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UPDATE TIME! (15/06/13)

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for your patience and your wonderfulness given my recent absences here! Medical school eats my nonexistent free time, and I keep getting sucked into other fandoms, but my one true love has always been (and always shall be oh god) these space husbands :) New movie feels have literally SHOWERED me with plotbunnies and as soon as I'm done with finals I plan on trying to squeeze in some writing time!!

I have a couple of things I wanted to mention:

1 - A HUGE BLANKET THANK YOU FOR YOUR GORGEOUS WONDERFUL REVIEWS, AND AN APOLOGY because I've tried to reply to every single one of them in the past, BUT the email account I had linked to this page has died and I no longer get alerts! So the process is slow and painstaking and I know I might miss some of you, I'm so sorry. Please know I have read them all, and probably grinned like a loon and clutched my face with joy.

2 - I am slowly moving to the AO3! Links below if you want to check it out, although I haven't gotten everything there yet by a long shot, haha

Well hi! My name is Problematique (um... not really, but you can call me Problem for short ;) and here is where I'll be posting my Kirk/Spock/Spirk/Kock/Spork/Spim/Jock/K/S stories. I mean, Star Trek stories. It's not like they'll be ALL about the great grandads of slash. Probably. I mean, I might write about some... other... people. Maybe.

Anyway, thanks for checking me out, and hopefully you like what I write!

So I discovered this fandom with the 2009 movie (yes, yes, I know, I was a loser who didn't get all the Star Trek references in Big Bang Theory before, but has since then rewatched every episode and squealed like a teenage girl if the words Spock, Enterprise, Warp Speed, Captain Kirk, etc. are mentioned) and have since then watched TOS and movies (Wrath of Khan = Made of Win), and reveled in the gloriousness that is a CANON slash couple. Because how much more canon can you GET? (hint it's about as much as NOT AT ALL)

Here's my devart page where you may find K/S demotivational posters and... uh, I'm overly fond of my username? http:///

My tumblr (where I'm mostly at nowadays!):

My livejournal: http://

And last and most importantly, I guess? My AO3 page, which is where I'm slowly moving my fic to. I've had an awesome time at ffnet but with the new restrictions, the slightly unreliable format and the fact that you can't download fic... well, I feel like the AO3 is better? So future fic will be posted there, and I'm slowly retouching and reposting everything from here as well :)

Veritas isn't there yet, but a PDF file can be found here for your downloading pleasure :D

DISCLAIMER: Okay, so after, like, a few months of opening this account and posting many stories and stuff... I realised I had not disclaimed Star Trek! I wish I didn't have to, but I do, very much, so here goes:

I own a pet Tribble, a notebook where I write random sentences (and often might be seen writing hard-core slash in the train, what), a pair of roller-blades, an iPod I can't live without, every song Florence the Machine has EVER recorded, rare covers and all, a stethoscope (as of Christmas 2011, thanks Grandma! You'll *never* read this!), a pair of concert tickets to Muse, an unholy number of books, every Supernatural seasons on DVD, the entirety of TOS the first six ST movies, obvs, and, you know, a bed and stuff. But I don't own THE RIGHTS to Star Trek. Just... the right to play with them :D

AHAHAHAAHAH, this is a shall we say DRAMATIC reading of chapter 14 of Veritas, by my beta FallChild92's friend who is hilarious, seriously! XD http:///17968539

YOU GUYS! adelaideso translated "That Boy is a Monster" to CHINESE! http:///721984505/翻譯這男孩是魔鬼that-boy-is-a-monster/

Also, Lady Talla-doe made a post-fic pre-epilogue peice of smut that is simply slashylicious!! "Black Tie'd"

OMG, temptationable made these totally BAMF icons in which Kirk and Spock are very smouldering and my penname is present!!! http:///albums/ad273/temptationable/ I'm so honoured and flattered and... *flailing like mad*

Oh. My. GAWD. LOOK, nimniire made a trailer for Every Hug. A TRAILER. A MTF TRAILER! I'm... just... LOOK AT IT!!!

ARTS! FOR MY FICS! What have I done to deserve such amazing arts? *puzzled shrug* IDEK. But here they are, and they are beautiful! :D

A Shoulder To Lean On - by chocolate-kiosk (Every Hug, Chapter 15)

We Kissed for Ten Minutes - by kplady13 (Every Hug, Chapter 15)

I Win - by kplady13 (Every Hug, Chapter 16)

Leaning - by Swing21 (Veritas, Chapter 14)

Facing The Truth - by Swing21 (Veritas, Chapter 11)

The Truth About Kirk And Spock - by Sanwall (Veritas, um, several chapters)

With Specs - by Sanwall (Spectacles)

First Hug - by Sanwall (Every Hug, Chapter 1)

The Shower Scene - by hellepi (Veritas, Chapter 15)

Why yes I do realise I sound like a fangirl. That is BECAUSE I AM ONE. I REGRET NOTHING

A million thanks to the amazing (and self-proclaimed grammar nazi) FallChild92 for being my beta!! *hugs*

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