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The votes are in! Check out our blogspot to see the banners made Touchstone67 made for the winners.

So, we were chatting one day, and Dannie (Domward's Mistress) said she wanted to see a contest that was all about devirginizing reply "so do it."

Suddenly, I (Touchstone67) found myself typing out rules, dates, and making buttons.

Here's the scoop...we want to read about Edward losing it, or at least getting something for his first time. This could include him receiving his first blow job, hand job, intercourse, but some sort of intense sexual encounter (kissing doesn't count). Key word: Receiving-him giving (blow job or fingering a girl) doesn't count unless he receives as well.

That being said, these stories must contain a lemon of some sort, and it must be Edward's first-however his first can be with anyone. Bella, Jasper (YAY), Carlise, Seth, get it. Slash and non-canon is as much welcome as canon.

Perhaps we should have called this the Popping Edward's Cherry contest? So send us some smutty one-shots about Edward and...someone.

There will be one overall winner chosen by open voting, and three judges picks in the categories of:

Best Canon

Best Non-canon

Best Slash

Best Blow Job

Best Hand Job

What will one receive for winning? Good question! First place in open voting will receive a custom banner by Touchstone67, and a O/S by Touchstone67, Domward's Mistress or collab of them together. The O/S can be an outtake from one of our stories (Touchstone67: Safe and Sound or Lost and Found) (Domward's Mistress Landslide) or Mergers and Acquistions, or a stand choice.

Judge's choice winners will each receive a custom banner by Touchstone67


-Submissions will be accepted from January 1 12:00 AM EDT to Febuary 13 11:59 PM EDT.

-Entries must be between 2,000 - 15,000 words in length, not including the header or author notes

-Entries may be vampire, canon, non-canon, AU, AH and any genre (e.g., angst, humor).

-Entries must be rated M (We can't have Edward can't lose his virginity in rated T fic, can we?).

-Edward must experince a first sexual act (e.g. first blow job, hand job, intercourse). A first kiss does not count!

-No Rape please, no incest (adoption doesn't count.), no bestiality

-Collaborations are welcome

-Please have your work beta'd, if you need one, we recommend you check out Project Team Beta.

-Limit of TWO entries per author (a collab with another author will count as one entry PER author).

-Entries will be accepted from (if you have a story elsewhere, please email us) See submission guidelines below.

-Entries must be a new story, however you are more than welcome to continue the story at the conclusion of the voting for the contest.

Submitting your entry:

Once your one-shot is posted on either FFn please PM us at the Devirginizing Edward profile page with the story name, or email the links to You must use the contest header provided below.

Devirginizing Edward One-Shot Contest

Story Name:
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To see other entries in the “Devirginizing Edward” contest, please visit the C2:

Open Round voting will begin on Febuary 14, 2010 and run until 11:59 EDT Febuary 20, 2010. Winners will be announced on Febuary 25, 2010.

About us:

Domward's Mistress (formally Dannie7786) is the author J/E slash Landslide and Touchstone67 is the author of Jasper/Bella's Safe and Sound, and Jasper/Edward slash Lost and Found. We have also collaborated to write J/E slash in Mergers and Acqusitions.

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