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Huh. Didn't even know i had this. Well then. My name is LockePhilote, and i guess im a Fan Fic Reviewer. Though i have just posted a story, i mostly review as my keyboard likes to breakdown on me. Essays for school are a pain in the ass. And... Kim, I love you :)

My girlfriend and I met in the most unlikely of circumstances: a high school football game :) We are both huge marching band geeks, and we clicked immediately. She inspires me, causes my heart to sing. I write her love poetry constantly. She is my heart, and my soul, the better half of my sushi roll, and my love for her will never lull. More on her later :)

Quite recently, i have heard of an incident on the news that forces me to reasess my belief in humanity. A 15 year old girl named Phoebe Prince committed suicide in Massachusetts on January 14 after being tormented for months over being raped. Her classmates made her life a living hell, made it so she couldn't find sanctuary anywhere. The school administrators knew all about what was going on, but did nothing to stop it. They wiped their hands clean from it, allowing her to reach the point where she took her own life. She died alone, without a friend in the world. Yet, it didn't have to happen. Somebody, anybody should have stepped in and stopped this. Somebody should have helped her, been a friend to her when she had nobody left. So, why didn't anybody? Was there not anybody there who saw something of value or beauty in this girl? Something unique, something worth saving? Nobody with a crush on her? Not a single person in that hellhole that gave a damn whether she lived or died?

And then there is the matter of the bullies themselves. What in the world could make them believe that they have the right to torture and hurt a person to the point of taking their own life? Did they not care what happened to her, as long as they got their 5 minute high by making her feel like utter crap? Or, did they hate her so much that this was their intention all along? Now, i am a free spirit when it comes to religion and dont believe in heaven or hell, but if there is one, may it be like Dante's, and may those who forced this poor soul beyond the point of no return be damned to the lowest circles of it, to be trapped in the everlasting ice of Satan's punishment for all of eternity.

And may the school officials who let this happen share the same fate. You were supposed to protect her, but you didn't. You had the power, but you decided you didn't care to use it. For that, i say that you truly must be heartless. May Sora one day slay you with Oathkeeper, to remind you of the oath you took to protect the children of that school, and of how you broke it.

I live in the United States, though i have always wanted to go to the UK or Australia. I live right by New York City, and can see the skyline from near my apartment. NYC kind of reminds me of the World that Never Was from Kingdom Hearts II when it is raining out. I mostly review and write stuff for Kingdom Hearts, though i will ocassionally do Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Chrono Trigger/Cross. I must say that this is possibly one of the finest sites i have found on the internet. Finally, people with a sense of humor. I love you guys!!

I happen to prefer Kingdom Hearts to Kingdom Hearts II, love Final Fantasy VI, think that Twilight should be stuffed down a hole to hells worst bathroom and the fangirls of it should actually read Romeo and Juliet or Dracula or watch Buffy, and that if anyone ever sees a sparkling vampire they should be killed via a stake through the heart. Fired by Xigbar. Then burned by Axel, doused by Demyx, electrocuted by Larxene and sliced up by the rest of them after being frozen by Vexen.

As of 3/15/10, i am dedicating my story Sanctuary to Mimi Foxtrot, who indirectly introduced me to this site when a google search of mine picked up her story. She is quite a wonderful authoress, leading me to dub her " The Authoress of Tears and Roses". Unfortunately, due to a rather harsh community service requirement to graduate, her fan fics are going on hiatus. Mimi, i wish you the best.

"The dark is generous.
Its first gift is concealment:
The dark is generous. our true faces lie in the dark beneath our skins, our true hearts remain shadowed deeper still.
But the greatest concealment lies not in protecting our secret truths, but in hiding from us the truths of others.
The dark protects us from what we dare not know.

Its second gift is comforting illusion
the ease of gentle dreams in night's embrace, the beauty that imagination brings to what would repel in day's harsh light.
But the greatest of its comforts is the illusion that the dark is temporary:
that every night brings a new day.
Because it is day that is temporary.
Day is the illusion.

Its third gift is the light itsself:

as days are defined by nights that divide them, as stars are defined by the infinite black through which they wheel,
the dark embraces the light, and brings it forth from the center of its own self.
With each victory of the light, it is the dark that wins.

The dark is generous, and it is patient.
It is the dark that seeds cruelty into justice, that drips contempt into compassion, that poisons love with grains of doubt.
The dark can be patient, because the slightest drop of rain will cause those seeds to sprout.
The rain will come, and the seeds will sprout, for the dark is the soil in which they grow,
and it is the clouds above them, and it waits behind the star that gives them light.
The dark's patience is infinite.
Eventually, even stars burn out.

The dark is generous, and it is patient, and it always wins.
It always wins because it is everywhere.
It is in the wood that burns in your hearth, and in the kettle on the fire;
it is under your chair and under your table and under the sheets on your bed.
Walk in the midday sun and the dark is with you, attached to the soles of your feet.
The brightest light casts the darkest shadow.

The dark is generous, and it is patient, and it always wins --
but in the heart of its strength lies weakness:
one lone candle is enough to hold it back.
Love is more than a candle. Love can ignite the stars."

That poem is not mine. It is by Matthew Stover, in the novelization of The Revenge of the Sith. It is one of my favorite poems ever. Heres a few more, along with some quotes

"Thinking of you, where ever you are

we pray for our sorrows to end, and hope our hearts will blend

Now i will step forward and realize this wish

And who knows:

starting a new journey may not be so hard

or maybe it has already begun

there are many worlds, but they share the same sky

one sky, one destiny"

Kairi's poem, from Kingdom Hearts

"Insanity leads to chaos
Then to solitude
The fruitless effort of adding
Meaning to what is meaningless
A lone, crimson tear
Falls to the sea...
The echo of the remaining star
Cries out in the infinite vacuum
The least I can do
Is send my distant prayers
Over the wind of time,
Setting sale on dreams..."

Arni Villager, Chrono Cross

"What was the start of all this?
When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?
Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now,
From deep within the flow of time...
But, for a certainty, back then,
We loved so many, yet hated so much,
We hurt others and were hurt ourselves...
Yet even then we ran like the wind
Whilst our laughter echoed,
Under cerulean skies..."

Schala "Kid" Zeal, Chrono Cross

"In order to survive, all living things in this world fight desperately and
devour those they defeat... Must one kill other living things in order to
survive? Must one destroy another world in order to allow one's own world
to continue? The wounded in turn wound and torment those weaker than they
themselves are... There are only the killers and the killed... The sinners
who are judged, and the victims that do the judging. What meaning is there
to such a world?"

Time Devourer (Dragon Gods), Chrono Cross

"If the world's gonna be destroyed, then let it be destroyed! If
history is gonna be changed, then let it bloody well be changed!"

Kid, Chrono Cross

"There are two sides to every coin. Love and
hate. Life and death. They are all the same."

Lynx, Chrono Cross

"Love is deeper and darker than the black seas of hell."

Lynx, Chrono Cross

"There's nothing in the world as ruthless or impartial as death."

Miguel, Chrono Cross

"There are many people in various places. You act differently towards
many. You're always searching for yourself. What kind of you'' do
you like? And what kind of you' do you want to be? I hope you find
the right you.'' Good luck to you.This is according to specification!"

Kazuhiro Hasegawa (developer's ending), Chrono Cross

"If history is to change, let it change! If the world is to be
destroyed, so be it! If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh!!"

Magus (Ending), Chrono Trigger

"Am I butterfly dreaming I'm a man? Or a bowling ball dreaming I'm
a plate of sashimi? Never assume what you see and feel is real!"

Doreen, Chrono Trigger

Now, for some random quiz stuff among other things...

-Fill Out #s 1-13 With Organization XIII Member's Names In A Random Order-

1. Zexion

2. Lexaeus

3. Roxas

4. Luxord

5. Marluxia

6. Larxene

7. Axel

8. Saíx

9. Xaldin

10. Xigbar

11. Vexen

12. Xemnas

13. Demyx

1) Is a Seven/Three pairing more on the humorous side or the angsty side?

Roxas and Axel...um... angsty. Definitely angsty. Case and point, Axel during KH II.

2) Would Four/Ten be a smutty fic or a fluffy fic?

Luxord and Xigbar!! Smutty. By Kingdom Hearts, Xigbar and Luxord being fluffy! Thats like kerosene on your pancakes...

3) Do you reckon it's possible for Two and Nine to get together?

Lexaeus and Xaldin. Rock head and Rasta man. Hell no. Riku and Roxas have a better shot than those two.

4) One and Eleven are going out...what's the Organization's reaction?

Well, they are glad that the two nerds are together, since they are always going on dates in Vexen's lab, so they get a lot of cool gear. But then their like, wait, Vexen is like ten times Zexion's age and they call the cops.

5) Which couple suits better? Eight/Thirteen or Six/Five?

Saíx and Demyx, or Larxene and Marluxia... this should be obvious. Larxene and Marluxia, of course. Saíx would kill Demyx.

6) Is Twelve the most attractive member of the Organization?

Xemnas the most attractive member... well, um... maybe. HE HAS LIGHTSABERS, OK!! I LOVE STAR WARS. DON'T JUDGE ME!!

7) Do you think Three would be happy if Eleven and Eight got together?

Would Roxas be happy if Saíx and Vexen got together? Yah. It would mean he and Axel can take them out with one bomb while they are sleeping...

8) Write a title for a Four/Two story.

Title for a Luxord/Lexaeus story... um... Suit of Diamonds?

9) Have you ever read a Ten/One pairing?

Xigbar and Zexion... um, no.

10) Do you think it's possible to make Five/Thirteen canon?

Marluxia and Demyx, canon?! Sure, when Hell freezes over.

11) In a Six/Nine pairing who would be top and who would be bottom?

In a Larxene/Xaldin pairing? Xaldin would have top, cause he can fly.

12) Do you believe that One/Thirteen could happen?
Zexion and Demyx? You mean that isn't canon

13) What would the summary say for an Eleven/Three story?

Roxas/Vexen. Um... one day, Roxas wandered into Vexen's lab and got sucked into another dimmension. Now only Vexen can get him back. Lame as hell, i know.

14) What would happen if Twelve/Seven had a babyo

Xemnas and Axel had a baby. Hmm... a flame headed tall baby with lightsabers and some odd ass spiky hair style... AHHHH!! ITS DARTH MAUL!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!

15) Write a warning for a Two/One/Eight story.

Lexaeus/Zexion/Saíx. Warning: Contains lots of mind games, illusions, and Saíx and Lexaeus comparing swords... eewwwww.

16) Four and Twelve are getting married...what would Five say as a speech?

Luxord and Xemnas? Marluxia: "The Gambler and Darth Vader!! Hah, sounds like a Star Wars fanfic. Good luck, Luxord... i mean Lando. And people say i'm gay"

Beyond Good and Evil

The splintering of stone as a large boulder runs down the sloping side of a natural forteress. The cry of the hunters as they watched the delicate interaction of gravity and mass that force the great rock steadily toward its destination. The nearly silent thud of stone impacting on flesh, the tinkling of the broken shards of a delicate object falling to the earth like the breaking of a shy person’s heartfelt dream. The incredible moment of silence that seemed to stretch on for millennium as the eyes of a friend watch a body fall to the rocks below, only to be washed away by the uncaring sea. The savage cruelty in the heart of the sentinel who let loose that rock, knowing what it would accomplish and reveling in it. Such is the death of Piggy in William Golding’s novel The Lord of the Flies.

As these events are read in the book, often times one must stop and wonder at the fact that these characters who are fighting and killing and dying are not adults, but children. That those little angels of innocence and mischief had somehow been transformed into hot blooded hunters who reveled in the experience of the lifeblood of their pray gushing out of its ruined body in the space of just a few weeks. How is such a transformation possible? Is there any way for the events portrayed in this book to be reconciled with the theory of children being innocent that is so pervasive throughout human culture? There are many theories as to why this can occur, but the most widely known one is that of Nature vs. Nurture. The theory is more debate than theory, with the actual theory varying depending on the individual situation.

Nature in this case is the inherent characteristics of a human being that are there from birth. One such characteristic is the personality. A person will be inherently shy, or inherently bold, or inherently thoughtful. Genetics plays a large role in this, though there is some element of randomness in what a person’s personality type will be. The perfect example of this is in identical twins. They have exactly the same DNA, yet completely different personalities. Occurrences such as this can be attributed in part to the other half of the theory, nurture (Harris).

Nurture refers to the experiences that a human being has and how they affect that being’s personality and style of thinking. It is generally divided into two main groups, general experiences and specific experiences. General experiences are ones that are not unique to a single person, such as cultural and religious experiences, while specific experiences are unique to a single person, such as watching ones parents being murdered or winning the lottery. How much of an impact that these events has on a person is directly linked to their personality, aka nature (Harris).

In The Lord of the Flies, it can be debated that Nature had more of an effect on the children than Nurture did. For starters, there was nothing there to influence the actions of the children besides themselves. No adults who still drew breath, no other living creatures besides the pigs. Yet they committed such horrible acts as a couple of rather ferocious murders, stealing glasses from a person that cannot see, and turning an island paradise into a hellhole that Beelzebub would be proud of. As there is no evidence that any of them have ever experienced anything that would cause them to lose control and want to burn the world, it can be concluded that nature, not nurture, is responsible for the actions of the children.

While one can also conclude that some of the littl’uns behaved as they behaved due to their experiences at the hands of the bigg’uns, this reasoning leads directly back to the argument for nature. If they learned how to kill from the bigg’uns, who taught the bigg’uns? There is no evidence to support any theory that states that one of the bigg’uns witnessed a murder back in England and was influenced to become savage by that event. All the evidence offered in the book supports the conclusion that it was human nature that caused the children to commit these acts. No fault but their own. No one to blame but themselves.

This raises the question of what in a child’s nature could cause them to become a killer, to go all out with no holds barred? Is it present in all human beings, or only a small segment of the population? Do killers have anything in common with each other even? There have been many attempts to study and classify the types of behavior that killers show and classify killers into different categories. Some end in failure, while many end in success. The most successful studies are those of serial killers.

The serial killer is the type of taker of life most often examined by psychologists, as often times they are the most interesting and hated people they can study who aren’t politicians. From their research, a general profile of a serial killer has emerged. They are usually abused as a child, are socially awkward, wet the bed past the age of nine, an abnormal relationship or reliance on one’s mother or are lacking a parent or parents, emoness, an inability to take criticism, nihilism, repeatedly failing at tasks, and daydreaming (Sycamnias).

There have been reports of child killers in the past, though they are not of the serial killer archetype. Instead, they are of the spree killer archetype, committing school shootings and the like. Their characteristics are in the same vein as those of the serial killer, though they also have ADHD, malnutrition, negligence, low birth weight, a low verbal IQ, substance abuse by the mother dueing pregnancy, ineffective discipline, and a lack of consistency among caregivers in early life (Ramsland). None of those new characteristics match any canonical information about any of the characters in the Lord of the Flies, thus it can be assumed that they are of the serial killer archetype, not the spree killer.

Now, do any of these characteristics of the serial killer match any of the characters in The Lord of the Flies? As far as what the canon of the book says, it can be assumed without worry that none of the children have been physically abused by their parents or have a bed wetting problem. But what about abuse by their peers? According to the book, Piggy was teased by the people at his old school for his size, garnering him the nickname “Piggy” (LotF, p 11). He is also lacking parents, with his dad definitely dead and his mom probably in the same state, and is socially awkward. Yet he does not turn into a killer. Ralph, like Piggy, is also missing a parent, his mother, and daydreams at times. Yet he does not display any killer like instincts till the very end of the book, and those were more along the line of survival instincts. As for being …well,depressed and socially withdrawn, that seems to describe Simon perfectly. Yet he would not harm a fly, or a lord of them.

Jack is a different story entirely, not even part of the same genre. He actually becomes a killer. Does he show any of the telltale signs? Well, he is most certainly unable to take criticism, running off and crying when he does not win the second election. Other than that, he shows no signs of what he is capable of. He is just another charismatic, arrogant, aggressive kid. As for Roger, there is not enough said about him to develop a full profile of him, and from what can be collected he does not seem to have any of the characteristics of a serial killer in the making.

So, the protagonists have the qualities of potential serial killers and the anti heroes are clean as a whistle. Not likely. Perhaps this is being looked at the wrong way. Perhaps they should be looked at as people first and children and killers second. Maybe then the answer to this dilemma would become clear.

Or perhaps a glance at another example would be helpful. An example such as Orson Scott Card’s novel Ender’s Game, one of the greatest sci-fi books of all time. It is about a child nicknamed Ender saving the world by playing a game. Throughout the course of the book, he commits two murders of humans and about two billion murders of an alien race when he blew up their home planet with a molecular missile, thinking it was all a game, that none of it was real, though deep in his heart he knew that all along he had to wipe out the aliens, named Buggers. Both of the human murders he commits are in cold blood with his bare hands. Both of the murders began when he was attacked by these people with the intent of killing him. Both of these murders were fellow children. He was attacked by fellow children who had anger in their eyes and murder in their hearts, and responded in kind.

The similarities are quite astounding between the two novels if one looks close enough. Both the protagonists in The Lord of the Flies and Ender believe that they are just playing a game until the very end, when they realize what they have done and that there is both darkness and light within the human heart, and that that doesn’t even matter some of the time as there really is no difference between them. Both are children of about ten, though Ender’s age varies from as young as six when the first murder happens to as old as fourteen when he wipes out an entire alien species. Both are stuck in situations where they are surrounded by other children and need to establish order, the island for Ralph and them and Battle School, an orbital platform where kids as young as five are taught the strategic skills necessary to win the Third War against the Buggers for Ender. While Battle School may sound like the opposite of the Lord of the Flies on the surface, in reality having the adults there makes it even more chaotic and tragic. One of the murders happened on one of the bathrooms there, and the adults just stood by and watched, only acting when they knew it was too late to save the kids life.

Yet, they did not teach those kids to murder. In fact, later in the book, when they have Ender control a fleet to destroy the Buggers, they present it to him in such a way to make him think that it is just a game, that it’s just a simulator for the real thing in ten or twenty years. Of course, their primary reason for tricking him was to bring out his full brilliance, to have him do what he would never do if he had known that those were real ships out there, real men dying, and a real planet being blown to shreds by his own hand. But they also do so to preserve his innocence, as despite the fact that he murdered two kids it was done in such a way that he was unaware of it as they both died later, after he had left the area. They did not want him to know that he was a killer, that that darkness exists within every human heart. Yet this kid probably knew that better than anybody about the darkness that humans are capable of.

Again, the same paradox rears its ugly head. If children are born innocent, how do they become killers without learning that behavior from elsewhere? And even if they did, then where did that source learn if from? Eventually, there will be a chain that leads back to the beginning of intelligent life on Earth. That first person, the original murderer, would have had to have either have learned to kill from nature itself, or have done it with no influence whatsoever from any source. Either way, it leads back to killing being an inherent part of nature, be it human or animal.

That raises one final question: if human nature leads to humanity being born ready to kill, why do the majority of people go their entire lives without intentionally killing? The only answer that could apply is that humans only become killers when the situation calls for it, and that that is determined by the personality on a case by case basis. If two different people are placed in the same exact situation, they will act differently based on their personalities and style of thought. Thus, the ability for humans to kill only comes out in certain situations and remains hidden when it is not needed, like a good deal of other human survival instincts.

Children, or any human being for that matter, have the potential to kill in them from birth. In the Lord of the Flies, that is shown in the brutal murders of Simon and Piggy, as well as the death of the unfortunate pilot. It is not a learned ability, that of killing. It is as natural to humanity as breathing. See a spider in the shower, a couple of seconds later there is just a small blood stain where there used to be a spider. It is nothing good or evil with in the heart that turns a human into a killer; instead it is instinct that lies far beyond good and evil or any concept of morality that can be twisted to fit it. While experience can be an influence to kill, the act of killing itself is instinctual. It is an inescapable darkness that plagues the human soul. Humanity will never be free from its shadowy chains.

OK... this is a story that a very good friend of mine wrote. None of this is mine.

What you’re about to hear is a story. Not just any story, my story. My name is Trevor, and I was just like you. I was a junior at Litchfield high school. I suppose you would say I was very ‘prestigious’ in a sense when it came to grades. Top of the class actually. I wasn’t antisocial though, I had quite a bit of friends, and followers. Women were no problem for me, just more toys to play with. But they got so boring when they open their mouths, not that the boys that went there weren’t just as boring and stupid. But I did what I had to do to get where I wanted to be. I always had a lust to be at the top ever since poor mummy and daddy died. But that’s what drives you doesn’t it? When you want to do something there’s always some stupid reason. That’s the proper way to do things.

Anyway, I was crème de la crème at my school and the most wanted bachelor. But sadly the beginning of my junior year I didn’t want to be bothered with stupid women. But then of course, came her. She was so beautiful, yet so odd. Her hair was dark black, her skin pale white, and her eyes crystal blue. She was completely beautiful, but when she was introduced to the class, she simply nodded and looked for an open seat. Which of course was all the way in the back. When class was over I offered to show her around the school, I did my usual nice guy routine. I thought using this I would easily open her up, this did not happen. She looked at me and sneered. She still let me show her around. Soon I dropped the nice guy routine and just became myself. This is something I rarely do with people. She saw that I stopped trying to impress her and she was grateful. After this we became close friends. I usually don’t like being friend with girls but she was so interesting. She wasn’t a confused teenager or an emotional girl. She was intellectual, fun, unique, inspiriting, and beautiful. Everything I ever wanted in a girl. Throughout our friendship I started having feelings though. Every time she walked by my heart started racing. I was not used to this. I thought she casted some kind of spell on me. I thought she was a witch, a demon, an angel. She did something evil to my heart, she’s trying to take it away from me, well she can’t it’s mine.

That night as I got home I was afraid. I was afraid I was going to be dead because she was going to take my heart. That night I spotted a knife. I looked at its sharp edges in its glory. As I looked I thought of the possibilities I could do with it. Should I kill the thief? No, I can’t do that. My eyes lit up. But, I can take what’s mine for good. I held the knife tightly and pierced it into my heart. I screamed in pain. I started cutting around my heart. I was in so much pain, but I started laughing insanely. As soon as the hole was big enough I ripped out my heart. Thinking this would kill me, I was confused but I couldn’t concentrate on that right now. I shoved my heart into my mouth; I chewed it slowly then swallowed with satisfaction. Now the witch couldn’t dare steal my heart. I fell to the ground. That’s the day I truly died.

I woke up in a new place it was very cold, damp, and cloudy. Out of the mist appeared a woman, she was strong looking, and fierce. She told me that I was now a lost soul, and to redeem myself I had to do the bidding of God. I repented. I ran from the mist and rejected God, then came another. Only this time it was a man. He had long black hair and was dressed in white. He told me he could give me my life back as long as I would do what he said. I wanted life again so I shook the man’s hand. Then I remember waking up in a coffin. Everyone thought I was dead. I had no reason to go back. I sprang out of my coffin and reburied my grave. What was I to do now? I looked at my body and as I looked I found a hole in my chest precisely where my heart was. I was now heartless. I ran away from my home town, never to see it again. I ran to a town where no one knew me. By the time I was there I was so hungry. But I was not hungry for something normal; I wanted to eat a person. I found someone, a woman that had been crossing the street, she look quite nice; I just had to eat her. I couldn’t stand the hunger. If it’s any cancelation, she tasted very good. I realized now that I needed human meat to survive and that I was a monster. A heartless monster. Literally.

I hoped you guys enjoyed it as much as i did.

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