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My screen name is BrightAngel3 (I got the idea from the Night Angel Trilogy!)

I love reading, and will read the books that I like over and over. As far as fanfictions that I like, my tastes are always changing depending on what I'm reading or watching on TV. I love writing for fun, which is one of the main reasons that I joined this site. I'm terrible at updating, so I try to mostly write one or two shots. I hope you enjoy whatever fanfictions of mine that you've read and would love to hear your opinions on them.

My favorite of the fanfics I've written so far is Changes in the Hidden Leaves.

I love time travel Naruto fanfics, if you have written or read any really good ones feel free to PM me :)

I love any kind of fanfic where the characters are reading the books that they are involved in (again PM me if you written/read any awesome ones)

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