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Hey ! I'm kinda new around here

Originally I started to write my strories at Quizilla but there's always an error that makes me lost my story so I moved here

My friends really recommended this web so I bet it's cool (Thx 2 Snow Jo & DeathCode)

Hope here is alot better n I can get the hang of things around here

Okay ! Enough with the intro, move on to stuffs about me :

~I'm 15

~Still @ Senior High 1st year


~Get crazy around friends

~Luv 2 Laugh

~Kinda short temper"

~An Otaku LOL

~Fav anime&manga : Bleach, One piece, Naruto, Fairy Tail, RAVE, Inuyasha, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Eyeshield 21 n much more which is 2 much 2 be written in here XD

~Hobby n Interest : Anime n Manga (of course), music (J-Pop, J-Rock n OST), Books, Traveling, X-treme stuffs, Sports, Arts, etc

If anyone has a one-shot request, I'll be happy to take it

But sorry if my grammar sucks or if u don't like the story

That's why pliz message me about the story, some advices will be nice

I also really hate it when someone copy paste my story and claiming it as their own !

So pliz never ever done that to me or others writer, cuz it's the lowest thing a writer could possibly do

Doumo Arigatou !