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Hello all,

I must apologize to all of you who were reading "A Step Away From Falling." When I stopped writing it several years ago it was because of the complete and total craziness that was my life. Now, I am without excuse and desperately want to finish it. However, I am lacking in inspiration for anything except historical articles, which are not allowed on this site.

For those of you who don't know anything about me, I am happily married and mother of two (though one of those two has yet to be born). I was raised on a farm and still visit my dad and siblings there almost daily. I have a horse there named Batty, and she is wonderful. I am generally an animal lover, I own two cats called Beck and Tantaros, and a dog named Lisbon.

Even though I am incapable of writing anything but fluff, I don't have a unicorns and rainbows view of life. I actually like to read darker works, because I feel they are much more real to life than fluff. Though I have been blessed beyond reason, I know there is a dark side to life.

Favorite Movies

Mary Poppins- I grew up with this movie and have some favorite memories of my mother that are twisted up with it. As much as this movie is fluff, Mr. Banks' story is not, and when I was older, I grew to appreciate it much more because of that.

Saving Mr. Banks- It was phenomenal. Absolutely amazing. I loved seeing her story told, even though I am certain there was huge bias in there because it was a Disney film.

Alice in Wonderland (2010)- I like to tell people I don't like Johnny Depp. And yet, everything I see that he is in (which is not a lot. I'm not a huge movie person), I like! I love this movie and could watch it over and over again.

Frozen- I just saw this and loved it. Elsa is beyond fascinating to me, and I am sure that my muse will drop me a plot bunny for her very soon. I think I could go on for ages about this movie. I love, love, loved it. I even loved Olaf.

Favorite Musicals

Mary Poppins- Again, a lot of fluff, but some good stuff there too. Besides that, the music and choreography is wonderful.

Wicked- I am honestly not sure how anyone could dislike this. Stories about friendships like that are so heartbreaking. But they way Wicked tells it takes the audience through not only tears, but laughter as well.

Phantom of the Opera- A lot of my friends who like this tend to ignore that this is not a love story. That bothers me. But it's still amazing.

Jane Eyre- It's my favorite book, so it's on the list for favorite musicals. The main reason for this is how true it stayed to the book (as compared to something like Wicked), and that the music is so different from any other score I have heard before.

Curtains- Hilarious, and yet touching. I have a strange obsession with Georgia... I even went so far as to name one of my dad's horses after her. I also am weirdly obsessed with Johnny being a girl. Probably because the production I was in when I was in college, Johnny was a girl. And it worked really well. In any fics I write for this, it's always Jonnie.

Sweeney Todd- Because Sondheim is my favorite composer, obviously. And I like to watch it not necessarily for the story or the characters, but because I can see that without the saving grace of my God, I would easily be just as depraved and vile. Nothing good could ever come from me. Anything good that comes from me is of God.

Cats- Because it is totally weird, and the music isn't that great, and I really can't ever explain why I like it, so when people ask, I tell them the dancing. Which is incredible. But I think I also like that there is so much freedom in this one for the fanfic writer. There are literally millions of things you can imagine about the characters, and I have a very long list of assumptions about how things work that I'm sure none of you are remotely interested in.

Favorite Books

The Lord of the Rings- Because Tolkien. And that is all that needs to be said.

Jane Eyre- Best love story I have ever read, hands down, no competition.

Favorite Ships

Merry/Estella- I have so, so much fun with them. I love to read about them too. I have a hatred for hobbit slash (slash of any kind really, but particularly hobbit slash) and just wish people would put Merry with the person Tolkien wanted him with. But... if everything always went my way, the world would be a very weird and messed up place.

Mary/Bert- However, only if it is one sided. In my opinion, Bert is rather besotted, but of course, Mary Poppins is... herself. Therefore nothing could ever happen. This is another reason I loved the musical so much. Mary/Bert was there if you wanted it to be, but if you didn't, it wasn't.

Alice/Hatter- I particularly like angsty ones from Hatter's point of view after Alice has left. Though ones where she stays and they get a fluffy happily ever after are fun too.

Jenny/Skimble- I love them, I just... I love them, and I have their entire life story in my head. I just can't seem to put it on paper or a word document.

Rumpleteazer/Admetus/Rumpus Cat- I can't really explain this one. It's just always been there in my head. And it works in my own little Cats universe.

Molly/Arthur- Okay, so I wouldn't consider myself a Harry Potter fan. But I've read the books and seen the movies and they're alright. And these two... I adore them! I could read any sort of fic about them, fluffy, angsty, funny... preferably nothing lemony because that's just... I dunno. But I love them.

Severus/Hermione- This one. When I first stumbled across it, I was disgusted. It seriously turned my stomach. But now... I have read several fics in which Severus lived, and the relationship was developed well. It didn't come out of nowhere, and it didn't seem unrealistic to me, and so it slowly... slowly grew on me. The more it did the more wrong Ron seemed for her, though I do love them paired together as well.

So there is a bit about me and what I like. I absolutely love getting PMed and making friends on here, and if I could make a friend who may encourage me to finish ASAFF, I would very much appreciate it. I want to finish it! I'm just seriously stuck!

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