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Author has written 4 stories for Warriors.

Name: Alex

Age: 15

Sex: Maybe later (lol xD) Male

Fave Series: Warriors, Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, Underland Chronicles, Redwall, Mistmantle Chronicles(In no paticular order.)

Lives: Florida

Fave Music: Metal(Though I really like Rap Hip-Hop alot as well don't get me wrong.)

Fave Band: Tool

Currently Reading: DaVinci Code, Captain's Fury, The Bible

Well hello there Im glad you came to my...uh profile page. I know it's not to cozy here but feel free to browse my extensive collection of random things that I felt need to be said.

My focus on my main story has switched from Lightning to Warriorcats parody because it seems obvious to me that Warriorcats has become a little popular while only one person seems to like Lightning. Anyway I might decide to continue lightning again some other day but for now Warriorcats will have to keep me together.

5/11/10- Well now that I Hate You has passed Lightning in popularity all I can do is shake my head. Anyway just wanted to let ya'll know that Chapter 4 is up on Warriorcats Parody and that I have made a new Two-Shot this time for Daisy and Spiderleg (cue audience "Ohhing" and "Awwwing)"

5/18/10- My next two-shot will be coming soon :)

6/27/10- Well I made a new chapter for Lightning. I'm not sure why but I wrote up a whole new chapter in like 2 hours. I got maleware this time so I'll post it whenever I get the chance. Also still working on Warriorcats Parody and I really think you'll like this one (Sneak Peak: Modern Warfare reference with Bluestar in the very beginning ;D) And that Two-Shot I promised is on hold for now but it's about our favorite asshole Tigerstar so look forward to that ;)

7/5/10- Still don't have access to anything I can document. Which means you all must sadly continue waitingfor another chapter of Lightning and another chapter of Warrior cats Parody. Still haven't started on the two-shot with Tigerstar. I'll keep you posted. :)

7/13/10- Finished the next chapter for Warriorcats Parody, Butttt I still am not able to access Word to upload via the Document Manager so once again sorry for the two-month delay. :P Now that that's done I will start writing the Tigerstar story soon.

7/17/10- Was promised that I would get Office back on my computer tomorrow. So we'll see.

7/20/10- Woohooo! Finally able to upload chapters Lightning chapter today. Warriorcats Parody tomorrow. ;)

8/28/10- Avada Kedavra! Hmmm been thinking about writing something for Harry Potter lately. What do you think? Also if I do decide to write one I'm going to give ya'll Warriorcats Parody 6 real soon, in fact, I'm on part 3 right now and writing like a madman! :O


3/16/11- I'm alive again. I updated Warriorcats Parody. Enjoy!

3/17/11- Just wrote the first two scenes for Warriorcats ep. 8. It'll be out when it's out! :D

7/20/11- Read stuff on Fanfic

10/8/11- Hey People. I havnt really updated any of my stories in a while huh...don't worry i'm still around. Just not writing as much. Sorry about that. :P

My Stories (In order of popularity):

Warriorcats Parody: The way Into the Wild movie would be if it was made by a really effed up guy in the head.

Daisy in the Dark: A Two-Shot about the story of Daisy and Spiderleg's love life. This is about what you don't know. The unknown sadness between them. Rated T for language.

I Hate You:A two-shot on the relationship/hate that was going on between Yellowfang and Brokenstar. What was going through Yellowfang's head? What was going on in Brokenstar's? Find Out Now.

Lightning: Rogue cats have come onto clan territory seeking to destroy the clans for good. Hawkpaw, an apprentice from Thunderclan, has the power to stop the rogues from acheiving their goal. But can he do it or will the clans be lost forever.


I, Mcnug3ts, do solemnly swear to review all the fics I enjoy, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.

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In Memory of The Columbine & Virginia Tech
Students Who Were Lost

If you almost cried while you read this copy this to your profile, and add your name to the list; Mysterious Miracle, Silverdiamond23, Peridot Tears, Katie Ladmoore, Moonstream-Warrior, Spottedpaw13, xXJedi Knight BlazeXx, Mcnug3ts

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