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Character bios:


A zanpakuto-spirit in possession of a lightning-demon's body

Appearence: Has short white hair, green eyes, C-cups and is usually wearing a plate armor bikini

Personality: Easy-going, loves fighting, loves blacksmithing, protective of her family

Titles: Dragon-slayer, Goddess of weapons of the greek pantheon

Abilities: Weapon-summoning, absolute control over any type of weaponry, elemental mastery

Weapons: Proficient in all types of weapons, though her weapon of choice is the 4 kings sword and shield

Quote: "As gods, it is not our duty to rule those below us, but to act as guides for their future."

Key Events:

- A lightning-demon possessed her, but due to her rare status and circumstances she ended up taking over the demons body as her own

- Completed most of the challenges offered by the greek Primordeals, failing to obtain the power of Chronos but still becoming a goddess of their pantheon

- Completes the 4 kings trial, which allowed her to obtain blessed metal, which she used to forge her armor and weapons of choice

Riko Sakurazaki

A young demon, searching redemption

Daughter of Pandora and Setsuna Sakurazaki

Appearence: Has white hair which is tied to a ponytail and reaches past her lower back, green eyes ( though they can turn red during outbursts of anger ), B-cups and is usually wearing a business-suit, a black summer-dress or a red and black leather armor

Personality: Cheerful after having overcome her depression, helpful to everyone who comes to ask her for help, protective of the weak and those close to her, tries to solve situations without violence whenever possible and only kills when necessary, willing to forgive her enemies, prone to blasting holes into walls when angry

Titles: Phoenix-queen, Queen of hell (twice), the Life-fire deity, the Voidwalker, Fire incarnate

Abilities: Spellcasting, absolute control over fire, lightning-manipulation, perfect healing and resurection of others, rapid regeneration, ability to use void-powers and to open rifts into the void, real illusions, teleportation, shape-shifting, necromancy, telepathy and telekinesis

Weapons: 5th king's daggers, twin pistols Hell Hath no Fury and Tears of the Seraphim, Anti-christ's scythe, a sniper-rifle and a weaponized arm, which has: A lightsaber, a minigun, a rocket-launcher, a grenade-launcher and a shotgun

Quote: "Everyone deserves a chance for redemption, as long as they truely desire it." "Attack me and you survive, attack my people and you're in trouble, attack my friends and you're as good as dead." "Humans are so pathetic. They have so much potential, yet are held back by stupid things like religion, race and sexuality. Lets hope they'll someday wake up and realize their true power."

Key Events:

- Returns from the future and saves her mother and half-sister

- After a series of assassinations, she's offered the position of princess of Hell

- Stages an invasion of demons and undead against Beijing, resulting in a kill-count of over 2 million before she was stopped by her half-sister, after which she joined Hell

- Avoids the backlash of the failed demon-assault against the gods due to being put to sleep by the god of sleep, and takes the chance to take over hell

- Her childhood friend and girlfriend gets killed during an attack by the former 7 rulers of hell, which played a key part in her depression and made her choose the path of redemption and peace

- Too shaken by said death, she considered herself unable to continue to lead in her current state and went on a personal 5 years journey, during which she found some peace, and taught herself telepathy and telekinesis, as well as some hand to hand combat. Despite her self-imposed exile, she returned each year on the day of her friends death to leave flowers on her grave

- Becomes trapped with limited movement and no outside contact or nurishment for 5 years, which has caused her to halucinate for a while

- Is chosen by the phoenix-queen as her successor due to her personality and skills, making her the Phoenix-empress and the embodyment of fire

- Defeats the revived Anti-christ who stole her powers to fight her by using her telekinesis to pop a blood-vessel near his brain, distracting him long enough to kill him with his own scythe

- Gets her soul killed during a fight with Naberius for the throne of Hell, after which she ended up traveling the void till she ended up in a different world, where she meets Alice Silvian

- With the help of Alice, Neco Wildclaw, Snow and Vanessa she manages to complete a ritual to become a deity, causing the void-poisoning that was slowly killing her again to fuse with her, making her immune to the void and granting her void-powers, as well as making her known as the Lifefire

- Creates the order of the Lifefire paladins and Lifefire priests, who use the power of the phoenix-flame to heal and protect the people

- With the help of her inner circle, also known as the Lifefire squad during combat operations, she managed to defeat the seven sins who were the kings of hell, taking over hell by doing so and assigning her at that time seven subordinates to the positions as the new seven sins

Mata Sakurazaki

A fun-loving musician

Daughter of Riko Sakurazaki and the archangel Aemula

Appearence: Has short white hair with pink tips, green/blue heterochromia or red eyes ( depends on which of the two personalities is in control ), A-cups, usually wearing shorts and a loose shirt

Personalities: The two personalities switch daily, or when necessary. They usually chat inside her mind when nothing interesting is going on.

Angel Mata: Overly cheerful, happy and easy going, prefers to avoid fighting whenever possible

Demon Mata: Direct, dominant, protective, likes fighting

Titles: Tiger-queen, temporary Phoenix-queen ( during Riko's absence ), Lightning incarnate

Abilities: Rapid regeneration, very high durability and endurance, speed of lightning, absolute control over electricity, manipulation of fire and earth, teleportation, real illusions, shapeshifting

Weapons: Her guitar and amplifier, which she uses to fight with sound-waves or her fists

Key Events:

- Angel Mata, due to not knowing the truth about Demon Mata, tries to supress her each time she tries to take over during fights, causing her to go berserk. Demon Mata only wants to take over to protect Angel Mata

- She is chosen as the successor of one of the 4 kings, the tiger-king, making her the tiger-queen and lightning incarnate

- Due to this becoming a problem, Angel and Demon Mata are made to meet inside Mata's mind. They agree to switch daily, and due to the missunderstanding being cleared up, they become best friends

Ashley Sakurazaki

The blind bomber-girl

Daughter of Mata Sakurazaki and Ilana Sakurazaki (cousins)

Appearence: Has medium lenght hair with white roots, black mid and red tips, red eyes, C-cups, usually wearing a skirt and a shirt

Personality: Loves explosives, likes to play pranks with harmless explosives like color or smoke grenades, hyperactive

Abilities: Rapid regeneration, high durability and endurance, very high speed, manipulation of fire, earth and electricity, teleportation, real illusions, shapeshifting

Weapons: Many different kinds of rockets and grenades

Quote: "When in doubt, explosives! If that doesn't work, use more explosives! :D"

Key Events:

- Looked into a dragon's eyes which are as bright as the sun, even though she was told not to, causing her to go blind, only able to see the sun-like eye of the dragon

Edel Schnee

The noble CEO

Daughter of Ashley Sakurazaki and Isabel Schnee, big sister of Sceles Schnee

Appearence: Has long white hair, red eyes, C-cups

Personality: Serious, formal, speaks in shakespearian english (doth, thee, stuff like that)

Titles: CEO of Snowfall, Lady ( nobility title, female equivalent of Lord )

Abilities: Regeneration, durability and endurance, high speed, manipulation of fire, earth and electricity, teleportation, real illusions, shapeshifting

Weapons: A rapier

Sceles Schnee

The poison bandit

Daughter of Ashley Sakurazaki and Isabel Schnee, little sister of Edel Schnee

Appearence: Has medium-short white hair in a ponytail, red eyes, C-cups and is usually wearing a black dress and high-heels

Personality: Dominant, semi-sadistic, enjoys experiments with her poisons, sells poisons and robs people as a source of income

Titles: Not exactly a title, but has a PhD in chemistry

Abilities: Regeneration, durability and endurance, high speed, high resistance to chemicals, manipulation of fire, earth and electricity, teleportation, real illusions, shapeshifting

Weapons: An arm-blade, throwing-knives and many different types of poison

Lelianne Sakurazaki

The basilisk ranger

Bastard daughter of Riko Sakurazaki and Alice Silvian

Appearence: Has medium-long light-brown hair, reptilian green eyes, C-cups, scales on her hands, legs and sides and is usually either nude or wearing a brown and green ranger outfit

Personality: Relaxed, fun-loving, usually kind and cheerful, but can be rather sadistic if she wants to be

Abilities: Rapid regeneration, manipulation of fire and electricity, high speed, teleportation, real illusions, shapeshifting, petrifying gaze

Weapons: A whip-blade and her crossbow Phoenix Heart, as well as a large amount of different bolts

Key Events:

- Travels to the past to assist the Lifefire squad against the two remaining sins

- Explores some eastern ruins with her girlfriend Crista Ophilia, resulting in her finding a lifedrain whip and a mask/blindfold which grants the ability to see life-energy while worn

- After losing a bet with Crista, she eats a basilisk-fruit, granting her some of the lizards attributes, mainly the scales and petrifying gaze, as well as a forked tongue and sharper teeth

- Travels the eastern desert till she manages to find someone who teaches her how to control her basilisk-stare

Clara Sakurazaki

The fire-loving pyromancer

Daughter of Lelianne Sakurazaki and Crista Ophilia

Appearence: Brown hair, reptilian red eyes, C-cups, scales on her hands, legs and sides and is usually wearing a red summer-dress

Personality: Timid and innocent, obsessed with fire, is pretty careful with her flames, though accidents do happen sometimes ( including accidently burning down a barn )

Abilities: Rapid regeneration, manipulation of fire and electricity, fire-spells, high speed, real illusions, shapeshifting, teleportation, paralyzing gaze

Weapons: A staff that's also used as a club

Sarah Cromwell

The genius tinker

Appearence: Short blue hair, blue eyes, B-cups and is usually wearing a tight blue jumpsuit

Personality: Tends to not notice things happening around her while focused on her tinkering, speaks about machines as if they are alive, sexually attacted to machines instead of people

Abilities: Rapid regeneration, manipulation of fire and electricity, real illusions, shapeshifting, teleportation

Weapons: A mana-crystal powered battle-armor


- the Cromwell engine ( a machine which turns the energy of self-recharging mana-crystals into kinetic energy )

- a portable mana-shield in the form of an amulet which can cancel all damage as long as the mana-crystal has enough charge

- mana-rifles which use mana-crystals to fire mana-blasts instead of bullets ( available as short-range rapid-fire rifles, medium range rifles and sniper rifles for infantry, as well as long-range mana-cannons as artilery )

- various clockwork contraptions and drones, for example the music-playing bat-bunny or the transport-drones, or the recorder and speaker, which use mana-crystals to record and play different music or speeches

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