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7/22/10: UPDATE to profile at bottom of page.

ID: Osprey2000

Status: Former lurker. Now a registered and legit newbie.

Location: Sunshine State

Gender: Male

Age: Too old to be spending as much time watching cartoons as I do, but too bad, I'm doing it anyway. It's better than what's on most of TV.

I stumbled upon KP FF by accident several months ago, and have been reading for several months now. My initial discovery was Commander Argus' Fan Fictions. I read through all of his works, complete and incomplete. While trying to find out about the status of his incomplete works, I discovered he was tragically no longer with us (sadly, even before I found his writings). Prior to reading his writing, I had no idea what FF was, or that it existed. Fortunately, through his works, I discovered the vast wealth that is Fan Fiction. Since then, I have enjoyed many of your works, and now that I am no longer just lurking around here, I will try to leave comments on your stories. I hope to someday soon follow in many of your footsteps and move from reader to writer…

My wife and I discovered KP when the show was new. The writing was clever, touching, and funny. Ron Silver’s cartoon artwork created a great classic/modern animation style that I think would have made Walt himself proud. Most of all, in spite of the fantastical plotlines and situations, the characters came across as real. We had she story of 2 high school kids, who faced many typical high school situations while battling never-do-wells and all-out supervillians. While our lead characters were heroes and do-gooders, they were still flawed like any other individual, just making them seem all the more real. It’s one of the best shows ever aired on Disney. With Bob and Mark gone to the Nic Network, it’s unlikely we will ever see a revival of the franchise. That’s really too bad. It was a good run, but it had the power to last far longer than 4 seasons. Fortunately, we have FF to fill the void. Now knowing what FanFiction is, I get the gag in the finale- where MrDrP recalled writing his own Captain Constellation FF. It was an invitation for those in the know... apparently Bob & Mark knew something…

Our household identified with the characters in many, many ways. Like Ron, I am a blond-haired type B who was an underachiever in high school, who many years later still struggles with confidence and self esteem issues from time to time. Like Ron, I was one of the younger members in my class, sharing a September birth date (according to conventional wisdom). My wife, on the other hand, is a type A green-eyed redhead, honor society type who like KP (according to CW) also has a May birth date. Hmm… She would rather lead from the front, while I would prefer to work in the background. Our ages are just too far apart to have gone to high school together; however, we did go to college together, in comparable majors, taking a lot (60-70% plus) of classes together and marrying prior to our senior year. We never saved the world or fought any supervillians, though. Now I can (and do) lead from the front, although I still like the background. Much like Ron, I was a “late bloomer” and did not really come into my own until I was older. A certain redhead played a major role in that…

Needless to say, with those kinds of identifications with our characters, I am a huge Ron fan and a pretty strict Kim/Ron shipper. Giving credit to the Commander for the terminology, I would call myself a Kim/Ron Fundamentalist. From the very beginning of the show, we can see that the storyline wraps around the two of them and their friendship & relationship. Regardless of the title, the show is about them. As a K/R Fundamentalist, I have developed my own theoretical principles about the relationship of Kim and Ron. These principles apply and can be seen in effect in many of the universes of Kim and Ron, including past, present, future and even crossovers. Based on these principles, I have formulated Osprey2000’s Laws of Kim & Ron:

1. Kim and Ron are the unbreakable, undividable pair. The existence of one is dependent upon the existence of the other. Their unity is an irresistible force of nature that should not be tampered with. Attempts to physically separate the pair whether deliberately or through circumstance will only delay but not prevent the inevitable. (Some of you are already aware of this- you know who you are!)

2. Separation of Kim and Ron from each other will put the universe into disharmony and imbalance. This disharmony and imbalance will often result in much suffering and agony to both individuals and those around them until reunification is accomplished, bringing the universe back into balance. Death is the sure only way to prevent the reunification. Scientists are unsure that even under such dire circumstances reunification is completely avoidable.

3. A universe without either Kim or Ron is a universe out of harmony and balance, and destined for imminent disaster and/or destruction (or conquest). Only the miraculous insertion of the missing half will return the universe to balance and harmony.

4. A universe that attempts to deny the uniting of Kim and Ron by pairing one or the other with another individual is also a universe out of balance, and while not in imminent danger of disaster, will never achieve full balance and harmony. (see law 1- tampering with a force of nature) Alternate pairings for the sake of humor or other silliness demonstrate the deliberate imbalance of that universe.

Okay... So they aren't set in stone and are subject to change at my whim. Your mileage may vary. No warranty implied, caveat emptor, E plurbis unum, et tu Caesar and other Latin phrases, etc, etc.

Of course, what made the whole thing so fun was how Kim and Ron are oblivious that they are intended for one another, while we the audience can see their obvious destiny. When Kim and Ron finally come together in STD after several false starts, we cheered. Fortunately our new couple was allowed to return to save the world for one more season. In my personal opinion, season four could have been re-titled “Ron Stoppable,” but that would have been confusing and they already had a great theme song. The show put a lot of emphasis on Ron really stepping up and beginning to come into his own. Sadly, the show ends just as Ron really begins to bloom! Imagine the possibilities! Wait! Many of you already have- perhaps I will too. I used to be a great creative writer back in the day, so I may throw in with you great folks and give it a shot. I am tinkering with some ideas…

Looking forward to spending time with you…

Osprey2000 AKA O2K

7/22/10: UPDATE

RE: Another Kim and Ron Story

I want to extend my apologies for not responding to comments and reviews, nor being able to update in a timely manner. RL has kept me quite occupied, and away from my writing. While it started out as a combination of good things (Honey, can we go out tonight? Well of course, my lovely green-eyed redhead... yes I do have one of my own...) and a bunch of time consuming busy stuff. Recent events, however, have not been good at all. We here at O2K's house are alright, but we have been very close to the suffering and tragedy of too many friends and family in recent days. I thought we would be done yesterday, but apparently, we're not done yet- a family member had to suddenly undergo surgery, and we will be traveling to visit him this weekend- 1100 miles each way, by car. Needless to say, we are still working our way through it, and difficulty continues to visit us. I still hope to one day soon resume a "normal" routine, and have time to devote to writing. Once again, my apologies for the delay in response, and the delay in updating. I should have known better than to tempt fate by putting time expectations on my updates... thanks a lot, Murphy.

I will respond to your comments and reviews one day soon- I am grateful for your comments, and you deserve an appropriate response. For those who have PM'd me, thank you so much for your concern. I'll be back soon!


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