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ANNOUNCEMENT FOR MY READERS: So, yeah, I've kind of left FanFiction in the dust for the past, like, year or something. And I'm sorry. That was bad. =( Anyway, I'm hoping to get myself back into it now, and I just wanted to give everyone an update on what the hell is going on.

I don't really like a lot of the stories I've started anymore. So, here are the ones that will not be continued any further: Avatar: The New Waterbender; Khanna's Decision; and Sarah's Return.

I know, I know, you're all pissed. As for Lawn Chairs, I'm going to ATTEMPT to continue on that one. It's really hard for me to write sketches for that one, but I know it means a lot to one of my readers (who gave me the idea for the last chapter and I forgot to credit them because I'm a terrible person). Anyway, I'll do my best for that one. And, The Rule of Minecraft, if anyone's reading it, my brother is writing so all I have to do is publish the chapters for him. That Saying About Wishes... is the one I'm really going to be focusing on, because I still really like the premise of it. Also, there is going to be a Harry Potter fanfic coming soon that I'm writing with "I-Luvs-Deidara-ArtIsABangUn". I want to get the Avatar fanfic underway before I start that one, but Chapter 1 is all ready to go when the time comes.

Sorry for disappearing for so long, but I'm back, baby, and rarin' to go!

The only thing you need to know about me is that I'm completely INSANE. If you've heard of "I-Luvs-Deidara-ArtIsABangUn", I'm almost as random as she is. She's a really good writer, btw, so read her stuff!! Anyway, I'm awesome, I'm crazy, I'm good at writing, and if you write mean crap about me you will be the guy who DIES in my next story. Please, though, I work hard on these stories, so don't insult them, please. (Wow, too many pleases?)

Anyway, ENJOY!!

Under NO circumstances should you click the following link.

Seriously, don't click on it!

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10 Ways To Know Something's Seriously Wrong With You:

1) You have an argument with yourself about Kakashi and cupcakes-No wait! Cupcakes and Kakashi

2) It matters to you what order "cupcakes and Kakashi" are in

3) You burst out laughing whenever you hear someone (who doesn't watch Naruto) say "Believe it!" or "Cha!"

4) You can't think of anything to write for #4, so you rant on and on about not knowing what to write for #4

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11) I added a #11 because there was really only 9 bullets here, considering #5 was missing, you losers!! (Raise your hand if you just looked up at #5 and/or counted the bullets)

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I would like to cordially announce that I just lost The Game. And so did you.

To find out what the heck I'm ranting about: Look up "The Game (mind game)" on Wikipedia. There should be a picture of a girl holding a sign that says "I Lost The Game."

My friend "I-Luvs-Deidara-ArtIsABangUn" looked at my sherbert cup lid as I was eating the lemon sherbert (yes, I did have to include that it was lemon-flavor) and said, "Yep, you've been poisoned." So I say, "I don't think so." So she says, "No, you have. There's a hole in the lid where someone stuck a needle in & poisoned it." (FYI-there really wasn't a hole, but don't tell her that!!) So I say, "Well, if I walk into school dead tomorrow - wait a minute...Walk into school dead...?" And we both totally cracked up laughing for like ten minutes.

(BTW, if you don't get why that sentence is wrong, try walking around dead and then you'll find out...)

Okay, here's another "Don't Click Here" things. This one, however, I would highly suggest clicking. It's SOO hilarious. It goes on...and on...and on...But you can actually get out of it at any time you want, it's not like the other one.

Seriously, click on it. It's so funny. Copy-and-paste it into your browser...NOW!! =)

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