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Author has written 8 stories for Super Robot Monkey Team, and Bittersweet Candy Bowl.

Hi there, I'm Writing a Story, or Ren if you must.

And if you happen to be roaming the internet and come across the name Leaving a Comment, or anything else similar that goes along with what kind of website it is, then there is a high possibility that it's me.

I'm from Tennessee and I enjoy writing and reading stories, going to college, and sporadically updating my own stories occasionally.

Go visit my you-tube account to see some SRMTHFG! Videos. I'm known as AixLiam over there.

My video for Book 1: Gidget Yup here it is for your viewing pleasure.

I like anime and manga and this is my current list of favorites.

Anime: Toradora!, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, Full Metal Alchemist, Gurren Laggan, Lucky Star, Pokemon is up there, and many more. I don't really write fan-fics for anime though, so you're not likely to see anything from me in those categories.

Manga: O-parts Hunter (666 Satan), Anima, Full Metal Alchemist, Case Closed, Defense Devil, Lucky Star, and Yotsuba&! are my big ones right now.

Cartoons: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!, Transformers, Invader Zim, KND, AtLA and Legend of Korra, anything shown on Cartoon Network during the 90's...

Rants! Some personal peeves of mine when reading stories. Also I really only write for SRMTHFG so most of what is in this rant will pertain to things I have seem in that fandom and things I myself have done in it.

So first and foremost, let me talk about grammar. If you can't be bothered to check for grammar and correct spelling, you don't need to be writing in the first place. These are essential things that you have to do to be a writer. That being said, yes we are all human and we make mistakes, also I do not expect you to know all the rules of the English language so mistakes will be made here and there and that is perfectly alright, lord knows I make quite a few myself. I'm talking about entire stories where there are repeated mistakes and misspellings. You have to check for that stuff or get a beta reader guys, there is nothing that turns me off a story faster than seeing a ton of repeated grammar errors.

Also I see this all the time but seriously, if in the summary it says "I suck at summaries just read the story" this is a pretty good indicator that the story isn't that great. If you can't make a short and interesting summary of your story to hook people in then you probably haven't written it all that well and won't hook me on reading it. It doesn't matter it has the best character descriptions or the greatest plot or the best twists, I probably will not read it if the summary doesn't catch my eye and this is true for most people, if you want readers, work on your summaries.

So I have this thing were I don't like unrealistic couples. I really have to see that there could be a connection between these two characters to really get into the story. Don't get me wrong I like my crack fics now and then, but if the two characters in question just would not have chemistry, even if it's like a hate/love thing, then I just cannot get into it. You won't see me writing stories where the only determiner for a couple is "OMG, wouldn't they be cute together!!!!1" I like to have some canon basis as to why these two characters would work together before I ship (I'm looking at you, MandarinXNova shippers.)

A single warning: yes my stories involve OCs, but I try not to make them focus completely on them. That being said, you would not be able to tell this from the beginning of Book 1 or it's title, but I'm working of fixing that. Also, I will form couples between my OCs and real characters I'm not going to try and make that the focus, I like developing the other characters too much to just focus on a single couple, but if you really don't like OC's, then most of my main works won't interest you. I'm not going to just sit there and rave about how cute my couples are, I find that extremely annoying when all people focus on is romance. There is so much more that can be done with characters besides them having a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

And on the topic of OCs, I have a bit to say about that too. Now I personally do use OCs, but you should always try to use them in moderation. If you have read the beginning of Book 1, you will see that this is not the case and it focuses mainly on Gidget and her point of view. I realize this and that is mainly because she was invented and the story was written waaaay before I really thought about this topic more. I have been trying to ween her out of the story little by little so that she is not the only character focused in it. I don't want to write pure OC stories, they take away from the true meaning of the show or universe you are writing for. If you can't appreciate the show for itself without your OC in it then you can't truly like the show and shouldn't write for it. Just imagine if you made a really awesome story where you really liked all the characters and all people wanted to do is say "Well I like what you have done so far but let me tell you how I would improve it by adding my characters..." you would be pretty upset, right? I'm not saying all OC's are bad or boring, some are really interesting and cool and I have actually liked a few more than some canon characters, but it gets tiring and boring if all you do is focus on your own inventions, if you want to write a story with you're own character that you really like, then great! Go for it man, I'm just saying your character might not be right for the show you are shoving into.

So yes, as the Books go on and I write more on the relationships and arcs involving the canon characters, there will be less and less of a focus on my OCs but that does not mean that they will be gone completely. They will have their day in the lime light just like anyone else on the show will but over the course of the story there will be a greater focus on the canon characters and how only the OCs fit into their story, with some back story o f the OCs and how it ties into, how if I was suddenly given the power, I would complete a show.

Oh and in case you were wondering why my pair of Otto and Gidget is called Gidtto, it's cause is sounds cooler than Ottget, yay doing things backwards to be different.

Current Projects:

Book 1 Gidget Progress: Working Project

A SRMTHFG! Story about the monkey team that starts right after the end of the Finale. The monkey team is about to fight the newly reborn Skeleton King and his formless army, when they get help from an unexpected source. With the help of Gidget and Genesis, they try to save the universe, while still working out their problems, mainly the new girls' amnesia about their lives before the hyper force. Come with the team as they continue their adventures as everyone's favorite team of Galactic, evil fighting primates!

My version of Season 5 exploring the world of SRMTHFG! Contains loads and loads of pairings, both of canon characters and fan characters. It's rated teen because that lets me have more freedom with the fight scenes and a little bit harsher language(which honestly is not bad) though I'm gonna try and cut back on the language cause it kinda seems odd coming from characters in a kid's show. It won't be gone completely but there will be less and less of it. Fight scenes will still be gruesome cause hey cartoon violence.

Book 0: Progress: Working Project

A story involving all the unanswered question in my book series involving what I think happened before the series started. Mostly a collection of origin stories for the cast if you will. It will be updated randomly and at odd intervals, but always in tandem of an important event in the book. Currently, Chiro's past and his first meeting with the hyper force, and once this story line is completed, this will stop updating until I feel that some other origin needs to be addressed.

Thoughts That No One Speaks: Progress: Random Updates

Random one shots that might or might not have to do with the canon of my own stories, really whatever pops into my head that I feel like putting up. They are just fun little stories about life for the team. I'm going to try and keep it as only one shots that have little to no dialog, or just a lot of unsaid feelings, hence the name.

This Can't Be Happening!: Progress: Hiatus

With so much on my plate from school and life, I just can't get back into TCBH! It started out as a joke, a parody of what happens when a fan girl gets involved in the story and...I just don't like it any more. Eventually I would like to finish it (Mostly because of a little part that has to do with the Book Series) but with everything else I'm not gonna force out a story I'm not interested in. I know that you guys are excited about it but you're just gonna have to wait for the rest of this till I have time and the desire to do it.

It's a story about a crazy girl who just so happens to meet the hyper force. She isn't super smart, strong, calm, a mech-head, or the best pilot ever. But that sure isn't going to stop her from (trying) to help them! Ren goes with the team and helps them fix the robot while meeting new friends along the way. Watch their adventures unfold as they attempt to get back home and away from her.

Alphabet of SRMTHFG!: Progress: Working Project

Exactly as it says on the tin, a meme of short stories based on letters of the Alphabet. Really random updates, like seriously I use this to help me kinda just do something different than my stories as a way to unwind or get pumped for serious writing.

Completed Stories:

Song Meme: As it says on the tin, a writing meme influenced by songs played at random in my media player. It features a whole slew of depressing stories and sadness with a hint of fluff.

Repare, Cleanse, Bandage & Heal: By far the most depressing thing I have ever written and probably one of the things I'm most proud of. It is a AU with Gidget, Nova, Gibson, Antauri, Otto and Sparx. It's only 4 chapters long but I'm keeping the plot on the down low cause it's more fun to discover it as you read.

And if you want to use Gidget or Genesis in one of your stories that's perfectly fine with me. Just please give me credit and most importantly stay true to their character. Oh! And please tell me when you're done so I can see them in it! That would be awesome!!

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