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Let's see...a little bit about me...Well, technically, it's a lot about me. I can write pages and pages about anything I'm passionate about, or if it can keep my meager attention span from being dissuaded. Not even sure if my last sentence makes sense, but you all get the point. So, if you're gonna read anything written by me, be prepared to sit down and waste around 30 minutes to 2 hours of your life. If you weren't happy with what you read, that sucks for YEEWWWWW!!!! You'll never get that time back, EVUR!!! Unless you do what I think you're gonna do, somewhere along the lines of...stop reading altogether and click that little red box with an "X" on the corner of the screen. Don't do that. (^_^')

As of now, I live in Mobile, Alabama. I was born in Seattle, but was moved down here around my...13th B-day, I think? It's my mom's fault. Whatever. The point is, I wanna GTFO of here!!!

Um...Zodiac info...right.

Born on The Year of The Monkey (MY FAVE ANIMAL!!!XD) and I'm an Aries...(...-_-...sorry, don't know too much about the Western Zodiac. Although I don't have quite the personality of an Aries. Might be part Taurus or something. IDK.)

What else...?

As informal as this whole profile is and will sound, I have sort of an inner grammar teacher that nags me wherever I go. Thanks to countless years of studying English 101 and the like, I just go absolutely crazy when I see misspelled words, run-on sentences, poorly-used fragments, nouns, verbs, and especially FRIGGIN' COMMAS in places where they shouldn't be. Sure, I may not be perfect, and I might use the wrong complicated word out of context, but if I'm forced to look at anything with any of the problems above, I just quit. So far, only a few such stories (or a majority of them) don't get reviews that often, if ever, because I just don't have the nerve to finish them.

Gaming Info:

I guess you can say I'm batting for Nintendo. Unfortunately, due to my lack of a job/money, and the fact that my mom sheltered us from playing video games cuz she thinks they're "impractical for bettering my future", I don't exactly get what my friends are talking about when they mention some of the games they play. Hope I can change that after college...

Some games I like/own/played:

The World Ends With You (BESTEST DS GAME EVURRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! XD So much so, that I bought the same copy twice. Sister lost first one. I went emo for a sec. Missed the awesomeness that was TWEWY and spent another $20. Never regretted doing that.)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (If I could get the Wii hooked up, I'd pwn u all online! Kidding, I'm sure there are perfectly awesome brawlers out there! XD)

Lunar Knights (at the time I was obsessed with it. logged in 99:59 hrs. that's as high it'll go, but I've played it WAY more than that. now it just sits there in my DS pouch along with some other games.)

Elite Beat Agents (just bought a few days back on a friend's recommendation. only $6. fun as hell)

Sonic Rush Adventure (One of the better Sonic games I've played. If only it were $5 cheaper used...)

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (Unlocked everything, logged in 150+ hrs. pick it up now and again to play as King Mickey THE AWESOMEST KH CHARACTER WHO NEEDS MORE ACTION!!!!!!! XP)

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (bought it. beat it. unlocked stuff. never touched it again. took 22 hours of my time.)

Muramasa: The Demon Blade (The Japanese dialogue was nice, but I wonder what their English voices would sound like? Probably younger because of America...)

Elite Beat Agents (wish I had the Japanese version.)

Sonic Unleashed (a disappointment. luckily, my lil brother wasted his money so I wouldn't have to. Tried to make me jealous. didn't work. He ended up only being allowed to play the night stages while I sped through on the awesome glory that is Sonic.)

Some games I'm waiting for:

Sonic Colors (A sonic fan obviously. recent games were lacking, but this one actually looks decent. Totally gonna get both versions!)

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (I like the theme music on Brawl! So far, I've only played The Lost Ages. That last boss is the TOUGHEST BOSS MONSTER I'VE EVVURR FOUGHT!!! next to Hanekoma's Noise form on TWEWY!)

Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded (358/2 Days pales in comparison to the handsomeness of this game. video footage will have to tide me over until I actually find out the release date and then buy it.)

Okamiden (Never played the first ones, but I'm glad they'll have an installment for the DS.)

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (It's old, but I regret not getting it. Found out after playing Portrait of Ruin that it got a 5/5 by X-Play. Tried to buy a copy, but no gamestop near me has one...So zetta sad...)


The new Nintendo 3DS (EEEE!!! puts my DSi to shame every time I look at it. I just hope the INTERNET is better and more faster! XD)

Kid Icarus: Uprising (I was too young to remember anything about the other KI games, but I saw the trailer for this and knew I just HAD to have it!)

Kingdom Hearts: 3DS (If I get my hands on RE: Coded and the new 3DS, this will have been the 3rd KH game I've ever played, my first being 358/2 Days, the second being RE: Coded if and WHEN it comes out!)

A bunch of other 3DS titles I'm not gonna mention BY NAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEE!!!!!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters

I'm a picky guy, so out of the 35+ characters in Brawl, I only use a set number. In this special circle of awesomeness, I have picked:

#1 Sonic (No matter what, who, when, where, why, or how, he's the best. 'Nuff said.)

#2/3 Falco (I say 3 also cuz I use Toon Link just as much. People always tell me I'm better at using Falco than the others, but I say Sonic is my best.) Totally PWNS Fox in every way!

#2/3 Toon Link (Shares a spot with Falco in my heart. These two are my second and third best fave characters. I just can't pick between the two, so don't ask.)

#4 Lucario (Even though he's a Pokemon, he kicks major ass in Brawl.)

#5 Pokemon Trainer (Hey, I don't give a [INSERT EXPLATIVE HERE] what anyone says. This guy lets me be 3 characters at once. who wouldn't want that? I mostly use Ivyasur.)

#6 Wolf (I used to use him when I first discovered Brawl. Never knew much about the Star Fox universe, but he had an awesome jacket. He's not so awesome anymore, since Falco took his place as the better man...bird...furry...whatever! Also because my little brother startede using Wolf, so he's been demoted.)

The one character that I absolutely CANNOT STAND is Ness. Why do I hate him so? Let me count the ways (or just tell you in a hate filled rant):

If anyone, Ness needs a beat-down, with his big-headed, PK Thunder-Up-His-Ass recovery fail move, Bumblebee-shirt wearin', his PK Flash-Easily-Countered-By-Getting-Hit, dumb I-Don't-Know-How-To-Use-A-Yo-yo-As-Awesome-As-Mag Launcher from Evolution Worlds, Bunny Hood-wastin', weird a$$ jumpin', useless pile of doo-doo! I'd totally ROCK that yo-yo better than he did, can, or ever will! How dare he misuse the best RPG weapon EVUR! He must pay! And I'm sure there are even more reasons I hate him but I can't remember cuz I hate him so much.

I feel the same way about Lucas, but only because he's the same as Ness (kinda.) And the fact that he's such a whiney little pu$$y. Now, if Japan weren't so selfish and released a copy of Earthbound for all of America to enjoy, I might possibly maybe consider contemplating thinking about changing my mind. Maybe...

Now, as much as I love monkeys, you'd think that DK and DK would be one of my faves. well, you're wrong. DK's too...bulky to fit my list, and DK...IDK. Kinda round, maybe?

Kirby should've kept his moveset from Melee. His hammer had better reach, and Burning Kirby looked more fun! Although that breakdancing running spin attack he does is pretty cool too. if only it were on fire for double the awesomeness...XD

Some pairings I advocate or like to see in a story (not in the name of love, you crazy fangirls! I'm doing this just because I like the crazy stuff 2+ people can get mixed up in!!! Nasty people...)

I don't hate him as much, but I can never forgive him. Who the hell am I talking about? The one and only Solid Snake. He hates Sonic for no apparent reason. Yep, he said so himself. Don't believe me? Then get 2 controllers and set them each to Sonic and Snake. Select Shadow Moses Island and keep pressing Down-Taunt on Snake's controller. Soon you'll hear nothing but slander and blasphemy from that guy. To all you Snake lovers...Don't cross me and Sonic. We'll beat you DOWN!

Neku and Shiki (Obvious boy/girl pairing in TWEWY)

Neku and Joshua (NOT TO BE GAY, PEOPLE! Even though Josh's questionable ambiguous sexuallity in Another Day is made apparent, these two do have their LOL moments. I love how he gets Neku all flustered sometimes.)

Charlotte and Johnathan (...I guess these guys count, although Charlotte never did anything except drain my magic 10x faster and sit on the sidelines while Johnathan did all the work...a shame. Why's the chick always gotta be the burden?)

Falco (He's a pairing by himself, cuz he's just that awesome. Way better than Fox in Brawl. He can get anyone he gets his hads on without batting an eye.)

Falco and Capt. Falcon (Normally I hate Capt. Falcon, but I've noticed one ever touches on the fact that they have something to do with birds. I might do a story on that...if I have time.)

Shantotto (Her small awesomeness can only be compared to the vast amounts of destruction taken place in our history of time. Yeah, she's that bad-ass.)

King Mickey (DON'T F#%@ WITH THE KING, BABY! XD He's short, but he knows his way around a Keyblade.)

...Now that I mention it, I'd like to see these two shorties in a fanfic together...huh.

and other pairings I'd like to see but won't bother to mention.

Anime/Manga (mostly Manga)

Some stuff I've read/am currently reading:

Future Diary/Mirai Nikki (Minene Uryu and Yuno Gasai. Two of the most bad-ass chicks I know. The perfect examples of the kind of chick I'm looking for in a manga, instead of wimpy princess types like B#%$@ Sakura Haruno! XP )

O-Parts Hunter (KICKS MORE ASS THAN NARUTO EVER WILL!!! Needs to be an anime. XD)

Knights (cuz the main characters got DREADS! XD Wish I still had mine...DX)

Blazer Drive

Deadman Wonderland

more later...

PROFILE UPDATES FOR 2011!!! (Thought I'd never show up again, huh? Didn't think later would ever come? Well, I'm back, and the nonbelievers shall be PUNISHED! XD)

Ahem...>_> On with the updates:

This just in: I got a new LAPTOP LAST WEEKEND!!!

Unfortunately, now that I've started my career as a full-time college student, I'll probably never have time to write anything here.

But for all the lovers of SSBB, I promise you this: This author will NOT be posting any fanfics of Ike/Marth, Link/Pit, or any other yaoi pairings. The fangirls reading this will want me burned alive and my head on a stake, but my reasons for doing that are my own: Mostly because I'm sick of seeing cliched plotlines, and I'm tired of scrolling down every page just to see those same pairings over and over again. Although I MAY have some cliched elements in the stories I might be posting, I'll do my best to try and avoid it. Not likely to happen, but you never know.

The naughtiest I'll get in the way of guy-on-guy action is probably a friendship/fluff kind of thing, or a hug every now and again, but I might be inclined to go a little farther if I feel like adding some shock value. No sex, cuz I'm just not into writing that kind of thing. It's not that I don't think it's hot, but as far as writing it goes, I just don't have it in me. Sorry, folks. But...if I can write half as well as I say I do, then you won't be dissapointed.

Alright! Game Updates:

As of today, I've finally obtained the funds needed to purchase some games. And I've played a few, thanks to my friends. And the winners are:

Sonic Colors (Got the Wii version! I want the DS version, but I can't use any of the money I got because it's a loan.)

Japanese Elite Beat Agents (Friend has it. Fun to play. I think it's called Osu or Ouendan, but I never cared to learn the Japanese name; too long. Now I can't get Ready Steady GO! outta my head! I HATE Fullmetal Alchemist! Too emo)

Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded (Remember when I said this was gonna be better than the 1st DS installment? Turns out...that I was totally right! I'm IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME! Not as good as BBS, but I don't have a PSP, so I'll have to settle. This comes pretty close, though.)

Recently came across a PS2. (O.o -- That was what my face looked like.) Woke up Christmas afternoon, and the next thing I knew, I was staring one down in my living room. Had a few friends over for New Year's, and they gave me a few games. Yeah. That's all I'm gonna say about the matter.

I'm sure there's more to say, but I can't remember at the moment. For those of you that took the time and like what they saw, thank you very much. Don't be afraid to PM me if u just wanna talk about anything you might have questions about. For the haters out there that stopped halfway through or hated what they read, then the joke's on you, cuz whatever time you spent reading this is gone for good. You could've done something useful, like rescue a monkey or donated cash to my house. But no. You didn't. If you wanna vent, then go ahead; send a PM my way, with your eyes full of hate and blocks of text full of flames. Like a sadistic wizard burning at the stake, I'll laugh as I watch you bask in the glory that is my pyro-ignited soul...Ok, a little emo, but it's not like I make a habit out of it.

Alright, that's enough outta me. Don't know when (or if) I'll ever post a story, but I can only hope. Later!

Signed, A Super-Special-Awesome Monkey


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