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Well what can I tell ye guys?

My name is Alexander Micheal Smit, Alex for short and anyone who calls me Alexander better watch out, I know the location of a very deep hellhole or I'll just borrow my sister's hell hound.
You can also call me Angel'sSword.

I am 22, living in South-Africa and I hate the human race, not specific people - the entire population.

Currently I am sharing a apartment with my twin sister, brother Jason and his boyfriend Logan ...not so sure boyfriend is the correct term since they recently laid down wedding wows...
I am half Scottish half French and half English

I love SUPERNATURAL and since I am a straight guy I love the show not Jensen and Jared all though Dean is an AMAZING character and man can he kick ass good and that bloody Impala is so SWEET!!
I am not a Ruby or Castiel fan but I like John...or is that liked since he died...

I am totally crazy about EVIL/HURT/DEMON/POSSESSED/PISSED-OFF/VAMPIRIC Dean and a PISSED-OFF/HURT/EMO/ POSSESSED Sam isn't to far off.

I DON'T read or write deathfics.
I kinda like wincest, it's weird I know but it just fascinates the crap outta me.
Cas/Dean slash creeps me out completely and don't even get me started on Sam/Cas but I will read it though.
I am not crazy about sisterfisc and even less crazy about the guys having kids even with each other, except for that I will pretty much read anything you throw my way.


Action, Thrillers, Anime, Suspense, anything with fast cars and bikes, DC movies accept the Hulk 1&2.
I hate emo/chick-movies/comedies movies.


I love Lethal Weapon 1-4, Queen of the Damned, Pathology, Fast and the Furious 1-4, Max Payne, Harry Potter, Hostel, Saw and guys that's just off the top of my head.
There's a shitload I'm not even gonna mention.


Supernatural, Dark Angel, NCIS, Stargate, HEROES, Yu-Gi-Oh, Smallville, Jericho, Anime

Action shows.
Ghost shows.
Cop shows.

NO comedies, romance, drama or hospital shows please


ROCK - anything Dean likes I like.
Led Zeppelin

I can go on but I think you get the picture nice and clear.

OH and I also like Irish, Scottish and Latin music.

R&B, TECHNO AND RAP weirds me out completely

I speak ancient Latin and Egyptian fluently, although my hieroglyphics are a bit rusty.
I have an unhealthy obsession with speed, bikes and anything sharp or dangerous.Oh and fire- I just love fire.
I love the colour black and I am a Goth - no we do not worship Satan!!
Me like my sister has an unhealthy obsession with vampires as well

I love extreme sports, the higher the rush the better. My sister is exactly the same except she doesn't go anywhere near heights, she has a deadly fear of them.
She and my brother Jason had a prankwar that lasted 4 weeks after he pushed her when she decided not to bungee-jump at the last minute (don't worry she was tied off so it wasn't like he tried to kill her or anything but it did piss her off big time)

Me and my sister (she is my identical twin, if she was a guy you wouldn't know the difference) are insomniacs. We basically only get about 72 hours of sleep a week and surprisingly we don't get tired or the need to sleep more then that.
Told ye we are weird!!

I'll add if I can remember anything else of my life you might find interesting.



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The Portal by Lifespassion reviews
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Different Blood reviews
An unforeseen accident leaves Dean with a string of dangerous problems,not only for him but anyone around him.The only good thing is that this event is a solution to his deal that neither boys ever even considered. Mid Season 3 AU, just after FRESH BLOOD.
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