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Hi, I am Morgan, however, I usally spell it "Morgn". My best friend came up with it, and I liked it. Just saying. My birthday is November 2nd, 1995. I am 5'4, have Blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin... in the winter at least...

Where to begin where to begin... well, I live in the United States. Good ol' USA. I am top of my class, a straight A student, and I ride horses. I am a champion Tennis player, with tons of awards and crap.

Oh who am I kidding, none of that is true! Haha! Well, except for the USA part..

Anyway, I am pretty young, but I just love to write. I just put up my first story. Be easy on me, I am just getting started. Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to what I write about, or even a story line, I'm all ears baby!

One thing you should know about me, I am take control kinda gal, so if you chalenge me, I will break you. I can be Hardcore. I have two sides, I can be the most wonderful friend you ever had, or I can become your worst nightmare. Who I become is not under my control, its more or less you. If you piss me off, and we are just getting to know eachother, oh, believe me, you just ruined your chance, but if you're nice enough to me and my other friends, then hell yea, you are in! Most of the time though, I am a really nice person, so don't be afraid to message me about anything.

Oh, another thing that you should know is that, even though I am young, I am the dirtiest person you will ever meet. I have the sickest mind in the world. And no matter what, that will be incorperated in my writing.

Hold up, this might make this easier for me...


Books: Twilight Saga, Vampire Academy, Shiver, Linger, Thirst No1, Thirst No2, Percy Jackson and the Olypians... and others

Movies: Twilight Saga, Marley and Me, Legally Blonde, Elf, Practicly all the Disney movies, Practicly all the scary movies... and others

Music: Hip Hop, Rock-Hip Hop, Rap, anything with a beat really...

Song: Roman's Revenge by Nikki Minaj

Tv: Disney Channel, Law and Order SVU, Teen Nick... others...

Activities: Dancing, Swimming, Jogging, Gymnastics, Bike Riding, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Canoue-ing-ness, and of course Reading and Writing.

Sports (as in watching): Football, Hockey, Softball, Soccer.

Sports (as in doing): Wresteling, Gymnastics, Dancing, Swimming, Biking, Fighting with my Little Sister... yea..

Food: Chicken, Noodles, Fish, Junk food.. others...

People: Not afraid to stand up to me, people who listen to me, who I can trust, Who can make me laugh, who can stop my crying, who will still be there for me after I completely Effed up something, who will pick up the remaining pieces of my heart, and never break them.


Music: Country, 20's-80's music (except swing).

Activities, Chores, homework, babysitting... that sorta stuff

Sports (as in watching): everything else I didn't mention up their ^^^

Sports (as in doing): everything else I didn't mention up there ^^^

Food: Red meat... and fancy french food...

People: who underestimate me, who don't trust me, lie to me, go behind my back, stand in my way (not litterally), who think that I am no better than them, because we all know I am. Wow, I sound like a bitch don't I... opps..

Anyway, I am hoping to get some stories up here soon. If you'd like, give me some ideas! Okay then, I think we are good.


--Morgn *MacNNcheese95*

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