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Hello! I'm McIntern - obviously by my name, you can tell that I love love LOVE Grey's Anatomy. I've been watching since the second season (I would've caught the first except for the fact that I was 13 and a little too young to be exposed to all the sex =P). I took a little break during the fourth season - I kind of view it as the low point, creatively, of the series. But I'm watching it again like a madman - I love the characters too much! I watch at least one episode a day and cannot get enough of the series - if you have any logistics questions (where did Derek and Addison live in New York, what is Cristina's stepfather's name, where did Ellis Grey work after her residency, what is the name of Izzie's biological daughter), ask me; if I don't know the answer, I have a pretty good idea of where to find it! I love Patrick Dempsey and Derek Shepherd immensely - thus, he was the inspiration for my first fan fiction, Coming Up for Fresh Air (kudos if you caught the reference!).

Alongside with Coming Up for Fresh Air, I am planning a series of oneshots involving the Grey's characters called Defining Moments. As the name suggests, I am going to just write a short bit about each character's "defining moment" and what is going on in their heads at that point. It is partly to keep me inspired for writing Coming Up for Fresh Air, and partly for me to explore writing the different characters. That said, I will probably leave Derek out, since I cover his thoughts pretty thoroughly (at least, I think) in CUFA. So far, characters I have planned for Defining Moments are Meredith, Alex, Cristina, the Chief, Bailey, Ellis, and Denny. More to come as I think of them. I hope to cover every major character in the series at some point.

Besides Grey's Anatomy, I have other interests that could lend themselves to fan fiction, chief among them being the Twilight series. I was actually going to do a Twilight fanfic but recently I've become more absorbed in Grey's Anatomy so Twilight kind of got shoved to the side. I'm not really sure if I want to do anything with it, but who knows? When I finish Coming Up for Fresh Air (which is not in the conceivable future) I'd like to take on a Final Fantasy X project, because I absolutely love that game and consider it to be one of my favorite romantic plots.

Um, besides trying to get into Dr. McDreamy's head, I also like to write poetry, play the Sims 2, ride horses (this is my passion in real life, actually), do some photography, and various other pursuits. I mainly engage in these when I get tired of studying - I am a freshman pre-vet major at a college somewhere in the United States. I must admit, though, the more I watch Grey's the more interested I become in going to med school - it's a tad easier than going to vet school because there are simply more med schools (131) nationwide than there are vet schools (27). And yes, I am aware that medical residencies are not nearly as fun and exciting as Grey's makes them out to be...but then again, neither is veterinary practice (though I'd really love to be a McVet - when Cristina makes jabs at Finn's chosen profession my hackles raise every time!)

So, I've just gone on about a whole lot of nothing. =D But hopefully that gives you a little window into my twisted little mind.

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