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-About Me-

august 2016 update: this account is dead; never to see the light of day again. i'll leave everything up for my own personal cringe-worthy memories. none of these stories will ever be continued and i am no longer active on, so i'm sorry if you actually enjoyed any of my work. goodbye everyone!

There's not much to really say about myself. I'm not even sure who bothers to read these things. If you are someone who like's to read these profiles, I will tell you what you want to know, I suppose. Just prepare for this to get really boring. I'm fifteen, a sophomore in highschool, I like pokemon and joined roughly four years ago, although the first year I did absolutely nothing out of fear of my stories being horrible etc.

My stories are admittedly pretty bad, so no big change there. Not many reviews on them either. Oh well c:

and i'm in love with prin pardus

So, what do you do on if you don't always write stories?

I roleplay at TacoClan, mainly. I know, I know, TacoClan? Well, I first joined my second year being on fanfiction and have been there from the start. With a majority of the people there being young when it was formed, it could definitely be considered a silly forum. But, as the people there grew and as our writing styles got better, it's pretty safe to say it's an serious RP. (Though there are times where we all just goof off!)

If you want to know more about TacoClan, you should ask Shadesaurus, our favorite leader. Or just visit c:

You should also check out some of my RP friends, who are all way better writers than I ever could be: Doughy, Shim, Prin and Braz.

Also, I would just like to quickly point out that I'm not a very good RPer either, I just barely manage to keep up the standards of the other writers on TC. Now let me sink back into my hole c:

-My Stories-

Loyal– One of my only shippings in the Warrior Cats series was Lionblaze and Heathertail. I know that forbidden love is way overrated nowadays, but this pairing was just one that I couldn't help but enjoy. This was also my first official oneshot on fanfiction. It's rather short and not very good, but I guess it's a reminder on how far I've come as a writer, even if I'm still not very good. Complete.

Right or Wrong?– Another oneshot I wrote in my early days. This oneshot was my basic feelings on all the hate Squirrelflight was getting from PoT trio and the fandom. Spoiler alert, by end of the main series, it all works out for everyone. So, yay. Complete.

Revenge– Do you ever have a sudden burst of inspiration to clean your room, draw a masterpiece, or write an amazing story all at around 2 AM? Well, that's how this story was born. As usual, I slowly began to lose interest after all the inspiration left. I haven't deleted it because I may eventually return back to it. Incomplete.

Special– A little oneshot I wrote about my favorite RP character, Jaci, and her budding relationship. It's very low quality and probably has a ton of mistakes, but I guess it has meaning, which prevents me from deleting it. I plan on eventually rewriting this. Complete.

Dead Walking– An original story I wrote about a zombie apocalypse in the Warriors Universe. It has potential, and I've decided that one day I'll eventually delete it and rewrite it. Hiatus.

100 OneShot Challenge– Prin Pardus's challenge where you have to write a oneshot for each chapter that has a given theme. As you may guess, there are 100 chapters and 100 different themes. I'm slowly adding on to this and will one day complete it, hopefully. In progress.

Mutual– A rewrite of Special, for Shadesaurus. Tons of SG references amongst romance between Jenner and Jaci. Complete.

I guess that's all.

I told you this would get boring.

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