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Salut! Je m'appelle Vivienne! I'm fluent in English and French due to my parents nationalities. My father is French, my dad is British, and my birth parents are American. I live in America due to my father's jobs. I love the Harry Potter Series and I can stand the Twilight Saga as long as it isn't Bella/Edward. It is like the Harry/Ginny pairing. I hate it. I like Ginny's character enough that I don't want to kill her, but I prefer her cast as a sibling or friend. I love Edward/Harry, but who doesn't?

My favorite pairings (canon & AU) -










Sirius/OC as long as it's done well.

Sirius/Harry as long as it's done well

Lucius/Harry as long as it's done well


Neville/Luna (they were so meant to be together!)

My favorite characters in the HP series are: Harry, Draco, Severus, Albus, Luna, Ron, Fred, George, Hermione, Neville, Sirius, and Remus

My favorite characters in the Twilight saga: Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, Esme, Carlisle, Jane, Emily, Leah, and Seth

I can't stand fictions where Albus is evil! He's too sweet and he does care for Harry. I also can't stand fictions that Ron turns on Harry, after GOF he was REALLY loyal. He was before that, but...well...

My opinions on the canon HP:

1. Sirius shouldn't have died

2. Remus shouldn't have died

3. Fred should NOT have died

4. Ginny and Harry shouldn't have gotten married

5. Albus Severus is a HORRIBLE name

6. So is Hugo Charles

7. Neville shouldn't have married Hannah Abbott, I mean what the fuck? He spoke to her all of like once and then their married all the sudden are you fucking kidding me?

8. Luna shouldn't have married Rolf. HE WASN'T EVEN IN THE BOOKS!

9. Ginny and Harry REALLY shouldn't have gotten married. She looks like his mum for fucks sake.

10. Harry should have adopted Teddy. Who doesn't want a cute multi-colored werewolf baby?

11. Molly and Arthur should have allowed Harry to call them by their first names.

12. Sirius and Remus should been a bigger part of the story.

13. Draco should have been Harry's friend or more.

14. Harry should have hung out with the following people: Neville, Luna, Hermione, Ron, Draco, and Blaise.

15. Albus shouldn't have ignored Harry in Book 5

16. Cedric shouldn't have died...though his death was important in the series. But still.

15. Fred and George should have had more lines.

16. Harry should have had a better duel with Voldy...I mean it was kind of...anticlamatic wouldn't you say?

17. Albus Severus is the almost as terrible a name as Renesmee Carlie.

18. Severus shouldn't have died.

19. Ginny probably should have.

20. Harry should have named his children better. and Not have married Ginny.

My opinons on the canon Twilight Saga:

1. Bella is annoying. Grow some ball's for hell's sake! I mean you can't even keep yourself from getting hurt for twenty seconds!

2. Edward should really stop watching people sleep. It's creepy.

3. Edward should be nicer to Rosalie. Sure she's vain, but I love her.

4. Uhm? Bella, you just got engaged yet you're snogging the hell out of a SHIRTLESS MAN? Sure, he's sexy, but REALLY?

5. Alice should get more lines:

6. So should Jasper:

7. And Esme:

8. And Emmett:

9. Why does no one like Jane? I mean she's cold, arrogant, and causes pain! She's like an adorable Bellatrix.

10. Rennesme? Really? What the fuck? What the name Esmeren was taken? Or perhaps something less ludicrous like naming a baby Lisarlie? There that's cute. "This is Edward and Bella's daughter, Lisarlie Cullen." It would work. (Carlisle and Charlie)

11. She nearly killed someone because they gave her daughter a nickname?

12. Her baby is going to marry the boy that she snogged right after hearing that she was marrying the baby's father? Oh dear...

13. Bella is an all powerful vampire? She was so dull as a human. And nervous. And twitchy.

14. Edward fell in love with Bella because she smelt like food? In that case, am I allowed to fall in love with lasagne, 'cos it smells really good. Or perhaps Yorkshire pudding...

15. Edward had a shit fit over some sex bruises? In that case...

16. Bella doesn't want to get married, but she wants to become a bloodsucking creature (albeit inhumanly beautiful) and have sex...yeah, alright...

17. Bella leads Jacob on. It's not very nice. Slag.

18. Bella isn't very nice to Alice. I love little Alice.

19. Bella doesn't care that she causes Jasper pain every time she's near. I'm just saying, it's rude.

20. Bella doesn't care about anything and despite having a loving father, she calls him by his first name.

21. They'd rather risk everything for infatuation than protect their families...how bloody fucked up is that?

I really am not a fan of Bella. Oh no...reading the books was at the persistance of my sister. But I did fall in love with some of the characters. Particularly the Cullen family (sans Bella), Leah, Emily, Sam, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Esme, Carlisle, Aro, Caius, Jane, Alec, and Emmett.

I'm writing my Twilight/Harry Potter crossover before I post it. Its Edward/Harry, Rosalie/Emmett, Jasper/Alice, Esme/Carlisle, Severus/Leah, Draco/Jacob, Neville/Luna, Sirius/Remus, Lucius/Narcissa, Ron/Pansy, and Emily/Sam.

I know, one of those pairings are odd..but what do you expect...

Next, I am taking over the Harry Black series for my best friend. She's been taking care of her Grandmum as of late and needs me to continue writing it. I'll be changing somethings from the story.

For instance, The story will start off with a quote by Harry on the contents of the chapter...you'll see why later. Each year isn't going to have it's own story and it will all be in one story, kind of like the name is Potter-Black!

The characters:

Harrison Leo Black- same as in her story.

Luna Soleil Lovegood- more like her character in the Canon and instead of being a multi-animagus or whatever she'll be a Seer.

Roger Tristan Davies-Longbottom- Book worm, but a flirt.

Genevieve Anya Isabella...Romanov- My friend has a preference for mary sue's apparently. Her names Genevieve Diane in my story. Can't handle the name Isabelle. Really I just can't. She'll still be Vie.

Tracey Victoria Von Heston- a bit off an odd name, but I can live with it.

Cedric Amos Diggory- like he is in the canon and her story. I'm okay with his character.

Draconis Lucius Malfoy- he's still a Malfoy. Severus will be his Godfather and Lucius his father. I have a weakness for Lucius.

There will be NO Malfoy twin, but there will be a Lestrange child. I do need a nemesis. He's not going to be Rabastan though, he'll be Hyperion Lestrange or Rion for short and he won't live with the Malfoy's because Bellatrix didn't trust her sister before going to Azkaban. Instead Grandmother Lestrange will raise the little terror.

Lucius will still have the diary, but that will be explained in the second book (hint, hint It casts Ginny in a bad light)

I won't make Severus as out of character as he is in her series. He'll still be snarky and sarcastic and he'll be bad to Harry in class to keep up appearances.

Harry is not a triple animagus. He's a panther named Emeralds for his eyes. It's been done before, but I like it.

Nothing will be simple and there will be many hidden plots and new twists. Ron won't be a bastard. I like him too much.

Ron will say some offensive things to Harry and the Argonaut's, but only once or twice and they WILL be friends. Just friends like they are with Dean and Seamus.

I made the surviving the killing curse part make more sense and made it so that he has to visit the Dursley's still (because I hate them and I needed more antagonists)

I like that she made Vie slightly dark. I'm keeping her that way. No one's perfect.

Cho and Ginny will be of the same make. Fame seeking slags.

Sirius and Remus will be together! YES!

Albus will be the grandfatherly type person, but he'll make mistakes.

Lemon drops should probably not be eaten by anyone else, but him.

Lily will have a nervous breakdown and later regret what she said.

Alex won't be second rate to Harry in everything.

Alex is Henry, but I'm not keeping that name because...well, Harry is short for Henri and I can't say it without thinking that so his name's Alexander Matthias Potter.

Hermione won't be naive and weak-willed, but she won't become instant friends with them. She's a bit annoying sometimes despite the fact that I love her.

James will eventually be a part of Harry's life. This is because I understand this situation a bit better than my friend. My biological parents gave me up for adoption, but later contacted me through my father's. I dont' hate them for what they did, I've had a happy life with my father's and I love them to bits. I love my little sisters and my little brothers. My biological mother is amazing and we have a lot of fun together and my biological father is nice, too.

Elli has some issues writing slash because she's not around a homosexual couple a lot. I am everyday. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm going to go up to my Dad and ask him to help me write a sex scene, but I understand that they don't act totally different than a hetero couple just because their gay.

Neither of my stories will have priority over the other.

I'll take turns on chapters.

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