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Hi i'm Anna, Im 24 and a single mom of two wonderful and beautiful baby's.


Hello my faithful and patient Friends!

I am terribly sorry for the sever lack of updates!

I have good news!

Tag, Your it! (Currently being written)

The Betrayed! (Currently being written)

Twinless! (Currently being written)

Mission in Minnesota! (Coming soon)

Are all getting updated!

Tag, and TB will be first as they have already been started!


For those whom are interested,

Little Brother with MissCHSparkles has been update as of 10/20/2011

Also with MissCHSparkles:

Sparked Up (Coming soon)

Skyfire's The Man (Coming Soon)


With JetStorm the Sparkling,

From The Street (Suspended, but hopefully not indefinitely)

ANY and ALL questions or comments are welcome and will be responded to thanks.

I Love Transformers and love writing about them. I have a few of my own Characters too.

Here are a couple stories that I have helped to Co-authors:


Little Brother, Have you ever noticed in Megatron/Optimus sibling stories, Optimus always seems to be the elder? Well, not in this story, this is about Megatron raising a youngling Orion and how the Decepticon/Autobot war came to pass.

Skyfire's the Man, A virus devastates the Seeker population and now none of them can have Sparklings. All but one are infected. Find out what happens when this single flyer finds himself the object of much desire and lust. Warning, there will be much interfacing and crack.

Sparked Up, After millions of years of War, even the Decepticons tire of it. But when Megatron devises a plan to force them all to coexist, will it work? Will Sparking all the Autobots really end the War? Read on to find out.

JetStorm the Sparkling:

From The Street, A humanized transformers fic were many twist and turns. Contains one or two OC's. Contains...odd events. We have done extensive research for parts of this.

Also im looking for anyone who wants to do Fan Art. Message me if interested.

I am a big fan of Garth Nix and his books about Sabriel, Larieal and Abhorsen. (Sorry for any misspellings)

I love and adore Angelus/Angel from the series Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel. Also I do love Darla, Drusilla, Spike/William the bloody, and well mosty all of them but those 4 are top faves.

Hmmm their isn't much else off the top of my head right now.

Just for randomness here are some quote's:

I have an Idea!! Oh wait...I forgot. :(

Garth nix's Sabriel: Does the walker choose the Path or the Path the walker.

Toy story:

Buzz: This is no time to Panic!

Woody: This is the perfect time to Panic!!

Special thanks to Jetstorm the sparkling, twindragon-girl and MissCHSparkles for being supportive in me and giving me advice.

Also I am looking for anyone willing to co-author fic's with me, If interested please send me a message with the title of the fic you are interested in Co-authoring.

James Cameron's, Avatar: Avatar, the forgotten human experiments. This story is as it says, two forgotten experiments by the humans when they left. Phea and her brother Tao are abandoned in the human compound by the humans they trusted, after the war. With everyone they ever knew gone what are they to do? How will Tao take care of his sister with all the power gone from the facility? All these Questions and more race threw his mind as he realizes that more then one thing has gone horribly wrong.

More detail to come...if someone is interested in Co-authoring.

Angel: Dragon's Fire!

We all know at the end of the series Angel David Boreanaz called the 'Dragon' and that was the closing seen as he and the remainder of the gang walked towards the Apocalypse of beasts hell bent on destroying the Earth. Well what would happen if Angel caught the Dragon and turned it good, or accidentally killed it trying to catch it. But what Angel doesn't know is that the dragon has a mate awaiting its return to the nest. After realizing that its mate was not coming back it left the nest to pursue justice.

I do have other idea's to go with this story but am open to suggestions and idea's. Please message me if interested.

More fic's to come...

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Elita wants wild loving and Optimus gives it to her everywhere and anywhere. But he is a Prime who carries a Matrix, an ancient device capable of its own action. How will the past set their future? Even the Dinobots? Lots of interfacing and spark merges
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The Betrayed reviews
Hurt and feeling betrayed by Optimus. An angry Bumblebee turns to the most unlikely of mechs for comfort, Megatron. How will she cope with her animosity towards Elita One? Will the caring attention of Megatron turn their friendship into something more?
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