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Author has written 6 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Spyro the Dragon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, and My Little Pony.

About me:

Most of my storys start out as fantasies. I love Spyro and Sonic! I am kinda lazy so I dont update often. I do update though so don't worrie.

I am a bit of a "Mary-Sue" So you can basicly guess who "Joe" from my Spyro story is. I know alot of you out there are guilty as well so don't give me any shit.

I have an OC for Spyro, Sonic, Brawl, Zelda, and alot of other things. If you want an OC, ask me and I'll wip someone up.

Check out my group on Facebook "Fans Of The Legend Of Spyro" and help wake up Activision. I'm using the group as a pettition so join today.



I am lookin for someone to basicly draw Joe from the Legend Of Spyro A New World. And from the other fics.

Story progress:

The Legend of Spyro a new world: In Progess.

Interdimentional Fire Cat: In Progress.

The New Super Mario Bros Super show: In progress.

The return of Sonic X: Don't expect updates often. This is for when I'm bored.

Cooming soon: A Zelda Fanfiction.

When fantasy meets reality: On hiatus.

Other Site profiles: Links will be provided when they areup and running.

Spyro forum: http:///index.html

Username: Jolt The Dragon

Info: This site is for gaining more readers for my Spyro storie "The Legend Of Spyro A New World".

Diviant Art: http:///

Username: BladeTheProtector

Info: This site will be used to show picture for my stories. Pictures of Joe from "A New World" are now up for viewing.

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My Little Pony Friendship Is Limitless reviews
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Interdimensional Fire Cat reviews
Joe has been lonely all his life, and does nothing but plays Video Games. But when he buys a crystal from a flea market, he gets one hell of a surprise.
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Now that Spyro and Cynder have defeated the Dark Master. Ingitus, the new Chronicler must find help from another world. But what if that Human?
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