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Author has written 11 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Rurouni Kenshin, Harry Potter, Digimon, Generator Gawl, and Gundam Wing/AC.

I am a yaoi fangirl. I consider that fair warning, since it's the first sentance of my bio, ne? So don't be surprised by the amount of shounen-ai/yaoi stuff here. I've tried to write stories without it, but...it didn't work so well...

Anyways...um...yeah. Read and review my stuff. Reviews make me happy. And happy authors write more.

Just in case anyone cares, my fave pairings (not in any sort of order) are:

TaichixYamato--Digimon. My first anime, and my first bishies! I'm not really a huge fan of the show...but Yama's sexy. _

SetoxJou--Yuugiou. Aww, c'mon. They're so damn adorable together. Seto with his whole 'I-hate-humanity' thing and Jou just being all cute and puppylike...so kawaii.

RaenefxEclipse--Demon Diary. Aahahaha! Cute, innocent (and completely molestable) demon lord and his sessy, coldhearted tutor...oh, the possibilities!

EdwardxRoy--Fullmetal Alchemist. Ed's spastic and sexy and Roy's sadistic and sexy. Need I say more?

EdwardxAl--Fullmetal Alchemist. Okay, Elricest. Cute, angsty, devoted. What come could you want?

EdwardxEnvy--Fullmetal Alchemist. Hot. Just...hot. I heart Envy!

RoyxMaes--Fullmetal Alchemist. I love the best-friends-turned-lovers thing. Sososososo adorable.

QuatrexTrowa--Gundam Wing. Heh. I love this pairing beyond all reason, and it's the only (practically) canon pairing I really like. Mm. Trowa.

HeeroxDuo--Gundam Wing. Also love this pairing beyond all reasoning, and it's ALSO practically canon. Damn Relena. Damn her.

WufeixZechs--Gundam Wing. This is all the fault of pyzrm, the author of "Lost Souls" and "Broken Warriors" on mediaminer. Amazing story, and it made me fall in love with this pairing. They're so turn-of-the-century sweet!

SanzoxGoku--Saiyuki. Sanzo's such a bastard, and Goku's so...sparkly! And happy! And loyal! An entertining pair, if nothing else.

HakkaixGojyo: Saiyuki. I tyhink they really are together. No, seriously, read the fifth manga...if that's not innuendo, I don't know what is. Gojyo even says Hakkai's beautiful. A sweet, freindship-y pair.

MitsuoxHasunuma--Eerie Queerie/Ghost!. Awwww...there's such a huge adorable factor here...they're just meant for each other!

KyouxYuki--Fruits Basket. Oh, this is cute. Just absolutely adorable. I've never seen a more fitting love/hate relationship. They bicker like an old married couple.

AyamexShigure--Fruits Basket. Childhood freinds to lovers, what could be better? And they're both so overdramatic--a fun, fun couple.

ToboexTsume--Wolf's Rain. Aww, I cried at the end. It was so sad...they should have been together! Ahh!

SubaruxSeshirou--X/1999. THE most angsty couple EVER. (cries) But they're so beautiful! Wah!

KamuixFuuma--X/1999. Close second for THE most angsty couple EVER. A dark, twisted and probably one-sided romance, because frankly, I think Fuuma just wants Kamui's body.

NarutoxSasuke--Naruto. I've got a thing for rivalshipping, hunh?

Coo/Ky/Rik: Di Gi Charat. Oh my GOD, they're too bloody cute for their own good! The big sparkly eyes and the ears and tails and...ahh! Sososososooooo CUTE. I havc a Coo hat. (smiles)

Lune/Luna: Di Gi Charat. Okay, normally I don't like twincest, but they're just so...kawaii! Little angel boys with big, sparkly eyes...

WataruxKazuki--Only the Ring Finger Knows. Oh, pretty pretty pretty boys. Pretty boys in love...

MurakixTsuzuki--Yami no Matsuei (or Descendents of Darkness). Okay, Muraki's just drop-deap sexy. And evil and psychotic. And Tsuzuki's all tortured and stuff. (blinks) Yeah, that doesn't sound too sick...

WataruxTatsumi--Yami no Matsuei. Er...I like Wataru's hair. That's pretty much all the justification I need.

InuYashaxSesshomaru--Inuyasha. Er, again, incest normally isn't my thing...but Sessho's awesome, and Inu's adorable, so...yeah.

Characters I like, but not in a relationship:

Hatsuharu--Fruits Basket. Just...hot. Very, very hot. But I like Kyou and Yuki together, so poor Hatsu's all alone...

Momiji--Fruits Basket. My litle bunny boy! Aahahahaha! Soo kawaaaiiii! He looks like a little Dutch girl!

Chris--Demon Diary. Heh. He's stupid. I like 'im.

Erutis--Demon Diary. Normally, I hate anime females, but Erutis kicks ass. She's a knight and a yaoi fangirl! What could be better?

Tohru--Fruits Basket. Oh, she's just so sweet and caring. I wish I could be like her.

Isis/Ishizu--Yuugiou. She's incredibly entertaining, what with her random predictions and all. _

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