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Ahh...so many sites...so many about me sections...

So, I'll give you all the basics before I "break it down" for you (I think that's what the cool kids say nowadays)


Name: Amber or AJ for short =)

Age: 20

Hobbies: Writing, Drawing,

Location: USofA


Scheme It Up!:

This was a quick little idea and will be a quick little story. I don't know if I'll continue on longer with this after the main plot is done, we'll see. And even though the show didn't work out the same way as in my story, I still want to write stories about Logan and his dad merging with the Jones family. It would've been a great route if Leo Howard didn't already have another show (I like that show too by the way).

Sam & Freddie's Infinite Streamlist

Since this story's based off of a movie (based off of a book) It won't be too long (iNeed You More is still and only current epic). But I thought the characters would fit perfectly with Nick and Norah and altering the iCarly universe would be so fun. I hope you all like.

iNeed You More:

Can you guess by the title what's the fandom? Yup, it's iCarly people. Can you guess by the title what's the ship? It's actually quite interesting...

I posted this as a Seddie story because after Carly leaves in the second chapter you will see ALL Seddie and how they go through the motions of their friendship and manage without Carly. But afterwards...oh, you'll just have to wait to find out =)


-Chappie 2 is now up. In case you guys haven't noticed yet, the chapters will be from song titles--so if you've never heard of them I suggest you listen because they're really amazing songs. As said in the A/N, I feel this has more Creddie than intended, but it works out because it helps put Freddie's feelings in perspective. What does he feel exactly? What WILL he feel? HA HA HA HA I'm not telling youuuu


ughhh so tired, but chapter 3 is done. Chapter four shall be centered around school. And I'll give away one thing: Freddie can drive =D


weeelp, chappie 4 is done! I really loved this chapter, even though I'm a little iffy on if I finished it right. After this you'll see SAM'S feelings develop -gasp-.


oh wow it's been so long. Damn school work. But I'm so glad I was able to update both stories this week and I'll start working on the next one--right after I watch my movie first. It's called The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things with Dylan and Cole Sprouse. It looks really sad and it's Rated R. I'll definitely tell you guys what I think afterward.


wow. It's been HOW many months since I've last updated? I feel too guilty to count. Anyway I just posted Chapter 6 and I love it! I think it was worth the wait--the very long, long wait. But now I'm done with school and ready to bless my fingers on my keyboard again. This chapter is once again focused on Seddie, and more of Sam's feelings start to get explored. It's just the beginning, I think someone's getting a little struck by a brown-haired tech nub.


Ouch. Another long update. I know, I suck X(. But this chapter was very fun, and event filled! So I hope you enjoy it.


It is possible that this will be updated soon. That's all I will say though .


This story will be going in a different direction, but I hope people still enjoy!


-Speak Low If You're Sober is gonna be an upcoming Seddie fic. They'll be freshmen in college, and it'll already be established that Freddie has a crush on Sam. What'll happen...? You'll just have to wait and seee! Hopefully I'll have it up tomorrow or Sunday--for all of you running on my time.


omg! I already got six reviews for "Speak Low If Your Sober" and a bunch of you put it on your favorites! Thank you so very very much! I thought it may be too sad for your liking but you still surprisingly loved it! I'm also glad you guys said drunk Sam was perfectly in character--that was the first time I ever wrote for a drunk character before. I don't even know what it feels like to be drunk. I'm glad I saw the iThink They Kissed episode so I was able to get an idea of what she'd act like. A few of you said I should continue it, but as KSWheels said it's perfect as is and I don't think it should be further developed. Don't worry though, more oneshots will be coming your way. Talk to me if you think the college theme is good, or if you want me to back track into high school again.


I know I said I wouldn't update this story, but a few daily visions had me thinking about how I could develop it more. Now like I said in my author's note, this won't be a long multichapter story, I'll probably have only one or two more chapters left. But I love all you guys who've reviewed/added it and I'll definitely get to more!


Finally, I updated! And I think it turned out really awesome! I can't wait to see what you've thought too. Well, it's almost 6:30 in the morning, and I'm dead tired, so please read, review, and enjoy!


Aw, and this is where it ends. That last two final chapters are now posted, and it feels so refreshing to see a long process come to a close. Of course, every time I read over it I find little parts on which I could have improved, but over all I am in love with the completed product. I wonder how I'll feel when iNYM is done (HA! Whenever that is X])

-iTold You So was just a short little one shot I felt like writing after I saw iSaved Your Life. I wondered what a conversation between Sam and Freddie would sound like after the breakup.

She's a Lady is a two-shot about actually trying to impress Freddie's mother. But at the end of the day, she never escape her obnoxious, meat-loving self.

-An Excerpt from an Unfinished Seddie Story is a scene from a story between Sam and Freddie I had in my head for the longest. I hope you enjoy it, and it's feedback will help determine whether I make it into a real fic!

The Need to be With You is my first Inuyasha oneshot--well, first one published, anyway. I got inspired late last night and started typing this morning. This is honestly my favorite anime ever and I hope this oneshot was enjoyed! (7-9-10) Well, I guess it's turned into more because I just updated another chapter. I love writing the sweet love between these two now that the series is over, so I hope you love reading them because there is more to come!


These are songs from the titles of my stories. I've linked them to youtube so you can listen to their awesomeness. Tell me if you think they match the stories well:

Sam & Freddie's Infinite Streamlist:

1. Blackmarket - Out of Order

iNeed You More:

1. My American Heart - Tired and Uninspired

2. Switchfoot - I Dare You to Move

3. Army of Me - Going Through Changes (sorry guys, I couldn't find the music vid, so this a performance)

4. Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You

5. Nevershoutnever! - Dare for Distance

6. Band of Skulls - I Know What I Am

7: Alexz Johnson - Temporary Insanity

8: The Fray - Enough For Now

9: Paramore - When It Rains

Upcoming chapters (maybe you can listen to the song and find some spoilers, oooooh)

My American Heart - The Shake (Awful Feeling)

Demi Lovato - Falling Over Me

Selena Gomez - Naturally

The Midway State - Is This Never Again

The Fray - Say When

Speak Low If You're Sober:

My American Heart - Speak Low If You Speak Love

Sara Bareilles - Bottle It Up

She's a Lady:

Forever the Sickest Kids - She's a Lady

The Need to be With You:

Kaoru Wada - At the Meeting Place


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