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Hey what's up, my name's Yoshi 2.1, I've been a member of fanfiction.net for 1 year and 2 months now, and I've published three stories. I'll have much more better stories once I'm done with my current ones.

Just to make a quick note, I'm gonna be posting my stories on DeviantArt due to some errors. So I apologize to all those who have subscribed to my profile.

But if you want to read my stories on DeviantArt, go to my page:

Favorite game series: Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Smash Brothers.

Favorite Game Heroes: Yoshi, Sonic, Mario

Favorite Game Villians: Bowser, Giga Bowser.

Stories completed:

Mario's Christmas Spectacular

Stories in-progress:

Sonic The Cat

Daisy's Koopa Love

The Koopa and the Bounty Huntress (Cancelled)

The Creature From Lybon Forest

Rise Of The Undead Koopa

Stories coming soon!:

Bowser's Sisterly Dilemma: Bowser finds out that his younger sister Vanessa is coming to his castle to stay with him for a total of 40 days, something that Bowser isn't very happy about. Will Bowser learn to accept his sister or will he just try to push her away.

Here's a free sneak preview:

Master Bowser, a letter has arrived for you in the mail'', said Kamek as he walked into the throne room holding an envelope.

Thanks for- wait a minute, who told you to snoop through my mail'', Bowser said

You did sir'', Kamek said as he gave him the envelope.

Whatever'', Bowser said as he opened the letter.

He then began to read it.

Dear Bowser

It's been a long time since we've seen each other, so I just wanted to let you know that I'll be coming to stay with you for a while so we can catch up on old times. I really look forward to seeing my favorite big brother again after so many years. I'll call you tomorrow to let you know when I'm coming. Won't that be so much fun.


Your baby sister, Vanessa Koopa.

Kamek just watched as Bowser stood there completely motionless with a frightened look on his face

Sir are you alright'', Kamek asked.

Rather than saying anything, Bowser instead responded in the most unexpected way.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH'', Bowser let out a incredibly loud glass shattering scream, which lasted for hours.

End of Preview.

Stories Confirmed:

The Koopa and the Bounty Huntress: In an attempt to win Link's heart, Zelda creates a love potion to do so, but in the process, her plan backfires when Samus accidently drinks it, which causes her to fall in love with a certain spiked shelled koopa.

A Food Problem: Plans for a big dinner party are put off after Kirby devours all the food in the mansion. So Mario, Sonic, Lucario, Link and Fox volunteer to go to the grocery store to pick up more food, but while at the store, problems happen.

The Creature From Lybon Forest: Rumors have it that a vicious reptilian monster resides deep within the depths of Lybon Forest, killing anyone it encounters, is it true, or is it a myth, the news reports could tell otherwise.

Rise Of The Undead Koopa: After Bowser is killed in a battle with Mario, everyone feels relieved that he's gone. But terror strikes once again when Bowser is revived as an all powerful zombie. Will he be stopped?

The Syndicate of Evil: After suffering another defeat by Mario, Bowser enlists the help of Ganondorf, Ridley, Wolf, and King Dedede to form a villainous group known as the Syndicate of Evil. It's up to Mario and four other heroes to put an end to it before its too late.

Spider-Man vs Jason: The heroic web slinger goes head-to-head with the hockey masked killer Jason Voorhees in this epic crossover. The mass murderer goes on a killing spree through New York. Only Spider-Man can stop him. Will he succeed?

Momma Loves You, Seriously: Sonic meets a hedgehog girl named Tammy, and the two fall in love, but however, things start to get awkward when Sonic meets her mother Laurie, who also has the hots for him. Can he handle it?

Sonic The Cat: Love & Revenge: Sonic & Blaze are living a happily married life, with a lovely home and two children, but Amy is plotting to destroy their marriage and claim Sonic for herself. Can she be stopped before it's too late?

Curse Of The WereDino: Yoshi has been acting weird, he's gone from being kind and nice to being arrogant and violent. When vicious deaths begin occurring at night, Lucario and the others begin to suspect that Yoshi has something to do with it all. Will they find out the truth?

The Creature From Lybon Forest 2: Bloody Nature: The Charizardosaurus is out for meat and blood once more. But it is not alone, as another vicious killer reptile is on the loose. It's now a fight to the death between the two bloodthirsty monsters. Who will win?

The Super Smash Brothers and The Avengers: Wrath of Ultron: During a fight with the Avengers, Ultron escapes through a portal which leads him to the Smash Bros universe. The Smash Brothers must team up with Earth's Mightiest Heroes to stop him from taking over. Will they win or fail?

Super Smash Bros/Resident Evil: Return of Alexia: Alexia Ashford has been resurrected by unknown means, with the intention of spreading her T-Veronica Virus across the world along with the T-Virus. But she also desires a mate to further her goals. Can she be stopped?

One Awkward Experience: While out for a night on the town, Snake catches a drunk Samus in a bar and decides to bring her back home to the mansion, where she does something to him that he never expects.

An Odd Partnership: FBI agent Mario is selected to investigate a chain of crimes committed by a notorious crime boss. However, when he is assigned with a cocky and loudmouth partner, things become increasingly difficult for him. Can he learn to cope with it?

Separated by Love: Sonic and Tails love each other deeply, but their feuding parents forbid them from seeing each other. Can they find a way to be together? Or will they be kept apart forever?

Trapped in a Love Triangle: Silver is the new guy in high school. He is well appreciated among most of his peers. What happens when two girls begin vying for his affection? That leaves a lot to be desired.

SSB: Evil Invasion: When Ridley triggers a prison breakout in Smash Tower, he and all the released villains plot to rule over the entire universe. It's now up to the Smash Brothers and thier allies to stop them once and for all.

SSB: Multiverse Havoc: After Ridley steals the powers of a reality controlling entity called Grocklor, he intends to use the power to conquer the Multiverse, causing damage to the reality in the process. Can the heroes stop him?

SSB: Devastation: The Smash Brothers find themselves in a life and death situation as they engage in a vicious battle with a revived Subspace Army, as well as some Supervillains. Can they survive this conflict, or pay with their lives?

The Wrath of Bromlock: An evil demon called Bromlock has arisen from the depths of Hell to kill Yoshi and Sonic. Can he be stopped? Takes place after "Dark Yoshi vs Super Sonic".

Fox vs Dragon: When an ancient evil dragon awakens from its eternal slumber, it begins rampaging towards the village of Konoha. Only the power of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox can stop it.

Yoshi and Team 7: This story focuses on Yoshi (my version of course) during a time where he is part of Team 7. They get involved in all sorts of comical moments and situations throughout this story. Takes place in my SSB/Naruto fan series.

A Dino and his Vixen: While testing out a brand new device that Yoshi had made, Tails ends up transformed into a sexy female fox who begins lusting for him. Yoshi attempts to find a way to solve the problem, all the while trying to avoid her amorous advances.

Yoshi: A Hero's Beginning: Yoshi's reputation as a hero wasn't as well known as it is today. This story focuses on the more earlier years of Yoshi's heroic career as he goes up against thugs, muggers, mobsters and even super powered villains for the first time.

My OCs (Original Characters)

Bowser's Siblings:

(Note: Bowser is the oldest, all of his brothers and sisters are younger than him)

Here's the list:

(Note: They are all listed by order of appearance)

Vanessa Koopa- The younger of Bowser's two sisters, she is also his youngest sibling, the baby of the family. She is very cheerful, caring, polite, confident, and sophisticated. She is also a huge fan of Mario, much to Bowser's dismay. She is incredibly attractive, making her irresistible to every guy who sees her, something that Bowser doesn't approve of. During childhood, Vanessa was the closest to her brother Bowser, as she would often go to him for support and comfort, and he would always do his best to keep her happy and well protected from harm. Even though Bowser is a villain now, Vanessa still loves him very much, and cares about him deeply. She is unaware that her other three siblings, Spike, Jason, and Marissa are all jealous of her because she gets more attention from Bowser than they do.

Age: 28

Likes: Her siblings, Mario, playing with & teasing Bowser, spending time with Bowser, having fun, bonding with her siblings

Dislikes: Seeing Bowser get hurt, drinking, perverted guys, being picked on by Spike & Jason, arguing with Marissa, Bowser getting mad at her

Spike Koopa- The older one of Bowser's two younger brothers, his oldest sibling. He is mainly somewhat cocky, carefree, arrogant, and hardheaded. He and Jason were always playing pranks on their siblings, Bowser and Marissa, but mainly Bowser. As such, Bowser would often respond to Spike's teasing by either smacking him in the head or threatening to beat him up. He also had a tendency to bully Vanessa around, constantly calling her names and stealing her toys, but his bullying has always gotten him in trouble countless times. He would frequently bicker and fight with Bowser over various things, such as what to watch on television or who would get the last slice of pizza. But despite their differences, they still respect each other.

Age: 35

Likes: Playing pranks, picking on Vanessa, hanging out with Jason, playing sports, messing with Bowser

Dislikes: Bowser smacking him in the head, getting in trouble,arguing with Bowser, being told what to do by Bowser, not getting what he wants

Marissa Koopa- The older of Bowser's two younger sisters, the second youngest sibling. She is stuck up, snobbish, ignorant, sassy, whiney, and somewhat kindhearted. Like Vanessa, she is also attractive. She also constantly brags about how beautiful she is, much to the annoyance of her siblings, mostly Vanessa, whom she always argues with. She often tends to tease Bowser by making playful romantic advances on him, even going so far as to kiss him on the lips more than once, even when he is asleep at night, she also kisses him to wake him up every morning, much to his digust, either way, she mainly does it just for the fun of it. She also enjoys kissing Jason on the lips just as much she enjoys teasing him. Although she and Vanessa constantly bicker, they love each other very much.

Age: 32

Likes: Talking about herself,teasing Bowser, flirting with Bowser playfully, kissing Bowser both teasingly and intentionally, doing things her way, teasing and kissing Jason

Dislikes: Not being the center of attention, being made fun of, arguing with Vanessa, being ignored, losing her things, perverted guys,curfews

Jason Koopa- The youngest of Bowser's two younger brothers. He is similar to Spike in personality, except he is more laidback and outgoing than the latter koopa. He is also popular among girls. Like Spike, he also argues with Bowser, and enjoys picking on Vanessa. Jason especially loves pulling pranks with Spike, such as putting a paint grenade in Bowser's closet, or infesting Marissa's room with frogs. But even though Jason and Spike enjoy messing with their siblings, they still love them very much.

Age: 34

Likes: Playing pranks with Spike,girls, relaxing, sleeping in, picking on Vanessa, having fun

Dislikes: Getting in trouble, arguing with Bowser, Bowser ordering him around, being teased and kissed by Marissa

The Syndicate of Evil- A villainous group composed of Bowser, Ganondorf, Ridley, Wolf, and King Dedede. The group was first formed by Bowser, who had just been defeated by Mario once again. Seeking out help in order to defeat his nemesis, Bowser contacted the best known villains he could find across the universe. Ganondorf was the first to respond, sooner or later, Ridley had also responded, along with Wolf, and King Dedede. They all agreed to appoint Bowser as leader, since he was the one who formed the group. Ridley served as his second-in-command, while Ganondorf, Wolf, and King Dedede, became the generals of the group's army.

Group members and their positions:

1. Bowser

Position: Leader

2. Ridley

Position: Second-in Command

3. Ganondorf

Position: General of army A

4. Wolf

Position: General of army B

5. King Dedede

Position: General of army C

The Smash Brothers- A team composed of heroes who dedicate themselves to protecting the world from evil. The team was first formed by Mario, Link, Samus, Fox and Kirby after they were brought together by destiny. They oppose the Syndicate Of Evil as they battle to stop them from achieving universal conquest. Mario serves as the leader of the team with Fox as his second-in-command.


Mario (team leader)

Fox (second-in-command)




Sonic the Hedgehog OCs

Tammy the Hedgehog: A female hedgehog with a kind personality. She has blue fur just like Sonic, only her fur is sky blue. Tammy is also really attractive, and guys practically melt at the very sight of her. She falls in love with Sonic the very moment she meets him, and ends up becoming his girlfriend as a result. She lives with her mother Laurie, who is also in love with Sonic, which doesn't sit well for Tammy, as she gets annoyed whenever her mother tries to hit on her boyfriend. Tammy also shows jealousy towards other girls who hit on Sonic, especially Amy, who she dislikes. She most likely hates other guys who try to hit on her, but lucky for her, Sonic always make sure to protect her.

Age: 17

Likes: Sonic, having fun, being flirtatious with Sonic, romance movies, hanging out with Sonic

Dislikes: Her mom hitting on Sonic, other girls who like Sonic (including Amy), being hit on by other guys

Laurie the Hedgehog: Tammy's cheerful, guy obsessed, and playful mother. Like her daughter, she also has sky blue fur, and she is really attractive. She also, despite being an adult, behaves a little bit like a teenage girl, but is still a mother either way. She strangely has an interest in younger guys, most notably Sonic, whom she develops a crush on when she first meets him, and as such, she often acts romantic around him, which annoys Tammy. She would go to great lengths to get Sonic's attention, such as licking spaghetti sauce off his cheek seductively, kissing him on the lips with her tongue in his mouth while Tammy is not around, and cooking up a plate of chili dogs for him. Even though she knows Sonic is dating Tammy, her feelings for him still remain. Like Tammy, she also gets jealous of other girls who want Sonic besides her, including Amy, who she also dislikes. She also has a strong zero dislike for perverts, especially Todd the Cat.

Age: 29

Likes: Younger guys (mainly Sonic), romance movies, flirting with Sonic, dreaming about Sonic, being playful

Dislikes: Not gaining Sonic's affection, Sonic being romantic with Tammy, other girls who love Sonic, perverted guys

Jake the Cat: The son of Sonic and Blaze. He is blue just like his father, but he has purple streaks on the tips of his ears, golden eyes like his mother, and he wears the same shoes as Sonic. He is very confident, well behaved, and very social. He also shares a close bond with his younger sister Lilly. He is a junior in a high school, and is also a babe magnet, as girls practically swoon over him, including girls he dislikes, such as Cindy the Fox. He's also protective of his sister, whom he often hangs out with. He also shares an incestuous relationship with Lilly due to a special family tradition in his mother's family bloodline.

Age: 10 (as a kid), 17( as a teenager)

Likes: His friends, Lilly, girls, hanging out,playing sports

Dislikes:Cindy, guys who mess with Lilly, anyone who hurts Lilly, his friends or his family

Lilly the Cat: The daughter of Sonic and Blaze, and Jake's younger sister. She is purple like her mother, and she has green eyes like her father. She is very close to her brother Jake and often goes everywhere with him and their friends. She loves her family very much and will never let them down no matter what. She also enjoys sleeping in bed with Jake at night whenever she feels lonely. Like her brother, she also dislikes Cindy. But aside from this, she is very kind-hearted and responsible, she is always willing to make new friends when given the chance. She is especially fond of Sam, her family dog, and often feeds him and takes care of him every morning. She also has an incestuous romance with her brother because of a special family tradition in her mother's family bloodline.

Age: 9 (as a kid), 16 (as a teenager)

Likes: Jake, her friends, having fun, hanging out with Jake, playing with her dog Sam

Dislikes: Cindy, seeing Jake get hurt, guys hitting on her, Cindy hitting on her brother

Mike the Echidna: The son of Knuckles and Lien-Da, and the older brother of Jessie. He is tough, brave and strong like his father, and calm and sensitive like his mother. He also likes hanging out with his best friends Jake and Lilly, and his sister Jessie. He is currently in a committed relationship with his life long crush, Dana the Hedgehog, as such the two are often seen together. He has a huge dislike towards Darlene the Raccoon, who often makes unwanted advances on him. He cares deeply for his friends and family and will always stand by them until the end.

Age: 18

Likes: His friends, Jessie, Dana, relaxing, hanging out with Dana

Dislikes: Darlene, being messed with, guys who try to steal Dana from him, seeing his friends and sister get hurt

Jessie the Echidna: The daughter of Knuckles and Lien-Da, and the younger sister of Mike. She is also close friends with Jake and Lilly, and like her brother, she likes to hang out with them and have fun. She has a strong interest in boys, even gaining a boyfriend named Donovan the Fox, whom she cares for very much. She has a major dislike for Darlene, who constantly tries to hit on her brother.

Age: 16

Likes: Her friends, Mike, Donovan, having fun.

Dislikes: Darlene, perverts, her friends being hurt or upset

Cindy the Fox: A stuck up, selfish, sexually active and scheming fox. She is very flirtatious and is known for having a crush on Jake. She often enjoys trying to seduce him, despite how much he dislikes her, but she refuses to take no for an answer. Her infatuation with Jake frequently leads her to formulate various plans on how to claim him for herself, only to be thwarted each time. She has tried to rape him on two occasions, only to be stopped both times.

Age: 18

Likes: Jake, having things her way, sex

Dislikes: Being rejected by Jake, her plans failing

Darlene the Raccoon: A female raccoon who, like Cindy, is also stuck up and selfish, as well as flirtatious. She is madly in love with Mike and would go to great lengths to win his affection, only to be repeatedly rejected. She also has an immense hatred towards Dana, blaming her for stealing Mike away. Because of her obsession with Mike, she would even resort to kidnapping him for herself.

Age: 19

Likes: Mike

Dislikes: Dana, Jessie, Mike not returning her love.

Dana the Hedgehog: A caring, very supportive, sensitive and polite female hedgehog. She is also Mike's girlfriend. She loves Mike very much and always sticks by him no matter what. Like Mike and his friends, Dana strongly dislikes Darlene and also shows jealously towards other girls who try to hit on Mike.

Age: 17

Likes: Mike, friendship, helping others.

Dislikes: Darlene, seeing Mike get hurt, other girls who hit on Mike

Todd the Cat: A brown male cat who likes women with a passion. He is mostly known for being a pervert, much to the dismay of Sonic and the others, notably Laurie, whom Todd is strongly attracted to. His perverted behavior usually results in him getting beaten up. As a self proclaimed ladies man, he will persistently try to hit on almost every pretty woman he sees, despite being continuously turned down.

Age: 16

Kilam the Hedgehog

Age: 18 years old

Bio: Once the oldest child of three children, Kilam's life had fell apart when his entire family was murdered before his very eyes by a gang of thugs. These unfortunate events had changed his life. Kilam spent most of his life on the street, having to fend for himself with his own self developed fighting skills. Until one day, he met a female purple hedgehog named Tanya after saving her from being gang raped in an alley. Feeling grateful, Tanya offered to let him live with her and her mother Carrie. While he initially refused to do so, he eventually agreed. Overtime as he continued to live with her, Kilam eventually fell in love with her, with Tanya feeling the same way about him. Later when he met Sonic and his friends, he befriended them and soon became one of their most reliable allies.

Appearance: He is a hedgehog with dark red fur and blue eyes. His quills are in a style similar to Sonic's, except that they are curved more downwards. He has a scar over his left eye, which he got from a street fight in his childhood. He wears a white short sleeve shirt, along with a leather brown jacket and blue jeans, with a pair of laced up blue sneakers.

Skills: Due to living on the street most of his life after his family's death, Kilam taught himself on how to survive by adapting to the environment. He knows everything about the outside world, including good and bad places. He is very talented with playing the piano, and he can play a guitar with great expertise.

Fighting Style: When in battle, Kilam fights using his own self taught martial arts style and street fighting moves. He is a formidable combatant, being able to even beat Shadow and Knuckles in a fight without tiring too quickly.

Personality: Despite his street smart demeanor, Kilam has a good heart and a sense of humor. He always shows respect for women and even sticks up for his friends through thick and thin. However, he is prone to losing his temper when someone makes a rude remark about his family and loved ones. He also dislikes those who threaten innocent children and families. He can also become serious depending on the situation.

Powers: Kilam has the power to use Super Speed and Super Strength, as well as possessing enhanced durability. His strength easily matches that of Knuckles. He also has the power to harness Chaos Energy, though he mostly keeps it dormant unless the situation calls for it. However, he mostly prefers using his fighting skills to handle his enemies.

Likes: Sonic and his friends, girls, children, helping others, showing support

Dislikes: Evil, bullies, monsters, demons, seeing others get hurt, death, careless and reckless people

Love Interest: Tanya the Hedgehog

Tanya the Hedgehog

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Alignment: Good

Bio: Tanya once lived a peaceful and loving life, with caring parents, supportive friends and an all around happy childhood. But years later when a group of terrorists had attacked, Tanya's father and friends were taken from her. With her and her mother Carrie being all alone, they were forced to take care of themselves. One evening after leaving the mall, Tanya was harassed by a gang of punks who attempted to rape her. But she was saved in the nick of time by a male Hedgehog named Kilam. After learning about his past experience, Tanya decided to repay him by offering to let him move in with her. After an initial refusal, he eventually accepted. As time went by, Tanya and Kilam started to fall in love, leading to them becoming a couple.

Appearance: Tanya is a purple hedgehog with orange eyes. Her quills are like Sonic's, only more shorter. She also has a tuft of hair which covers her left eye, giving her a more sultry and prettier look. She wears a a pair of pink shorts and red tank top, along with some red and green shoes.

Personality: For the most part, Tanya is cheerful, friendly, polite and very social. She loves Kilam very much and is highly devoted to him. She has a zero tolerance for perverts, and a rather bad temper, which makes a few others afraid of her, even Kilam (as a recurring gag) has been known to get intimidated by her when she's in a bad mood. She also loves spending time with her mother and friends, but tends to get jealous when other girls show interest in Kilam. She is a huge fan of Sonic, as shown when Kilam first introduces her to him and his friends, even admitting to how she used to have a big crush on him before she met Kilam, much to his embarrassment. She is also flirtatious and playful, often taking great pleasure in teasing Kilam, who usually returns the favor.

Skills: While usually being pacifistic and opposed to violence, Tanya is a very capable fighter, having been trained by her father before his death. Her skills become even better due to being trained by her boyfriend, up to the point where she even bests him in sparring on a few occasions. She is an excellent cook, thanks to being taught by her mother Carrie.

Powers: She appears to possess Superhuman Strength, first exemplified when she angrily punched a large rock, breaking it to pieces. While not as physically strong as Knuckles or Kilam, she stills packs enough force to knock out an opponent with a few blows. However, she has been known to go overboard with her strength, specifically when it involves hugging others if she gets excited, leading her to nearly squeeze the life out of them, mainly Kilam and Sonic.

Likes: Fun, excitement, cooking, friendship, supporting others

Dislikes: Perverts, Evil, Death, girls hitting on Kilam

Love Interest: Kilam the Hedgehog

The Snake Society

Bio: A gang of nortorious, cunning and deadly snakes. They are listed as the most wanted criminals in the world, having committed crimes that most would consider uncommon. They operate mainly as a group and are more than willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. They are also known to torture their victims, almost to the point of killing them just for amusement. Though they have battled many enemies, their primary rivals are Kilam the Hedgehog and, on occasion, the reptilian Smash Brother, Yoshi.


Mason the Cobra: The head leader of the group. He is a jet black and green King Cobra. He takes great pleasure in causing pain to his victims. He's very ruthless, selfish, clever and outright sadistic, having a tendency to openly mock his opponents in battle. While usually calm and collected, he can become angry if either his plans fail or if his gang screws up. As a cobra, Mason is highly venomous, with a bite that can kill a man within hours.

Baxter the Python: An aggressive and brutal, brown colored Rock Python with an attitude. He is almost always ready for a fight, and will not hesitate to kill his victims. True to his nature, Baxter uses his powerful and muscular tail to constrict his opponents. He is not one who takes kindly to funny business, and those who do so around him will be met with threats or violence. Despite his aggressive persona, he is loyal to Mason and always obeys his orders. In fact, he secretly fears him.

Perry the Viper: A dark red Viper who is known as the brains of the group. Plus, like Mason, Perry has a venomous bite, which he uses to either paralyze or kill others. With a high IQ, he is the gang's most trusted member and Mason's second-in-command. Perry acts as the leader when Mason is unavailable, and he always goes by the book. As such, he takes his work very seriously, but he is not above being sadistic and murderous.

Cassie the Cobra: A orange and tan colored female cobra. She's a clever femme fatale who seduces men with her charms and sex appeal before killing them when their guard is down. She also prides herself on her looks and seduction, and will instantly snap if someone makes fun of her. Compared to Mason, she is actually a Spitting Cobra, whereas Mason is a King Cobra. She appears to have a major crush on Yoshi, which leads her to flirt with and try to seduce him every so often, despite him being her enemy. She is not above having lustful fantasies about him, much to the dismay of the others(notably Jack) , as well as Yoshi. Even though he repeatedly rejects her, Cassie refuses to give up.

Sammy the Anaconda: A light green anaconda. He is Mason's third-in-command as well as his weapons and demolition expert. But aside from using weapons and explosives, Sammy is also an experienced hand to hand fighter, and like Baxter, he will occasionally try to constrict his opponents, due to being an anaconda. He is also a divine ladies man, using his charming and alluring words to seduce women.

Jack the Rattlesnake: A yellow diamondback rattlesnake. He is the most cunning and sneakiest member of the group, even to the point where his teammates, including Mason, find him unpredictable. Although he is loyal to them, he harbors a deep jealously towards Mason, seeing him as unfit to be a leader. Jack also has a crush on Cassie, and would regularly try to flirt with her, but the feeling is not mutual as she continuously turns him down, primarily due to her infatuation with Yoshi, whom Jack deeply despises because of this.

Vicky the Boa: A dark purple female boa. She is known for being flirtatious,laid back, seductive and playful, but she mainly enjoys teasing her opponents and her victims. But when opportunity knocks, she shows off her more darker side, being even more sadistic than Mason himself. Like Cassie, Vicky has a crush on Yoshi, and as such she would often try to seduce him, going so far as to even passionately kiss him. Also like Cassie, she even has lustful fantasies about him.

Heather the Fox/Kitsune

Bio: While she may appear to look like a fox, she is in fact a lot more than most would expect. In truth, Heather had once lived as a powerful and legendary creature known in japanese folklore as a Kitsune, a mythical fox-like creature whom once terrorized the land years ago. But one day she was supposedly defeated and killed by the intervention of the giant ancient bird Throcktar. However, she would eventually resurface years later, reincarnated in the form of an anthropomorphic fox, but with no memory of her previous life.

One day, she was attacked in the woods by Metal Sonic, whom was sent by Doctor Eggman to capture her. But during the attack, her dormant powers unknowingly manifested, leading her to severely damage Metal Sonic when she fought back, but was left wounded and unconscious afterwards. She was soon found by Yoshi, whom was exploring at the time.

Events and Groups

Civil War

A war that starts up in the Smash Bros. story of it's namesake, SSB: Civil War. During one day in Smash City, President Marvin Bowman had announced that the Congress had planned to pass a new law which required all Smashers to register with the government, or else they would risk being thrown in prison. The Smashers at first felt dislike towards this registration bill, feeling that it would be a violation of their civil rights. Sonic and Mario were the most effected of them all. But over time, Sonic suddenly started having second thoughts about registration, and decided that it was the right thing to do. But on the other hand, Mario hated the registration bill, assuming that it would interfere with all the civil liberties he believed in, also because he didn't think that registration was the best way to keep the city safer from harm than with their protection.

Things took a turn for the worse when the Congress made the registration bill legal. During a registering session at the newly built Smash Tower, Sonic was the first of the smashers to register, followed by several other smashers who supported him. But everything suddenly turned ugly when Mario refused to register, verbally protesting against the registration. Because of his refusal, the president ordered for his arrest, but Mario fought off all the guards and escape through one of the window on the fifth floor of the tower. The other unregistered Smashers escaped also, fighting their way through various groups of guards that block their path. They managed to make it out of the tower and back to Smash Mansion, where they found Mario waiting for them. With Mario leading a resistance movement, and Sonic now leading the registration forces, the two sides have become locked in a brutal war.

Which side are you on?

Registration side:





Captain Falcon




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The Syndicate of Evil

Bowser, feeling humiliated after being defeated by his nemesis Mario, suddenly comes up with the ultimate plan to achieve universal conquest. He contacts the four most notorious and sinister villains in the world. Together with Ganondorf, Ridley, Wolf, and King Dedede, Bowser forms called the "Syndicate of Evil". They first begin their plans by launching an attack on the Mushroom Kingdom using their minions. Mario is instantly drawn out in the open by the attack and single handedly manages to defeat all of the minions before he's attacked by the villains themselves. He easily overpowers them without difficulty, only to find out that he's been tricked as he is attacked from behind by King Dedede who launches him out of the Mushroom Kingdom with his hammer.

Sometime later, Mario unexpectedly crashes in the land of Hyrule, where he's encountered by Link, who at first mistakes him for a enemy until Mario tells him he's not an opponent. After explaining to Link about his reason for being here and about the Syndicate of Evil, Link agrees to team up with Mario to help him stop the villains. Before they could leave, they are stopped by Princess Zelda, who gives Link a golden necklace as a good luck charm before bidding them farewell on thier adventure. During their travel, they find a crashed gunship in a nearby crater. When they go to examine it, they find out that it belongs to a female bounty hunter named Samus Aran, who crashed down from space when her ship had malfunctioned during mid flight. After informing her about their situation, Samus chooses to join them in their quest. However, little did the heroes suspect they were being watched by a Lakitu, who rushes off to warn the villains.

Meanwhile, the Syndicate of Evil has now taken over control of the Mushroom Kingdom. Without Mario around, the kingdom and it's ruler, Princess Peach, were left unprotected, and the villains were able to usurp control. The Lakitu from earlier arrived and informed Bowser and the others of Mario's survival and his new allies. In a rage, the villains send out their underlings to stop them.

Mario, Link and Samus are first attacked by a flock of Albatosses dropping Bob-ombs from the sky in a desert area. The heroes manage to catch the falling Bob-ombs and throw them back at the airborne enemies. Pretty soon, they get attacked by armies of Space Pirates, Bulblins, Venomian ships and monsters. Out of nowhere, Fox and Kirby arrive to help the other heroes. Fox shot down the ships in his Arwing while Kirby absorbed an ice attack from an Ice Dragon, transformed into Ice Kirby and froze all the monsters before shattering them. Samus destroyed all the Space Pirates, Link killed the Bulblins and Mario knocked all the Albatosses out of the sky. Fox soon joins forces with others as does Kirby. Afterwards, Fox allows his new friends to use the Great Fox as their mode of transportation and base of operations. While on the ship, Kirby comes up with an idea for a name for the new team. They all agree to call themselves the "Smash Bros", and together they vow to put an end to the Syndicate of Evil.

Towns and locations.

Smash City: The main city where the Smash Brothers live. It's an enormous city with buildings large, small and huge. The city is run by its president, Marvin Bowman, who enforces all laws around the city. Smash City was first established after the events of Subspace Emissary, and since then, it's been populated by countless citizens. The Smash Brothers served as the heroes, protecting the city and it's people from danger of any kind. Only once has the city acted as a battlefield, such as during the events of the Civil War, in which the Smashers were divided into 2 conflicting sides. One was led by Sonic, who was in support of the new registration law while the opposing side was led by Mario, who detested against registration and pledged to fight it off. Aside from the war, the city was still a calm and peaceful place.

Smash Mansion: The Smashers main place of residence. First established by Master Hand and Crazy Hand after Subspace Emissary, the mansion served as a home for the Smashers. The mansion also had it's own social, cooking and dining areas, such as a kitchen, a dining room,living room,library, garden, as well as a virtual training room, a workout gym and a battle simulator, which is only used when the smashers participate in matches scheduled by their boss, Master Hand. Each Smash Brother had their own dormroom, which was complete with a bed, a closet, a bathroom, a TV set, and a balcony. Overall, the mansion has since been a great place to live in. As a result of SSB: Civil War, the mansion was destroyed. But in later years, it's get rebuilt.

Smash Tower: The Smashers new home and base of operations. It was first built in SSB: Civil War, serving as the primary location for the registration forces. But after the war ended, the Smashers had all became one again and moved into the tower together. It is a 50 story building that was constructed within the center of the city. It's installments included a main screen, a medical bay, a conference room, a briefing station, among other accessories. In the year 2032, the tower is used as a base by the future team, the Smash Squad.

Thermondo City: An enormous metropolitan city which exists only in a reality where the Smashers, Capcom and Namco characters all co-exist with each other. It also has Smash City and Dimtro City as it's two main sub cities. The city is run by Manny Coppertine, the president of that reality. However, it is repeatedly the target of attack and conquest from the various villains that exist. But from time to time, the heroes would do their best to stop all threats that come their way.

Dimtro City: One of Thermondo City's main sub cities, along with Smash City. Dimtro City is known for having the most advanced forms of technology, which is mostly constructed and kept within it's hi-tech Lab Corporation. The city itself is primarily visited by Yoshi during his solo travels through the land.

Super Prison: One of the primary prisons used by the Smashers, Delta Team and their allies. As the name indicates, the prison is used for locking away super powered inmates and is regularly patrolled by S.W.A.R.M troopers and guards. It runs on an automatic system which alerts the prison staff to escaped inmates. It also has a built-in security system which is designed for the sole purpose of stopping inmates from leaving the premises when they break out. As an added measure, the prison is also patrolled by specially built robots that are powered by a chip which gives them sentient minds. The prison also has an archive which contains files on all the inmates that are brought in. More often than not, many villains have managed to break out multiple times, only to be captured and brought back by heroes. It also has a psychiatric center which is used only for locking away insane inmates.

Amazon Island (AKA Island of Love and Lust) : It is a large, tropical island populated by beautiful and sexy women (human or anthropomorphic depending on the continuity) ,and ruled over by one queen. It's been said that very few men have rarely ever ventured here on purpose, as most of them end up stranded on the island by accident. Yoshi, Sonic and Knuckles once got stuck on this island when their ship was destroyed by a big wave during a storm. Due to them being the only males, the women became infatuated with them to the point of wanting to have sex with them. In the Sonic continuity, all the women are anthropomorphic animals, while in other continuities (notably crossovers), they are humans.

Sky Base: The Delta Team's main base of operations. As the name suggests, it is a large flying headquarters which is stationed 10,000 feet in the sky above the city. As stated by Glamour Girl, it was previously built by the scientists in Dimtro City for experimental purposes, but they ultimately decided to let it be used by any heroes who wanted it. The Sky Base comes with a mission briefing station, an assembly room, a medical room, among many more accessories. It also comes with multiple dorm rooms which are used by the members who live in the Sky Base. It also comes with an automatic hatch door located at the center of the floor which is used for entrance by all the members who are capable of flight.

SSB Character Bios:

Mario: The ever proud hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and mascot of Nintendo. For countless years, he's protected the kingdom from the clutches of his evil nemesis Bowser. A brave and confident hero, Mario has gone on many adventures throughout his lifetime, and has defeated many other sinister villains besides Bowser, often while being assisted by his younger brother Luigi. During his time as a Smash Brother while living in Smash Mansion, Mario became well aquainted with his fellow smashers, even beginning a a really close friendship with his longtime mascot rival, Sonic the Hedgehog. Even though they have competed against each other in the past, their bitter rivalry had since became a friendly one.

However, their friendship would eventually break down into a far more serious rivalry during the events of SSB: Civil War. The two became conflicted over a new law passed by Smash City Congress which legally required Smashers to register with the government. While Sonic was in full support of registration, Mario however detested against working for the government, believing it to be a violation of his civil rights as an independent being who refuses to be ordered around by the law. As such, he formed a resistance movement to fight against Sonic and his registration forces, gaining more allies as the war raged on.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The world renowned hero of Station Square and mascot of Sega, Sonic is the world's fastest hedgehog of all. Having saved the world countless times from the likes of his arch enemy Dr. Eggman, Sonic has become well known around the entire universe. Incredibly adventurous, outgoing and carefree, Sonic never backs down from a challenge, especially when it involves protecting those he cares about the most. His trademark super speed has gotten him through various situations with very little difficulty as well as it has helped him take down opposing enemies. When he became a Smash Brother, he quickly rose up to being well appreciated by the other smashers, up to the point where he became close friends with Mario, his friendly mascot rival.

When the events of SSB: Civil War took place, Sonic was the first of the smashers to agree with registration, although he didn't fully support the government all the way. Sonic took the registration law very seriously, doing whatever he could to enforce it, as he would lead the forces on their primary objective to capture the resistance movement led by Mario who rebelled against registration along with the other rebellious smashers.

Samus Aran: A highly experienced intergalactic bounty hunter, Samus is most recognized for her capability. At the age of three, Samus lost her parents after they were killed by the evil Space Pirate leader, Ridley, sparking an eternal hatred within her soul. Now orphaned, she was taken in and raised by the Chozo, who infused her with their DNA and trained her to become the being she is today. Afterwards, she joined the Galactic Federation and quickly rose to the ranks of being the most valued member. After a rather unknown incident, Samus left the Federation and went into hiding for many years, right before resurfacing several years later, now referred to as a "Bounty Hunter". Her heated resentment towards Ridley continued to grow each time she saw and battled him, defeating him during every encounter.

During her years as a Smash Brother, she was initially antisocial, she never even bothered interacting with the other Smashers as she would often try to ignore them or push them away emotionally, but overtime she eventually warmed up to them and became social with all of them.

In the wake of SSB: Civil War, Samus was initially apart of registration, originally believing that working with the government was the right thing to do. But until she found out that Sonic was using mind controlled villains to capture rebels, one of the villains being her arch enemy Ridley, she immediately rebelled against Sonic and escaped, losing her Power Suit in the process. During her escape, she was heavily injured and nearly captured by a group of S.W.A.R.M robots sent after her by Sonic, only to be rescued by Bowser and Zelda, who rebelled as well. They soon joined up with Mario's resistance movement. Samus had recently obtained her Light Suit from the Luminoth and continues to use it throughout the rest of the war.

Yoshi: Mario's long time friend and closest ally. The green dino is well known for his ability to eat almost anything. He has even gone on several adventures himself, and is capable of eating enemies and turning them into eggs, which he can use as projectiles. However, he has since gained a new form and new abilities due to the events of "Curse Of The WereDino", in which Yoshi was bitten by a WereWolf, which caused him to transform into a WereDino everynight during a full moon. Although he was later cured of these transformations,he has since been forced to live life in his new more improved form.

His new abilities included super speed, enhanced agility, superhuman strength, powerful jumping and a special sixth sense which he can use to sense danger. His new body improvements include standing up right like a human, a long and slender tail, longer arms and larger hands. Yoshi's other new abilities include being able to produce razor sharp claws from his fingers and turn the plates on his head into three elongated and curved sharp spines, which he can do at will.

In the events of SSB: Civil War, Yoshi rebelled against registration some time after Mario did, and led the other unregistered Smashers out of Smash Tower after they refused to register as well. He stayed with Mario throughout the entire war and was often apart of lookout groups whenever he was sent on lookout duty with some of his teammates. He still continues to work with Mario until the war comes to an end, which may come sooner than he believes.

In recent events of SSB: Evil Invasion, Yoshi was out with Sonic searching for the escaped villains. However during their search, they were attacked by Earthlor. They managed to defeat him and lock him up in Smash Tower's underground prison. Overtime as the incident went on, Yoshi eventually gained an arch nemesis of his own in the form of a villain named Hyperfire.

Yoshi's Powers and Abilities

Here is a list of the abilities Yoshi had gained as a result of the WereWolf bite.


Super Strength: Yoshi possesses immense superhuman strength, allowing him to lift and throw objects and enemies several times his own size. Ironically, his strength increases overtime, thus making him more and more stronger. He can also control the amount of force he puts into his blows by sheer concentration. In his Super forms, Yoshi's blows possess enough force to shatter a meteorite, cause craters and if possible, destroy a planet.

Super Speed: Yoshi can run at great speeds and distances, being able to run a thousand miles without becoming exhausted. His speed capacity easily matches Sonic's, only far more greater.

Super Agility: Yoshi's enhanced agility and reflexes enable him to evade and dodge most attacks. He mainly uses this in conjunction with his strength and speed when battling enemies,gaining full advantage over them. He can also balance himself on even the tip of his tail, as well as one hand or finger with ease.

Super Jump: Yoshi is capable of jumping with immense proportions, reaching great heights and velocity. However, he often uses this power while running.

Super Sense: Yoshi seems to have a sixth sense that he can use to tell when there's danger near. However, it only works occasionally. But overtime as his powers matured, his Super Sense has improved to where he can now detect threats from all places, including underground, and even from miles away. He is even capable of sensing those who try to sneak up on him.

Super Durability: Even though this has never been mentioned often, it is possible that Yoshi also has a somewhat stable degree of increased durability, as he has been depicted enduring various forms of attack, most notably punches, energy blasts, stabbings and impalement to some extent, despite being nearly killed several times. For example, he was able to take the full force of punches from the villain Masher, without even suffering any real injuries. However, when in either Nova, Dark or Neo form, Yoshi's durability increases to the point where he can even resist a powerful explosion without even getting savagely burned or scarred.

Night Vision: Yoshi possesses improved vision which allows him to see at night and also makes him capable of being able to keep close watch over his surroundings when in dark places such as caves,forests, attics, and basements.

Smell: Yoshi's enhanced sense of smell enables him to track down targets from even a hundred miles away, even in bad weather such as a rainstorm or a blizzard. This also allows him to easily detect the presence of enemies who are capable of disguising themselves.

Hearing: Despite not having ears, Yoshi is able to hear all sorts of noises and other things no matter how far they are. Yoshi's enhanced hearing even allows him to hear what someone says when they whisper it.


Claws and Spines: Due to a side effect of being bitten by a WereWolf, Yoshi has the ability to produce razor sharp claws from his fingers and turn the three plates on his head into curved sharp spines. While in this state, he becomes a fierce opponent to his enemies. His claws are so powerful that he can cut through even the strongest metal. His spines are also a formidable weapon, as he can spin himself like a circular saw. He only uses these on rare occasions.

Fighting Skills: Having been trained by Mario, Samus, Lucario and Solid Snake, Yoshi is now an expert in hand-to-hand physical combat, capable of overpowering most of his enemies with ease. As such, he often spends time in the workout room excercising on the punching bag. These skills have been more improved due to further training. He has more recently begun showing potential in martial arts, which has made him more swift, formidable and cunning due to being trained by more advanced martial artists.

Intelligence: Possibly due to the WereWolf side effect or natural causes, Yoshi's intellect seems to have increased to that of a highly advanced genius. Because of this, he would mostly do research on the computer and create potions and serums in his room. He is highly skilled in many fields of science, most notably advanced technology and physics, as well as biology and engineering.

Pheromonal Secretion: Thanks to his WereWolf gene, Yoshi seems to experience an unusual side effect. Every 100 years when the moon turns purple, the exposure causes Yoshi's body to emit an alluring scent which attracts women to him with uncontrollable lust. A recurring form of comic relief is Yoshi's repeated attempts to escape from the lust driven females, often resorting to hiding in rooms, underground or on top of buildings, only to fail almost everytime. As such, women would either seduce, kiss or try to get intimate with him, three things which scare him to no end.

Swordfighting: Having been trained by Link and Marth, Yoshi is capable of using swords and other bladed weapons with great expertise.

Strategist: Yoshi is a capable and talented strategist, using his intelligence and quick thinking to identify and execute possible methods for overwhelming an opponent. Most of the time, he often plans ahead by devising strategic ideas on the side while fighting a powerful opponent at the same time.

Tactician: Yoshi is exceptionally skilled in conducting various tactics when faced with enemies who are too powerful to take down in direct physical combat. Most of his tactics consist of using long range and combo attacks to both, take on deadly opponents and dispose of multiple enemies.

Other Abilities

Phazon Powers: For a brief time, in SSB: Evil Invasion, after being infected by Dark Samus, Yoshi temporarily gained the ability to harness the Phazon as an attack. He was able to shoot blasts from his eyes, as well as fire a powerful beam from his mouth, among many more abilities.

Ancient Jewel Powers: Due to gaining the power of the mystical and ancient red jewel, Yoshi now possesses the ability to use the jewel's power at his disposal, as it's unlimited energy grants him access to unimaginable powers. It enables him to teleport, fly, heal himself and others, etc. If he has no need to rely on them, he can seal his jewel powers within his body at will, preventing them from being siphoned or absorbed out of him.

Nova Transformation: When he harnesses the full power of the Ancient Jewel, Yoshi can tap into a powerful super form. His skin turns crimson red and gold, his eyes turn yellow, he grows two large and bright angel wings out of his back. When in this form, he becomes invulnerable, his power increases tenfold and he talks in a mystical, godlike voice. This form is called Nova Yoshi. This is his most strongest form.

Dark Transformation: Anytime he becomes enraged, Yoshi's anger, rage and hatred corrupt the power of the ancient jewel, which as a result, unleashes his "Inner Evil", causing him to transform into an evil, all powerful, dark entity who is bent on power and destruction. While in this form, he speaks with a demonic voice. This form is referred to as Dark Yoshi. Since then, Yoshi has tried to do whatever we can to control the darkness. Only twice he has succumbed to it's influence, such as during Three World Civil War, where he nearly kills the villain Freezlar in a fight, and later on he once again succumbs to the influence and manages to knock out Mega Man, Zero and Viewtiful Joe, brutally injures Pit after hitting him with a violent energy blast and tears off Nathan Spencer's bionic arm. The first time he transformed into Dark Yoshi was in Dark Yoshi vs Super Sonic, where he transforms after the corrupted hedgehog had struck his girlfriend Michelle. This is his most dangerous form. It's later revealed that the reason for this form is because of a curse that was placed upon his jewel by the dragon Tragloc, who implanted his darkness (AKA his spirit) within the jewel, feeding off his rage and influencing his behavior.

Neo Transformation: By combining the power of his jewel with that of the Chaos Emeralds, Yoshi turns into a whole new form. His skin turns a complete silvery white, his eyes turn green and his shoes turn gold. He also produces shining golden wings out of his back. In this form, he can restore destroyed lands to the way they were by releasing a rain of light energy from his body that spreads across the whole area (similar to Throcktar), he can communicate with others through telepathy, and he can purify those who are corrupted by darkness with his 'Touch of Light'. This is his second strongest form. However, he doesn't always need the emeralds to achieve this form, as he can also combine his jewel powers with the power of the Crystal Stars. While transformed, he can go on par with enemies like Perfect Nazo. However, he rarely uses this form as he will only do so when in need of it.

Super Dragon Mode: Based off his Final Smash in Brawl, Yoshi can enter into a form called 'Super Dragon Mode'. He becomes encased in a colorful aura and he produces two wings from his back, and is also given the ability to breath fire. While he still gains increased speed and strength, like Super Sonic, he cannot stay this way for long, as it only lasts for a limited time. Yoshi only relies on this form whenever he is unable to use his Nova form. But he will also use it regularly on some occasions.

Crossover Abilities

Symbiote Powers: In the SSB/Spider-Man crossover, after becoming bonded with a Symbiote, Yoshi gains abilities similar to those of Spider-Man, Venom and Carnage, such as shooting webs, clinging to walls and producing tentacles, among other things. He also gains the ability to detect the presence of other symbiotes.

Shinobi Training: In the SSB/Naruto crossover, Yoshi, along with Sonic and Charizard, has begun training in the Hidden Leaf Village in order to restore himself to full strength after escaping from being killed by Bromlock. As he goes on, he manages to learn all sorts of new abilities such as generating chakra, which he uses for the various jutsus he developes throughout his training, including mastery over Nature and Shape Transformations. However in the Smash Brothers/Anime X-overs series, Yoshi is shown to have already learned to use chakra and conduct jutsus, but only uses them on occasion, mainly for comic relief, or sometimes in serious situations. An example of such jutsus include the Transformation Jutsu, with the most notable variation being the Sexy Jutsu, which he learns from Naruto, with the only difference being that he could change the appearances of his female form however he chooses.

List of Jutsus

Transformation Jutsu: Like Naruto and a few other shinobi, Yoshi can use this jutsu to disguise himself when necessary. For example, in both the SSB/Anime X-overs, Yoshi commonly uses it to change his appearance when trying to avoid recognition from those who know him on certain occasions. Also like Naruto and Konohamaru, he uses his own variation of the Sexy Jutsu, which allows him to transform into a different looking woman whenever he chooses, whether to simply goof around or blend in among females. But in the SSB/Naruto series, Yoshi would use it mainly for comic relief.

Shadow Clone Jutsu: Although his usage of this jutsu is minor, Yoshi mostly uses it to outsmart his opponents and fool his friends.

Fire Style: Blazing Raptor Jutsu (original creation): Yoshi produces a stream of fire which takes on the form of a raptor which. In the SSB/Naruto crossover story, he first used it against Kakashi during a bell test, but it ultimately failed when Kakashi managed to dodge it. This jutsu is mostly used by Yoshi for long range attacks.

Wind Style: Cyclone Punch Jutsu (original creation): Yoshi channels some swirling Wind Chakra around his fist. When it makes contact, the attack sends the opponent sliding across either the ground or flying in midair at a long distance depending on the amount of force he exerts. It was with this ability that he was able to defeat Kakashi in the bell test.

Fire Style: Burning Rex Jutsu (original creation): A much more stronger variation of the Blazing Raptor Jutsu. Yoshi produces a stream of fire in the form of a large T-rex, which can be used to either take out multiple enemies or counter/cancel out other fire based jutsus. He first used it to cancel out Kakashi's Fireball Jutsu.

Lightning Style: Lightning Claw Jutsu (original creation): Yoshi channels a concentrated amount of Lightning Chakra to his hands, forming it into three clawed fingers on each one.

Wind Style: Imitation Folding Fan (original creation): Yoshi generates a concentrated form of Wind Chakra and shapes it into a makeshift Giant Folding Fan, similar to Temari's.

Lightning Style: Crackling Shockwave Jutsu (original creation): Yoshi generates Lightning Chakra around his body and then channels it into his fist. He delivers a punch to the ground which sends an electric shockwave across the ground. It can be either projected in a straight direction in the form of a concentrated and focused blast, or a wide energy wave.

Fire Style: Flaming Dragon Jutsu (original creation): Yoshi produces fire in the form of a massive fiery dragon which is mostly used for midair based long range attacks.

Wind Style: Wind Storm Jutsu (original creation): In conjunction with his Imitation Folding Fan, Yoshi concentrates his Wind Chakra into the fan and then swings it forward, releasing a powerful gust of wind which packs enough force to uproot a tree or blow away any powerful opponent in it's path.

Lightning Style: Thunder Strike Jutsu (original creation): Yoshi charges his hands with Lightning Chakra before clapping them forward, discharging the chakra in the form of an electric blast which, when it makes contact, strikes at his opponent's nervous system, rendering them paralyzed. On occasion, he can also use the attack in the form of a punch.

Chakra Enhanced Strength: Even though he already has incredible strength, Yoshi can effectively gather chakra into his arms, legs and tail to inflict devastating, monstrous blows upon stronger and more durable opponents.

Rasengan: After witnessing Naruto's use of the Rasengan in battle, Yoshi spent the next few weeks training himself day and night in order to master it, going so far as depriving himself of sleep in the process. While Yoshi's Rasengan packs enormous force, it is second only to Naruto's own in terms of power.

Chidori: While he mostly uses his Lighting Claw, Yoshi can also use the more standard form known as the Chidori. However, his Chidori only works effectively when he is at full strength, as it will not work as well when he is weakened or exhausted.

Summoning Jutsu: Unlike most shinobi who summon modern animals, Yoshi is able to summon dinosaurs, from which he himself is descended as he and his kind are modern dinosaurs. Most of the dinosaurs he summons consist of carnivores like Raptors (which he frequently uses), Tyrannosaurus, and even Allosaurus. However, he can also summon Pteranodons, preferably when travelling across oceans.

My OC Villains


Origin: Tony Kyse was just a normal commoner who lived in an apartment. Everyone bullied and humilated him to no end, so he began isolating himself from others. One day while walking by a nuclear chemical factory, Tony was caught in a nuclear explosion that occurred. He was later hospitalized, and was released within three days. When three criminals with flamethrowers set the apartment building on fire, Tony was the only one unable to escape in time and the building collapsed with him in it.

Suprisingly, Tony somehow survived the incident completely unscathed. The same criminals who caused the fire had spotted him and tried to burn him alive. But rather than dying, Tony instead became covered by fire which did no harm to him. He then used the fire to kill the criminals, reducing them to smoked skeletons. Impressed with his newfound powers, Tony decided to use them for his own gain.

Changing his name to Hyperfire, he began a life of crime, committing disasters all around Smash City. His first encounter with the Smash Brothers began during SSB: Civil War, where he was wreaking havoc in the city, only to be confronted by Mario and some of his Resistance members. Though he proved to be more than a match for them, he was defeated when they put out his flames with water from a fire hydrant. Afterwards, he was taken away by the police.

However in SSB: Evil Invasion, Hyperfire was freed from captivity by Ridley, who escaped from Smash Tower along with the other villains that were locked up in it's underground prison. He later joined them in their attack on the tower, leading a horde of villains in through a portal created by WarpMaster. He battled with Yoshi, who easily outmatched him at first until he got blasted by Plasmotron, thus allowing Hyperfire to overpower him. But before he could kill him, he was intercepted by Charizard, who tackled him out through a window.

He was soon defeated at that point when Charizard performed a Seismic Toss, throwing him in a nearby lake. After recovering, because of his battle with Yoshi, Hyperfire developed an intense rivalry with him, regarding the green dino as a nemesis. He was later on defeated again by Yoshi himself.

Powers: Hyperfire can manipulate and control fire in any shape or form of his choosing. He mainly produces it in the form of fireballs and fire blasts, but on one occasion he was able to create a fire shockwave. His flamed covered body is so hot that no one can even touch him without getting burned. He is also capable of flight, and he can generate up more heat on his body to almost 4000 degrees, making him a dangerous opponent to fight. Only Mario, Charizard and Blaze are capable of matching Hyperfire in terms of fire power. Strangely, Yoshi has proven being to be able to strike Hyperfire with physical attacks without being burnt on contact.

Weaknesses: Despite his massive power, Hyperfire's most major weakness is water. He has shown this weakness at least twice, first in SBB: Civil War, where he was doused with water by a fire hydrant, and in SSB: Evil Invasion, he got thrown into a lake by Charizard.


Origin: Before aquiring his powers, Manny Sankoff was originally a brilliant scientist who specialized in studying the properties of plasma energy and bio technology. But on the day of when he was testing his new experiment, something went wrong with the process and it exploded in his face. When he awoke from the explosion, Manny discovered that he now had the ability to use the power of plasma energy. But in order to fully control it, he created a bio techological armored suit specifically designed for harnessing the energy.

Choosing to use his powers for evil, he renamed himself Plasmotron. In SSB: Civil War, during one of his rampages through Smash City, he got into a battle with Sonic and his registration teammates. Though he fought with brutality, he was soon defeated by Sonic who used his Blue Tornado technique.

In SSB: Evil Invasion, Plasmotron is released from the Smash Tower's underground prison by Ridley. Later he participates in an attack on the tower, assisting Hyperfire in overpowering Yoshi. However, he was defeated in battle by Pikachu who short circuited his armor with a thundershock. Later on, he reappears with a new more powerful armor after having it upgraded by Doctor Eggman and Doctor Wily. Eventually, he was taken down again by Mario and Luigi.

Powers: Plasmotron can produce dangerous blasts of plasma energy from his armor, which he uses to control it. His armor also gives him extra super strength, being able to throw vehicles with ease. He can also discharge his energy in a powerful shockwave, which knocks back most opponents within its range.

Weaknesses: Though his armor is resistant to minor damage, it is not however completely unbreakable. Only once has it ever been penetrated , such as during a fight in which Yoshi was able to break open part of the armor with a super strong punch.


Origin: Thomas Kilmer was an ordinary geologist who enjoyed studying about Earth's matter, both solid and liquid. However, his research and work was often mocked and negatively criticized by other scientists, thus making him look bad. One day when a coworker of his made a offending comment about his studies, Thomas flew into a rage and attacked him, nearly beating him into a coma. Quitting his job at the science institute, he soon went on to study more geological properties of Earth.

During an exploration in the forest mountains, Thomas witnessed a nuclear explosion at a chemical factory (the same factory that was responsible for the creation of Hyperfire). In the process, a barrel of radioactive waste was sent flying into the air and towards Thomas. The liquid splashed onto him and damaged part of the mountain he was on, causing a massive rockslide which engulfed him with so much force that it buried him down the in the ground underneath.

However, he strangely emerged out of the rockslide in completely new form. His skin was a pale grey and his body was more muscular, as well as his arms were now big and bulky, almost stonehard. Believing to have become one with the Earth, Thomas changed his name to Earthlor.

He first appears in SSB: Evil Invasion, where he attacks Yoshi and Sonic in Smash City Park. Despite his efforts, he was knocked out cold when the two heroes defeated him with their Blue Comet move. He later reappears with Speed Meister and Masher, attacking Yoshi, Bowser, Lucario, Vector and Mighty on the forest open plains, only to be taken down by Bowser, who piledrives him into the ground.

Powers: As his name suggests,Earthlor is capable of controlling the Earth's surface. He can summon rocks, boulders and stalagmites by the use of concentration. He can also coat himself with rocks to increase his mass.

Weaknesses: So far, it is not known if Earthlor has any weaknesses.

Combo Attacks

Attacks which involve two or more Smashers and/or some of their allies combining their abilities and powers together to perform special moves.

Mega Bomb: Bowser and Charizard unleash their fire breath and Flamethrower in the air while Mewtwo and Lucario follow up by firing a Shadow Ball and Aura Sphere, merging them into one big energy ball in between the fire, which makes it bigger. Lucario leaps up and kicks it down to the ground, where it explodes on impact.

Blue Comet: Yoshi uses his Super Jump to leap into the air, where Sonic leaps up to join him. He goes into a spindash, Yoshi grabs him and, using his Super Strength, tosses him down like a speeding comet, striking an enemy with brute force.

Super Fireball: Mario and Luigi charge up thier fireballs and merge them together, creating one big powerful fireball. Mario then punches it forward, knocking out an enemy in an instant.

Fire Shockwave: Mario, Bowser, Charizard and Blaze all shoot powerful blasts of fire together, triggering a massive fiery shockwave which takes out multiple enemies in seconds.


Origin: During her years as a high school student, Carly Sanders was one of the most popular girls in the entire school. However, her life would soon take a turn for the worse. One day when she was surfing at the beach with her friends, she was caught in one of the big waves which took her down underwater, in the process she was exposed to a leaking barrel of radioactive waste in the ocean.

When she had resurfaced, all of her friends were relieved that she was alive. The next day at school while in science class, Carly had an unusual altercation with a bully, in the process she became so angry that she caused the water in the class fish tank to attack the bully.

Shocked by what she had done, Carly's reputation soon began to crash. Her boyfriend broke up with her and her friends shunned her, calling her a freak and a mutant. Riddled with guilt, she dropped out of school on the same day. When she returned home, she was attacked by her abusive parents. Unknowingly in self defense, she unleashed a deadly blast of water from her hands which killed her parents. Her brother Terrence witnessed the whole thing and she was forced to kill him by drowning him to death with her own hands.

Feeling she had nothing left in her life, she soon turned to a life of crime. Over the years as her powers developed, her body began to change to point where it became entirely composed of water. She suddenly turned into a supervillain, calling herself Hydra.

She first appears in SSB: Evil Invasion, where she attacks Mario, Yoshi, Sonic, Charizard, Lucario and Mega Man near a boat loading dock. Hydra initially overwhelmed them, as their attacks had no effect on her. She even went so far as to try and drown Sonic to death. She was however defeated when Mario changed into Ice Mario and froze her with an ice ball. She later reappeared with Hyperfire on Tramkoff Island, merging herself with the ocean to increase her size and power. She was defeated again when Samus froze her up with an Ice Beam.

Powers: Hydra can control water and shape it in any form at will, using it as means of an attack against her enemies. Because her body is made of water, she is virtually impossible to hit as every attack goes right through her without any damage. She has also shown the ability to absorb energy projectiles and shoot them back at their source, such as when she was able to return Lucario's Aura Sphere back at him. She is also capable of merging herself with bodies of water to enhance her powers as well as increase her body mass.

Weakness: Hydra is extremely vulnerable to cold temperatures, as she is prone to being frozen.

Speed Meister

Origin: Miranda Sorkin was the only child of two athletic runners. As she grew older, she followed in their footsteps and became an accomplished athlete. At the age of 16, she tried out for her school's track team and quickly became the team captain, gaining the nickname "Speed Meister" from her teammates. She was such a good runner that she had won every single track competition every year, which unintentionally attracted the attention of a rival track runner, Darla Monsen.

Darla, overwhelmed by hatred and jealousy, began sending threat emails to Miranda, trying to force her into dropping out of the next competition. Miranda simply ignored her threats, but little did she know that her decision would soon change her life for the worst.

One day while she was out sprinting, an unknown girl had purposely pushed a skateboard onto the sidewalk. Tripping on it, she ended up spraining her right leg really badly, just two days before the competition. As a result of her injury, she was forced off the track team for the remainder of the season. She was left emotionally scarred for life.

After finding out about Darla's involvement in her accident, she began plotting for revenge. Spying on Darla while she was on a date at the mall, Miranda went forth with her plan by seducing Darla's boyfriend into making out with her outside the mall in front of Darla. Furious, she attacked Miranda in the parking lot. In an act of sadism, Miranda pushed her in front of a car that was driving out of the lot, killing her. Darla's boyfriend attempted to have her arrested, but Miranda, now driven with an urge to kill, stopped him by snapping his neck. This act of murder had entirely consumed Miranda, making her drop out of high school and start committing crimes, going so far as to even kill her parents in cold blood.

Her athletic running made her a notorious criminal, as she was able to outrun police officers with ease, killing anyone who got in her way. During one escape, she was knocked out by a mysterious man, who took her away and subjected her to an experiment. He injected her with a chemical liquid that he assumed would make her into an immensely powerful being. It proved to be unstable however, as Miranda's body began to vibrate out of control. Breaking loose from the table she was strapped to, she started running at lightning fast speeds.

Becoming use to her new powers, she decided to rename herself Speed Meister. She first appears in SSB: Evil Invasion, where she attacks Lucario during an assault on Smash Tower, only to be knocked out by an Aura Sphere. She later appeared with Earthlor and Masher in the forest open plains. She fought Lucario and Vector, having an easy advantage over them because of her speed, but she gets sidetracked by Sonic, who tires her out, allowing Vector and Lucario to defeat her.

Powers: As her name indicates, Speed Meister can run at a tremendous speed capacity. She runs so fast that she can barely be seen by anyone in the blink of an eye. Her speed easily matches or even surpasses that of Sonic. In combination with her fighting capabilities and speed, she is capable of overwhelming or even beating her opponents with relative ease. She can also vibrate her body to immense proportions, allowing her to separate her molecules, thus making her intangible to the point where objects and attacks go right through her, as well as phasing through walls and floors. She can control it to a perfect extent. As a result, she's one of the most formidable, tricky and most powerful enemies the Smashers have ever battled.

Weakness: Because of her speed, she possesses no weakness. However, her speed has often been the cause of her many defeats as her opponents often use it to their advantage to outwit her.

Miss Mimic

Origin: Myra Mimko was a famous teen fashion model. Because of her excellent poses and dresses, she won countless fashion shows with relative ease. As part of her stardom, she repeatedly claimed that she could be like anyone just by mimicking them. She was a news media sensation. Unfortunately, her fame, fortune and popularity had recklessly changed her personality. Becoming greedy, selfish,careless and egotisic, Myra became more interested in her career and herself, often rudely rejecting dates with boys for her own desires.

At one point, she soon had an encounter with a young teenager named Tony Kyse, who was her biggest fan and also had a major crush on her. After seducing, french kissing and molesting him, she then ruthlessly raped him in an alley, merely for her own entertainment. She then warned him that if he squealed on her, she would hunt him down and rape him again, only it will be more serious. Because of this action, Tony developed an immense hatred towards her and vowed to destroy her career.

After being exposed in the newspaper about her sexual assault, Myra's life was destroyed. She lost her fame and fortune, and was arrested by the police for her crime. But while being driven to the big house, the police car she was in was halted by Plasmotron, who was wreaking havoc in the city. While the police attempted to deal with him, Myra was able to slip away unnoticed. In the midst of her escape, she fell into a puddle of green liquid that was leaking from a barrel of radioactive waste. But that was the least of her concern as she was branded as a criminal by everyone because of Tony. As such, she was forced into hiding.

Many years later, Myra came back out in the open as a full grown adult. Now forced to live life as a normal civilian, she wandered through the city and soon had another encounter with Tony Kyse, who was also an adult. He revealed that it was him who was responsible for the downfall of her career, and that because of what she did to him, he was a target of mistreatment and torment from others, as well as a victim of various attempted sexual assaults from countless women. After telling her that he wasn't the same person he was before as a teen, he suddenly revealed his new identity as a supervillain, calling himself Hyperfire.

But as he attempted to kill her with his fire power, she foolishly restrained his arms. Suddenly, her entire body became encased in fire. Using his own powers against him, Myra easily defeated Hyperfire. Later during nighttime, she has a run in with Plasmotron, who mistakes her for a civilian and tries to kill her. But Myra copies his powers and uses them to fight him, emerging victorious. After that experience, and learning to embrace her new power, she then renamed herself Miss Mimic.

Her first appearance was in SSB: Evil Invasion. She appears along with Masher, Plague and Steeltrax, attempting to break into the Smash City Data Corporation. They were soon confronted by Mario, Sonic, Yoshi and Knuckles. She first demonstrated her powers against the heroes by copying Mario's abilities, causing her hair to turn red. She then began to savagely beat Mario, using his fire powers against him, but she was stopped by the timely intervention of Lyn. Eventually, she and her three allies were all soundly defeated by the heroes.

Powers: Miss Mimic has the uncanny ability to copy the powers and abilities of anyone she touches. An example of her copying an opponent's abilities is characterized by her hair, which changes color depending on who she touches. Aside from using mimicry, she is also a skilled fighter, especially when using it in conjunction with her mimicry.

Weakness: None


Origin: Todd Timmerson was once an ordinary man who worked in a factory that manufactured steel metal. He was the finest of all employees, coming in to work on time every Monday, and getting paid with a good minimum wage. But one day when a can of radioactive waste crashed through the roof and fell into a vat of liquid steel, Todd lost his footing and fell off a ladder, landing in the liquid. Surprisingly, he climbed back out in a new, muscular and steel coated body.

Having become a living wall of steel, he turned to a life of crime, calling himself Steeltrax. He first appeared in SSB: Evil Invasion, where he fought Sonic, Yoshi, Mario and Knuckles alongside Plague, Masher and Miss Mimic. He easily held his own against both Knuckles and Sonic, but was eventually taken down by Yoshi.

Powers: Thanks to his steel covered body, Steeltrax is highly invulnerable to various forms of both physical and energy-based attacks, shrugging them off like water. He also possesses incredible superhuman strength, he could even lift a semi-truck and throw it with relative ease. He could also go head to head with Superman for ten hours straight.

Weaknesses: Even though he is strong and invulnerable, his increased weight has often been used against him on certain occasions.

Soul Sucker

Origin: In the year 2032, a timeline in the late future, a group of scientists had took part in a special experiment by splicing the DNA of several intelligent humans with the DNA of various reptiles. The resulting procedure led to the the twisted creation of a savage, humanoid, four-tentacled reptilian abomination. It was deemed a failed experiment and was sealed in a stasis container to keep it from getting out.

Due to the human portions of it's DNA, the creature displayed high intelligence and was able to fool a scientist into releasing it by playing dead. It then killed the scientist by sucking out his life force through it's tentacles, which made it more stronger. Being smart enough to talk, the monster referred to itself as Soul Sucker. Escaping from the Science Facility, the horrifying beast wreaked havoc within the city, until he was confronted and defeated single-handedly by Yoshi. This experience would lead to Soul Sucker regarding Yoshi as his primary nemesis.

After suffering multiple defeats at the hands of the reptilian Smash Brother, Soul Sucker soon decided the only way to truly defeat Yoshi was to erase him from existence. He formulated a plan to travel back in time , with the intention of killing Yoshi's present day counterpart, thus eliminating him from the timeline.

Powers: Soul Sucker possesses vast superhuman strength, being able to hold his own against powerful opponents without difficulty. He also displays the uncanny ability to take powerful blows without sustaining serious injury. As his name speculates, Soul Sucker has the power to drain a person's life force by using the four tentacles that grow from his back. Each tentacle also a sharp, bony blade which he can protract and retract at will. His regenerative healing factor allows him to regrow lost limbs or even restore his body when it has been blown apart or shredded to pieces. He even sports a special mental ability which he uses to avoid detection, leaving him undetectable to radars, tracking devices, as well Yoshi's Super Sense or Lucario's aura senses.

Weakness: Unknown


Origin: In order to make up for their past mistake of creating the monster Soul Sucker, Dr. Sam Portman, head of the Science Facility, had his fellow colleagues begin work on a new experiement called Project: Cyber. The scientists had intended to enter into a new evolution of where humans and sentient robots can live among each other.

Their project resulted in the creation of a fully functional, intelligent, independent robot which they named "Cybergon". But unfortunately, a flaw in his programming caused him to turn on his creators, attacking them with reckless abandon, going so far as to nearly kill Sam when he tried to stop him. Rather than living among mankind, Cybergon instead began envisioning a world where robots enslave humans, forcing them to do their bidding.

To carry out his ultimate plan for conquest, Cybergon created a time machine and used it travel back in time to the present day, where he intended to go forth with his scheme. However, he would soon meet his match in the form of the Smash Brothers. Seeing them as a threat to his plans, Cybergon immediately became dead set on destroying them and any other hero that dared to interfere with his goals.

His repeated conflicts with the Smashers, as well as their allies, often leads him to form alliances with other villains such as Ridley, an evil alien Space Pirate with intelligence that matches his own. In an upcoming SSB/Sailor Moon crossover, Cybergon and Ridley team up to formulate a plan which involves resurrecting monsters from the depths of the Negaverse to use as trump cards against the Smash Brothers, only to be repeatedly thwarted by said heroes and their allies, the Sailor Scouts.

Powers: Cybergon is highly intelligent, being able to read the moves, strategies and tactics of his opponents by photographic thought and memory, thus allowing him to counter anything with ease. He is also coated with a new type of metallic alloy he created called "Neomium", which is a combination of steel, iron, titanium and diamond, thus making his armor resistant to all types of attacks. He is capable of firing vicious lasers from his eyes, concussive blasts from his shoulders and nova energy blasts from his hands. He can also fly. Due to various self-upgrades, Cybergon's strength is enough to easily rival that of Superman, Hulk, or even the villain Juggernaut.

Weaknesses: Unknown

Madam Screecher

Origin: Stephanie Tyler was born into a family of talented opera singers. She became a theatre sensation due to her loud, beautiful vocals. But three days before her next performance, while she was busy practicing her singing, she ended up losing her voice when she tried to do a high note. Feeling that she had brought shame to her family, she sank into depression, pushing away everyone that tried to comfort her.

But one day, when she was out going for a walk, she encountered a mysterious man(the same man who created Speed Meister) who claimed he could help her regain her singing voice. Volunteering her for a special experiment, he injected her with a strange green liquid which restored her voice to normal.

However, on the night of her big performance, when she performed her high note, she surprisingly released a powerful soundwave which completely destroyed the a large portion of theatre. Horrified by her actions, she was branded as a disgrace to her family and was forced to live on her own. Embittered by this experience, she soon decided to turn her life around entirely, turning into a full fledged supervillain called Madam Screecher.

She first appears in SSB: Multiverse Havoc, where she easily overwhelms Yoshi thanks to her loud screaming powers. However she was soon taken out by Raymond Johnson, the Warrior of Fiction, who subdued her by producing sonic blasts from his guitar axe.

Powers: Madam Screecher has the power to produce dangerous, high pitched screams which unleash a vicious soundwave that could destroy an entire group of police cars in just a few seconds. She also uses this power to her advantage against her opponents, holding them at bay with her soundwaves whilst leaving them vulnerable to attack. Surprisingly, she is also a highly skilled master at hand to hand combat, thus making her a formidable opponent.

Weakness: Unknown


Origin: Jason Tim was an expert scientist who was on a trip in the Arctic, studying the environments icy climates and velocity. But during his exploration, he encountered a group of criminals who were smuggling illegal barrels of radioactive waste on a snow mobile. Jason rushed in to try and stop them, only to be beaten and doused with radiation in an attempt to kill him.

The criminals decided to dispose of him by tying him to an anchor and throwing him into the Arctic Ocean, where he would freeze to death. But suddenly, he re-emerged in a completely new form, having been turned into a being of ice due to being exposed to radiation. Using his newfound powers, he killed the criminals by turning them to ice and shattering them to pieces.

Choosing to embrace his new powers, he turned to the life of a Supervillain, where he renamed himself Freezlar. He soon went on a crime spree, using his powers to full advantage. During one of his rampages, he soon had a run-in with Snowdrift, a female villain whose powers matched his own. The two villains soon decided to work together.

Freezlar's first appearance was in Three World Civil War, where he attacks Yoshi in Thermondo City, only to be beaten nearly to death after Yoshi accidently succumbs to his "Inner Evil" and knocks him out.

Powers: Freezlar possesses the ability to control and manipulate ice in any form of his choosing. He can project it in the form of an icy mist, an ice blast or icicles, which he shoots from his wrists. He is also capable of creating solid ice balls that he can use as projectiles.

Weakness: Freezlar is extremely vulnerable to intense heat and fire, due to his ice powers.

Savage Squad

Origin: Before becoming what they are now, the members of the group originally started out as five unnamed petty criminals who committed bank robberies and heists all around town. However, during one heist, they were stopped by the hero Shadow Stalker, who had them sent to prison.

But they were soon bailed out of prison by a scientist, who subjected them to an experiment in which their DNA was combined with those of an Alligator, a Bull, a Ram, an Elephant and a Boa constrictor. The resulting experiment turned them into humanoid animals with Superhuman powers and abilities. Going by the names of Mega Gator, Mighty Bull, Big Ram, Big Trunk and Boa, the villains called themselves the Savage Squad.

They began embarking on a series of crimes, continuing from where they left off. During their first debut in Enter! The Savage Squad, they got into a conflict with Yoshi, Mario, Sonic, Bowser and Lucario, defeating them in their first encounter, despite Big Trunk being beaten by Bowser. They soon got into another fight at nighttime inside the Smash City museum where the squad attempted to steal a Cubic Zirconium, only to get beaten and captured.


Origin: Stacy Ama was an expert explorer, conducting searches for items that no other explorers could ever pull off. She felt as if she was one with the environment, being familiar with all her surroundings. However, she soon made a discovery that would change her life forever.

During a jungle exploration trip, she stumbles upon a mysterious temple within the deeper parts of the jungle itself. Going inside, she explored throughout the temple, searching for valuable treasures and artifacts until she came across an unusual bracelet on a pedestal in a room. But when she walked up to observe it, the bracelet suddenly attached itself to her wrist, which surprised her.

Overtime, she started to experience some rather odd changes. Her sense of smell, hearing,vision and awareness had been heightened to animal-like proportions. She also gained incredible superhuman strength, enchanced speed, agility, and invulnerability. She even discovered that she could hypnotize other women to do her bidding, as well as being capable of producing an unusual scent from her body which manipulated every man around her.

After discovering that the bracelet had endowed her with superhuman abilities, she soon decided to use her powers for crime and wealth, going by the alias, "Amazonia". She first appears in Ultimate Spider-Man: A New Generation, where she easily makes short work of the hero in their first confrontation. She was later on defeated by Spider-Man in their next encounter, where the wall crawler was revealed to be immune to her pheromones because of his Spider DNA. She would later go on to appear in later stories as a primary enemy of the Super Smash Brothers, particularly Yoshi. Overtime, her repeated encounters with the reptilian hero ultimately led to her developing an infatuation with him.

Powers & Abilities: Thanks to the bracelet attached to her arm, Amazonia has abilities way beyond that of an ordinary woman. Her enhanced strength allows her to lift and throw objects or opponents several times her own size and weight. She also possesses super speed, enough to easily match or even surpass Sonic. Her agility enables her to flex her body in ways that even a human athlete couldn't pull off. Plus her invulnerability makes her resistant to most forms of damage, though not entirely. Amazonia also has the ability to hypnotize other women, allowing her to control them. Her animal-like senses make her capable of detecting the presence of others, primarily her opponents with little effort. As a form of diversion, she can secrete a pheromonal scent which causes most males to become attracted to her, causing them to experience mixed feelings for only a while when under her influence. She has often used this ability to gain an advantage over her male opponents from time to time.

Bio Nanobyte

Origin: Elenia was one of the top most intelligent and respected scientists in the world, having developed a new variety of self replicating nanotechnology called Bio-organic Nanobots, which were designed for the purpose of improving the host's bodily functions. However, she had a hidden agenda. She had been performing illegal experiments on living test subjects such as humans and animals by injecting them with her nanobots, which usually resulted in the deaths of said victims. She enjoyed it to the point that she even became obsessed with her work, continuing from there and so on.

After the word had gotten out about her horrible experiments, the government sent a group of black ops troops with orders to bring her in dead or alive. After refusing to cooperate due to her sick obsession, the troops immediately opened fire with their guns, effectively killing her. But right as they were about to dispose of her body, she suddenly sprang back to life, openly revealing that she had injected herself with her own nanobots. With her newly obtained super powers, she mercilessly kills the troops one by one, slaughtering them savagely.

Having become fixated on achieving conquest, Elenia soon changed her name to Bio Nanobyte. From that point, she has since began devising various plots for her own personal gain, but would frequently be met with interference from multiple heroes, mainly the Smash Brothers.

Powers: As a result of injecting herself, Bio Nanobyte's entire body has now been enhanced to superhuman levels, granting her superhuman strength, durability, laser vision and much more. Her powers stem directly from the nanobots themselves, which her body is now composed of. Because of it, she is capable of reforming herself when she gets blown apart due the nanobots abilities to replicate themselves, thus making her unkillable.

My OC Heroes

Glamour Girl

Origin: Tanya Baines was just an ordinary, happy go lucky girl with a cheerful personality. She had plenty of friends, loving parents and a younger brother named Jamie who supported her every step of the way. However, at one point she overheard an argument between her parents, which upset her intensely. She was horrified to discover that her father was secretly having an affair with another woman, which caused her mother to commit suicide by stabbing herself in the chest. Blaming himself for his wife's death, Tanya's father, Joseph Baines turned himself in to the police and was locked away. Tanya was left to provide for herself and Jamie during her teen years.

Overtime as she got older, she would frequently visit her father in prison, bringing him gifts and food. However, she would soon learn that her father died after getting beaten to death by a deranged prison inmate.

One night, she was startled awake when she heard something crash in her backyard. She ran outside, only to discover that it was a radioactive meteor that had crashed down from space. It was from the moment she touched it that the meteor transferred it's radiation into her body. She was soon endowed with incredible super strength, super speed, invulnerability, super hearing and teleportation.

Deciding to use her powers to do good, she began fighting crime as the superhero Glamor Girl.

Powers: Glamour Girl possesses immense superhuman strength, enough to rival that of the DC hero Superman or even the Hulk. She is capable of moving at amazing speeds, and although she has invulnerability, she can still take damage from her opponents. Her ability of teleportation allows her to appear at any place of her choosing, as she has full control over it.

Weakness: None

Shadow Stalker

Origin: As a young girl, Samantha Miko was a socially inept individual who would often distance herself from other children, refusing to play with anyone. But one day, she was approached by a girl named Kimmy, who encouraged her to give herself a better chance at life. At this rate, the two became best friends throughout their childhood years.

During highschool years, their friendship became so strong that they were inseparable. However one day, Samantha would soon make a shocking discovery. One weekend when they were hanging out in the mall together, Kimmy began trying to flirt with her, going so far as to even kiss her, revealing that she was bisexual. Horrified at this realization, Samantha ran out of the mall, getting as far away as possible.

From this point on, she began avoiding Kimmy at all costs, refusing to even speak with her, thus putting a strain on their friendship. But after having a change of heart, she soon decided to apologize to her. But when she went to her house, she found her making out with another girl. The next day she confronted her, claiming that she betrayed their friendship. But Kimmy reminded her that it was her fault, as it was her who ran away when she made a move. At this point, they decided to put it all behind them and remain friends, but nothing more.

She later returned home one night to find out that her mother had died from lung cancer and her father was killed by an insane co-worker. She soon moved in with her uncle, whom was a martial arts master. She spent most of her time training and sparring with him until she became an exceptional fighter and strategist.

Choosing to fight for justice and peace, she created her own costume and began fighting crime as the nocturnal hero Shadow Stalker.

Abilities: What she lacks in power, she makes up for with skill. Thanks to her training, Shadow Stalker is an expert in advanced forms of martial arts and hand to hand combat. Her high intellect also makes her a extremely skilled strategist, being able to deduce the strengths and weaknesses of her opponents with relative ease. Her skills and expertise make her equal to the DC Hero, Batman.

Weakness: None

Marco the Demon Killer

Origin: Marco Roland was once a happy young man, living a wonderful and peaceful life with a loving family and a devoted girlfriend named Melissa Trey. But one day during Summer Break, his life would soon take a drastic and horrifying turn during one stormy day when he finds that his parents have been killed, and that his brother and sister have been kidnapped.

It was during this incident that Marco discovered to his horror that the criminals responsible turned out be none other than demons, led by a powerful demon named Bromlock. His life then took an even more devastating blow when he found that the same demons had killed his girlfriend the next day.

After that experience, Marco became a changed person. He was now bitter, antisocial, cold, cynical and distant, pushing away all his friends in the process. It was only a matter of time before he suddenly came face to face with Bromlock one day in the woods. Out of pure rage, Marco attacked him, but was repeatedly overpowered to the point of being near death. However, instead of killing him, Bromlock became impressed by his persistance and bravery. Believing that he would be a worthy asset to him, Bromlock bestows him with the powers and abilities of a demon as a gift for his worthiness. Before leaving, he warned Marco to use his newly gained heritage for his *true purposes*.

While at first horrified and angry at being turned into a demon, Marco eventually decided to learn how to control his new powers and use them as he sees fit. His chance had finally arisen when Bromlock reappeared with an army of demons, aided by his son Devilok and his Demonic Legion. Utilizing his new powers, Marco single-handedly fought against the army, slaughtering one demon after another. After defeating the Demonic Legion, Marco then faced off against Bromlock in a brutal battle, ending with Marco emerging victorious.

He then informed Bromlock that even though he had given him power, he did not belong to him and therefore he was free to make his own decisions. Marco also went on to announce that he would harness his demonic powers, vowing to use them to protect the innocent, and to destroy all demons that dared to threaten humanity. On the other hand, Bromlock had reminded him that he still had Marco's beloved siblings in his possession, and that he would either kill them or turn them into demons like him if Marco tried to oppose him again.

Disregarding his threat, Marco made a promise that he would one day put an end to him and his followers, save his family and make sure that no demons would ever rise again.

Devoting his life to maintaining justice, killing demons and other supernatural creatures, he went on to call himself Marco the Demon Killer.

Powers & Abilities: Thanks to his newly gained demonic gift, Marco possesses all the supernatural attributes of a true demon. His strength has increased to the point where he can even fight and overpower demons or other enemies that are about several times his own size. He can move at lightning fast speeds for long distances, and his increased endurance enables him to resist even the most powerful of attacks. He possesses a special type of vision called *Demon Vision, which allows him to see and identify demons who are capable of disguising themselves as humans to avoid detection. Because of his demon powers, Marco also possesses a prolonged lifespan, and an incredible healing factor, being able to heal from injuries that would prove fatal to normal human. And finally, when the situation calls for it, he can transform at will into a powerful demon form, which makes all his powers increase tenfold.

Weakness: As a flaw to his demonic abilities, Marco is vulnerable to holy water, holy wood and iron. In his human form, he can be easily effected by even the smallest amount of it. But in his demon form, he is able to resist it to a somewhat limited degree.

Character Personalities:

Yoshi: In his original form,Yoshi was usually depicted as being kind hearted,cheerful, polite and in some cases, very pacifistic, often refusing to fight unless he felt the need to do so. During his time while suffering from his WereDino influence, Yoshi behaved in a brutal manner. He was always rude, insensitive, bad tempered, extremely violent and constantly angry. After being cured, Yoshi retained most of his original personality, though recently he seems to have been behaving in a manner similar to Sonic and Mario, such as making jokes like Sonic and being brave and fearless like Mario. Despite his habit of joking around and acting sarcastic, Yoshi has a strong sense of justice and morality. He can become very serious in certain situations, and will not kill an enemy unless he has to. While in his dark form, he is ruthless, destructive, arrogant, sadistic, careless and merciless, savagely killing without remorse, but he still retains a twisted sense of morality, as he refuses to attack and kill those who pose no threat to him.

Sonic: Being an all around individual, Sonic is carefree, adventurous, outgoing and laidback. Although he can be somewhat cocky and lazy, Sonic is always willing to lend a helping hand in any kind of situation. He also has a habit for frequently teasing almost everyone, including both friends and enemies alike. He cares deeply for his friends and would even risk his life to save them on some occasions.

Mario: Mario is well known for being brave, confident and fearless when it came to saving the world from evil. In other cases, he is also a very good leader, who takes situations very seriously and never jokes around. Nevertheless, Mario is always compassionate and understanding about the feelings of others.

Interactions between Mario, Yoshi, Sonic and other characters:

Yoshi, Mario and Sonic: These three characters are often depicted together as best friends, as they do almost everything together, such as hanging out at the mall, playing video games, watching TV or even leading the other smashers into battle. They are often referred to as the "Inseparable Trio". Mario is often the brave one, Yoshi is the smart one while Sonic is always the cocky one of the trio.

Samus: Though she doesn't always hang around them, Samus is sometimes considered to be close friends with all three of them. Mario often sees her as a reliable ally and friend, while Yoshi and Sonic see her as a good friend who is too serious and uptight about things. Regardless of the differences, Samus still shows respect for her fellow Smash Brothers.

Lucario: Being a quiet and wise Pokemon, Lucario is almost always the main one they each go to for advice and wisdom. He has little regard for Sonic and Yoshi's jokes, viewing them as being too childish and irritating, especially while meditating. He seems to share a bit of a bond with Mario, whom he sees as being serious and well coordinated.

Bowser: Bowser has very little respect for neither Mario nor Sonic or Yoshi. Because of his grouchy attitude, he is often the victim of jokes and teasing from Sonic, and also Yoshi, who shares some sort of rivalry with him to the point where they almost always argue with and insult each other constantly. His rivalry with Mario seems to have been toned down to where they are capable of seeing eye to eye, even though they disagree with each other sometimes. Though he never shows it, Bowser does harbor some begrudging respect for all three of them.

Peach: Out of all the female Smashers, Peach seems to be their closest friend of all, due to having a history with each of them. She would often go to Mario for comfort, Yoshi for support and Sonic for encouragement. She is particularly fond of them all, notably Yoshi, whom she harbors a secret crush on, as revealed in "Curse Of The WereDino". She cares for them all deeply and shows deep concern for them when they get sick or injured.

Yoshi's Love Life

Though Yoshi is not particularly into romance, nevertheless he has often found himself in relationships with girls he likes. When it comes to girls, Yoshi behaves in a calm and loyal manner, though he tends to act shy and nervous around them. Some girls he meets would find themselves attracted to him, but would be too nervous to tell him. Even girls that he protects would begin taking an interest in him due to this determination to keep them safe. More often that not, he has even been known to share intimate moments with a few of them on occasion, despite his tendency to avoid doing so. In some cases, he has more than once been the object of affection from some villainous females. Though he adores women, he mainly prefers to be single.

However, even though he's fond of them, there have been times where he displays immediate discomfort around women who get carried away with their advances, prompting him to cautiously avoid them. This occasion is more prominently seen in his encounters with women while in his human form.

Love Interests

SSB main stories:

Michelle: In the Smash Brothers stories, Michelle is Yoshi's girlfriend. She is a human girl with brown hair. She first appears in "A Gift From the Heart", where she runs up and hugs Yoshi while he was talking to Sonic. She would later come to Smash Mansion to spend Christmas with Yoshi. Not much is known about her except that she really loves Yoshi very much. She cares deeply about Yoshi and as such, she tends to be very protective of him, becoming worried whenever he is sick or injured. Yoshi would frequently express concern for her safety and try to keep her out of harm's way. Because of his love for her, he will lash out at or threaten anyone who hurts or insults her.


Kurumu Kurono: Yoshi first met Kurumu in the SSB/Rosario Vampire crossover, "Love Comes in Many Ways". After he rescued her from a mystery man in an alley, he brought her back to Smash Mansion to stay for a while. As time went on, Yoshi kept her well attended to, tending to her every need while also protecting her from harm, as well as shrugging off Ike and Roy's attempts to get with her, which makes them the victims of his anger every time they try to make passes at her. Eventually, Yoshi and Kurumu begin to fall in love with each other to the point where they become a couple. Though he has no idea that Kurumu is actually a Succubus.

At first, Yoshi was initially oblivious of his feelings for Kurumu, but because of them he would often get shy around her, even when she teased him sometimes by playfully seducing him. Even when he found out her true identity, he still loved her nonetheless.

Felicia: In the SSB/Marvel vs Capcom crossover story, 3 Way Manor, Felicia is shown to have a major crush on Yoshi, though he himself doesn't notice. She repeatedly tries to admit it several times, but frequently gets delayed or interrupted by various things. Though with advice from some of the other girls, she continues to try and win his affection. Yoshi has also been teased about this, primarily by Sonic, often responding by smacking him in the head or at one time, punching him through a wall.

Fiona Fox: A female red fox from Mobius. Upon meeting for the first time, Yoshi immediately came to sympathize with her after learning about her past. At that point, they became close with each other. Eventually, Fiona had soon fell in love with him, with Yoshi feeling the same way about her. But although he cares about her very much, he is conflicted due to also being in love with Rouge the Bat, Mina Mongoose and Blaze the Cat, all of whom love him as well. Regardless, he still loves Fiona enough to share intimate moments with her and take care of her when she's upset.

Rouge the Bat: Yoshi has a somewhat on/off romance with Rouge, stemming from their first encounter in Yoshi: The Reptilian Smash Brother. Most of the time, the two often playfully tease each other, usually culminating in a flirtatious moment. But their relationship has become complicated and strained because of Knuckles's ever growing jealously due to his own feelings for Rouge. As such, Rouge often has to juggle her feelings for both of them.

Blaze the Cat: Initially, Blaze did not fully tolerate Yoshi because of his wisecracking personality, leading to her frequently belittling and mistrusting him. While Yoshi is often put off by her aggressive attitude towards him, he still tries the best he can to be patient with her. But as she got to know him for who he really is, she started to become attracted to him, but refused to tell him her feelings. Even though she has kissed him a few times, she would always pass them off as her own friendly gesture to him. Either way, she is in love with him nonetheless.

Mina Mongoose: Yoshi's attraction to Mina was at first incredibly complicated, leading him to deny it multiple times in front of Sonic and his friends. He was however oblivious of Mina's own growing love for him, despite the many times she flirted with him to get his attention. Upon realizing their true feelings, Yoshi and Mina confessed to each other and shared a kiss.

Heather the Fox: Yoshi first met Heather after finding her injured and unconscious in the woods. After nursing her back to health, Yoshi offered to let her stay with him at his place, which she happily accepted. Overtime as she lived with him, Heather started to fall in love with him, but was too afraid to tell him at first. However, Yoshi remained unaware of the fact that Heather was actually the reincarnation of an ancient beast known as a Kitsune. He soon learned of this from Shadow, whom was trying to kill her, and Doctor Eggman, whom wanted to capture her in order to harness her powers for his own use. While initially skeptical, Yoshi was taken by surprise when her powers first manifested after she became enraged while being attacked by Eggman. Even after he found out, he accepted her either way and confessed his feelings for her, with Heather returning the affection through a kiss.

SSB/Superhero Team Ups

Yoshi (my version) and Spider-Man: Come on, I think these two would make a good team. They both have a sense of humor, sarcasm, and they're both intelligent.

Sonic and the Flash: Two superfast wisecrackers who know how to put up a good fight by using their speed as an advantage. Plus, it would be awesome if they were to race each other.

Lucario and Batman: The two would surely do well working together. I mean really, they both prefer to travel at night, and they're both serious about situations.

Samus and Iron Man: Who's to say that an intergalactic bounty huntress and an armored hero wouldn't make a great team. They'd also make a good couple too. You know I'm right.

Snake and Wolverine: There the best at what they do. Snake is best at going undercover, Wolverine is best at slicing and dicing with those adamantium claws. Plus, they can hold their own in battle.

Mario and Captain America/Superman: I can actually see Mario working with the First Avenger and the Man of Steel. They're all popular characters, so that's a pretty good reason.

Character Interactions:

Yoshi and Sonic: The two are often known to hang around and have fun with each other. Though Yoshi occasionally gets annoyed when Sonic teases him, and often responds by smacking him over the head. They both enjoy using jokes when battling enemies together or individually, and in other cases, often poke fun at their friends.

Yoshi and Mario: Yoshi has known Mario since the day they met when Mario was an infant. They would often come to each other's aid when the situation demanded it. But despite their strong friendship, they have been known to have their disagreements. A prime example is in Three World Civil War, where they come to blows with each other due to their conflicted opinions regarding the new registration law.

Mario and Sonic: They've been mascot rivals for countless years. But overtime, their rivalry had gone from being a bitter one to a friendly one. They are able to understand each other from time to time, but have been known to have disputes.

Lucario and Yoshi: Though Lucario is not much of a social person, Yoshi still finds the opportunity to hang around him, often trying to get him active. However, Lucario would often refuse his suggestions for adventure and action, as he prefers to spend his time meditating.

Lucario and Ryu: It has been shown that Lucario has plenty in common with the Street Fighter, Ryu. They have often trained and conversed with each other more than they do with others.

Bowser and Yoshi: Bowser harbors dislike and annoyance towards Yoshi, who often enjoys the prospect of making jokes towards him. A recurring gag is their repeated arguments with each other. Bowser oftens call Yoshi a pipsqueak due to their size differences, only to get beaten up by him in response on rare occasions.

Felicia and Yoshi: Despite not having known him long, Felicia seems to be particularly fond of Yoshi, taking kindly to his sense of humor. She also confides in him for comfort, support and encouragement. In 3 Way Manor, she developes a crush on him.

Sonic and Felicia: Sonic's interaction with Felicia is more along the lines of a sibling like bond. Sonic often acts like an older brother to Felicia, standing up for her when someone messes with her, and in some cases, cheering her up when she feels sad. However, in Delta Team, their interaction is that of a romantic relationship, which they keep secret from the others.

Yoshi and Naruto:The interaction between Yoshi and Naruto varies depending on the continuity. In the Smash Brothers/Anime X-overs they are shown to be good friends with one another while occasionally having a friendly rivalry with each other, though from time to time, Naruto would frequently flash Yoshi with the Sexy Jutsu, much to his dismay. In the SSB and Naruto crossover, they have a close friendship and will often aid each other when necessary. The one thing they have in common is that they both love eating ramen.

Yoshi and Sakura: Though not much is known about their interaction in the SSB/Anime X-overs crossover, Yoshi has stated that he and Sakura are capable of getting along with each other, despite having occasional disagreements. Sonic has stated that Yoshi and Sakura have frequently argued with each other like bickering siblings, even though Yoshi said that it was in the past. In the SSB and Naruto crossover, even though they are friendly with each other, the true outcome of their interaction has yet to be shown. The two things they have in common are their fiercely short tempers and their recurring tendencies to beat on others who make them angry, mainly Sonic and Naruto.

Sonic and Naruto: Sonic and Naruto have been noted to be close friends, as they both enjoy having fun and they love to play pranks on Yoshi. As it turns out, it was Sonic who convinced Naruto to flash Yoshi with his Sexy Jutsu.

Favorite Couples:


YoshixMichelle (my OC)





YoshixFemale Pikachu

SonicxTorkuna (OC)

YoshixKorseena (OC)

YoshixMiara (OC)

Sonic The Hedgehog:

SonicxTammy (Another OC)


MikexDana (OC couple)



SonicxFemale Tails

KilamxTanya (OC couple)

SonicxLaurie (OC) (possible)







Yuri couples:









SamusxIron Man

YoshixFelicia (3 Way Manor only)


SonicxIno (SSB and Naruto only)

YoshixSakura (SSB and Naruto only)


SonicxSailor Mars

YoshixSailor Jupiter



FeliciaxSonic (SSB, Capcom and Namco crossovers only)







Human YoshixAny female

Ancient Creatures,Items and Entities:


History: Thousands of years ago in the distant past, the world was once terrorized by a creature of pure darkness and evil, a dragon of unstoppable force. He went by the name of Tragloc. The savage beast had laid waste all across the land, leaving death and destruction in his path. All attempts to stop him were useless as the massive beast continued to spread chaos throughout the world. But he was soon confronted by a giant white bird named Throcktar. The titans engaged in a legendary battle, pitting the power of darkness against the purity of light. Throcktar emerged victorious and had Tragloc sealed away in a deep dark cave within the mountains, where he would remain for the rest of eternity.

It's recently been revealed that Tragloc was previously the pet of an evil being known as the Shadow Queen, a Thousand Year old Demon of Darkness. But overtime as he became stronger and more malevolent, Tragloc had sought power for himself, which led him to betray her.


History: An ancient bird of unknown origin. Many believed that he was created from the essence of the earth itself while others assume that he had came from the skies of the heavens. He was a bird of pure light and peace, bringing grace and purity to the land. Legend has it that he hibernates every 300 years within the sky to replenish his strength, and would only awaken when a threat had ravaged the land. The threat soon came in the form of Tragloc, an evil dragon of darkness and chaos that had rampaged through the plains. Throcktar immediately confronted his rival in a vicious battle, which ended with Tragloc being defeated and sealed away for eternity.

Ancient Jewels

History: Powerful and mystical jewels which will only give their powers to those that they deem as worthy. Only beings who possess a pure heart and good soul will be considered worthy while those who have dark hearts and evil souls will be rejected, or even killed if they tried to gain the powers by force. So far, only two jewels, a blue one and a red one are known to exist. The current hosts of these two jewels are Mikara and Yoshi. The jewels themselves are also sentient and have a telepathic link which enables them to sense each other and their hosts if they get separated from them. The Ancient Jewels can also, when necessary, combine their energy with that of the Chaos Emeralds or Crystal Stars for more powerful abilities.

Ancient Sword of Tramkoff Island

History: A legendary, powerful sword that lies dormant within the volcano of Tramkoff Island. Having been in confinement for many years, the sword rises from the burning lava to seek out the current host of the Ancient Jewel. The sword is currently in the possession of Yoshi. Like the jewel, the sword is sentient and is capable detecting it's wielder when separated from him. The sword is also indestructible and can cut through almost anything, even barriers.

Yoshi's Friends/Allies and Enemies: Throughout most of his appearances in stories, Yoshi acquires numerous friends, as well as enemies (in current and future stories) .


Ninjor (owned by Storyteller): One of Yoshi's most reliable allies and closest friends of all, Ninjor possesses vast knowledge, wisdom, and knows many forms of martial arts as well as wielding mystical powers. The first time he appeared, he helped Yoshi, Mario, Sonic, Knuckles and Lyn in defeating the villains Steeltrax, Miss Mimic and Masher. Since then he will often come to Yoshi's aid on various occasions.

Glamour Girl: A female superhero who first got her powers from a radioactive meteorite. She has Super Strength, Invulnerability,Flight,Speed and Teleportation. She is also a member of Delta Team, along with Yoshi.

Ultimate/Amazing Spider-Man: Yoshi first teamed up with Ultimate Spider-Man in the first SSB/Superhero Team Up story, "Yoshi meets Ultimate Spider-Man", where they fought and defeated the Serpent Squad. In other stories, Yoshi has met the Amazing Spider-Man on more than one occasion, and the two have been good friends since then. At a later point, Yoshi invited Spider-Man to join Delta Team, which he gladly accepted.

Super Smash Brothers: Yoshi has been part of the Smash Brothers for many years and often sometimes thinks of them as a surrogate family, as they always stand by each other and battle together as a team. Though he has been known to have random disputes with them in some cases. Nevertheless, he is devoted to his teammates, and will even put his life on the line to protect them.

Delta Team: As a founding member and second-in-command of Delta Team, Yoshi takes full responsibility for keeping his teammates together and does not hesitate to help them when the time comes. While he commonly divides his time on the team with aiding the Smash Brothers and working solo, he mostly prefers working with Delta Team on some occasions.

Nexis (owned by Storyteller): A superhuman with the ability to tap into the powers of others for a limited time and use them as his own. He is a member of Delta Team and he is trusted and well appreciated by his teammates. Yoshi has often helped him out from time to time.

Naruto Uzumaki: A young shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village, and the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. Yoshi is able to sympathise with him due to the fact he himself also has a powerful and lethal force inside of him. As a result, they share a close friendship with each other.

Felicia: A kind hearted, energetic and caring catgirl who longs to become a singer. Yoshi and Felicia get along really well and have been known to hang out on occasion. Since they're both members of Delta Team, they also do good when working together.

Klonoa: Also known as the "Dream Traveler", Klonoa seems to be real close with Yoshi, as they converse with each other more than they do with others. They have a very understanding, almost sibling like friendship, as Klonoa looks up to Yoshi as the older brother he always wanted.

Morrigan Aensland: A playful, flirtatious and rather friendly succubus from the Makai Realm. Yoshi sees her as a person with a good heart and a somewhat mischievous personality, but nevertheless still regards her as a friend, even though she would often hit on him, despite him already having a girlfriend.

Chun Li: An Interpol agent and fellow member of Delta Team. Even though she and Yoshi don't socialize as much, they still get along quite well and will also come to each other's aid when the time is right. In recent times, they have become more closer. Though Yoshi loves Chun Li as a friend, they have been known to spend the night together.

Dante: A wisecracking, sarcastic and cocky demon hunter. Yoshi gets easily annoyed whenever Dante makes a sarcastic comment about certain things, depending on the situation. But he knows that Dante is also a reliable ally and a helpful friend when he needs to be.

Shadow Stalker: A nocturnal, crimefighting vigilante. Because of her serious demeanor and her preference to work alone, Yoshi finds it very difficult to trust her at times due to their different personalities and methods of achieving justice. But despite this, they are still on good terms with each other.

Marvel Heroes: Besides Spider-Man, Yoshi has also met other heroes from the Marvel Universe such as Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, the Hulk and several other heroes.

Tails: A young and intelligent two tailed fox who is known as Sonic's best friend. Yoshi and Tails will occasionally hang around with each other whenever Sonic and Mario are unavailable. They both share similar interests in various forms of technology, as sometimes Yoshi would even help Tails with his inventions or vice versa.

Knuckles: A tough red echidna with a hot temper and the guardian of the Master Emerald on Angel Island. Despite not interacting with him as much, Yoshi still sees Knuckles as a good friend and a reliable ally. They also have bit of a friendly rivalry as they would often periodically spar with each other. Though Knuckles would sometimes get annoyed with Yoshi's habit of joking around, much like his interaction with Sonic. But however, due to discovering Yoshi's romance with Rouge the Bat, Knuckles now displays a rather heated dislike towards him, leading to the point where the two would even clash on occasion.

Cream and Vanilla: Out of all the Sonic characters he interacts with, Yoshi appears to be more comfortable with Cream the Rabbit and her mother Vanilla. He views them as more of a surrogate family and as such, he feels really close to them. Cream also feels close to Yoshi and affectionately refers to him as her big brother, and Vanilla thinks of him as a son while Yoshi acknowledges them as a little sister and a loving mother. Because of this, he becomes highly devoted to them and will protect them whenever a threat draws near.

Shadow: A black and red hedgehog, created by Professor Gerald Robotnik, mainly known as the *Ultimate Lifeform*. Because of his cold, violent and careless personality, he and Yoshi are unable to cooperate with each other and as a result, a fierce rivalry exists between them. Even though it is not as serious as Shadow's rivalry with Sonic, nevertheless the two have almost nearly come to blows with one another, but are frequently halted by Sonic. Although Yoshi distrusts him, they are more than willing to work together against a major threat. Despite their dislike towards each other, they secretly acknowledge each other as reliable allies.

Silver: A white hedgehog from the future with the power of Psychokinesis and a strong sense of justice. He has very little tolerance for Yoshi's sense of humor, but acknowledges him as a brave hero with honor, justice and morality. However, he can be very critical of Yoshi's methods in battle, such as using trickery and jokes in place of strategies and tactics, much to Silver's dismay.

Blaze: A lavender colored, Pyrokinetic cat who is a princess from an alternate dimension, and the guardian of the Sol Emeralds. She initially does not tolerate Yoshi at first, viewing him as immature and childish due to his personality. Like Silver and Knuckles, she also dislikes his jokes and has occasionally threatened him with a beating if pushed too far. But overtime, she eventually warms up to him and even confides in him about her personal life, even to the point where she harbors a secret crush on him, but doesn't admit it. But lately, she has begun to shows signs of admitting her feelings to him, mostly through unexpected kisses, which she passes off as friendly gestures.

Rouge: A greedy, flirtatious, cunning, yet friendly female bat who is a part time government agent of G.U.N, an occasional jewel thief and self proclaimed treasure hunter. Upon first meeting her, Yoshi immediately found her to be shady and conniving. But after getting to know her, he is able to see the good in her heart. While he is rather put off by her habit of stealing jewels, the two seem have an unusually friendly/romantic interaction with each other (similar to Batman and Catwoman or Spider-Man and Black Cat, but not entirely) and as such have been known to occasionally meet up at night various times. Despite her interest in Knuckles, Rouge also develops a romantic interest in Yoshi, and often flirts with him because of it. Though Yoshi sometimes reciprocates the affection, he isn't fully use to her life as a jewel thief, but still cares for her either way. On some occasions, they'll even share an intimate relationship, which they keep secret from everyone else. More recently, she has become troubled over the growing rivalry between Yoshi and Knuckles due to both of them being in love with her, and even reacts with shock when they come to blows.

Amy: A female pink hedgehog who is madly in love with Sonic. Upon meeting Yoshi for the first time, Amy easily became well acquainted with him and quickly got to know him better due to his friendship with Sonic. Even though she loves Sonic, Amy slowly begins to also fall in love with Yoshi because of his kindness and compassion. As a result, she has felt tempted to confess her affections or even kiss him more than once, but stops herself each time. However, her feelings for him are conflicted since she is still in love with Sonic. On the other hand Yoshi is unaware of her newfound affections for him, despite how she acts around him.

Freedom Fighters: A group of heroic individuals led by Sonic the Hedgehog who oppose the evil forces of Doctor Eggman and any other threats that dare to attack their homeland Mobius. Like his relationship with the Smash Brothers, Yoshi viewed them as a surrogate family, feeling like he was one of them. This soon came into light when he was invited by Sonic and Sally to become a member. He has been a valued member ever since. He is particularly close with the girls in the team, notably Fiona Fox and Amy Rose, the former being his love interest while the latter is his close friend.

Kara: The leader of a WereWolf pack known as the "Wolf Clan". Mainly known by most as the Alpha WereWolf, Kara was born as the daughter of the two original pack leaders. She soon became the new pack leader at the age of 14 after her parents were killed by a rival pack many years ago. Being the strongest WereWolf of her kind, no other pack member dares to oppose her. She is able to shift in between her human and werewolf forms at will. Yoshi's interaction with Kara (due to them sharing the same gene) is somewhere along the lines of a serious relationship, but could also be more of a secret love, up to the point where they even mate with one another on occasion.

Sophitia: A young and brave woman who is also a well known warrior. During their time as members of Delta Team, she and Yoshi seem to share a very personal relationship, as they tend to have private conversations with each other when no one else is around.

Ryu: A powerful, humble, and serious martial artist. Yoshi has often sought him out countless times to spar and train with him every so often. Their friendship is more like a friendly rivalry, but despite this, they have a strong respect for each other. Yoshi is also aware of the Satsui no Hadou that dwells within Ryu's body. Like with Naruto, Yoshi sympathises with Ryu since he also possesses an evil inside of himself as well.

Sakura Kasugano: A cheerful, energetic, confident and hard-working schoolgirl with a longlasting admiration for Ryu. She adores Yoshi as a friend and often hangs around him when feeling bored or upset. In some cases, they will even engage in online chats and spar together just for fun and exercise.

Ibuki: A young kunoichi from a local ninja village who absolutely adores boys with a passion. Despite Yoshi not being human, Ibuki enjoys his company very much and loves to have fun with him. She even developes a huge crush on him, though he is unaware of it. A recurring form of comic relief is her frequent attempts to seduce him, only to be unsuccessful. She has also tried kissing him more than once, but due to his shyness around pretty girls, Yoshi either faints or simply turns red with embarrassment.

Spyro (Original): A young and heroic purple dragon who lives within the Dragon Realms. Yoshi would often hang out with him and his friends whenever he felt like it. Yoshi would also even accompany him on various adventures throughout the Dragon Realms. Ever since they had met in SSB: Civil War, the two have stayed in touch with each other. Yoshi and Spyro are very close friends and will aid each other on occasion.

Resistance: In SSB: Civil War and Three World Civil War, Yoshi opposes the registration law alongside other heroes who agree with his decision.

Terrick (owned by Storyteller): The reincarnation of the evil Subspace ruler, Tabuu. He has all the powers of his original identity, only more stronger. But unlike Tabuu, Terrick instead uses his powers for good purposes.

Cam Tom(owned by Storyteller): A young hero who is the entity and embodiment of Capcom. He possesses the powers of every Capcom character, but is still learning how to master them.

Cammy: A former underling of M.Bison, a lifelong agent of Delta Red, and a current member of Delta Team. Similar to his friendship with Chun Li, Yoshi and Cammy do not interact as much, but are still good friends nonetheless. Though Yoshi would often show annoyance at her attempts to make wisecracks, he still respects her as a friend and teammate. Also like Chun Li, Yoshi loves Cammy as a friend, and will occasionally share intimate moments with her.

Ling Xiaoyu: A 19 year old highschool student with a kind personality and expertise in martial arts. Like Sakura, Ling also adores Yoshi as a friend and even gives him the nickname Yo-yo just for fun. Yoshi feels comfortable around her and enjoys her kindness and compassion. Though he is somewhat disturbed by her friendship with Jin Kazama, he still loves to hang out with her. Later when she joins Delta Team (at Jin's request), Yoshi makes it his sworn duty to protect her.

Jin Kazama: The 22 year old son of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, the close friend and crush of Ling Xiaoyu and the CEO of Mishima Zaibatsu. The interaction between Yoshi and Jin varies from time to time, often alternating from a serious friendship to a violent rivalry every so often, primarily due to the distrust and suspicion that exists between them. Despite this, they both seem to acknowledge one another as equals.

Mai Shiranui: A female ninja with the power to create and control fire. She and Yoshi first met when she helped him take out a gang of criminals who had escaped from prison. Soon after this, they became friends and occasional partners from here and so forth. However, Yoshi would mostly feel embarrassed to be around Mai because of her sexy appearance, and would often get frustrated whenever others assumed that she was his girlfriend. She would also (for comic relief), playfully flirt with Yoshi just to rile him up. Overtime, eventually her flirtatious teasing would evolve into full on, lustful seduction due to her growing affection for him. But Yoshi always becomes conflicted on how to respond since he is aware of her feelings for Andy Bogard, while simultaneously trying to hold back his own feelings for her in the process, with some minor difficulty.

Teen Titans (Animated): A team of young heroes who oppose the forces of evil. Yoshi first meets and befriends the Titans after assisting them in fighting off Cinderblock. Although the Titans (mostly Raven) are initially suspicious of him due to his background, they gradually grow to respect and trust him. As such, he feels particularly close with them and will occasionally hang around and help them in his freetime. When doing so, he would often spend time with each Titan, such as sparring with Robin, playing games with Beast Boy, having fun with Starfire, working on the T-Car with Cyborg, and if possible, conversing with Raven about private and personal matters when necessary. Overtime however, he is eventually invited to join them as a member of the team, which he gladly accepts.

Mega Man: A heroic robot originally created by Dr. Light as a lab assistant before being upgraded into a battle robot. He is good friends with Yoshi and is also one of his most recurring allies, as they often team up on random occasions. They are also even helped by Mega Man's trusted companion, Rush.

Spawn (Spawnzilla014's version): A powerful and violent Hellspawn who once lived as an army man with a loving wife before being betrayed and killed after a failed assassination. He first meets and teams up with Yoshi after the reptile was defeated and nearly killed by the Violator, whom Spawn had been pursuing for hours. While initially distrusting each other, Yoshi grows to respect and acknowledge Spawn as a worthy ally and helpful friend. Together they were able to track down the Violator and, after a vicious 2-on-1 battle, they defeated him. Afterwards, Spawn then bidded farewell to Yoshi before taking off into the distance. But Yoshi had a feeling that he would see Spawn again one day. Despite his frightening appearance, Yoshi does not fear Spawn.

Princess Elise: A kind hearted, compassionate and polite girl who is the royal princess of the kingdom known as Soleanna. Upon meeting for the very first time, Yoshi and Elise become incredibly close friends to the point where a strong bond forms between them. As a result, Yoshi feels devoted to Elise and resolves to protect her from danger. Although Elise cares for Yoshi very much, she also becomes afraid of him whenever Yoshi transforms into Dark Yoshi. However, with her care and comfort, she is able to calm him down.

Pikachu: An Electric type mouselike Pokemon as well as a fellow Smash Brother. Having known each other for years, Yoshi and Pikachu are particularly close, even though they only spend time together on certain occasions. Unknown to Yoshi, Pikachu is actually a female who has a lifelong secret crush on him. Ever since they first met, she's been in love with him from the start, but she can never bring herself to admit it. However she will not give up despite how shy she gets when around him.

Ryu Hayabusa: A ninja from the Hayabusa Ninja Clan who possesses extraordinary martial arts skills and abilities, as well as the current wielder of the Dragon Sword. He first encounters Yoshi after saving him from being killed by a Fiend. At first glance, Yoshi mistook him for his ally Ninjor, but after finding out who he really is, he eventually tracks him down and thanks him for saving his life. In response, Ryu offers to train him to become stronger, and Yoshi agrees to it. Yoshi then spent the next four months training under Ryu's tutelage, learning the ways of a ninja. After proving to be a valued student and worthy warrior, Ryu presented him with his very own specially made Dragon Sword which only Yoshi could use. From this point on, they maintained a strong bond with one another and have since been good friends.

Kasumi: A very compassionate, honorable and kind spirited kunoichi who comes from the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, she is also a close friend of Ryu Hayabusa. Many years ago, Kasumi first met Yoshi when she was a young girl. Yoshi (who was 14 at the time) gave her a flower he found in a meadow, thus initiating the start of a new friendship. Kasumi would remember this encounter for the rest of her childhood, acknowledging Yoshi as her special friend. By the time Kasumi was 17, she once again had another encounter with Yoshi who was now at the age of 17 as well. Eventually, she fell in love with him and admitted her feelings through a passionate kiss. Yoshi initially turned her away,claiming that it wasn't possible since he wasn't a human, but soon changed his mind when Kasumi stated that she'd still love him whether if he was human or not. Soon after, they became a couple. However, they choose to keep their love a secret and only meet with each other in private. The only one who knows of their relatioship is Ryu Hayabusa.

Superman: A powerful DC hero who comes from the planet Krypton. Upon meeting him, Yoshi immediately expressed excitement at the idea of teaming up with the Man of Steel. His chance finally came to light when he helped Superman fight against the Kryptonite empowered villain, Metallo. Superman would later return the favor by aiding Yoshi in battle against Soul Sucker. From this point on, Yoshi would always remember the day he had met Superman.

Chris Redfield: A former member of the US Air Force, S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team, Anti-biohazard Unit and a current member of BSAA. Having survived various incidents throughout his life, Chris has a long experience of dealing with zombies and many other monsters created by the Umbrella Corporation. The first time he met Yoshi, they soon teamed up to track down and kill Alexia Ashford, whom Chris had previously killed in the past. Since then, the two have become good friends.

Zero: A specially created robot who serves as a Maverick Hunter and a member of Delta Team. Because of his serious attitude, he often becomes annoyed with Yoshi's wisecracks and comments. Despite this, they are more than willing to work together on certain occasions.

World Guardian: An unknown, incredibly powerful being. He has saved Yoshi on more than one occasion. However despite having met multiple times, Yoshi has never found out his real identity.

Team 7: In an alternate universe, Yoshi is a member of Team 7, along with Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha and their sensei Kakashi Hatake. Although he is often at odds with his teammates, Yoshi is still able to work well with them when in a dangerous situation. Overtime, he actually becomes more closer with his comrades.

Rainbow Dash: An incredibly fast,heroic, blue colored, rainbow maned Pegasus pony from the land of Equestria, as well as one of the six *Elements of Harmony*. Brash, arrogant, competitive, occasionally cocky, mischievous and loyal, Rainbow Dash is almost always hanging out with Yoshi when given the chance. They also share a competitive and friendly rivalry, along with Sonic, often challenging each other to races just for fun.

Mina Mongoose: A female, yellow furred mongoose who comes from Mobius. She is a friend and former girlfriend of Sonic, as well as a successful singer with her own band. Yoshi and Mina had first met when he attended one of her concerts, with Sonic taking him backstage to meet her personally. While initially shy around her, he manages to pluck up the nerve to speak to her. Overtime, he started to become attracted to her, with Mina beginning to feel the same, though neither were aware of each other's feelings. The chance had soon arisen when Yoshi decided to comfort her after she was dumped by her boyfriend Ash. After he unknowingly confesses his feelings during a conversation, Mina reveals her own through a sudden kiss, signaling the start of their relationship.

Asuka Kazama: A brash, arrogant but kind young woman with an expertise in martial arts. Ever since they met, Asuka has repeatedly challenged Yoshi to a fight during almost every encounter, much to his chagrin. However, when not fighting, they usually hang out together and have fun with their friends. It has been recently shown that Asuka actually has a crush on Yoshi. In Chapter 6 of *Yoshi's Big Time Harem, she passionately kissed him after he defeated her while sparring.

Redback (owned by DarkKnights): A powerful, 82 foot long black and red Tyrannosaurus Rex who lives on the island of Isla Sorna. Yoshi had first encountered him after Redback saved him from being killed by an evil Giganotosaurus named Demon. Yoshi showed his gratitude by thanking and befriending the Tyrannosaur. From that point on, the two shared a close friendship, with Redback coming to his aid whenever he could.


Hyperfire: A villain with the ability to control fire, Yoshi's primary nemesis. One of his most frequent enemies, Yoshi and Hyperfire have clashed on several occasions, with Yoshi usually being the winner each time. Despite having nearly killed him more than once, Hyperfire has never officially beaten him.

The Globbor (owned by Storyteller): Also known as the Dark Beast of Greed, the Globbor is most notorious for draining the powers and abilities of his opponents through physical contact. He has repeatedly attacked Yoshi with the intention of draining his ancient jewel powers for himself. Although he has tried to kill Yoshi numerous times, he ultimate fails in every attempt.

Speed Meister: A female Supervillain with incredible speed and a dangerous personality to match. Her speed and exceptional fighting capabilities make her a vicious opponent up close. But however, Yoshi has repeatedly used her speed to his advantage as a way to stop her in her tracks.

Hydra: Another female villain whose entire body is composed of water. She has proved to be a formidable match for Yoshi and his fellow heroes during many encounters. But Yoshi, with his intelligence and trickery, has always found a way to defeat her.

Onikage (owned by Storyteller): A demonic ninja of supernatural power and darkness. Also known as the "Devil Ninja". He is also the brother of Yoshi's ally, Ninjor. More than once he has clashed with Yoshi, coming close to killing him on multiple occasions. But in due time, Yoshi always manages to hold his own, defeating him constantly before finally killing him as Dark Yoshi.

Freezlar: A cold villain with power over ice. Having battled Yoshi at least twice or more, Freezlar has long since dreamed of the day he would eventually kill Yoshi if no one else could.

Plasmotron: A deadly villain with a bio-technological armored suit and powerful plasma energy. His encounters with the reptilian Smash Brother have always ended with him being humiliated in each fight.

Earthlor: With his power to control the earth's surface itself, Earthlor has repeatedly attempted to kill Yoshi several times in a row, only to fail each time.

Plague (owned by Super Shadowsonic): A dangerous villain with control over matter. He has battled Yoshi at least twice, losing to him in both encounters.

Masher (owned by Super Shadowsonic): A massive yet fast, super strong and highly invulnerable juggernaut with special glowing gloves that give him his power. Yoshi has had to deal with him on many occasions, but has managed to defeat him every step of the way.

Steeltrax: A living wall of steel. His steel coated body and super strength make him a formidable enemy to Yoshi and many other heroes.

Soul Sucker: A bloodthirsty, genetically created reptilian monster that comes from the future 2032. A virtually unkillable and intelligent creature, Soul Sucker has devoted himself to killing Yoshi once and for all.

Ridley: The evil and intelligent leader of the Space Pirates, the arch enemy of Samus Aran and a frequent enemy of the Smashers as well as Delta Team. Though despite not having battled each other as much, Ridley still regards Yoshi as one of his most challenging enemies, besides his nemesis Samus.

Dr. Insano (owned by Storyteller): An insane evil scientist who specializes in creating advanced robots as well as deadly weapons. His most notable creation is the robot Neutro. Much like Sonic's history with Eggman, Yoshi has repeatedly foiled many of Insano's schemes.

Carnage: The twisted result of an alien symbiote bonding to a crazed serial killer named Cletus Kasady. Yoshi first encountered and battled Carnage in the Spider-Man/Smash Brothers crossover, "Yoshi and Spider-Man: Symbiote Invasion". Despite putting up a good fight, Yoshi proved to be no match for him and was savagely beaten. However, Yoshi has since became focused on tracking him down to settle the score.

Juri: An evil, sadistic, power hungry martial artist with sinister and murderous intentions. An extremely violent and powerful fighter, Juri is one of Yoshi's most challenging and deadliest enemies of all, having nearly killed him when they first battled in Three World Civil War, where she tried to take his Ancient Jewel for herself.

Bromlock: An all powerful and incredibly evil as well as malevolent demon. Merciless and careless, Bromlock will kill anyone who gets in his way, with his primary target being Yoshi.

Cybergon: A sentient and pure evil robot from the future with plans for conquest. He longs to destroy Yoshi and any other heroes who interfere with his plans.

Enroko: An evil and deadly WereWolf with supernatural abilities. Well known for killing and devouring succubi to sustain himself, he resolves to devour Kurumu Kurono at all costs, but is foiled by Yoshi.

Evil Super Sonic: The result of Sonic changing into his Super Form after he was overwhelmed with stress and anger, making him destructive, merciless and psychotic. Yoshi was no match for him until he soon transformed into Dark Yoshi and fought him in a vicious battle, which ended in a tie.

Dr. Eggman: The arch nemesis of Sonic the Hedgehog. An evil scientist who constantly schemes to take over the world, only to be repeatedly thwarted. On occasion, Eggman has also had to deal with Yoshi, but like his battles with Sonic, he fails to destroy him.

Dark Legion: A race of evil, technocratic echidnas who reside on Angel Island and are led by their sinister Grandmaster, Lien-Da. During his time in Mobius, Yoshi was frequently targeted by the Legion for the power of his Ancient Jewel, but he was able to fight them off everytime.

Lien-Da: The leader of the Dark Legion, as well as an enemy of Knuckles and the Chaotix. Obsessed with power and caring for nothing but herself, Lien-Da is truly one of the many villainous females that Yoshi takes caution with on occasion. While she is often cold, domineering and arrogant, she appears to display something of a softer side when around Yoshi. This is due solely to the fact that she is in love with him, which she covers up by trying to kill him, only to stop herself due to hesitation. Because of this reaction, Yoshi is always left confused and puzzled after every encounter, including one where she had kissed him after beating him in a battle. After finding out about her love for him, Yoshi initially expresses mixed feelings over whether to reciprocate it or not, but eventually ends up making love with her, prompting the start of a secret love.

Destructix: A group of common criminals and mercenaries led by Scourge the Hedgehog (AKA Evil Sonic). However despite having battled them more than once while in Mobius, Yoshi only sees them as a minor nuisance rather than a threat (with the only exception being Scourge), but never hesitates to get serious with them when he needs to be.

Scourge: Formerly known as Evil Sonic, Scourge is a green hedgehog who comes from an alternate world known as Anti-Mobius. Yoshi has encountered and clashed with him multiple times while in Mobius. He has proven to be a more of a match for Yoshi due to his Chaos powers, but still gets defeated by him most of the time.

Mephiles: An evil, demonic looking hedgehog who in actuality is the conscience, mind and will of the Sun god Solaris. He repeatedly tries to manipulate Yoshi into embracing his "Inner Evil", only to fail at every attempt. During one such encounter, Mephiles warned Yoshi that there would come a time in the near future where everyone and everything would be destroyed by his actions.

Iblis: An enormous, destructive and immortal monstrosity who is the raw power of Solaris. Because of his inability to be destroyed, Yoshi and his fellow heroes have had to deal with him constantly.

Boshi: Yoshi's old rival from his homeland, Yoshi's Island. In actuality, he was the first official WereDino while Yoshi was the second. Unlike Yoshi, who was cured of his WereDino transformations, Boshi had learned to control his transformations to the point where he could now change in between forms at will, as well as control his predatory urges. Also unlike Yoshi, he has no remorse for his actions and will even kill others, including his own kind, just for amusement. Because of his arrogance, selfishness and murderous actions, he was rejected by Kara (the WereWolf who bit him) and her WereWolf pack. He is more physically stronger and faster than Yoshi and is much more aggressive due to having more control over his WereWolf powers.

Nightmare: A pure evil, demonic and all powerful figure who is well known for possessing the evil sword known as the Soul Edge. He captured Yoshi with the intention of siphoning his jewel powers in order to become unstoppable, but ultimately failed after being defeated by Link.

Ivy: One of Nightmare's female servants. She is a rather cold, cunning, spiteful and somewhat sadistic woman. Around the time Yoshi was captured by Nightmare, Ivy took a great delight in torturing him for her own twisted amusement, causing him nothing more than torment. Though she occasionally flirts with him often, Ivy merely does this to tease him.

Tira: Another one of Nightmare's female servants. She is far more sadistic, ruthless and cunning than Ivy, and can be just as violent depending on her personality (Jolly or Gloomy). Like Ivy, she also enjoys torturing Yoshi for amusement, only her methods are somewhat more brutal. At the same time, she even developes sort of a sexual interest in Yoshi and would often molest and kiss him despite his objections.

Registration Forces: Due to his refusal to register with the government, Yoshi, along with his fellow rebel heroes are constant targets of attempted capture by the registration forces, which is supported by an organization called S.W.A.R.M.

Ogre/True Ogre: A towering, all powerful and formidable monster. Also referred to as the God of Fighting, Ogre is most known for attacking, killing and absorbing the abilities of various fighters. He targets Yoshi for the power of his Ancient Jewel and as such will often stalk and ambush him everywhere he goes, nearly killing him during each encounter, only to be fended off whenever Yoshi changes into Dark Yoshi.

Azazel: A demon of unknown origins. Though Yoshi has not encountered him in person yet, he can somehow feel his presence from miles away. Sensing the negative power of Yoshi's "Inner Evil", Azazel is strangely able to communicate with Yoshi through a mysterious telepathic link, pretending to act as his *conscience* while in actuality trying to manipulate him for evil purposes.

Nazo: An all powerful, evil hedgehog of mysterious origins. Being incredibly formidable, Nazo is almost completely unstoppable, being able to hold his own against powerful opponents and endure even the strongest of attacks. He proves to be more than a challenge for Yoshi, matching in him terms of power. He even managed to gain the upper hand in a battle with Dark Yoshi despite his increased power, but was outmatched by the combined forces of Nova Yoshi, Super Sonic, Phoenix Mario, Burning Blaze and Super Shadow. But when he transformed into Perfect Nazo, he immediately turned the tables in his favor and almost killed them. However, he would soon meet his end at the hands of Neo Yoshi and Shadic.

Metal/Mecha Yoshi: A deadly, robotic counterpart of Yoshi created by Sonic's nemesis Dr. Eggman for the sole purpose of destroying Yoshi. Since Metal Yoshi was designed for this purpose, he is one of Yoshi's most dangerous and formidable enemies, being able to best him in terms of power, speed and abilities due to being based on his DNA and brain patterns. However, a year later after Metal Yoshi was heavily damaged by the reptilian hero, Eggman (with help from Cybergon) repaired and upgraded him into a more advanced form called Mecha Yoshi. When he battled Yoshi again, he proved to be so powerful that even Dark Yoshi was unable to destroy him. Having successfully defeated Yoshi during various encounters, he nearly killed him in each fight. He would eventually be destroyed by Nova Yoshi. But this wouldn't be the last of him.

Alexia Ashford: An intelligent, evil and insane scientist from the Umbrella Corporation, as well as the creator and user of the T-Veronica Virus. After spending 15 years hibernating in a cryogenic chamber, she emerged having become adapted to the virus, as well devising a plan for conquest. However, she was eventually killed by Chris Redfield, who blew her up with a Linear Launcher after she mutated into a monster. Several years later, she was mysteriously resurrected. She then continued with her plans for conquest, starting by kidnapping Bowser and injecting him with her virus to put him under her control. Yoshi soon confronted her and attacked her in a vicious battle, only to be outmatched and nearly killed due to her superior strength and abilities, even Yoshi's WereDino form proved unable to kill her. But she would soon meet her death once more at the hands of Bowser, who impaled her through the heart after breaking free from her control.

Gornox: An evil and formidable alien from outer space. Incredibly powerful and remorseless, Gornox is so strong that he has nearly killed Yoshi more times than any villain.

Nightmare Wizard: An evil wizard with the power to manipulate dreams, as well as create monsters, illusions, evil clones and cast fear inducing spells. He can also create physical manifestations of anyone's worst fears for the sheer purpose of torturing his victims to death. Yoshi has been able to fight through his spells and illusions by facing his fears altogether. He has managed to defeat him during several encounters.

Black Arms: An evil race of aliens led by their leader, Black Doom. Having somehow reappeared, the Black Arms launched a second invasion. Yoshi and his fellow heroes have clashed with them constantly, fighting them off at every turn. They are currently engaged in a war with another alien race known as the Kargoffians.

Kargoffians: A genocidal race of humanoid reptilian aliens who are commanded by their evil leader, Lord Rex. They attacked the planet Earth with plans for conquest, but were repelled by the Smashers and the Marvel Heroes, as well as the Capcom heroes. They are currently locked in a brutal war with the Black Arms.

Shadow Queen: A pure evil, power hungry and ruthless 1000 year demon of darkness. Having originally been defeated by Mario in the past, the Shadow Queen suddenly makes a reappearance after so many years, having merely been in hibernation for the last 20 years since her defeat. She is strongly attracted to Yoshi's dark powers and regularly stalks him wherever he goes by taking on the appearance of a dark cloaked woman, attempting to manipulate him into accepting them. Her so called interest in Yoshi becomes even more intense when he turns into Dark Yoshi.

Marvel Villains: Besides Carnage, Yoshi has also battled the likes of other villains such as Venom, Rhino, The Lizard, Doc Ock, Dr. Doom, Titania, the Wrecking Crew, Blackheart and plenty more.

Razor (owned by Spawnzilla): A deadly and murderous villain who possesses the ability to turn his hands into sharp objects. Upon their first encounter, Yoshi and his Delta Team comrades were nearly killed by the psychotic madman. But he would ultimately commit his biggest act of savagery by viciously impaling Zero through the chest, effectively killing him. He was then tracked down by a vengeful Yoshi, who attacked him in a bitter rage. After a brutal fight, Yoshi eventually defeated him.

Mawgroth (owned by Spawnzilla) : An evil, cruel, dangerous and bloodthirsty Werewolf. He is known for being one of the most powerful and deadliest Werewolves around. He and his pack are also responsible for the death of Kara's parents, the original leaders of her pack known as the Wolf Clan. His incredible strength, ferocity and animal cunning make him even a match for the likes of Yoshi and his Werewolf powers, and as a result they have clashed multiple times.

Riptor: A genetic raptor/human hybrid created by an evil corporation known as Ultratech. During a rampage, he savagely killed and devoured over thirty people in one night, which drew on Yoshi's attention. During their first encounter, Yoshi was no match for the vicious creature, being injured and nearly killed as a result. Relying purely on savage animal instinct and cunning, Riptor is one of Yoshi's most deadly and violent enemies, having fought and nearly killed him more times than one. He can also spit acid from his mouth and stab his victims with his tail, as well as use his powerful claws and teeth to inflict serious injury.

The Lizard: Dr Curt Connors was originally a gifted surgeon who participated in the army, performing emergency treatment on his fellow soldiers who were injured in the war. But after losing his right arm due to an explosive blast, Connors left the army and returned to civilian life as a scientist, performing research on the study of reptile DNA in order to restore his lost arm. After successfully regrowing the limb of a rabbit with his newly made Lizard serum, Connors tested it upon himself, despite his wife's warnings. While his arm eventually grew back, a side effect from the serum caused him to mutate into a monstrous lizard. As such, he developed a twisted obsession with creating a new race of creatures like himself. He was soon stopped by Spider-Man, whom had managed to restore him to normal with an antidote. But the antidote ultimately failed as Connors once again transformed into the Lizard. After having several more scuffles with Spider-Man, the Lizard would later run afoul of Yoshi, whom he savagely attacked and almost killed had Spider-Man and Felicia not intervened. As of now, aside from Carnage, The Lizard is the only known Marvel villain whom Yoshi could not truly beat on his own, despite having done so on rare occasions.

Dread (owned by DarkKnights): A giant, cruel and vicious Spinosaurus, the arch nemesis of Redback. During his time on Isla Sorna, Yoshi was repeatedly attacked by Dread wherever he went. After several vicious encounters, Dread is finally stopped by the intervention of his nemesis Redback.

Yoshi's Age

Though it has never been stated often, Yoshi's age varies depending on the storyline and continuity. In most stories he is depicted mainly as a teenager, and an adult in the future.

14-19 (WereDino trilogy, Civil War, Evil Invasion,Multiverse Havoc, Devastation, Aftermath, etc)

18 (Three World Civil War, Delta Team)

18-20 (SSB/Sonic continuity)

34 (Future)


15-16 (Shippuden continuity)

12-13 (Original continuity)

SSB/Anime X-overs:


Yoshi's Character Traits

Even though he is a lifelong Smash Brother and a member of Delta Team, for most of the time, Yoshi mainly prefers working alone on various occasions due to his new lifestyle. As such, he would often frequently encounter old and new enemies (which he mostly defeats), as well as allies during his solo travels.

But aside from his solo work, Yoshi is also an effective and reliable team player when it comes to aiding his fellow Smashers and Delta Team comrades. His brave and fearless demeanor makes him a very good leader in both the field and in general. He is even more than willing to risk his own life to protect his teammates, no matter the costs.

In a manner similar to Spider-Man, Yoshi possesses an outgoing sense of humor, as he enjoys making jokes and witty comments. While most other heroes he works with tend to get annoyed with him, villains mainly react with anger when pushed too far by his constant insults and taunts. Also because of this, characters like Knuckles or even Blaze and Silver would either criticize or (in Blaze's case) threaten Yoshi when he gets carried away with his wisecracking. However, he will become serious when the situation demands it.

Because of his strong sense of justice and morality, from time to time, Yoshi would express disdain and mistrust towards those whose methods of fighting crime involve killing or savagely injuring criminals. A more notable example of this would be Shadow the Hedgehog, whose cold and violent personality makes it difficult for Yoshi to trust or even respect him. However, if pushed to his limit, he himself will resort to using said methods.

Another notable trait about Yoshi is his legacy. He (along with Mario and Sonic) is often referred to as one of the greatest heroes around because of his repeated victories against evil, as well as having saved various people from disasters of all kinds. Also, due to this, most of the villains that have heard of or fought Yoshi regard him as being a more greater threat to them than any other hero.

Thanks to his WereWolf gene, combat training and increased intelligence, Yoshi has his own complex, unique, unpredictable and self developed fighting style when in battle. Like Spider-Man, Yoshi uses all of his powers and abilities in conjunction to gain the advantage over an enemy, while also relying solely on his surroundings and intelligent strategies to propel him further. Overall, Yoshi is a very cunning and formidable fighter, being able to hold his own against even the most dangerous and strongest enemies, including monsters, aliens, demons and entities. When confronted with more larger, more deadly opponents, Yoshi would commonly try using his speed and agility compared the size of his opponent to outmaneuver them and attack when they're vulnerable. Combined with his newly learned Martial Arts, Yoshi is now able to fight in an almost ninja-like style, capable of striking certain pressure points within the body of his opponent.

Other than all this, Yoshi's most prominent and recurring trait is his reputation among females. His heroism and kind hearted personality have more than once attracted the attention of various women that he meets. Throughout his adventures, Yoshi has been around a number of women, examples include Michelle (primary girlfriend), Rouge (on/off love interest), Kasumi (girlfriend in an alternate universe), Kara (secret lover), Korseena (alien girlfriend in Alien Love), Mai Shiranui (occasional partner/love interest),Felicia (girlfriend in 3 Way Manor) and many more.

Stories, fan series and alternate earths I'm working on:

SSB/Naruto series: My own fan made series of crossovers which is set on an alternate earth where characters from Super Smash Brothers and Naruto (both timelines) co-exist among with each other. It will involve mostly comical situations, as well as serious ones.

Yoshi: The Reptilian Smash Brother: A solo series which stars my version of Yoshi as the main character. It will also include occasional guest stars, both heroes and villains from time to time.

SSB/Capcom/Namco: Takes place on another alternate earth where characters from three franchises all interact with each other.

Smash Brothers/Anime x-overs: A series of oneshots and stories which involves the Smashers (mainly Yoshi and even Sonic) interacting with various anime characters.

Smash Squad: A series set in 2032, where the original Smash Brothers have disbanded. But their children have come together as a new team of Smashers to continue from where their parents left off.

SSB/Marvel: Set on an alternate earth where the Smash Brothers co-exist with the Marvel Universe.

Yoshi and Spider-Man Team-Up: A series which takes place in my SSB/Marvel reality. It involves the two titular characters working together with other heroes to fight crime and save lives.

Shadow Stalker: My own fan created series which centers around the titular character embarking on a solo crusade against crime.

Glamour Girl: Another fan series which depicts the main character as she works to keep the world safe from threats of all kinds.

Teams and members:

Delta Team: A heroic team composed mostly of characters from Smash Brothers, Capcom and Namco, as well as OC characters before eventually expanding to include characters from other franchises. For the most part, the team is led by Sonic and Yoshi, but on rare occasions Chun-Li and Fox will act as leaders when the former two are unavailable. While most of them don't always get along well, they still work closely as a team.


1. Sonic: The head honcho of the team, as well as one of the two founders. He takes his leadership role very seriously and does whatever he can to keep the others in line when they get out of hand. While his cocky attitude tends to annoy those around him, he always knows when to get serious if the situation calls for it. He is currently in a romantic relationship with his fellow teammate, Felicia, and as such he shows immediate concern for her welfare. He is one of the fastest members, as well as one of the most agile.

2. Yoshi: The second-in-command of the team and the secondary founder. Together with his friend Sonic, Yoshi is the heart and soul who keeps the team together when things get rough. For the most part, Yoshi often spends his free time going off on his own to explore around the city and other places, but also spends time with his friends when he has the chance. He is highly respected among his teammates, but his frequent joking seems to get on their nerves at times whenever he tries to lighten the mood. He is the second fastest and one of the strongest members. He is also the smartest and is highly skilled in many fields of science.

3. Fox: The third-in-command. Fox's experience and skills as a leader make him the perfect figurehead in group missions. He is regularly paired up with Chun-Li when on patrol. Though he is skilled in the use of weapons, he is a very capable combatant, being able to hold his own in a fight.

4. Lucario: The most quiet and wise member of the team. While he prefers spending time alone, Lucario is always willing to lend a helping hand when he needs to. He has very little tolerance for funny business and often refuses to participate in any friendly activities that his teammates try to get him into, often preferring to meditate in his spare time. Although he is generally calm and collected, he has been known to get angry when disrupted and will not hesitate to speak his mind.

5. Mega Man Volnutt: One of the youngest and most easygoing members. He is almost always ready for a mission and craves for the excitement of it. Despite this, he is very devoted to justice and will do whatever he can to help others. While mostly pacifistic, he is not afraid to jump into battle when needed.

6. Charizard: This fire type Pokemon is noted for being one of the toughest members of Delta Team, not to mention he is also the largest. He is usually patient and easy to get along with, but his temper makes those around him uncomfortable. He is also aggressive in battle, relying on his fire based attacks as well as his brute force to take on his opponents.

7. Felicia: One of the few females of the team, as well as the most polite and energetic. Her cheerful and happy go lucky personality can lighten the mood whenever one of her teammates is feeling sad or upset. But her cat light reflexes and excellent agility make her a capable fighter in battle. She is currently in a romantic relationship with the team leader, Sonic, whom she loves very much.

8. Morrigan: The most clever, cunning and seductive female member of the team. As a form of comic relief, Morrigan, due to being a succubus, is highly flirtatious, leading her to hit on some of her male teammates, with her most favorite being Yoshi, whom she enjoys playing with. But in times of danger and despair, she always gets her head in the game and doesn't hesitate when confronted with a threat.

9. Chun-Li: The kind, caring and friendly, yet tough as nails female member of the team. True to her title as the *World's Strongest Woman, Chun-Li is a formidable and well trained combatant, with powerful kicks to match. As an Interpol agent, she takes her work as a hero very seriously, but she can be quite the nice girl when she needs to. Alongside Fox, she also serves as leader when Sonic and Yoshi are absent.

10. Link: The Hero of Hyrule is one of the most bravest and noble members. His swordsman and marksman skills allow him to fight at both short and long range. While he doesn't talk as much as others, he is more than capable of speaking his mind on occasion.

11. Zero: This tough and serious Maverick Hunter is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Like Lucario, he has very little interest in fun and games, but despite his demeanor, he can be friendly and supportive.

12. Roll Caskett: A childhood friend of Mega Man Volnutt, as well as his girlfriend. While not really suited for combat, she is highly intelligent and serves as the team's main mechanic, specializing in building, repairing and even upgrading anything associated with technology.

13. Klonoa: Out of all the younger team members, Klonoa is one of the youngest. Also known to many as the *Dream Traveler, Klonoa always does the best he can to help others in danger. When outside of battle, he maintains a friendly, cheerful and sensitive attitude, but will show anger when someone close to him gets harmed.

14. Taki: Coming Soon!

15. Valkyrie: Coming Soon!

16. Marth: Coming Soon!

17. Mewtwo: This psychic type Pokemon is one of the more serious and quiet members in the team. He is not the most friendly, nor the most social or sympathetic. He usually prefers being alone and likes to have time to himself without interruptions. But with this psychic abilities, he is able to predict future occurrences of any kind. He is also a capable combatant, relying on his psychic and telekinetic powers to take on his opponents.

18. Samus

19. Zelda

20. Dante

21. Snake: Whenever a situation calls for reconnaissance and stealth work, Solid Snake is the man for the job. With his skills and expertise, Snake is the team's main professional on gathering information, as well as specializing with infiltration and working undercover. Due to his rather gruff demeanor, most of the others find it hard to talk to him or even get to know him, but those who know him best are able to see pass his tough exterior and bring out his more sensitive qualities. Having previously dated Samus before they broke up , Snake has since started dating Cammy.

22. Cammy: Cammy White is always willing and ready for action when the time comes. As one of the more tougher females on the team, Cammy is not one to be taken lightly in the face of danger, as she will not hold back when jumping into battle. But outside her hero duties, she usually maintains a lighter and friendly personality, sparking conversation with her fellow teammates to pass the time. She is known to have romantic feelings for Snake, whom she is regularly paired with on missions. Becoming closer overtime, they have now officially begun dating.

23. Talim

24. Proto Man

25. Sophitia

26. Max (Storyteller222's OC)

27. Nexis (Storyteller222's OC)

28. Ninja Joe (Storyteller222's OC)

29. Glamour Girl ( my OC)

30. Shadow Stalker (my OC)

31. Cam Tom (Storyteller222's OC)

32. Hyokhu (adrogoz's OC)

33. Kudara (adrogoz's OC)

34. Knuckles

35. Silver

36. Lyn

37. Lloyd Irving

38. Sheena Fujibayashi

39. Seong Mi-na

40. Ling Xiaoyu (sent by Jin Kazama at his request)

41. Spider-Man (the only Marvel hero in the group)

42. Mai Shiranui (the only SNK character in the group)

43. Kasumi (the only Tecmo character in the group)

44. Tifa Lockhart (the only Final Fantasy character in the group)

Smash Squad: A team of smashers in the late future of 2032 which consists of the children of the original Smashers and some of their allies.


1. Mariah (leader): the daughter of Yoshi and his wife Michelle, and the older sister of Yoshi Jr. She has all the powers and abilities of her father, as well as his personality traits, including his sarcasm and sense of humor. She is a very capable leader who takes her responsibility seriously, and is also an expert tactician. She cares deeply for her teammates and often acts as the voice of reason.

2. Yoshi Jr.: the son of Yoshi and Michelle, and the younger brother of Mariah. Like his sister, Yoshi Jr. shares the same capabilities as his father, but is quick to anger when his friends and family get attacked, hurt or threatened by enemies. He is in love with Sonic's daughter, Sonya and is best friends with Mario's son Markus. Also like his father, he occasionally works by himself. Even though he loves Sonya, he also loves his teammate Sara, and another girl named Tina, which puts him in an awkward love rectangle. But he absolutely hates being hit on by Amelia, despite her crush on him. He seems to display intense hatred towards his half sisters Meera and Leera, even though they share the same WereWolf gene. He despises them to the point where he even tries to kill them once. But he soon learns to accept them overtime.

3. Sonya: The daughter of Sonic and his late wife Tammy. Like her father, Sonya is outgoing, carefree, cocky and adventurous, but is also cheerful and caring. She is in love with Yoshi Jr. and often flirts with him to express it. She has the same abilities and speed capacity as Sonic, only more advanced. She tends to display jealously towards other girls who flirt with Yoshi Jr., primarily Amelia.

4. Markus: The son of Mario and Peach, and the older brother of Penelope. He is brave and fearless like Mario, and kindhearted like Peach. He is also Yoshi Jr.'s best friend, like their fathers before them. He has all of his father's fire based attacks and his abilities.

5. Penelope: The daugther of Mario and Peach, and Markus's younger sister. She is more cheerful, compassionate and soft spoken than her brother. While not as powerful as Mario and Markus, she is very athletic and acrobatic, and is regularly trained by Ninjor.

6. Stacy Aran: The daughter of Samus Aran. While she has a personality similar to her mother, she is also highly intelligent and is an expert with technology and strategies. Like Samus, she uses her own more advanced Power Suit in battle. She will regularly upgrade her suit every so often when necessary, even to the point where she makes a special upgrade which allows her to change into different suits when in certain situations.

7. Dana Falcon: The daughter of Captain Falcon, and the older sister of Mikey. She is every bit as tough,hot headed and competitive as her father, except that she can occasionally act childish and hyper (much to the dismay of both her teammates and Falcon himself). She has a competitive rivalry with her teammate Viper. She is prone to becoming impatient and is sometimes at odds with Mariah, due to her jealously over Mariah being team leader. She can use many of Falcon's techniques, including his signature move the Falcon Punch.

8. Link: In actuality, he is an older Young Link who had grown into a young man after the original Link had died. He is similar to his predecessor in personality and attitude, but can be just as aggressive if angered. He also prefers to be called by the name *Link* and will often get frustrated when someone refers to him as *Young Link*. Penelope, Viper, Angela and Dana all have a crush on him, but he never notices. Although it may be clear that he actually loves Angela, due to spending so much time with her.

9. Spike Koopa: The son of the late Bowser Koopa and his second wife Kyra, as well as his ninth child. Since Bowser had died a few weeks after his birth, Spike was raised without him by his mother and siblings. He is the toughest and most arrogant member of the team, and does not always take orders very well. However, he does have a soft side, but rarely shows it around the others. He is known to butt heads with Yoshi Jr., as the two do not get along as well, much like their fathers in the past. But he slowly starts to warm up to his teammates overtime.

10. Amelia: The daughter of Marth and his wife Shiida. Since she is of royal descent, she tends to act snobbish and sometimes self centered most of the time. She is also a neat freak, and dislikes getting herself dirty or wet. Aside from this, Amelia is also a constant flirt, as she has a tendency to hit on her male teammates (except Leo), using her so called *womanly charms* to try and get her way. She mainly flirts with Yoshi Jr. (whom she is smitten with) and Markus, much to their dismay, as well as Sonya's jealously because of her love for Yoshi Jr. Overall, she is still very kindhearted and well behaved. However, she dislikes being hit on by Roy's son Leo, as she wants nothing to do with him.

11. Leo: The son of Roy and Lilina. He is most notable for being impulsive, laidback and cocky, and considers himself to be a ladies man, only to be frequently proved wrong. Even though he likes many girls, he is known to have a crush on Amelia, who repeatedly rejects his advances, often responding by either smacking him or mostly insulting him, but he eventually gets over her. Regardless, he is a very noble swordsman, and always takes situations seriously.

12. Danielle: The daughter of Luigi and Daisy, as well as Markus and Penelope's cousin. Like her mother, Danielle is a hyperactive and courageous tomboy, with a witty sense of humor. During the most part, she mainly jokes around, making wisecracks just for amusement. She is also a mischievous prankster, and will oftern play pranks on her fellow teammates, notably her cousin Markus. Though this mainly gets her in trouble most of the time.

13. Evelyn: The daughter of Ike and Lyn. She is also Amelia's best friend. Although she is more soft spoken, compassionate and gentle than Amelia, she has a rather short temper and will shout when enraged. Evelyn also cares about her teammates very much, and she will stand by them no matter what happens.

14. Ninjor: An old friend and ally of the original Smashers. He serves as the mentor of the Smash Squad, teaching them on how to fight. His most notable protege is Penelope, along with Danielle.

15. Viper (real name: Lisa): The daughter of Solid Snake. Having been trained by her father as she grew up, she knows all of his moves, tactics and strategies. She also uses his old equipment and gadgets with relative ease. She has a competitive rivalry with her teammate, Dana. Her personality is identical to Snake's, only not as serious, although she is friendly.

16. Jacob: The psychic son of Ness and Paula. Being the only psychic member of the group, Jacob is able to see future events, and read the minds of others. He can use the same powers as Ness, including the PK Starstorm.

17. Angela: The angel daughter of Pit and his human wife Celia. She is the most calm, quiet and sophisticated of the team, but shows no fear when confronted with a threat. Angela is very kind, sympathetic, sensitive and fun loving. But she can also be serious when she needs to be.

18. Sara Baines: The daughter of the Smashers good ally, Glamour Girl. She possesses the same powers as her mother, only more stronger. Her super hero identity is known as Meta Girl. Only her mother and her teammates know of her secret identity. She also loves Yoshi Jr., who loves her as well.

19. Cindy Miko: The daughter of Shadow Stalker, another good ally of the original Smashers. After Samantha Miko had retired from her duties as a hero, she passed on the responsibility to her daughter, who now dons a more improved version of her mother's costume. While initially calling herself Shadow Stalker, she nows go by the name of Dark Prowler. She originally preferred working on her own, leading to her frequently refusing to join the team. But after being convinced by her mother, she agreed to become a member.

20. Jamie McCloud: The son of Fox McCloud and Krystal. He possesses the personality traits of both his parents, being headstrong and brave like Fox while also being kindhearted and compassionate like Krystal. He also has his mother's telepathic abilities. Like his father, he is an expert pilot who uses his own Arwing.

21. Ellen: The daughter of Zelda and her late husband, the original Link. Many years before his death, Link had trained her on how to fight as she grew up. After he passed away, Zelda began teaching her to use magic, which she continues to use along with the swordfighting skills Link had taught her. She also possesses the ability to change into a wolf, just like Link, though she rarely uses this. She can even transform into her own alter ego (which she refers to as Sheikara) like Zelda, only her appearance is more feminine than that of her mother's.

22. Lucario Jr.: The son of the original Lucario. Years after the original Smashers disbanded, Lucario went on to restore his old clan. He found love with a female Lucario named Rosa, who soon became his mate. Together they conceived a child, which Lucario named after himself. Jr is the most solitary and serious of the team and mostly spends time on his own, distancing himself from his fellow teammates. But he is always willing to aid them at anytime.

23-24. Meera and Leera: The two twin daughters of Yoshi and his WereWolf mate Kara, and the half sisters of Mariah and Yoshi Jr. Despite being family, Yoshi Jr. refuses to acknowledge them as siblings, showing nothing but distrust and hatred towards them. But overtime, he eventually learns to accept them.

25. Mimi: The daughter of Nana and Popo. She is the youngest member of the team. Because of this, the others frequently refuse to let her go on specific missions with them due to being overprotective of her. But regardless, she has been able to prove herself as a worthy teammate.

26. Max Prower: The son of Sonic's best friend, Miles 'Tails' Prower. Much like Tails himself, Max is highly intelligent, being a very skilled mechanic and engineer. Like their parents before them, he and Sonya are best friends.

27-28. Kyle and Kasey: The son and daughter of Knuckles the Echidna. Much like Knuckles himself, Kyle has a hot temper, which can be easily set off if angered. Despite his hotheaded persona, he is also compassionate, kind and modest. His younger sister Kasey is more softer and fun loving, but she is always ready for a fight when need be. While her temper is not as bad as Knuckles or Kyle's, she can still act aggressive.

Allies: Like their predecessors, the Smash Squad also meet allies. Most of them are the children of old enemies who have since reformed while the rest are old friends of the original team.

1. The Flaming Siblings: Hot Shot and Fire Diva, the two children of Yoshi's former nemesis, Hyperfire.

2. Speed Burst: The daughter of the former villain Speed Meister.

3. Glamour Girl: An ally of the original Smashers, as well Sara's mother. Though she still has her powers, Tanya Baines is not as active as she used to be. But she will help out when she needs to.

4. Samantha Miko: Another old ally of the Smashers, the mother of Cindy Miko. Although she had retired from crimefighting as Shadow Stalker, Samantha still continues to aid the Smash Squad from behind the scenes by providing them with various strategies and tactics to use against their opponents.

5. Knuckles: One of Sonic's old friends and an ally of the Smashers. Despite his duty as the guardian of the Master Emerald, Knuckles has more than once assisted the young heroes against many threats.

6. Whirlpool: The daughter of reformed villain Hydra.

7. Amazonette: The heroic daughter of the reformed and retired Amazonia. She has all the same powers as her mother, and also has a major crush on Yoshi Jr, who never notices. She would mostly use her pheromones to get his attention, but often gets scolded by her mother for doing so.

8. Silver: Another one of Sonic's friends and an ally of the first team. Like Knuckles, Silver has more than once helped out the Smash Squad from time to time on multiple occasions.

9. Yoshi: One of the original Smashers, and the father of Mariah and Yoshi Jr. Also known as "The Reptilian Smash Brother", Yoshi still maintains his hero status by working solo. He has even helped out the Smash Squad on multiple occasions and visited them in Smash Tower from time to time, being occasionally accompanied by his old teammates.

10. Mario: The former leader of the original Smashers, and the father of Markus and Penelope. Despite being a family man now, Mario has occasionally returned to heroics, working alongside the Smash Squad against many threats. He still has all his powers and acrobatic skills, but mainly uses them when training his children.

11. Samus Aran: Former intergalactic bounty hunter and Smash Brother, as well as Stacy's Mother. She is not as active as she used to be, having passed on her original duties to her daughter. However, she will not hesitate to charge into battle when the need arises.

Enemies: The Smash Squad also have their own rogues gallery of enemies, both old and new.

Meta Ridley: A cybernetic enhanced version of Samus's arch nemesis Ridley, an old enemy of the original heroes as well as one of the Smash Squad's first enemies.

Cult of Ganon: An evil cult of worshippers that was formed in honor of the King of Evil himself, Ganondorf, whom was killed in his final battle with his eternal nemesis, Link. They have repeatedly conducted rituals in an effort to resurrect him, only to be stopped by the Smash Squad in every attempt.

Plasmotron: As a lifelong enemy of the original team, Manny Sankoff has been active as Plasmotron for many years. Despite his age, he is still a dangerous and formidable opponent. In the future, his daughter Emily follows in his footsteps by taking on the identity of Plasmia.

Cybergon: A frequent enemy to the original Smashers, and the main antagonist to the Smash Squad. After his plans in the past were thwarted by the first team, he returned to the year 2032 to resume his scheme for conquest.

More Coming Soon!

Character depiction:

World of Naruto: In this reality, Yoshi is depicted as a young dinosaur who is one of the last members of a clan known as the Dino clan, whom was killed by an unknown assailant. Throughout his years growing up with an adoptive family, Yoshi went on to become not only an intelligent kid, but also a mischievous troublemaker, playing pranks on the villagers in Konoha merely for amusement, despite being scolded for his behavior. However, he remained unaware of the destructive monstrosity that was currently sealed within him.

Unknown to him, Yoshi is the (first non-human) jinchuriki of Tragloc, a legendary and powerful dragon (and the culprit who killed his clan). In an effort to protect him, Yoshi was never told about the death of his clan by those who knew of it, as they feared the possibility of him losing control of his anger and allowing the dragon to overtake him. Even the current Hokage at that time, Minato Namikaze, a close personal friend of the Dino clan (notably the clan's leader, Yoshi's father), had forbade the villagers from letting Yoshi know the truth once he was older. Even after his death, his predecessor, the Third Hokage, had kept the rule intact. At one point, Yoshi had asked Miyoka about his clan. In order to cover up the truth, Miyoka lied to him by saying that his clan had left him in her care before they migrated from the Land of Fire. While initially confused, Yoshi ultimately believed her.

When he began attending the Academy, he was labeled as a class clown due to his rambunctious personality. But despite this, he proved to be a capable student, excelling greatly in most of his taijutsu (where he would meet his rival Sonic) and ninjutsu classes, and much more. He even befriends a fellow classmate named Naruto Uzumaki, whose hyperactive personality was equal to his own. Feeling sympathy for Naruto because of how the villagers and their children mistreated him, Yoshi was the one person who stood up for him.

Graduating at the age of 12, Yoshi was assigned to Team 7 with Naruto and two others, Sasuke Uchiha (whom he dislikes) and Sakura Haruno. During his time with his teammates, Yoshi would experience the values of ninja training, friendship, teamwork and learning to rely on one another. Though he would frequently express resentment towards Sasuke, argue with Sakura and even goof around with Naruto, he still tries the best he can to aid them when in need, even though it becomes difficult at times.

Personality and traits: Yoshi is known for being brash, mischievous, hyperactive, cocky, and overall very confident. However, he has been known to act up and goof around on occasion, much to the dismay of those around him, notably his teammates and his family. He is also prone to frequently becoming frustrated or angry over even the smallest problems, which leads him to snap from time to time. As such, he often verbally lashes out at those who aggravate him, with the person usually being Sakura, whom he always argues with. In other cases, he will also throw a temper tantrum whenever he is assigned on missions that he considers boring and dissatisfying. Despite his antics, he absolutely hates being called childish and will immediately react aggressively towards anyone who does so, such as when he had viciously punched Sonic after the hedgehog had referred to him by the term.

His most notable trait is his habit of playing pranks, which he does during his free time. But unlike Naruto, Yoshi merely plays pranks to amuse himself, even though this gets him in trouble most of the time. Aside from this, he is also very kind hearted, respectful, compassionate and sensitive about the feelings of others. He, like Naruto, also has a strong craving for ramen, which he developed a taste for since Miyoka had fed it to him when he was a baby. Though he mostly eats ramen, he is not fussy about eating different food.

But when he finds himself in a dangerous situation, or when his family and friends are threatened by an enemy, Yoshi will become extremely serious and fiercely determined to put an end to said threat. His willingness to put his life on the line for those he cares about makes him a truly brave and selfless individual, which even earns him a few admirers. He also has a strong zero tolerance for perverted behavior and will immediately reprimand those who do so, primarily Jiraiya.

Overall as he gets older, Yoshi noticeably becomes much more mature, even to the point where he hardly plays pranks, nor does he goof around as often, though he still retains some of his childish antics, much like Naruto.

One other trait he commonly displays is his indifference. He almost never shows any change in behavior when in the presence of high authority figures such as a kage, and would regularly display no fear or intimidation when they lose patience with him. While he usually remains unafraid of strict adults, the only one who truly scares him is Miyoka, who would often employ the use of a frightening glare and creepy grin to make him behave when he gets out of line.

Abilities: Prior to joining the academy, Yoshi was trained early on in his youth by Miyoka, his adoptive mother, and Kimko, his adoptive sister. Even though most Dino Clan members inherit their skills from their elders a few years after hatching, Yoshi however was unable to do so since he was hatched a few weeks after his clan's death, which he never knew of since no one had told him about it, due to the Fourth Hokage forbidding it.

While most of his ninja skills were considered minor due to his reputation as a jokester, Yoshi gradually improved as he went on, setting aside his childish pranks to focus more on his talents and potential.


As members of his clan were mostly noted for being physical combatants, Yoshi mainly prefers using taijutsu when in combat, whether if he's sparring with a friend or battling an enemy. While his taijutsu skills were only basic during his training with Miyoka and Kimko, they became even more better when he started attending the academy, even managing to earn high grades in his taijutsu classes.

In addition, Yoshi also displays impressive feats of brute strength on multiple occasions. This talent came primarily from being trained by Miyoka, whom was previously an apprentice of the legendary Sannin known as Tsunade, a kunoichi who is notable for possessing incredible strength. As his taijutsu continued to improve with two and a half years of further training, Yoshi's strength is now at a level where he can possibly paralyze, injure or even kill an enemy with a powerful blow. Even as a kid, during Team 7's bell test he was able to leave a large crack on a tree, almost to the point of breaking it. At the age of six, he was even able to knock Sonic across the ground with a single punch.

Aside from this, Yoshi's most accountable achievement is his speed. More often than not, Yoshi has exhibited incredible bursts of speed and agility, enabling him to go on par with even the likes of his rival Sonic, as members of the Hedgehog clan are most recognized for possessing natural born speed. He could also move at a pace fast enough to outrun or even overwhelm higher ranked opponents in some cases.


Notably in his youth, Yoshi had learned some degree of Ninjutsu, preferably the Transformation Jutsu, which he could perform without effort due to having a stable degree of control over his chakra. During his free time playing pranks, Yoshi mostly used the variant known as the Sexy Jutsu, which allowed him to manipulate and trick men. Other than this, he also has learned a variety of jutsus throughout his training, most of them being nature based.

In certain cases, Yoshi has even used it to disguise himself as different beings, most notably to outsmart the likes of his opponents.

Although he prefers taijutsu, nevertheless Yoshi is talented in using certain types of jutsus.

Shadow Clone Jutsu

While he almost barely ever uses this jutsu, Yoshi has proven capable of utilizing Shadow Clones to his advantage depending on the situation. When on missions, Yoshi uses his clones to scout out the area, checking for signs of danger. As he is the main mind, he is able to tell when there's danger in the area or not after his clones have finished scouting.

The number of clones he creates is based on the amount of chakra he uses.

Summoning Jutsu

After having learned of his clan's history, except their death, Yoshi began learning how to summon the Dino clan's signature animals, which were Dinosaurs, from which he and his clan are descended. As a traditional jutsu in his clan, Yoshi was able to use it even before he entered the Academy, as demonstrated when he summoned a raptor in the middle of his classroom during orientation.

While he mostly summons raptors, Yoshi can also summon other creatures like a Tyrannosaurus, an Allosaurus, a Pteranodon, and a few others. In some cases, he has been seen riding on a raptor through the village and during most of his travels.

Nature Style

As the Dino Clan is most known for being able to adapt to nature, they have an affinity for most types of Nature Style. Their notable affinities consist of Fire, Wind, Earth and Lightning. But strangely, Yoshi is only capable of using Fire, Wind and Lightning.


Although he is often called immature by many because of his hyperactivity, Yoshi is actually a very smart individual for his young age, scoring the highest grades in his classes at the Academy. While he commonly behaves like a goofball, nevertheless, he is more than capable of utilizing his intellect to solve certain problems. He is also a talented strategist, often studying his opponents movements and skills in order to properly execute an effective counter attack. At one point during orientation, Ino pointed out that Yoshi's usual goofball antics are merely an act that he puts on in order to hide his true talents.

Kekkai Genkai:

Dino Mode

The Dino clan's signature kekkai genkai, Dino Mode, is an ability that many members learn as a coming of age tradition, in which young pre-adolescent dinos use it as a way to show off how much they've learned through their training. The ability itself allows the user to transform into a larger, more predatory form, with a strong, muscular physique, a longer tail, and their head becomes like that of a carnivorous dinosaur, with jaws that can deliver a powerful bite. While in this form, the user still retains their intellect and their ability to talk, only in a deeper voice.

In Dino Mode, Yoshi's Strength, Speed and Durability are all augmented to higher levels, along with his senses. He is able to change into this form through the sheer force of will. But he will only do so when he feels the need. When in Dino Mode, Yoshi can produce a loud, ferocious roar which triggers a sonic shockwave that is capable of knocking multiple opponents off their feet, as well as stunning them, albeit temporarily. On some occasions, it can even cancel out certain Fire Style attacks.


Miyoka and Kimko

Yoshi's adoptive mother and older sister. Back when Yoshi's clan and homeland were destroyed by Tragloc, Miyoka was one of the many Leaf ninja that was sent to search for survivors, stumbling upon his unhatched egg in a puddle. Tasked with taking care of him by the Fourth Hokage, Miyoka and her daughter took full responsibility in doing so. Once he was hatched, Miyoka adopted him and raised him as her own, with her daughter's aid, as well as that of her best friend Shizune. As she did so, she began to train him when he was at the age of 5, teaching him the ways of a ninja before entering him in the Academy. Kimko also helped in training him from time to time.

Despite not being his real family, Yoshi sees them as such, even referring to them as a mother and sister. Yoshi is very close with them both, and their bond is so strong that Yoshi will lash out defensively at anyone who messes with them. Miyoka tends to act very motherly towards him, sometimes to the point of embarrassing him in public. However, she does have her limits and will often scold Yoshi whenever he goofs around or conducts pranks.

Kimko regularly played with him when he was an infant. As he got older, she began to develop a strong sibling bond with him, and much like Miyoka, she would even publicly embarrass him by hugging and cuddling him, as well as giving him the nickname Yoshi-chan. But she is not above scolding him for misbehaving.

Aside from this, they both love him very much.

Naruto Uzumaki

When Yoshi and Naruto first met as classmates, they found that they had a lot in common with each other. While both were unaware that they were the jinchuriki of two destructive beasts, they nevertheless became close friends throughout their years at the Academy. Yoshi was one of the few children who did not belittle, pick on or tease Naruto whenever he messed up on something, and would even take offense towards those who did so.

During their free time, Yoshi and Naruto would commonly spend most of their time together, eating at the Ramen Ichiraku. Yoshi acknowledges Naruto like a surrogate brother, sticking by him in tough situations. At some point, Naruto even taught Yoshi how to use the Sexy Jutsu. In a way, Yoshi considers him his best friend.

Even when they found out about the beasts inside of them, they still maintained their friendship.

Sakura Haruno

Yoshi's relationship with Sakura at first was somewhat reminiscent of a fierce sibling-like rivalry. The two did not get along well when they met in the Academy, primarily due to their conflicting opinions on certain people, notably Naruto and Sasuke.

Throughout their early years in Team 7, Yoshi and Sakura constantly argued with each other, with Yoshi frequently calling her a ' Loudmouth Banshee' while Sakura often called him an 'Immature Pest'. But unlike Naruto, Yoshi never allowed Sakura to hit him whenever he made her mad. But as they matured over the years, they began to act more friendly towards one another and soon became more closer, though they still had a tendency to argue and insult each other.

Sasuke Uchiha

Yoshi has resented Sasuke since day one. As such, the two would constantly antagonize each other at every given time, with Yoshi usually lashing out whenever Sasuke insulted or belittled him. While on some occasions they have actually conversed with and helped one another, they still have trouble seeing eye to eye. But overtime, their heated dislike starts to soften to the point where they are capable of collaborating together when on missions or in training.

Sonic Hedgehog

Yoshi and Sonic first met as rivals in the Academy, competing with each other in almost everything. While their rivalry is somewhat fierce like Naruto and Sasuke's, it is not as serious or strong. In fact, the rivalry is more along the lines of a friendly one. Yoshi and Sonic are typically on good terms with each other and will converse when they have free time.

Hinata Hyuga

Yoshi has the utmost respect and compassion for Hinata. Even though he finds her to be somewhat reclusive and very quiet, he still respects her enough to talk to her and help her. Since he is aware of her love for Naruto, as a recurring gag Yoshi often tries helping Hinata to confess her true feelings, only to be unsuccessful, despite having come close multiple times. Aside from this, Yoshi and Hinata have a very understanding friendship.

Ino Yamanaka

While they don't always interact with one another, Yoshi and Ino are on good terms with each other. Unlike with Sakura, Yoshi does not argue with or insult Ino, as he sees no reason to do so since she is not as easily angered or temperamental like Sakura is. While he would frequently grow annoyed when she talks about things like shopping or boys, he still has enough patience with her to respect her opinions on certain things. Yoshi feels more comfortable around Ino since she does not belittle him or call him immature when he goofs around, despite being occasionally annoyed with his antics. But she is not above playfully teasing him when he brings up a subject that involves romance.

Kakashi Hatake

Out of all the jonin he has met, Yoshi is closest to his team's sensei, Kakashi. As a youth, Yoshi idolized and looked up to him, seeing him as a worthy and reliable mentor who provided him with great wisdom and encouragement. Though obviously annoyed with how he constantly shows up late for their training sessions, Yoshi still has full respect for him.

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Despite his habit of poking fun at and teasing him because of his old age, Yoshi holds the Third Hokage in high regards as a well respected man. He always acknowledges him respectfully but is quick to make a fuss when he assigns him on lower level missions. Similar to Naruto, Yoshi would also irritate him to no end with his tricks. He has even used his Sexy Jutsu on him several times just to get a rise out of him.


Yoshi's interaction with Tsunade is somewhat of a neutral/friendly one. In general, Yoshi would commonly annoy and frustrate Tsunade when in her presence, making wisecracking comments regarding her gambling and drinking habits. Even though she loses her temper with him often, he still teases her nonetheless due to his common indifference around certain adults. Aside from this, he still respects her as the Fifth Hokage.


Yoshi is surprisingly very close with Shizune, seeing her as a surrogate aunt, which leads him to affectionately call her *Aunt Shizune, despite how embarrassed she gets when he does so in front of others, mainly Tsunade or Naruto. His reason for referring to her as such stems from how she helped Miyoka in raising Yoshi by babysitting him whenever Miyoka was away. But after she traveled away from the village with Tsunade, Yoshi did not see her again for a long time throughout his childhood, causing him to forget about her for a time. When he encountered her again years later, his eyes filled with tears as he ran up and embraced her. All in all, Shizune cares for him deeply and loves him as if he were family.


While he does show respect for the Toad Sage, Yoshi has a rather peculiar relationship with Jiraiya, bordering on a mixture of teasing him about his inability to attract women and reprimanding him for being a pervert, going so far as to even call him Pervy Sage, like Naruto.

Anko Mitarashi

Out of all the adult kunoichi, no one pushes Yoshi's buttons more than Anko. He has a tendency to get easily irritated with Anko for not taking certain things seriously, such as his training, during which she spent most of her time slacking off, preferring to lounge around and eat dango rather than pay attention to Yoshi's progress. Because of her affinity for snakes, Yoshi often calls her *Snake Lady, even though she hates it. Nevertheless, Yoshi is still able to get along with her, despite their child-like interaction.


Like with Naruto, Ebisu frequently looked down on Yoshi, believing him to be a juvenile delinquent who only causes trouble. Yoshi in response would tease and mock him for being too strict and always going by the book, comically assuming that he lacked a sense of humor all because he can't take a joke.

Marvel Universe: Within this reality, Yoshi's history remains mostly unchanged, but only with a few differences. While he is still apart of the Smash Brothers, he also serves as the youngest member of the Avengers, and a member of the Future Foundation. He is the best friend and occasional crime fighting partner of Spider-Man and close ally of the X-Men, and his identity is public. While initially having green skin, it changes to the color purple after his exposure to cosmic energy. He has somewhat of a rivalry with X-23, mainly due to their different personalities and views on morality. He is also caught in a love rectangle with Michelle, Kara and Armor, though neither of the girls were aware of this at first. Even after finding out, they each instead chose to maintain their relationships with Yoshi on a regular basis.

He has also been trained in combat by Captain America, Daredevil, Wolverine, Iron Fist and even Spider-Man.

Sonic Universe: In this continuity, Yoshi still has the same history as he always does, except that in this world, he works as both a Smash Brother and a Freedom Fighter. He is still close friends with Sonic and Mario, and is also the secret object of affection from Blaze the Cat, Rouge the Bat, Fiona Fox (who is not a villain in my continuity), Shade the Echidna, Amy Rose (which conflicts with her feelings for Sonic), and some others. He even shares a strong family-like bond with Cream the Rabbit and her mother Vanilla and often spends time with them for most of the day. He also keeps close ties with the Chaotix, and has a rather serious rivalry with Shadow.

He is also targeted by villains such as the Dark Legion, Doctor Eggman, Mammoth Mogul and even Doctor Finitevus, and has occasional run-ins with Bean and Bark,Nack the Weasel, the Destructix, Scourge the Hedgehog, as well as the Babylon Rogues and many other villains, including an evil robot double called Metal/Mecha Yoshi.

Character Rivalries in my stories:

1. Yoshi (my version) and Spider-Man: They can be seen as rivals for many reasons. Both of their powers come from being bitten by a specific animal. Yoshi's came from a WereWolf while Spider-Man's were brought on by a radioactive spider. They both use their powers for justice and saving lives. Both have an outgoing sense of humor, high intellects, they excel in many fields of science and they are skilled fighters. However, Yoshi's identity is public while Spider-Man keeps his a secret.

2. Sonic and Rainbow Dash: These two are rivals in several ways. Both of them are the fastest characters of their franchise. They tend to be cocky, occasionally arrogant and competitive. They are loyal to their friends, and are both known as heroes in their homelands. The only difference lies in competition, while Sonic always plays fair, Rainbow Dash has been known to resort to cheating.

3. Cybergon and Ultron: Both characters envision a world ruled by robots. They long to destroy those who get in their way, with Cybergon wanting to destroy the Smash Brothers while Ultron focuses on destroying the Avengers. On the other hand, Cybergon is a robot who was created in the future, Ultron was created in the present day. Also, Ultron often uploads himself into replacement bodies when he gets destroyed, but Cybergon always upgrades himself.

4. Shadow Stalker and Batman: They both lost their parents in their younger years, however Shadow Stalker was only a teen, whereas Batman was a kid. They are both highly intelligent strategists and tacticians, and they are both experts in martial arts. Their identities are kept secret from the public. But there are differences, as Bruce Wayne is a wealthy playboy and businessman, while Samantha Miko is just a popular and beautiful woman. Also, Batman mainly uses his gadgets and devices which he keeps in his utility belt, while Shadow Stalker only relies on her skills and agile capabilities to get through a fight.

5. Yoshi (my version) and Naruto: They can be rivals for many reasons. Both of them went through rough times in their lives, with Naruto being treated as an outcast, while Yoshi was hunted by bounty hunters because of his actions as a WereDino. They have both been through life or death battles, and always came out alive. They made friends with others as they progressed through life. They are known by everyone for possessing powerful and destructive forces inside them. Naruto is the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox while Yoshi has an "Inner Evil", due to a curse placed upon his Ancient Jewel by the dragon Tragloc. However, Naruto has recently gained control over the Nine Tails, but Yoshi still struggles to control his darkness.

More OCs:


Dagger the Yoshisaurus (Yoshisaur for short)

Bio: In an effort to make a name for himself, a corrupt InGen scientist named Dr. Milo Monsen insisted on creating what he believed would be the perfect dinosaur, but was rejected by his colleagues and his boss John Hammond. Despite this, he went forward with the project.

Mixing the DNA of predatory dinosaurs with DNA he had gotten from Yoshi after gathering some of the blood he left behind from one of his rampages as a WereDino, this led to the startling creation of a new hybrid dinosaur which he dubbed "Yoshisaurus". After finding about this, a furious John Hammond fired him for disobedience and ordered for the Yoshisaur to be killed. But unfortunately, the vicious hybrid broke loose and went rampaging through the building (attacking Dr. Monsen in the process) before escaping into the jungle. Growing to enormous proportions, he became a powerful apex predator, going unmatched by all until he met three rivals in the form of Dread, a Spinosaurus, Novas, an Omega T-Rex, and Scarface, a savage V-Rex. Having fought and survived against each of these predators, Dagger (as Monsen had called him) continued to prowl through Isla Sorna.

During one of his travels, Dagger would have a chance encounter with Yoshi, who was stranded on the island after his ship was wrecked in a storm. Sensing that he and Dagger shared the same DNA, the two formed a close bond and became friends. Along the way, Dagger would also meet and befriend a T-Rex named Redback, coming to his aid whenever he can. He would also find a nemesis in the form of a Saurophaganax named Sigma.

Attributes: Dagger is one of the most unusual dinosaurs to ever walk the island. Since he was created from Yoshi's DNA, he has the exact same green and white skin as him. He possesses large, muscular arms with three sharp clawed fingers, a mouth filled with sharp, dagger-like teeth (hence his name), and long, flexible tail. His head resembles a cross between a T-Rex and Allosaurus. Weighing over 17 tons and being over 71 feet long, he's very ferocious and bloodthirsty, except to his friends. Despite his incredible size, Dagger is a fast and agile runner. His powerful jaws possess a bite force rivaled only by Redback and Scarface. He is also incredibly and formidably strong and durable with an extremely thick skull, being able to ram through a large boulder, resist a tail club to the face from an Ankylosaurus and even stop a charging Scarface in his tracks with a single headbutt. When hunting for food, he relies on using his high intelligence and ambush to take his prey by surprise, and his speed to chase it down. He can also communicate with Yoshi, due to them being genetically related, making Yoshi the only one who can understand him.

Sigma the Saurophaganax

Bio: While in the middle of cloning more dinosaurs, the InGen scientists attempted to try and clone a more unique specimen. The resulting process had created a Saurophaganax. But however, an accidental overuse of the DNA had caused a mutation in Sigma, making him grow to 73 feet long and 16 tons, which were way beyond his natural size limit. Rampaging across the island, Sigma would run afoul of Dagger and his friends. Dagger bravely confronted Sigma and fought him in a battle, driving him away with bloody wounds. After he recovered, Sigma developed a grudge towards Dagger and vowed to kill him once and for all.

Attributes: Being larger than a normal Saurophaganax, Sigma is a savage, deadly killing machine. His abnormal strength and endurance make him an equal match for the likes of Dagger. As a powerful predator, he is considered a major threat by most of the dinosaurs on the island, rivaled only by Dread and Novas, even Scarface.

Sid the Ceratosaurus

Bio: Sid was once the oldest offspring of a mother Ceratosaurus, whom had lost her mate after he was killed by a Carcharodontosaurus named Axel. Raised together with his two younger brothers, Sid lived peacefully without harm, until one horrible night when Axel had returned to finish off his family. Sid's mother fiercely fought to protect her young, only to lose her life right before his very eyes. Furious over his mother's death, Sid and his siblings vowed to get vengeance on Axel. By the time he reached adulthood, Sid was surprisingly bigger than any other Ceratosaur around, reaching over 40 feet long and 7 tons. Having another encounter with Axel, Sid attacked him in a bloody fury, with his brothers joining in. Though Axel had gotten away, he knew that he would be back.

Attributes: Out of all the Ceratosaurs on Isla Sorna, Sid is the biggest of them all (how he grew to this size is currently unknown, assumed to be mutated). Possibly due to a birth defect, he has two horns on his nose instead of just one, and his skin is dark green, in contrast to the usual red head and lighter grey body like many of his kind. He is very protective of his two brothers and will attack any intruder who threatens them. His size is equal to that of a full grown adult Allosaurus, only slightly bigger.

Dash the Deinonychus

Bio: Being born as the youngest of his litter, Dash was often watched over by his five brothers and three sisters, especially Cain, whom was closest to him. But one day when their parents left them in the care of their uncle to go hunting, they never came back. After failing to look for them, Dash and his family would grow up without them under his uncle's protection. Once he was in his prime, Dash would become the leader of his own pack, which was composed of his brothers,his sisters, his new mate Ginger and his uncle. Together with his family, he would face many challenges throughout his life, while still investigating the whereabouts of his parents. Along the way, he would encounter a deadly and violent Velociraptor named Slash, whom would go on to become his greatest enemy.

Attribute: Despite being the youngest of his family, Dash is surprisingly more smarter and clever than most of his species, and is also a good pack leader, deploying strategies and attack patterns when hunting prey or fighting a threat. As his name speculates, Dash is the fastest of his kind, being able to outrun all his enemies with relative ease. He is easily distinguishable from others due to the three red stripes on his back. He takes his role as leader very seriously, and will even scold those who disobey him.

Clamp Jaw the Sarcosuchus

Bio: Wanting to try a more different approach, John Hammond tasked the scientists with creating and cloning the prehistoric crocodile known as Sarcosuchus. Though they were successful in doing so, they were unable to keep a specific specimen contained as he busted out of his aquatic tank and escaped into the waters of Isla Sorna, where he joined up with others of his kind. Large, ravenous and deadly, Clamp Jaw became a major antagonist to both the herbivores and carnivores of the island, attacking every dinosaur that wandered near the water.

Attributes: Lurking deep within the waters of Isla Sorna, Clamp Jaw is truly every dinosaur's worst enemy. He is so dangerous and powerful that even deadly carnivores like Dread and Scarface have gone a few rounds with him when invading his territory. While he mostly attacks and eats dinosaurs, due to his large size (60 feet long) he will also fight and kill aquatic reptiles like large Mosasaurs, and even small Pliosaurs when out in deeper water. His powerful jaws and death roll allow him to tear off large chunks of meat.

Bruiser the Allosaurus

Bio: After losing his original family to Axel while he was still an embryo, Bruiser's egg was found and recovered by a family of Acrocanthosaurs. Upon his hatching, Bruiser was raised among his new family, where they taught him how to hunt and to fend for himself. They treated him like he was their own, and he felt closer to them as a result. By the time he was a mature juvenile, Bruiser proved his worth in his first solo hunt by attacking and killing a Camptosaurus after a long chase. In later years, he went on to become a large (50 feet long), powerful and confident Allosaurus, sticking by his adopted family through everything.

Attributes: As the only Allosaur in a family of Acrocanthosaurs, Bruiser cares deeply for his adopted family, protecting them from all forms of danger, most notably Axel, and on many occasions, Dread. True to his name, he is vicious and brutal in battle, having fought and triumphed over many dinosaurs, even a Torosaurus. However, he can also be a capable pro when hunting for prey, relying on his powerful bites and ambush methods. He is also very strong and well organized, being able to take on, fight and even overpower opponents more larger than himself, including Bull. While he is mainly a solo hunter, he will also hunt with his family from time to time, especially when targeting sauropods.

Axel the Carcharodontosaurus

Bio: A 60 foot long, vicious, cruel and murderous Carcharodontosaurus. Merciless to a fault, he is known for murdering various dinosaurs, including Sid's parents, Bruiser's biological family and so on. More than once he has crossed paths with both Sid and Bruiser, with Sid wanting to avenge his parents while Bruiser fights to protect his new family. He harbors a strong and violent rivalry with Dread, mainly due to the natural hostility between Carchardontosaurs and Spinosaurs, and as such, they often compete with each other for food and territory. Regardless, Axel continues to stalk the lands of Isla Sorna, running a foul of other dinosaurs.

Attributes: Axel is the most deadliest, bloodthirsty and powerful carnosaur of his kind. His ferocity and brute strength, as well as his aggression make him a formidable opponent to the likes of dinosaurs like Dread, Dagger, Bull, Novas, Scarface and even Sigma. But his most notable enemies are Sid and Bruiser, both of whom hold a personal grudge towards him for attacking their families.

Buck the Triceratops

Bio: Buck was the only offspring of a mother and father Triceratops, who raised him and taught him on how to fight as he grew older. But his life would take a drastic turn when his parents would lose their lives to an evil Tyrannosaur known as Red Tooth, who savagely attacked and killed them right in front of a traumatized Buck, whom would have been killed had he not been saved by a Triceratops named Juggernaut. Taken in by him and his herd, Buck would grow up to become a fully mature and strong bull. He would also acquire a best friend and partner in the form of a Styracosaurus named Boomer. Because of his parents being killed by Red Tooth, Buck developed a grudge towards him and vowed to kill him if he ever met him again.

Attributes: At about 47 feet long, Buck is a very tough and brave Triceratops. He has fought and defeated many carnivores throughout his time, managing to even hold out against the likes of Axel, Dread and any other predator that dares to threaten him. He is fiercely loyal to Juggernaut and always acknowledges him as his superior, and is very close with Boomer, as the two often work together when fighting predators.

Boomer the Styracosaurus

Bio: Boomer had a great life, with a devoted mate and two sons. He lived peacefully with his family until one day when they were taken from him, with his mate being killed in a fight with a pair of Allosaurs while both his sons were killed by a Megalosaurus, despite his best efforts to fend it off, receiving a scar on his head frill. For the next few days, Boomer was all alone without anyone in his life until he was found by Buck, a male Triceratops, whom would become his best friend and partner.

Attributes: As the largest Styracosaurus on Isla Sorna, Boomer is a powerful and formidable herbivore. With his large horn he can impale a T-Rex through the belly with only one strike.

Demon the Giganotosaurus

Bio: Many years after the several Chaos Effect incidents, the InGen scientists decided to focus back on the process of cloning more dinosaurs. They started off by cloning a Giganotosaurus. At first it seemed as though it was a success, but it was later learned that the evil Dr. Payne had secretly tampered with the DNA, causing the predator to mutate beyond it's natural size and strength. The scientists named him Demon because of his blood red eyes, monstrous ferocity and malevolence. After Hammond ordered for him to be killed, Demon had broke through the defenses and went on a rampage, killing anyone in his path.

As a merciless killer, Demon first made his mark by attacking, fighting and killing two bull Triceratops before he was challenged by Juggernaut, a giant 70 foot Triceratops, who drove him away after stabbing him in the leg during their fight. Once he recovered, Demon would later go on to attack Dagger, who would become his greatest nemesis. Having clashed multiple times, the two have a long standing rivalry.

Attributes: Demon is a large and powerful carnosaur, more bigger than even Axel himself. At 74 feet long and 19 tons with a huge appetite and killer intent, Demon is an extremely aggressive and bloodthirsty monster. He attacks any dinosaur that he sees, whether if they fight or not. While he still has a taste for Argentinosaurus, he will also attack more bigger and tougher Sauropods like Amphicoelias. In battle, he is a deadly and vicious fighter, having clashed with the likes of Redback, Dread, Bull, Deadeye,Novas, Sigma and even Scarface. But his most notable opponent is his nemesis, Dagger. He and Dagger have fought each other many times, judging from the scars on his face and neck, and the wicked claw marks engraved on his belly. He also bears a grudge towards Juggernaut, whom was responsible for the large scar on his left leg.

Skull Island Creatures:

Allosaurus modernus

Description: As a modern day descendant of it's prehistoric cousins, Allosaurus modernus is one of the top predators on Skull Island. Like their primitive ancestors, they are light and very strong with the ability to leap into the air, mainly when attacking large prey. In terms of size, adults measure up to 50 feet long and 16 feet tall, weighing up to 8 tons, with the females usually being larger. When alone, they normally hunt through the jungles and forests of the island for vulnerable prey like the duck billed Ligocristus, however, they will hunt in gangs through open areas for the more larger Brontosaurus, and the heavily armored Ferrucutus. They are highly territorial and extremely aggressive carnivores, attacking any intruder who comes near.

Despite being apex predators, they are not without natural enemies. Some adults have been seen fighting with V-Rexes and even the similar sized Korulodon for food and territory. But for the most part, they commonly avoid each other in general. Venatosaurs and Foetodon are most noted for attacking Allosaur nests, which are watched over by protective parents.

During the mating season, males will go off in search of females while producing loud mating calls to attract them. If the female is receptive, she will respond with her own call. Fights between males are not uncommon, with the end result being savage injuries and bloody wounds. In contrast to their prehistoric cousins, both parents will live together and raise their young for life, teaching them how to hunt and fend for themselves. Females lay up to ten eggs and stand guard over the nests while their mates go off to hunt.

When hunting, Allosaurus modernus is a smart and capable predator. As with most hunters, it relies on ambush tactics, employing speed and muscle to take down prey. It has a strong bite force, but is it weaker compared to that of V-Rex and it Tyrannosaur cousins. To make up for it, it uses it's jaws to grip it's victim and tear off pieces of meat. When gathered in groups, they will bring down a Brontosaur by repeatedly attacking it from all sides until it dies from losing blood. They are also fast runners, being able to reach speeds of 40 mph, due to their light weight, which allows them to chase down escaping prey. However, it will scavenge for carrion if necessary.


Description: A large, giant crocodile that resides on the legendary Skull Island. It is the largest and most deadly croc of the modern day, even more bigger than it's early relatives, Deinosuchus and Sarcosuchus. While mainly seen dwelling in the swamps, these crocs can also be seen thriving in riverbanks, where they compete with the giant carnivorous fish known as Piranhadon. However, they can also swim in Saltwater, but rarely travel away from the island. Like normal crocodilians, they rely on the use of ambush and stealth by hiding motionlessly in the water, pretending to be a log. When an unsuspecting animal wanders down to take a drink, the predator will lunge out of the water and snap up it's prey in it's powerful jaws, followed by dragging the prey into the water, drowning it to death.

Males are highly territorial and have been known to fight each other. Most fights consist of using low growls, snarls and hisses to intimidate each other, but if that fails, they will resort to biting and whipping their tails to overpower one another. Females however tend to live together without the risk of confrontation, except when it comes to claiming a nesting site.

Megalosuchus hatchlings are cared for by their mothers at all times, but they are still prone to being eaten by enemy predators like Brutornis, Venatosaurus, Juvenile V-Rexes, Foetodon and even cannibalistic males.

Adults can grow up to about 65 feet long in length and weigh up to about 11 tons. Males have darker green skin while females are lighter in color. Their jaws pack enough force to crush a car with a single bite, and their thick, powerful tails can even kill a man and injure a rival predator with one swing.


Description: Betaraptor is one of the two main raptor species that exists on Skull Island, along with Venatosaurus. Like most raptors, they are intelligent predators who gather in packs. Compared to their larger cousins, these raptors commonly hunt on open plains and in jungles, attacking the Hadrosaur Ligocristus. But they will gather in immense numbers when confronting more tougher prey like Ferrucutus, in contrast to the Venatosaurs who mainly hunt larger prey like Brontosaurus.

They are slightly smaller than Venatosaurus (being only 20 feet long while Venatorsaurus is 24 feet long), but bigger than their prehistoric cousin Deinonychus. Despite being related, Betaraptors and Venatosaurs see each other as rivals. Venatosaurs would regularly bully them away from their kills, relying on their size and ferocity to gain an advantage, while the Betaraptors themselves instead use the numbers of their pack to drive off their more aggressive cousins. Fights and territorial pack wars have been known to break out between the two species.


Description: A large, bulky and robust Skull Island predator. It is a member of the Abelisaur family and shares many traits with it's ancestors, including two bony, bull-like horns like a Carnotaurus, as well as small arms, short jaws and sharp teeth built for gripping and tearing flesh.

They mainly hunt alone or in pairs, but have been known to scavenge for carrion. They are most commonly found living in the swamps or in caves, avoiding larger and more dangerous carnivores like V-Rex. But they will stand and fight to defend their young from enemies. Carnops can grow up to about 33-40 feet long in length, making it even bigger than it's Mesozoic cousins.

While it is active during the day, Carnops is more adapted to hunting at night, as it is capable of seeing in the dark, which proves helpful when stalking unsuspecting prey. Hunting at night also allows it to avoid competing with V-Rex or Korulodon, but the Venatosaurs are a different story. Carnops will even fight and kill a Foetodon if necessary.

List of Yoshi's items and creations:


1. Web shooters: As a result of his friendship with Spider-Man, Yoshi now possesses his own pair of specially made mechanical web shooters, which were created by the wall crawler himself. More recently in Yoshi: The Reptilian Smash Brother, Yoshi modified and upgraded them to make them more effective, such as switching in between certain types of webbing as well as automatically replacing empty cartridges when needed.

2. Communicator: In order to keep in contact with his teammates, Yoshi uses a communicator which he wears on his wrist at all times. In addition, he can also use it to open up portals which lead to locations of his choice.

3. Extreme Gear: Like Sonic and some of his friends, Yoshi uses his own Extreme Gear, which he created himself. However, unlike the others, Yoshi installed a special feature which enables it to change shape from a board to either a bike or a pair of skates. But he rarely uses this feature as he prefers to use it as a board.

More Coming Soon!

Notable creations:

1. Infinite Backpack: Yoshi uses a specially made backpack which allows him to store his most needed items. The backpack itself gives Yoshi what he needs based on his thoughts. As the name suggests, the inside of the backpack has unlimited space.

2. Multi-purpose Bracelets: Hence the name, these advanced bracelets are specifically designed for the purpose of changing into anything that Yoshi needs based on his thoughts. Examples include shields, power gauntlets, armor, etc.

My FanFiction Friends:

XxLil-Miss-FuschiaxX: She's incredibly fun to talk to, plus she even inspired me to write some more stories. She and I even collaborated on one, which I dedicated to her as thanks for her help. All in all, she's a cool friend and I like talking to her. _

Spawnzilla014: This guy is an incredible writer. He and I have been friends since we met on this site. His crossovers are exciting, filled with action and adventure, and so on.

DarkKnights: He's the reason I started writing Jurassic Park fics. You should check out his stories, they're very entertaining.

Lil Knucklez: Words cannot describe how much I like this guy's work. He's totally awesome, and plus he knows how to keep readers wanting more.

Super Shadowsonic: We may not have talked much, but he's a cool writer with great story telling skills.

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this is my first fanfic i ever posted. in short its a one shot right now of SheikxGanon. and yes sheik is a girl. so RR plz. hey dont like dont read and i dont own super smash bros melee or brawl. i play the games
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Alexia Ashford has been resurrected by unknown means, with the intention of spreading her T-Veronica Virus across the world along with the T-Virus. Be she also desires a mate to further her goals. Can she be stopped?
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The summary is inside. The main couplings are YoshixOC, and SonicxOC. Warning: Rating may change later as the story goes on.
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When Ridley triggers a prison breakout in Smash Tower, he and all the released villains plot to rule over the entire universe. It's now up to the Smash Brothers and their allies to stop them once and for all. Note:CANCELLED. A remake is in the works.
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 6 - Words: 33,144 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 4/2/2011 - Published: 10/15/2010 - Mario, Yoshi
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Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,271 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 12/13/2010 - Published: 10/24/2010 - Silver
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Mario - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 3,777 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 12/22/2009 - Published: 12/11/2009 - Mario, Luigi - Complete
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