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Author has written 3 stories for Star Fox.

Yes, I am writting a Starfox Fanfic at the moment, but I got three problems...

1. School absorbs a lot of time at the moment.

2. It's written in my mother tongue German, so I need a peck of time to translate it.

I'm looking forward to post it in here

Other planned stories:

Starfox meets VG Cats: Sounds strange and will be starnge
Aerith, Leo, Pantsman and Krug are crashing with a stolen ship on Corneria and meeting the Starfox Team. This will probably be a oneshot with humor and maybe adult themes (but also funny). DONE

Here I got some links for you:



Star Fox Comic 1:


Star Fox Comic 2:


VGCats by Scott Ramsoomair

2nd Part of my story Cerinia (has no title yet): This starts where part one ended. Its following Johns adventure in the Lylat War, he ll meet old friends, he ll get new ones and he ll be part of the most important fights during the wars.

3rd Part of my story Cerinia (has no title yet too): Dunno much I want to write about, but the story will maybe take place after "Farwell Beloved Falco" and shortly after the Aparoid Invasion.

Story history:

Cerinia: Chapter 12 is half translated (The German version: stopped due no interest of german readers)

Star Fox meets VG Cats: Done and checked by my Beta Reader XxSanitariumxX

A War and a Decision: Chapter 5 is up, but at the moment it is put on ice so that I can concentrate a bit on Cerinia

Stories in the future: I don't know, maybe some specials for Valentinsday or next Christmas featuring my OC's John and Sefilia

Fanarts I drew for my stories (Click them to make them bigger):

Attention: I am not a pro artist:

Random Art:

Random furry body (female) (you must own an account to see this pic (nude content)) *NEW:



Sefilia bust oOo New Art Style oOo *NEW:


Sefilia (colored):


Sefilias tattoo version 1:


Sefilias tattoo version 2:


Sefilia old sketch:






Phoenix Symbol of Johns Nation:



Chapter 1:


Chapter 2:


Chapter 3:


Other drawings:

Miyu for XxSanitariumxX:


A newer version (yeah my skills are improving ^^):


Again a Miyu drawing, but somehow not as good as the other new ones D: *New:


Types of stories I like:





Friendship between two races

Celebration day specials

Stories which bring humans of earth into the Starfox Universe or other universes.

Where teenage mainprotangonists wear glasses (but no geek/Harr Potter glasses, just glasses), because such stories are very rear out there. And no FUCKING HARRY POTTER !!

Also like mixes of those.

Types of stories I don't like:

Stories where the normal happy and kind main protangonists turn almost over the whole story into persons who enjoy killing/torturing their victims to dead.

Stories where the normal happy and kind main protangonists turn over almost the whole story into real assholes.

Stories where the normal looking protangonists get huge packs of muscles out of nowhere.

Stories with super strong people (exeption Masterchief (but still just if he isn't toooooo strong)

Confusing porn:
Where the main protangonist has almost every girl he meets in some kind, they don't use protection and THE WOMEN WON'T GET PREGNANT !!

Absurd porn:
When all main acting people have huge genitals, boobs and muscels. And where the males shot a hilarious huge load into/onto their female partners.

Also hate mixes of those.

(Blame me :P)

If a story contains things of both the counter makes the decision

Other things...

... I like:


movies which are so stupid that they manage to be funny

water ( fishpowers :D )

tea ( these aromas are almost better than se ... uhm cuddling )

almost every musik ( but no Gangsta rap, polka or schlager ) Favourite Artists: Green Day, Billy Talent, Wolfmother, Foo Fighters, Eminem, Nightwish, Breaking Benjamin and so on ...

... I don't like:

gangstaz (because they look gay in my eyes)

racism (who doesn't ?)


Movies, stories etc. which give a group of people some kind of untrained body enhancement (some other sort of cheating)

Sci-Fi horror movies (hate that floating brain shit)

unfriendly people

people who think they are always in/right

Funny (in my opinion) stuff that happened to me at playing videogames with my friends:

WoW Dialougues(I play on a private server):

Before the fight against Yogg-Saron:

We saw sitting it in the swamp of water:

Dosenwurst: Well, that monster is realy ugly.

I: If it is as big as ugly, then the room will totaly filled up if it comes out of his hole.

While fighting:

Failzor: Hey, wait a second guys ... what if its ... FEMALE!?

The rest of us: WHAT!?

Failzor: Imagine its pussy!! We could do a 25 men raid on that thing!!

(We laughed about 75 per cent of the fight over that joke, but finnaly we won)


Dosenwurst a cpu and I against 3 random enemies:

Dosenwurst got attacked by an army of zeolots and I sent one drone as help.

Dosenwurst: Wtf sent your frikkin troops.

I: Just wait and relax, the worker will own all of them.

I managed to pull every zeolot out of his almost destroyed base and sent my worker to the ally cpu player, he killed all of them.

I: So, got them.

Dosenwurst: No, he did.

I: But I used my power ability as pull master to allow it to him.

Dosenwurst: Just go and keep bullding your own zeolots dude -.-

Funnie stuff that happened in school (yeah school can be funny too):

Our teacher tells ous a story about shell prawning.

Teacher: A 40 Tons freight vehicle drives 20 tons crabs to Poland. (my buddy Dosenwurst rose his hand)

Dosenwurst: And what about the other 20 tons?

Teacher: uhm ... the driver ?

Everyone laught of the thought of a 20 tons driver xD

Gues the word:


1.Whats a sinep?


1. A spine, what else?

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