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Hello fellow Fanfiction fans! My name is Joe but you probably won't remember that, so just remember Mystic Cake if you think of me (which you probably won't). I play video games a lot and love to read other peoples' ideas about the universes that each of them contain, and how they expand upon them, which is why i love fanfics so much because they are exactly that :)

I am pretty uptight about proper grammar and spelling, which may lead to me revising and re-revising many parts of things I write; and this attitude will probably be reflected in my reviews to other stories (needless to say sometimes I will still make spelling mistakes and other careless errors in my works, I just hate myself when I do) I will not point out every single little error in the chapters/stories I review, it's a waste of time for everyone and it's the author's job to find and fix them, only major or consistent errors I will point out, and even then if no one else already did (with the exception of short oneshots, since they are much shorter so smaller errors are more evident). Back to me, since I am extremely lazy and hate my own slow typing, coupled with the fact that I can pretty much only be on on the weekends, my stories will probably take forever to be uploaded and/or updated to so bear with me if you actually read any of them >_>

Currently working on:

-The Unchosen- Record of Agarest War- The collective fates of all the girls if you didn't pick them at the end of each generation- sorry about the LOOOOONG update waits, I'm still tryin to beat the game...

-Demon Disease- Riviera- Patrick, an OC of mine, is nearly killed by Serene and Ein and teaches them about the demon lifestyle, put on indefinite hold until I get into the Riviera spirit again.

Plus a couple of drafts that probably won't be posted for quite some time, if ever if I don't like how they're going

Favorite things to write/read fanfics about this moment- (this is just for starting out, I'll include more later)

-Angel Beats!
-Yggdra Union
-All Disgaeas
-Record of Agarest War

Favorite Characters in above things-

-Just about every character from Angel Beats is a fav, but especially Angel/Kanade, Yuri, Yui, Noda, Matsushida, and Shiina; all other characters are just great but not quite as great (with the sole exception of NO ONE, really I like everyone from Angel Beats!)

-Malice from Riviera, yet the general public seems to hate her T_T; also Serene, another generally disliked character; then there's Hector, yes Hector as in the game's main villain that probably everyone else but me hates with a passion, I think he's a bit less cruel than most big bads from most games and thus worthy of writing about in a lighter shade, plus him saying "Ether Burst" is just so awesome (also one of the game's hardest bosses in my opinion, much harder than Seth-Rah), moving off of the hated characters, Ledah is cool and Ein is quite funny being a pervert surrounded by girls ^_^, Lina's good too, Fia and Cierra not so much.

-Generally everyone from Yggdra Union (except I got the GBA version so I don't know much about Mistel and other PSP exclusives), but favorites among the favorites are: Gulcasa, Emilia, Nietziche (no idea how to spell that though), Marietta, and Nessiah; Yggdra and others are good, but not quite on the same level of awesomeness.

-Laharl from Disgaea of course :) oh yeah, and Flonne; Etna not as much; I hated the Defenders of Earth, they're just way too pathetic in so many ways (on a side note, anyone else notice that in the vast majority of games with humans and other races living together, the humans are generally total douchebags towards the other races, or am I all alone on that belief? Not all of them, just the vast majority)

-Moving to Disgaea 2, the only characters I really liked was both of the Snow Melody ninjas and that's pretty much it... ZAM! Need I say any more? Everyone else was kinda... bleh

-Disgaea 3, loved Mao of course; Rasberyl was awesome too, not quite as much though, but close; Almaz and Sapphire were ok; I detested Mr. Champloo (found him to be a bit... obnoxious with the whole food talk and 'boom' thing... not to mention his damn annoying laugh that puts Laharl's damn annoying laugh to shame); Aurum was a bit insane but he's supposed to be that way, so I suppose he was good too (good as in I like his character, he's far from good ethics-wise) All of the teachers were funny, but my favorites were Mr. Redshirt (in case you didn't already notice from Educational Suicide), Kotter-Sensei, Ms. Machiko is ok, and the rest of the teachers don't really stand out.

-In Record of Agarest War... maybe... LUANA!!! Fyuria's cool too, Elaine's kinda lame, even though I picked her anyways... On to 2nd generation favorites... ummm... yeeeeah... anyways on to Generation 3 favorites, Lavinia's cool, if a bit mean... Faina's cute, if a bit pathetic, but endearing nonetheless, and Noah's just plain cool... and hot, but in a game FILLED with hot girls, she's pretty unremarkable. For generation 4 SILVI, SILVI, SILVI! Ryuryu is ok, but pales in comarison with SILVI, and Hilda's just lame, again, purely in comparison. In generation 5, Murmina is soooo awesome, even if I never used her; and Beatrice is cool too, but she also fails in comparison, for the same reason as Noah, Hilda, and most of the other girls. To wrap it all up, here's a mathematical summary of my affections of ALL the girls that you get:

(hot/cool) Silvi > Luana > Reverie > Both Dyshana's (Chaos Dyshana > Normal Dyshana)> Faina > Ellis > Fyuria > Murmina > Sherufanir > Sharona > Lavinia > Plum > Beatrice > Noah > Valeria > Ryuryu > Elaine > Yayoi > Vira-Lorr > Hilda > Qua (meh)... I think that's all of them...

Favorite Pairings in above games-

-Angel and anyone ^_^, also Otonashi and any girl, PLEASE stop with all of the yaoi!

-Ein and pretty much any of the girls (main character or otherwise), yaoi is not good in my book, so NO LxE; Ledah and Malice very good too, but that's quite the rarity, it seems. No love for Hector though; I'm pretty sure being overly power-hungry is a turn-off for most possible pairings for him.

-Yggdra seems to be quite the lonely girl, she doesn't have many pairings in the fanfics, which makes me sad (except for Feral Phoenix's many GulcasaxYggdra fics, which are infinitely better than anything I can ever write) Milanor and Kylier is a given; Rosary and Roswell also very good, but that's tricky to make work for obvious reasons.

-Anything pairing Laharl with anyone is a no-no unless he's much older, that should be a given but I'm sure many people would disagree- keep in mind this is my opinion, and if you're reading this then for some ungodly reason you are actually interested in my opinion. (cue to exit now) Otherwise in Disgaea 1, there's really no pairings that can be done that I like since the main trio are all a bit too young and I detest the Defenders of Earth as mentioned before (Just Gordon, Thursday and Jennifer- Kurtis, I don't hate as much but still not liked)

-From Disgaea 2, Adell and Rozaline is a given; Taro and Rozaline can be cute, but nothing... over the line please, same with Etna and Hanako (Yuri normally ok in my books, but not in this situation; loli and/or shota is bad in my opinion)

-From Disgaea 3, Mao and just about all of the female leads (all 2 of them...), since him and Sapphire can make quite a comical pair and Mao and Raspberyl is largely a given. Almaz and Sapphire also good, I once didn't like this, but after seeing the whole game, it is better than my first impressions told me; yeah, I was wrong, it doesn't happen too often and it's even rarer that I admit it, but yeah, I was wrong. (on another side note, I am sooo curious as to what "that" is, Mao and his dirty little secrets- does anyone even get that reference? Then again, I don't care- I get my own reference and that's all that matters to me! Just kidding :) I care what you people think) I actually think "that" is Aurum's signature from 200 years before, which would explain why he is hiding it, but that's just a guess...

-No particular main-character pairings in Record of Agarest War make me excited, since all of them are pretty cliche, which bores me; but none of them are really BAD either, just average. On the other hand... SilviXLuana... woah... note for later...

Oh the pain of a backlog... Currently I got 20-something ideas for fics, most of which I'll never get done @_@, if someone is generous enough to take some of these off my hands, PM me and I'll put it in your capable hands- just please give me credit for the idea if you actually think my idea is good for some strange reason; >_> and please, please, PLEASE pm me BEFORE you take one of my ideas

I'll list a few of my favorites of my own ideas that I don't plan on writing anytime soon (yeah, I always play favorites; I'd probably play favorites with my own children, thank god I have none!)

Oh, and the titles I come up with are purely ones I thought were fitting, if you don't like it, you can change it- I don't care

Disgaea 1 Ideas Up for Grabs

Archsinner- A story about the beginning of Baal, this one applies to any Disgaea and one is purely imaginative, there is no information about Baal's past other than he fought Overlord Krichevskoy before the 1st disgaea began

A Rainbow of Failures- A story about everyone's most hated heroes, the Prism Rangers; another purely imaginative one, it can talk about their beginnings or their adventures between the Disgaeas, it's up to you!

We, Greater Demons- Hoggmeiser and Maderas stage a rebellion against Laharl, how this ends up is up to the writer's level of sympathy for these chumps :)

The Inner Laharl- Laharl, Etna and Flonne go to the heart bank and venture into Laharl's heart- who knows what sort of deep, dark secrets it will hold?

Disgaea 2

Children of the Curse- a general story about Taro and Hanako, no real plot was established but I figured it could deal with Hanako's ability to cook for a chapter or so.

Trained for Retribution- Chronicles of Yukimaru and Fubuki's training; simple and I almost can't believe no one has written about this yet...

Disgaea 3

Experimentation, Dood!- Prinnys rebel against Mao for their constant abuse as his guinea pigs for his experiments, where this goes is up to the writer but my title suggests they experiment on him for revenge...

Food fight!- Mr. Champloo is challenged to make a meal for Laharl, whose apetite is quite infamous (watch the anime if you don't believe me!) PLEASE someone take this one off my hands, if you read this far you should know I HATE Mr. Champloo and the last thing I ever want to do is write a whole story with his food talk dialogue!

A Union of Powerful Egos- Tyrant Baal threatens all netherworlds with his great power and massive prinny army, and the only hope anyone has of stopping him is if all the overlords in the universe work together against him, IF such a feat is even possible. May overlap with Archsinner if you so desire. I was planning on using all the overlords from all 3 Disgaeas and Makai Kingdom (that's a LOT of overlords!), since there really aren't any in La Pucelle and I don't know much about the other NIS games (Yes, Phantom Brave, that means you!) >.>

This is MY Earth!- Laharl, the demonic ruler of Earth, receives news that a rival overlord is experimanting on HIS human slaves without his permission, that being Mao; a battle between the two overlords commences.


Against all odds...- Ein and co. lose against Seth-Rah, if they survive is up to the author; but someone has to survive or there wouldn't be much of a story then, would there?

Cefiro's Madness- a single Cefiro escapes while Ein and party are busy stopping Ledah in Yggdrasil, where this goes is up to the author (I think I give a bit too much freedom for these ideas, I feel like I've said that before...)

Most Holy Diviner- a no-plot deathmatch between all the diviners of Riviera (all 4 of them that are named...), and if you so desire, the Gran Centurio from Yggdra Union (I was planning on using it)

Heaven Shall Fall- Yggdra Union/Riviera crossover where Yggdra faces off against one or all of the angels from Riviera (I was going to use Ledah, Malice and Hector, but as I said so many times before, it's up to the writer)

Needless to say these aren't ALL of my ideas, they're just the only ones I think are any good and I am willing to give away (there are some others I may be persuaded to part with, though)

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