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Random Stuff About me:





Old 90s-00s Cartoons (mostly from Nickelodeon)

TDI & DXC Fanfics (I dont usually favorite stories but i have LOTS of 'em on story alert)






Lots of other stuff!


Know it alls

People who are "never" wrong


A certian boy I know

People who use "go suck one" as comebacks

People who take things waaayy to seriously

Lots of other stuff I'm too lazy to list!

This is a shout out to all of my besties and my wonderful fanpop buddies (Ashley, Sarah(Pwease come back soon ]), Ashlin, Jamie,Jelly, ABBY [I miss you dearie!] and my prop buddies)!

My best buds idk what I'd do without you lovelies. My fanpop and forum buds; you guys are the sweetest, funniest ranomdest people I have ever -technically- met.

One thing I especially flove is the TD series so this next portion is completely dedicated to it so if you dont watch TD then you wont know what the heck I'm talking about!

Couples I ship:


BXG (before they went make-out crazy)




Favorite Main Characters:







Noah (once TDWT aired I finally understood his awesomeness)

Favorite Small Characters:



Favorite Scenes:

DXC snuggle in The Sucky Outdoors

DXC huggles in If You Cant Take the Heat...

Anything in Princess Pride

Duncan checking out Courtney in Dial M for Merger

Izzy in Walk like an Egyptian II

When Duncan needed Courtneys help in Super Hero-ld

"D+C" Carving in Tri-armed Triatholon

Duncans Dance in TDDDI

Duncan hurting himself because he's too busy checking out Courtney in Oceans Eight or Nine

Harold getting chased by the beavers in One Million Bucks B.C.

DXC having to fight on one totem pole thing instead of two in One Million Bucks B.C.

Duncan going googly eyed over Courtney when she sang during Princess Pride


"The first, is boom. The second is boom. Put those together what do get?" "Boom...boom?" "Boom! boom!" IXO Full Metal Drama

"Wanna get out of here and grab a bite to eat?" "I dont usually eat with losers." "Niether did I, but I asked you didnt I?" DXC TDA Alternate Ending

"...I miss that girl." Duncan talking about Courtney in TDACMH

"Oh! oh! I wanna be the princess!" "I said the fair princess." Chris insulting Beth in Princess Pride, priceless.

"One of us anyway, some of us were too busy making googly eyes at a certian girl!" Harold on Duncan checking out Courtney.

"He shoots he scores!" Duncan on getting to wrestle Courtney.

"Dont eat it! Block it! Play dirtier!" "Hehe" "What?!" "I like when you talk like that." DXC in Million Dollar Babies

"Do you think Courtneys watching the stars?" Duncan in TDA Aftermath II (I think...)

"Finally! I may not file away everybodies stupid details, but I do know a thing or two about Courtney." Duncan in TDA Finale.

gasp* "Dunkie!" Courtney in Dial M for Merger

"So the Princess has a dark side." "Okay, that was so gross. But it was like once I did something bad I wanted more!" You could still give me that kiss, that'd be pretty bad." "Your still not my type." "Fine, enjoy a peanut butter-less life." "Thanks, enjoy prison." "I will"- The classic DXC porch/cabin scene in Basic Straining.

"What! Did you just give away all our secret information to Justin?!" "Uh-huh." "Juuust checking." Trent & Gwen/Leshwana TDDDI


"Did..." "DID NOT" "Did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did!" Izzy and Noah in Playa del Losers (?)

"Can I take your order?" "Yes! Yes! You can take MY order!" Courtney in TDDDI

"Hey! Get back here! No one is stealing the money that I stole!" "I love that woman." DXC in TDDDI

"Quit trying to make out with me." Duncan in One Million Bucks B.C.

"Wait! I was kidding about the compliment, I like your face, your hair is nice!' Duncan in Princess Pride (I think I messed this one up but I got the keywords of the qoute!)

and others i just cant think of now!

The second thing I flove is the Underland Chronicles *fingers crossed that by some miracle she will make a sequel!*

Couples I ship:

Gregor and Luxa; duh!


Temp and Boots

Ares and Gregor (EPICLY EPIC)

Luxa and Aurora

Gregor and Ripred

Luxa and Ripred

Favorite Small Characters:

Twitchtip :'(

Favorite Book:

I crazy loved EVERY SINGLE Underland book


Once I re-flip through the books I'll put them up!

Other Favorite Tidbits:

Gregor & Luxa Dancing Scene/Pic

Gregor bonding to Ares

Ares choosing Gregor over Henry

Gregor finally learning echolocation

The tragic sealing of the Underland entrance (It was sad but so amazingly written, its sad everytime I think about it)

Ares and Gregors final fight against the Bane :'(

One last thing. I have a new found love for the Gallagher Girl Series (I haven't read Only the Good Spy Young Yet but I seriously can't wait to start it) so here it goes:


Cammie and Zack


Mr. Solomon*

Zach Goode*

Macey McHenry

Small Characters:

Dr. Steve

Favorite Book:

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy


Anything with Cammie and Zach

Anything with Zach in general

Anything with Mr. Solomon

When Abby kissed Solomon (like she said, somebody had to do it)

Solomon/Cammie bonding moments

Josh after I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You

So thats it for now until I think of other stuff to add to my profile; have fun on fanfiction!

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Tested reviews
He didn't really care about them; they were only his test rats. Sampled on and tortured until the cure was perfected. But he didn't have a heart of ice, because one girls onyx eyes were the first and only thing that ever had him question what he's doing.
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Courtney,its not all you think it is." "What do you mean?" "I'm saying that your asleep, this is a dream, and it's all just to cover up the fact that you're not where you rested your head at night and when you wake up you will not be alone."
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