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03-22-05 Update time!

Okay, well I've decided to redo this bio page.(Can you believe it? I'm actually updating something, wow!) To be honest, it sounded a bit...well, kidish. I don't know if that sounds a bit too grown up, but why don't I give you some background information first before you start judging. I'm a senior in high school, yes! Finally, I've waited three years to hear that. I'll soon be graduating in approximately six months so I'll be finished with that thing that we've all come to know and love, which is school. Not finished yet, going on to college but what can I say? Getting out of high school with be awesome. Besides, college parties are way better, LoL!

I haven't decided on becoming a professional writer anytime soon (thank God) but I do enjoy writing fanfiction. I've gotten much better since my first ever fanfic: When in New Orleans...speaking of the devil, I haven't updated that one in a while. I've just gone back to reread it and frankly I've forgotten where I want to go with that story. Since I've read it, I could think of some ways the story could end up but we'll just have to wait and see. One day I'll rewrite it, because it desperately needs it, but until then it's permanently stuck on the backburner. Hopefully it won't get burned too much.

I've also started some other fics, as you all can see. TheRo/Lo combo has been my absolute favorite fanfiction couple out there in the cyber world, but I've decided to take a turn away from that for just one fic. It's the new one I'm writing called When Worlds Collide. I just started reading the X-men comics, which I've never done before. I've only seen the animated series and the movies, but my friend got me hooked. Damn you Mark! But anyway, I figured why not give Wolvie a girlfriend besides Storm or Jean. Just to spice things up a little. I can't give the plot away because then you'll never read it, but hopefully it will get spicy. When I say that, it means watch out kiddies because it's going to contain my first ever LEMON scene. That's kind of scary...shaking in my new Manolo boots

There's also that Star Wars fic, don't know where my brain was then, but no one seems to be interested so that's also going on the backburner. It'll need to make friends with When in New Orleans...

Sorry for all the disappointments guys, but some real life things have been keeping me down. I started work last year, and then my boyfriend decided to be a jerk (with my best friend if you get my drift- aha!) and well things haven't been going so well. I hope that you guys take interest in my new fic seeing as it's going to be the only one out there for a while, but hopefully I'll be able to write down a few more Ro/Lo ideas that I have swimming around in my brain.

What a relief it would be to get those crazy ideas out of my head though, I've got enough going on in there already...

Well, I'm back! And it's March, and I've also got some news. I'm trying to get some more done on my story When Worlds Collide but I've been at a loss for time. However, since it is Spring Break and I've got nothing better to do, I'll probably be working on this story. I also saw the movie Pearl Harbor for the first time at a friend's house the other night and yes, you guessed it! I've gotten a plot bunny bouncing around in my head and it won't calm down until I write it. So you'll probably be seeing some new work for Pearl Harbor.

It also seems that I've suddenly developed a fetish for a certain red-headed, green-eyed woman named Phoenix. Go figure. You'll also be seeing her in some random fanfiction. That's it for now, until next time.

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