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Name: Just call me "Judy"!

Age: ... In between fifteen to nineteen, if you must know.

Race: Asian.

Bio: I'm nice to others until they wrong me, but I don't hate them because life is too short to hate anyone, though I'll strongly dislike you if you judge my negatively based on the nasty stuff others gossip about me - hypocritical and or ironic? Shut up. Oh, I like ice cream, especially vanilla or strawberry - or even both in the same serving! Generally I'm a tolerable person, though my bipolar personality does annoy a huge crowd of people... O.o" One thing though, I almost forgot to mention that I'm forgetful; And I'm a girl! Tomboy-ish, most days. Other days I'm just a bag of laziness who doesn't even comb her hair before going to school, it's short and bobbed-ish anyway.

Likes: Powerpuff Girls (childhood), Dexter's Laboratory (childhood), Courage the Cowardly Dog (childhood), That's So Raven (childhood and teenhood), Harvest Moon (teenhood), Maple Story (childhood), food (lifehood), writing (teenhood), reading (childhood), English lessons (lifehood), art (childhood), dolphins (childhood), pink dolphins (teenhood), blue (lifehood), Korean Pop (teenhood), rainy days (lifehood).

Dislikes: The list can go on forever; Let's help me keep a good image of myself, aye? =)

Some of you maybe are using Chatango, I don't know. o.o It's getting stale there if you ask me. The community is pretty messed up; And most people are lifeless there; Spending their life away on the computer and making themselves feel better over original account names. Kind of sad, if you look at it with an ounce of care at all. Pretending to be macho on the internet is funny- you're still a nobody in reality. At least I have real friends in real life and online that don't backstab or chitter-chatter about my mistakes without my acknowledging.

Because I can't be arsed to blog.

12th March, Saturday

Oh my gosh, I wrote the most ridiculous essay for my English class today - and I actually handed it in! Well, here's a copy of it:

Report for Fight on Bus

The bus was picking up a few more passengers to be taken to school at Unfortunate Street. I didn't pay much attention to the students climbing in through the wide-open door, and instead plugged in my earphones with my mp3 player switched on, a random song blasting into my ears.

My mind was in tune with Sakine Meiko's womanly voice when I noticed how engrosed my seat parter -- Sugar Gummibear -- was in staring at the seats in front of us, or rather, their occupants.

Two girls, whom I recognized as Life Limited and Luck Restricted from Secondary 2 Karma, were chatting to each other. Sugar Gummibear was a lesbian, so it wasn't too much a surprise to see her caught up in admiring two pretty girls.

Curious, I took off one of my earphones and listened to their conversation as Sakine Meiko continued tickling my left right eardrum in a Japanese pop song that repeated the words, "Papipo papipo papipo" incessantly. I thought I was brainwashed for a moment.

"Seriously, Luck? He said that? Wow, that is, seriously, so mean of him!" Life flicked her hand in the air, her neon pink nail polish reflecting light into my eyes for all they were worth. I rubbed my eyes. That hurt, truth be spoken.

"Yeah, I like, know right?" the girlish voice of Luck was an octave higher than Life's, "He is, like, such a loser. I mean, like, hey!" The last word was exclaimed loudly, and I swear right above her head was an exclamination mark in a huge speech bubble similar to the ones I saw on Ragnarok Online, that awesome massive multiplayer online role-play game. Talk about animation!

Apparently Life has accidentally swatted her hand onto Luck's wrist while she was flicking her hair (for the trillionth time that day), triggering the sudden loss of Luck's grip. The almight legendary white iPhone4u mobile (which I suspected Envy Sinful attempted, and failed, to steal last weekend in class) slipped and grew a pair of invisible wings as it eloped with its freedom from Luck's manicured clutches, only to meet its agonizing death, face down when it touched the tar-covered road outside. Well, at least it lived well.

Luck got angry and slapped Life right in the face, calling her a blind hag that should stop swinging her wig in the air, and although more than half the bus' occupants agreed, I couldn't blame Life for retaliating the slap and returning the courtesy of calling Luck something colorful which I shall not mention here.

Five red fingermarks surfaced on Luck's cheek even with all the thick layer of powder caked on her face. The two girls growled like angry tigresses on steroids at each other, and a fish-resembling slap war commenced as if on cue.

It was only when Justice League, the fat and racist bus driver stopped the bus (jerking a few twig-skinny students forward and exploding like Bomberman) did the two girls stop. That was due to Mister Lawsuit's entrace, I believe.

So there you have it, Principal Payback. My witness and report on the fight that occurred last Tuesday morning! And if you'll excuse me, I have some mucus to clean out of my nose. It's going to be my lunch for today.

- Gluttony Sinnice

And there you have it, one of the stupidest writing I have ever created with my bare hands. =D

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