read my new fic--and ignore my old one. i'd take it off if i could bring myself to, but it seems wrong to take of my first story, no matter how much it sucks.
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My fics

The Inevitable
The battle against Voldemort didn't start with Harry Potter. That battle started decades before, before he took his first breath. How was he fought back so many years before? What will it take to stop him again?
--Most complicated story I've ever dreamed of. Harry Potter fandom. Based on an rpg I play in(see homepage above). Looks like a self-insertion, but I promise you, it looks like it in name only. Give it a chance. The first in a four-part story. Stretches from 1958-the final battle with Voldemort.
Written In the Stars(current)
My childhood was carefree, happy. I never saw the clues. Sometimes I wish I'd stayed ignorant, innocent.
Drawn with Prophecy(upcoming)
My Hogwarts years were the best of my life, and the most fun, least of all because of the Marauders. But it was also a shadow of what was to come.
Shaped by Destiny(upcoming)
After Hogwarts, I was plunged into the first war. I lost friends, hope, even myself. These were probably some of the darkest years I'll ever seen.
The final years of the first years broke me once. On the brink of the second, I pray I won't again. With so much at stake, I can't afford to. Harry Potter, young as he is, can't even afford to once. But will he?

Discontinued for now because frankly, I've seen some of TP's newer books and she's lost her touch. But I put a lot of thought into this one, so I may finish it, maybe not.
Never More than Friends
Dead! Get over it! That story was a joke. It was my first fanfic, I'd done it mostly to scare people, the fluff is spread on too thick, there's no plot, the characters are OOC. No amount of begging or pleading will bring it back. If one more person reviews it asking me to finish, I'm going to kill off all the characters in a horrible way. Got it?

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