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I've finally updated this page! Images coming soon, with any luck and just a bit of time. Thanks for checking me out. XX

For anyone who’s curious:

I’m Canadian, thus my use of American terminology, with British spelling. Spellcheck sometimes does a number on my writing (a burr up my butt) so I do try to go back and reinsert my lovely letter ‘u’ in its proper place. It is an underappreciated letter; we can all learn to love it, really! However, some do get missed, along with the other differences (‘re’ vs ‘er’, ‘ae’ vs just ‘e’, and some ‘s’ vs ‘z’ rarities)

Despite my very best efforts to publish error-less chapters, the odd mistake will sneak past my different Spellcheck edits and formatting is sometimes living hell for me. Please forgive me when I give up and pretend it’s perfect. It’s all about alternate reality anyway, right?

I’m a *ahem* mature Twi-fan, with a brilliant husband and two gorgeous kids whom I adore. Writing is an old love of mine that I only picked up again recently as my love of Twilight fanfic began to exceed by love for the books. I am Team Edward and Team Cullen. No wolf-pack lovin’ from me.

Enough about me, onto my stories:

Breakable, The Truth Hurts (Complete):

A/H, College fic Edward's POV

(I should warn that pairings are NOT canon, aside from B/E… be warned! But if you think outside the box and give it a read, my characters are really meant for each other.)

Please check out the banner for Breakable below: (I will eventually utilize the Image Manager. Someday.)


Banner created specially for me by Ginny and Shug. Not merely wizard banner creators, but wonderful authors and fandom members. I'm a fan! GinnyW_31 sshg316

Forever Grey (Complete):

VERY A/R, Canon coupling

Set in Northern Ontario, Canada. Darker E/B are in high school, as they are in the books. Told from Edward’s POV, we get an insight into his true feelings of vampire life and how it feels to learn about love. Heavy music theme and the closest to a Twilight-themed story, as the Cullens are vampires in this one.

An alternate ending is included that comes from the original draft, which puts a different twist on the entire story. Some strongly dislike it. I would love to have more opinions. We all vary on what constitutes a HEA.

Days Like This (Complete):

A/H, A/R, canon couples, HEA from the start (LOL - yes, it’s feel-good FLUFF!)

Set in California, in the sun for goodness sake, because I personally, am sick of dreary overcast/rainy days. These characters get some vitamin D and outdoor activity time.

Bella is a new, single mom in this one. She and her lovable preemie, Juliet, capture the heart of their Adonis paediatrician, Edward. Angst is kept low, but UST fairly high as it’s a slow-building relationship tale.

Milestones for our DLT family

Sunshine's here! Hospital baby-lovin' (ch 1-4)
1 month - Building mates! The relationship buds (ch 5-12)
2-2 1/2 months - Wedding & first date (ch 13-15)
3 months - First smiles, first swim, confessions of exes (ch 16-19)
3 1/2 months - Family meddling, co-planning begins (ch 20-22)
4 months - Beach house vacation time! (ch 23-25)
5 months - Ballgames and Volvos and laughter, oh my! (ch 26-28 outtakes)
6 months - First word, first tooth, out with the old (ch 29-31)
7 months - Co-habitation, Plan B(ella) kicks into gear (ch 32 outtake)
(*For anyone unfamiliar, the little street our perfect family found their perfect house on, is a crescent - similar to a cul-de-sac; the difference being that the curved street begins and ends on two different streets rather than a dead end. This family has options... no dead ends!* ;) )
81/2 months - Charlie reveals his deal (whatta guy!) (ch 33)
9-10 months - 4 teeth, 2 words and 1 special get-away (ch 34-35)
10 1/2-11 months - 3 words and 1 big, happy gloater! (ch 36)
11 months on - secrets abound, as does happiness in the final 2 chapters of this story (ch 37-38)

Banner for Days Like This: here

Courtesy of The Fictionators. (Thanks Kassiah and Teacher 1209!) Please check out this amazing website... frequently.

A one-shot exclusive is available here written for The Twinklings and dedicated to lemon lovers. ;) It's set between DLT and DAAT.

DLT was nominated for several Avant Garde Awards, and amazingly, won Best HEA! Thank you to theonlykyla for the nomination, and to all who voted for DLT. I am so thrilled and humbled. Banner can be found here.

DLT is now available in Portuguese! The very sweet Ju Martinhao has kindly translated for me. Please send any Portuguese readers you may know her way. She does a fantastic job! Thank you, Ju! XX

Days At A Time

A series of one-shot chapters/glimpses into the DLT family's lives together.

IllicitWriter made a beautiful banner for me. Check it out here, and check out her other awesome banners on her blog.

Meet Me in the Meadow and The Man in the Mirror were written for the Pick A Pic Challenge, just for fun and inspiration! Both are A/H, ExB

Rain on Me (Complete):

A/H, canon couples

Shorter full-length fic with some fun, misunderstandings, and love found at a summer camp.

Whatever Works (Complete):

A/H, canon couples

A mysterious household with a peculiar family traps a very willing Bella as she gets more involved with them than her job requires. This is a story about following your gut, and eventually your heart, and hoping it will lead to the place you want to be in life.

True Love Way (WiP):

A/H, canon couples. Part HS, part adult.

After the prologue, we jump back in time to the characters as teens. Their relationships then shaped their lives for the remainder of the story. This is a story of accepting love of many types, and how each love can change your whole world. Edward, Bella, the twins and their spouses would love for you to join them. They're a close-knit bunch, but they've made room for babies, kittens and puppies... there's room for you too. Not all fluff, not all angst, but a happy medium? That's what I'm aiming for. ;)

I adore the sharing this fandom does and the rec’s are awesome (nods to my publicists *wink*). I hope you enjoy my stories and pass them on to others, but please do not reproduce my work in its entirety elsewhere without my permission. My stories are currently only posted on THANK YOU!

*Disclaimer - All character names and Twilight themes are property of Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended.*

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