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Username Purplesim123

Birthday June 4th (Gemini! :3)

Talents: Drawing, writing, dreaming, sleeping, and so on.

Interests Art, Fanfics, Fantasys, RPGs, Myths, Anime/Manga/Comics, Music, video games, Astrology, and more.

WARNING: Possibly this site's slowest fanfaction writer. I have a cruddy internet and not enough time to completely finish my stories, so in advance to all my loving fans--I'm sorry but plz enjoy my avaliable fanfictions~

Also, I'm open to constructive(is that the word for it?) criticism on any of my stories, they help me grow as a writer.




I actually had time to do some editing this time finally got the IZ fandom madness again, and rewrote Chapter 1- Living, Just as Planned.

And I am so sorryfor dragging my feet for these past YEARS, so I'm gonna make it up to yeah guys and try my best in getting new chapters in for the summer (cuz sophmore year is gonna be a BITCH! >X[ ).

Also, I forgot to mention, I am now trying to complete Chapter 2- The Flaw in the Plan, and I'm serious a line or two of words away from finishing, so look forward it to! XD

Oh! You know, if you guys are interested, I'll probably link some neat pics I drew of the OCs in my stories on here (but if not, I'm doing it anyway! ;p)

Luv ya!


I'm EDITING my stories, again

I know, but over the years, I realized my Naruto story needed some tinkering so I'm reloading the edited now to show you guys the new changes I have made on the story and will be mostly publishing the second chapter today as well.

You guys probably hate me for being such a sloth writer and have forgotten about me, but I don't blame you.

Good day :D


I am back into the IZ fandom again hardcore this time, with the new comics coming out and all. I did some needed editing (*cough* again) and AM close to finishing the next chapter for the Gemini Myth story. My love for IZ has reached the roof and I'm taking advantage of its awesome powers! Hopefully, you guys enjoy the edited chapters and if you like, I have side chapters that I have playfully written down over the years and will add them in the story eventually. It's one in the morn so, good morn!


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