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Author has written 15 stories for Pokémon, Earthbound, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong Country, My Little Pony, Super Smash Brothers, and Hamtaro.

Fanfiction has become a lifestyle. and one that I follow. I have changed since I came here several years ago. I fill my stories to the brim with vividness that draws you in and keeps you from getting out. But I still have much to learn, and I will. Nothing is going to stop me from becoming one of the greatest fanfiction authors of all time. And after that, I shift my sights to fictionpress...and beyond into the realm of infinite possibilities.


Name: Mr. Not Happening

Catchphrase: I'm just better. Deal with it.

Minecraft Username: TheLoZKing

Theme Song: "Never Turn Back V2 (No Piano Intro)" by Crush 40

Favorite Game Series: The Legend of Zelda

Games I Really Want: Kingdom Hearts III, Zelda Wii U

Quote of the Month: "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." - Confucius

1: Super Smash Brothers for 3DS and Wii U

2: Pokemon: Return of the Shadows

3: Earthbound: Wrath of the Gigans

4: Whose Pony Is It Anyway

5: The Legend of Zelda: Waker of the Winds

6: Hamtaro: The Amazing Adventure

Future Planned Multi-Chapter Stories

1: EquestriaBound

2: DragonBall Z Abridged: Sonic Style

NOTE: DragonBall Z Abridged: Sonic Style will be a non-profit, fan-based adaptation/parody of a non-profit, fan-based parody. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, and DragonBall GT are all owned by Funimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, and Akira Toriyama. DragonBall Z the Abridged Series is a parody created by TeamFourStar. Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by SEGA and Yuji Naka. Please support both the official releases of the series' as well as TeamFourStar's abridged parody.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Info:

Name: Zach

Town: Emmett

Friend Code: 1934-1738-6885

Real Men

Real men admit when they're wrong

Real men can forgive those who have wronged them.

Real men hug their parents.

Real men aren't afraid to cry.

And real men wear pink!

Because pink is a manly color!

Friend v. Best Friend

A friend comes to bail you out of jail. A best friend sits with you in the cell saying "Damn, that was fun."

A friend watches you play video games. A best friend plays with you even if they don't particularly like the game.

A friend wishes you luck when you're about to do something you know will embarrass you. A best friend grabs your arm and says "Don't do it."

A friend congratulates you on an accomplishment. A best friend parties with you all night long.

A friend will cheer you up when you're sad. A best friend makes sure you're always happy.

A friend consoles you after one of your relative's funerals. A best friend cries with you.

A friend is always there for you to hold on to. A best friend will never let you go.

The Rant Section

Shadria Rant

One of the main problems of Sonic 06 was the bestiality between Sonic and Elise. People hated it. I hated it. Yet with Shadow and Maria, (not the atrocity of a fancharacter known as Maria Robotnik the Hedgehog. The real, human Maria Robotnik.) bestiality is suddenly okay? Why? Because it has Shadow? If anything, Shadria should be hated more than Sonlise, since Shadow is more popular than Sonic. But people continue to hate on Sonic 06, bestiality, and the Sonlise pairing, while supporting Shadria. I think there's a good old-fashioned word for people like that. What is it again? Oh yeah. HYPOCRITE!

In Memory of the Ice Climbers

As many of you now know, the Ice Climbers have been cut from Smash Bros. Sakurai stated that this was due to the problems that would come with programming so many different entities on the 3DS. Simply put, the hardware wasn't strong enough to support what was needed for the Ice Climbers to be playable. And of course, neither version would have exclusive characters. So, in a heartbwrenching moment that none will soon forget, the Ice Climbers were removed from the roster, with nothing but a trophy to remind us of their time spent enduring the changes that were made to gaming since their debut in 1985. Popo, Nana, here's hoping that when Smash 5 rolls aound in five or six years, you'll be there.

Popo and Nana the Ice Climbers


Never Forget

Favorite Pairings

Sonic the Hedgehog

#1: Taiream (TailsXCream)

The most awesome couple ever! They're both awesome characters, and they're just so cute together! Honestly, how can you not like this couple? (Being an idiotic Tailsmo supporter doesn't count.)

#2: Shadouge (ShadowXRouge)

Another couple that only the world's biggest idiots would hate. What people really need to hate is their own stupidity of thinking Rouge actually likes Knuckles. She's scamming him to steal the Master Emerald, idiots. There's no such thing as Knuxouge, there never has been, and there never will be. Shadouge is awesome. End of discussion.

#3: Sonamy (SonicXAmy)

Screw all you mother fuckers that bash this couple! Sally is gone, Shadamy doesn't make any sense, and all the other couples that go against Sonamy are either dumb, like Sonouge, or just plain wrong, like sonadow or sonails. And so what if Sonic and Amy are three years apart in age? All it means is extra time waiting until they're both of legal age to marry. Sonamy rules.

#4: Silvaze (SilverXBlaze)

If there's a couple that comes close to Taiream in awesomeness, its Silvaze. There isn't really much to say about this couple, other than it's really cute.

#5: Charaffron (CharmyXSaffron)

For those of you who don't know who Saffron Bee is, she is Charmy's girlfriend from the archie comics, though archie kept her while Charmy went to SEGA, ence the Tails/Charmy rivalry for the attention of Cream. But I say we shouldn't forget about Saffron.

#6: Knuxkal (KnucklesXTikal)

Before anyone says anything, let me tell you something. Knuckles and Tikal are NOT FREAKING RELATED! For me, this just works out. Tikal is the only female character that doesn't have anyone to be with, and Knuckles is the only male character with the same problem. Add to that the fact that they are both the same species, and you've got a very awesome couple. And again, THEY AREN'T RELATED! So fuck off!

#7: Jetave (JetXWave)

I know they're a few years apart, but so are Sonic and Amy, and Tails and Cream, and they are awesome couples. So don't criticize couples because of age difference.

#8: Vecnilla (VectorXVanilla)

Vector is as awesome as the rest of the Chaotix, so I see fit to give him something. And since he's got an insane crush on Vanilla, what I give to him is my support for that pairing.

Legend of Zelda

#1: Telink (LinkXTetra)/ Toon Zelink (Toon LinkXToon Zelda)

I can't decide which one is better. Both couples are absolutley adorable. I watched a walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, and I learned two things. One, that I need to get that game myself, and two, that Toon Zelink is such a damn cute couple.

#2: Komedli (KomaliXMedli)

If you don't know who I'm talking about, play Loz the wind waker, its awesome. And so is this couple. It's obvious they care for each other. So freaking cute!

#3: Zelink (LinkXZelda)

If ever there was a time for these two kiss, it was at the end of Skyward Sword. There was so much buildup to one! But Miyamoto still strings us along like puppets. I can't decide whether to love him or hate him for that.


#1: NessXPaula

Teh cuteness!

#2: NintenXAna

Call me Pollyanna and say I'm crazy as a loon, I don't care! The origin of Ness's hat couldn't have come from a cuter pairing. Did you say you disagree about Ninten and Ana being Ness's parents?

Random Idiot: Yeah, I d-


#3: LucasXKumatora

First off, let's get things straight. There is an age difference, yes. But it's only two years! Yet people instead support DusterXKuma, and their age gap is bigger than the Lucatora gap! If you don't like this couple, that's your opinion. But let me just say, Duster is a thirty-something bum who lives in his dad's basement!

Summon Night Swordcraft Story

#1: CleruXSanary

Well, it's pretty much canon. And cute.

#2: ClaireXVaril

Pretty much implied by their interactions on Claire's home island. And, again, cute.

Snowboard Kids

#1: SlashXNancy

All you SlashXLinda shippers can go to hell.

#2: JamXLinda

They're both brats, as was said in Snowboard Kids 2, so I think it works.

#3: WendyXTommy

They're the only two left, and they do look sort of cute together.


#1: FoxXKrystal

Need I say anything? An awesome couple, plain and simple.

#2: FalcoXKatt

Once again, no need for a long comment. Just three words: pretty dang awesome.

#3: SlippyXAmanda

Awesome couple. No extra commenting.


Human Pairings

#1: Pokeshipping (AshXMisty)

Are you listening, Satoshi Tajiri? BRING MISTY BACK! You know why your biggest series' ratings have gone down by two thirds since the end of Master Quest? Because Misty left the show! Why was there a periodic rise in ratings during the Hoenn seasons? Because Misty came back for a few episodes? Why did the ratings go down even lower (to about a millionth of what they originally were during the Kanto and Orange Islands seasons) afterwards? Because Misty was gone again AND Dawn replaced her! Why was the ratings rise due to Dawn's leaving the show still very low? Because Misty wasn't brought back! How can the series begin to revive itself? By Misty PERMANENTLY (emphasis on PERMANENTLY) returning to the show! It's what the fans want, and it's what will make the show popular again! Satoshi Tajiri, listen to the outcries of fans. Putting in new characters to keep it fresh for younger generations isn't working. Bring back the original characters. You can keep changing the regions and their native pokemon, but the characters were what made the show what it was!

#2: Smartkidshipping (MaxXMolly).

I love this pairing. It's so cute! And Max kicks ass so he needs some love.

#3: Penguinshipping (DawnXKenny)

Kinda cute. Mostly I just want Dawn away from Ash. Unfortunately, it means I won't get to see Dawn get her ass kicked by Misty.

#4: Contestshipping (MayXDrew)

Again, a kinda cute couple. Again, I just want May to stay away from Ash. And again, an ass kicking from Misty I won't get to see.

#5: Breedershipping (BrockXSuzy)

I don't really have anything much to say about this pairing. I just...don't. I love this paring, I think it's cute, and all that jazz.

Pokemon Pairings

#1: Pikatic (PikachuXTogetic)

Buneary, just fuck off! Pikachu doesn't love you! Why is a simple diving catch so interesting or attractive, anyway? I could make a diving catch if I wanted to, no problem. Just leave Pikachu alone!

#2: Bunolu (BunearyXRiolu)

People geek out about the LucarioXLopunny pairing, but I think a pairing of their pre-evolved forms is better, not to mention a hell of a lot cuter.

#3: Masqueautifly (MasquerinXBeautifly)

May and Drew have Beautifly and Masquerin, respectively. They apparently breed quite well together. A pretty good couple as far as pokemon couples go.


#1: Rikato (RikaXTakato)

Best. Digimon. Couple. Ever.

#2: Takumi (TakuyaXZoe)

Awesome couple? Yes. Do I know why they didn't kiss in the show? Because the creators of the show are cruel. Should they have kissed? HELL YEAH!

#3: Takari (T.K.XKari)

All I have to say is SCREW DAVIS TO HELL!

#4: Taiora (TaiXSora)

Fuck Matt! He doesn't deserve the money he makes as a rock star! He ruined the original Digimon series, which is worth more than his salary plus seven-hundred billion electric guitars!

#5: Marshino (MarcusXYoshino)

The main couple from season 5 of Digimon. The most memorable moment was when Kristy pwned them with her 'married couple' joke.

#6: Keenisty (KeenanXKristy)

Another couple from season 5. Very cute. You can tell they have a thing for each other.


#1: ToadXToadette

They are NOT FREAKING RELATED. Nintendo actually created Toadette to give Toad a girlfriend. So fuck off.

#2: NeilXElla

These two are the two playable characters you can choose from in Mario Golf: Advance Tour, and they are just so cute together! I can imagine, after they win the Links Doubles Cup. They hug each other in joy, then realize how close they are to one another and pull apart blushing. Ella starts to walk off of the podium, but Neil grabs her hand, and Ella walks back over to him. Ella starts to question what he's doing, but she doesn't finish before Neil puts his hand on the side of her face, draws her close, and kisses her. ...I told you I was a sucker for romance, right?

#3: ClayXAce

The playable characters from Mario Tennis: Power Tour. I see just as much romance between these two as I see between Neil and Ella.

#4: MarioXPeach

Seriously, Nintendo, when will Mario and Peach get together?

#5: LuigiXDaisy

Same for these two. Geez, Nintendo.

#6: GoombellaXGoombario

I see a lot of stuff about this couple, and I have to admit it's pretty cute!

Alvin and the Chipmunks

#1: AlvinXBrittany (Alvittany)

The most awesome AATC couple ever! They obviously like each other, and they're perfect for each other.

#2: SimonXJeanette (Simeannette)

As if it wasn't already obvious enough how Alvin and Brittney feel. Simon and Jeanette really do love each other, but they don't want to risk their friendship.

#3: TheodoreXEleanore (Theanore)

This is probably the most obvious of the three couples. They're truly in love, but neither one has the courage to tell the other how they feel.

Harvest Moon

#1: JackXAnn

Ann is the cutest girl in the Harvest Moon series, in my opinion. So I always marry her. Cliff can be with any other girl for all I care (except Karen, she belongs with Kai). ANN IS MINE!

#2: KaiXKaren

They really look cute together, and they just love each other so much but won't admit it yet.

#3: StuXMay

The cute young couple of the series. They even have a scene you can get in Harvest Moon 64 if you befriend both of them. I do so adore young love! If the scene in Harvest Moon 64 isn't enough proof, then get this: In Harvest Moon Back to Nature, you can get a scene where May says she wants to marry Jack when she's older, and if you tell her to hurry and grow up, Stu gets mad! But if you tell May it probably won't happen, she is fine with it and Stu is happy! If that ain't proof these two are a very cute couple, then I don't know how to convince you.


#1: MegamanXRoll

This couple is very cute! I hope MML3 will make a comeback.

Donkey Kong Country

#1: Diddy KongXDixie Kong

How cute is this? As cute as can possibly be for a couple of monkeys.

#2: Donkey KongXCandy Kong

Rumored relationship? Sure, DK, sure.


#1: HamtaroXBijou

Pretty much just a "DUH!" and a "Boss never even had a chance!"

#2: DexterXPashmina

I just can't see Pashmina with Howdy. Dexter obviously loves her more. When he set up a booth at the HamHam Festival, the game was about Pashmina, while Howdy's was just frying up seeds. He also risked getting turned into a HamHam-sicle (and did) just to do something special for Pashimina (AKA make a highly detailed ice sculpture of her in a supermarket freezer) while Howdy just thought he could win her over with something shiny.

#3: PenelopeXCappy

Pretty cute!

#4: OxnardXPepper

Well, they did get married.

#5: SpatXHarmony

You can tell Spat likes Harmony, because he blushes when Harmony gets in his face in an episode of the anime.

#6: BossXSparkle

Both of the "I think I'm better than everyone else et I never can back it up." hamsters.

#7: StanXFlora

The womanizer has a thig for the nurse. Where have I seen that before? *cough* Animaniacs *cough*

#8: HowdyXHannah

Hannah is one of Howdy's childhood friends, and the only one who can even remotely stand Howdy's terrible puns.

Mass Effect

#1: Commander ShepardXAshley Williams
Just because I support a both-human pairing does not make me a member of Cerberus!

#2: Garrus VakarianXTali Zorah vas Normandy Nar Raaya
Simply because it's so very cute. And canon, as long as you romance neither one in Mass Effect 3.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

#1: Scootabloom (ScootalooXApple Bloom)

As an Appledash shipper, I see Scoots and AB as a younger version of RD and AJ. And I do so adore young love. And no, this isn't supposed to be my way of saying that I'm not against homosexuals!

#2: Appledash (ApplejackXRainbow Dash)

These two are so great together. They just match. They're both competitive, both light on their hooves, both tomboyish (or tomcoltish, I guess is more like it), and they both set their goals and never let anything stop them.

#3: Rarishy (RarityXFluttershy)

Fluttershy has her "fru-fru girly spa days" with Rarity for more than the free massage. She also wants to spend time with her favorite mare. And Rarity's bad luck with colts such as Prince Blueballs and Fancypants will tip her off eventually that she can't continue to fool herself.

#4: PinkieSparkle (Pinkie PieXTwilight Sparkle)

What's weird is that Pinkie didn't gasp, freeze, and then run away when she first saw Cranky Doodle Donkey. So she must have been thinking something besides 'Hey, a new friend!' when Twilight said hi to her. Something along the lines of 'Oh my Celestia! This mare is the most beautiful pony I've ever seen, and she's talking to me!'.

#5: CheeriMac (CheerileeXBig Macintosh)

The love potion made these two all...googly over each other. But I don't think Twilight would intend for it to be that powerful. After all, she was helping the CMC get Big Mac and Cheerilee on a date, but she wouldn't have planned what happened. So Mac and Cheerilee must've already had eyes for each other and the potion just gave them an extra push in the right direction. Maybe too big a push, but a push nonetheless.

#6: SpikeBelle (Sweetie BelleXSpike)

Spike's crush on Rarity is just a phase, and if the little scene from A Canterlot Wedding Part 2 is anything to go by, it seems Spike has some interest in Sweetie Belle. And Sweetie seems to like Spike as well.

#7: SoarinFire (SoarinXSpitifre)

I have run out of things to say for

#8: ShiningCadance (Shining ArmorXPrincess Cadance)

First off, I hate Queen Chrysalis for making me think Cadance was a Gilda. Anyways, you gotta love the hardship these two go through in A Canterlot Wedding. Makes the ending a whole lot more satisfying.

#9: LyraBon (Lyra HeartstringsXBon Bon)

Well, they obviously hang out together for a reason, right?

#10: TimeBubbles (Doctor WhoovesXDerpy Hooves) nothing.

#11: BraeHeart (BraeburnXLittle Strongheart)

I love the classic Disney animated movies, and this pairing and their relationship kinda reminds me of Pocahontas.

Other Couples

#1: Ice Climbers (PopoXNana)
Again, they are NOT FREAKING RELATED! Nintendo hasn't confirmed it, so I won't be in favor of it! These two are best friends, though with the bond they have, I know that there is definitely something more to it than that.

#2: ConkerXBerri
Another female character from some fake world that I find nearly irresistible. Conker, you are one lucky bastard.

#3: SpyroXCynder
The only problem with Dawn of the Dragon was that these two didn't kiss!

Favorite Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog Series

Favorite Male Characters

#5: Sonic
He is the main character. Tied with Shadow with the title of fastest thing alive (Shadow is faster because of his jet shoes), he kicks serious robot butt! He'll always beat Baldy McNosehair no matter the cost (well, maybe not ANY cost) and he can always count on friends and allies to back him up.

#4: Shadow
Okay, rabid fangirls, come and kill me for not putting Shadow in first. But really, Shadow is pure badass. He is NOT EMO! He had a troubled past! And by the way, Sonic was born after Shadow was created. Therefore, Sonic is the faker!

#3: Silver
If the word 'Pshycokinesis' doesn't immediately tell you that this is one tough character, then you seriously need some time in the IA. And his love interest has a chest to rival Rouge's!

#2: Charmy
I don't care what people say, Charmy is funny as hell! Seriously, he's absolutely HILARIOUS! I am used to annoyance levels way higher than what SEGA gives Charmy, so he is just insanely hysterical to me!

#1: Tails
Let's be frank about it: If Tails hadn't been around, Sonic wouldn't have made it to Sonic the Hedgehog 3. But really, I grew up with the original Sonic games (no cartoons or comics, just the games). And Tails was the younger character that I could relate to. People making fun of me, not having many friends, stuff like that. Tails is and always will be my favorite Sonic character ever!

Favorite Female Characters

#5: Amy
You make her mad, she squishes you with her hammer. But otherwise, she's a loyal friend, and NOT obsessive over Sonic!

#4: Rouge
First off, Rouge is NOT a slut! So what if she has a chest the size of Alaska? She is still an awesome character. She knows martial arts and can whoop Knucklehead McSpazitron's (and I'm not talking about Spongebob) ass any day of the week. She just likes to challenge herself when trying to steal the Master Emerald

#3: Blaze
Pyrokinesis. That alone tells you 'Oh shit! Don't mess with this girl!' Blaze wil burn you to a crisp in no time flat. And she'll look good during it, too.

2: Saffron
Saffron only appeared in the comics, but from what I read about her, she was a great character with a lot of personality.

#1: Cream
If I had to decide on just ten words to describe Cream, they would be: Cutest damn thing I have EVER seen in my life!

WWE Superstars

NOTE!!: I am basing this on the superstars who I think have done the most in their careers, not on my favorites.

#3: Stone Cold Steve Austin
If Steve Austin is the toughest sunuvabitch in wrestling history, gimmie a hell yeah! Austin 3:16 says he just whipp your ass. What? Did you say Austin sucks? What? Stone Cold put the attitude in Attitude Era, and that's the bottom line 'cause Stone Cold said so!

#2: "HBK" Shawn Michaels
He had one of the best careers ever, with some of the greatest matches of all time. He had probably the most charisma of any superstar in the entire WWE. He deserves his place in the WWE Hall of Fame, and is truly a legend that will never die. He will live on in our hearts as The Sexy Boy, The Icon, The Showstopper, Mr. Wrestlemania, The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels!

#1: The Undertaker
This man has more respect than HBK, more destructive force than the Big Show, more work ethic than John Cena, more personality than CM Punk, more titles than most superstars have ever had, and more consecutive Wrestlemania victories than any superstar will ever have. The Streak may have been broken, but the Undertaker will never Rest In Peace.

Mario Series

#3: Mario
More people recognize him than Mickey Mouse! He is the mascot of the most successful video game company, has starred in some of the greatest games ever, and hasn't looked back since! Mario is a hero through and through, always doing what it takes to save the day. If the Mushroom Kingdom needs help, you can bet Mario will be there!

#2: Toadette
A real cutie!

#1: Toad
If he was supposed to flip players off in Super Mario Bros., he would still have been in the All-Stars remake. People criticize Toad for his voice, the previously addressed flip-off graphics from SMB1, and, above all else, "Sorry, Mario, but our Princess is in another castle!". I wasn't annoyed by that. I knew Toad just meant that I wasn't done yet and I shouldn't calm down and I needed to keep going. Toad is very underrated, and his voice isn't NEARLY as annoying as, "YOSHI! YOYOYOYOSHI! WEEWAHOO! HUMMRYHUM! WHOA! YOSHIYOSHIYOSHIYOSHIYOSHI!".

Donkey Kong

#5: Donkey Kong
How can he not be on this list? He is the main character of the series, and he can be quite humorous. I think the best example of this is at the end of DK 64, when DK is returning the last golden banana to the hoard. He is waiting for Cranky, but he gets tired of standing. So he sits down and starts playing with his foot. When Cranky finally catches up, DK is asleep. Cranky pokes him with his cane, DK wakes up, and throws the banana into the pile with the rest of them. Then, as they start walking back, DK, not wanting to have a repeat of when they were going to the hoard (which was probably 5 hours beforehand, at least in the game), grabs Cranky on his shoulders and runs like heck out of the cave. I laughed to tears when I first saw it, and I still do every time I beat DK 64 or watch the last part of a walkthrough for it.

#4: Lanky Kong
Thank you, Nintendo, for bringing him back in DK Barrel Blast! Lanky is funny as hell, and has many unique abilities, including handstanding (is that even a word?) and ballooning (again, probably not a real word), and has the second coolest type of gun in DK 64: a freaking dart gun! The bad news is, it shoots grapes instead of darts.

#3: Dixie Kong
Dixie is a real cutie! I see why Diddy fell head over palms for her. Long blond hair, blue eyes, and the ability to kick some serious kremling ass! She was the first character ever created in anything (games, movies, comics; not that she appeared in comics) to show that you don't need superpowers or capes to fly (and then Tiny has to copy off of her! The nerve!). Dixie will always stay by Diddy's side, and she'll always remain with those she loves, Diddy included.

#2: Funky Kong
Funky-dude is a funky dude! He surfs and he's a weapon specialist. If that isn't the definition of badass, I don't know what is! One of my favorite things about Funky is how he calls all the male characters (Tiny being the exception) *insert name of Kong here*-dude. It caught on to me, and I often call most of my friends (the male ones, anyway) *insert name here*-dude. Funky, you rock! Also, it's possible he's DK's brother. Doesn't boost his awesome points very much, but it boosts DK's, as well as my number 1's.

#1: Diddy Kong
I said if surfing and shooting wasn't the definition of badass, then what is, right? Well, scratch that, I know what is: flying with a jetpack and shooting 2 peanut magnums! And he wears red (my favorite color)! Plus, like I said earlier, he has quite the cutie for a girlfriend. I don't even have to explain Diddy. I just have to put in his DK Rap verse. Copyright of the DK Rap goes to Nintendo and RARE.

"He's back again, and about time too.
and this time, he's in the mood!
He can fly real high with his jetpack on
with his pistols out he's one tough kong!
He'll make you smile, when he plays his tune,
but Kremlings beware, 'cuz he's after you!"

That is all thats needed to say about Diddy. Well, that and Funky is possibly his father.


#5: Oxnard
Lovable, chubby, guy.

#4: Cappy
He just has the kind of attitude that makes you pity him but love him at the same time.

#3: Hamtaro
The Ham himself!

#2: Dexter
Definitely much better than Howdy.

#1: Stan
Stan can be summed up in three short words:!


Male Characters

#5: Ash
Maybe if he could have gotten the balls to admit his feelings to Misty sooner, he would be higher on the list.

#4: Brock
Just because of the ear-pulling gag that Dawn was too stupid to continue.

#3: Tracy
The infamous "You know, it's exactly like you and Ash!" line gives him this spot.

#2: Drew
Simply because he was hilarious when playing off his contest losses to May.

#1: Max
FUCKING HILARIOUS! And he did an awesome job of keeping the pulling-Brock's-ear gag alive! (How about pain at first pull?)

Female Characters

#5: Minnie
Minnie is a trainer that appeared in Season 10, Episode 10. She is a great trainer, but she is way too modest. She could easily go far in the Pokemon League.

#4: Suzy
Suzy is a professional pokemon breeder that, I think, is the best potential girlfriend for Brock. Don't ask why. Suzy appeared in the very first season of Pokemon for one episode only. I think she should return.

#3: May
She is the best coordinator ever! She is called the Queen of Hoenn for a reason! She should never have lost the Wallace Cup to Dawn! I'm glad Dawn lost at the Grand Festival!

#2: Misty
Like I have said many times before, BRING MISTY BACK!

#1: Molly
Molly appeared in Pokemon 3: Spell of The Unown. And I really wish she had traveled with Ash, Misty, and Brock! But when she saw her father had come back, she stayed home. WHY? She was ready and raring to go with them!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

#5: Pinkie Pie

What's there not to love about Pinkie? She's energetic, optimistic, and a better singer than even Sweetie Belle! Pinkie Pie is always cooking something up, be it baked goods or a Pinkie Pie style party, with the Element of Laughter, there's never a dull moment!

#4: Big Macintosh

He may not talk much, but that's because he doesn't need to. He can kick anypony's flank. Even Fluttershy won't trifle with Big Mac.

#3: Spike

Spike is so lovable! He can be supportive or cynical, happy or mad. But always cute!

#2: Rainbow Dash

The fastest in Equestria, heck, the world, and the only pony to beat a transformer (although it was only Starscream).
Rainbow is always there for her friends, and is always ready to prove her title as Iron Pony!

#1: Scootaloo

Scootaloo is determined, courageous, and strong-willed, but she's also dependable, kind-hearted, and a good friend to those in need. That's the kind of person, or in this case pony that I regard with the utmost respect and admiration. Those who strive endlessly for their goals and yet they always think of others before themselves. Those who know what they want and won't let anyone stop them from getting it but who have standards and morals and won't forgo them just as a means to an end. And especially those who know that a smile on someone else's face is worth a hundred smiles on their own face. I'm TheLoZKing, and Scootaloo is Best Pony.

Until next time: STAY FRESH!

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