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Author has written 18 stories for Danny Phantom, Storm Hawks, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Ultimate Spider-Man.

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About Me:

My pen name is NOT a reference to the Dutch band Supersister. Just in case someone gets ideas.

I'm an English art student. Get me out of here. They're making me draw stuff.

Taking my means of drawing or writing away will result in immediate death. So... don't.

About Dead Fics:

I have discontinued several stories, but still feel bad about leaving people in the dark when it comes to how it would have ended. So, here is a small list containing summaries on how some of my dead fics would have ended.

Not Quite Danny

Slenderman's Assistant


AU Forever Phantom

Two Spiders

Ghost Librarian

Take THAT! will be up... eventually.

About Stories:

The Magician (current story)
Chapter Length: 3000-5000 Words
Writing Difficulty: *crawls into corner and cries*
Progress: So, currently we're running two story arcs at the same time. I seriously do not know how that overlap happened.

Arc 1: Chapter 1 to Chapter 13. The Magician, a villain about as threatening as a three-legged cat (if not less), wishes to return to his position as most feared super villain in New Pond City.

Arc 1 - What happened: For those too lazy or busy to read the first thirteen chapters...

Arthur, once the most feared villain in New Pond known as "the Magician", is miserable and lonely, having gotten rid of his brother. He learns that he's not only the laughing stock of the villain community, but also considered a joke by the hero community. After a series of events, such as accidentally befriending his enemies "the Dream Team", discovering shared pasts and getting a new job at New Heta Papers, Arthur eventually manages to reestablish himself as at least one of the most terrifying villains in New Pond.

Arc 2: Chapter 14 to Present. In order to remain an independent super villain, the Magician must take down the two gang leaders Cold Bite and the Great Dragon. He recruited Yao Wang, a former super hero, and Ivan Braginsky, a particularly scary villain, as his allies.

Arc 2 - What happened: Comes out once the Arc's complete.

Arc 3: Chapter 25 to Present. Unofficially started in Chapter 20. Arthur is going to track down whoever built the mysterious armour that Angélique was wearing, the day she caused a tsunami.

Arc 3 - What happened: Comes out once the Arc's complete.


Human Curiosity is currently being edited. Not sure if it's a rewrite yet.

I'm not sure if I'll make a sequel to Bad Pasta. I came up with an entire series, but I've decided it's too good to be a "mere" fanfiction. So I still need time to come up with a suitable sequel.


Human Curiosity on TV tropes
More Human Curiosity on TV tropes
Human Curiosity (England in HCS suit) (pff Also used as "Roanoke Returned"'s book cover)
Magician doodle
2p!HetaOni (Comic/Script)
The Magician - Fan Art by 1Kymmonster
Human Curiosity - Official Prequel


- from Amnesia x10

Adelisa "Maxy" Maxina Inglebert - Wife of John Inglebert (Danny Fenton), lives to the not-ripe age of twenty-four, until Danny alters the future. She doesn't end up married to him, but to a different man in that alternate time line. A little Mary-Sue-ish. Beware.

Lilac Inglebert/ Fenton - Daughter of Danny Fenton and Maxy Inglebert, is human. In the "original" timeline, she dies, but Danny changes time and allows her to live outside of time. Danny and Sam later adopt her.

Skyler Inglebert/ Fenton - Son of Danny Fenton and Maxy Inglebert, is 1/8 ghost, 7/8 human. He is adopted by Sam and Danny Fenton in the alternate time line.

Amnesia - Ghost of Forgetfullness, has the ability to make people forget anything she wants. The reason Danny forgot who he is and went missing.

- from Human Curiosity (and the Bonus Chapters)

Maria and Jack - They used to share their home with Arthur and Lilli.

Mr. Connors - Kiku's, Arthur's, Mattie's and Feliciano's (ex-)boss.

Lucas Friedli - The guy that helped free Liechtenstein and tried to help her as best he could. Very nice guy. Good dad.

The Leader - The HCS leader. He is basically the bad guy. It is strongly suggested that he was killed (by Russia) in the end.

Ireland - England's brother. He's the Gentleman of the Working Class and is very proper, unless dealing with England (and occasionally his other brothers too), in which case he becomes short-tempered, argumentative and other stuff. Usually very pleasant and approachable, but it is advised not to get on his bad side. He likes playing pranks and seeing how far he can go before getting into trouble.

Alex Knöpfer - A sadistic and old perv. Only, he's not an actual perv. But saying he's a perv describes how incredibly disgusting he is.

The HCS Soldier Lady - She was one of France's "seduced" workers. Only, she really did love him and handled his death very badly. Poor thing.

- from Roanoke Returned

The Roanoke Colony/ The Roanokan Empire - The Colony and her people were abducted by aliens, centuries ago. However, instead of dying of experimentation or enslavement, they successfully overthrow the aliens, become the most powerful galatic empire in the Milky Way, while continously searching for Earth. When they find it, they conquer the planet and attempt to make Earth their new home, while enslaving its inhabitents and sending them to war, because Earthlings are a "inferior sub-human race".

- from The Magician

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Dare-Tudor - She was Arthur's friend and part of a gang called "The Pirates" with Arthur. She was the stepdaughter of a rich businessman. She's dead. The reason is still unknown to readers. Implied to be a romantic interest to Arthur. Inspired by and loosely based on Queen Elizabeth the First.

Phillip - He was part of Lizzy's gang. Nothing more is known about him. Probably not important anyway.

Esther and Timothy Hilton - The Magician broke into their room. Accidentally, of course. He wasn't expecting them to be there. They're two poor siblings, with parents who may be divorcing and neglect their kids. Have a habit of turning up in the story spontaneously.

Jeanne Ofarcher - Head of police and responsible for a lot of super villains getting their just-desserts. Permanently. Also a romantic interest of a certain Frenchman. Based on and inspired by Jeanne D'Arc.

Snow Princess - A super villainess that comes off as a spoilt, bratty teen. She can transform into living diamond, despite what her name would suggest. She's Cold Bite's daughter. Inspired by Emma Frost and the Snow Queen. Not particularly important.

The Great Dragon - He is Yao's manipulative master that can transform into a dragon. Leader of the Dragons, he uses his brains, more than his brawl. He used to be the leader of the Chinese Mafia (or something along those lines), until he got chased out. He settled in Japan for a while, before finally fleeing to the USA, New Pond City, where he fought his way up to the top. Based off China's boss, which is a giant dragon.

Cold Bite - He is Ivan's manipulative boss that can produce and control ice and snow and can easily manipulate cold weather or make weather cold. Leader of the Frozen Stars, he relies on brawn rather than his brains. He was a super villain in Russia, but moved to the US, New Pond City, after his ex-wife died, leaving their daughter alone by herself. He eventually fought his way up to the top. Based on General Winter.

Geraldine (Kirkland) - Arthur's pet goldfish, given to him by Feliciano. He talks to her a lot. Could be considered Arthur's only true friend.

- from Not Quite Danny

The Perfect Clone - He thinks he's the real Danny, despite him being strangely more powerful than the Danny we all know and love and generally having a more aggressive personality. He is very sensitive about being a Clone and even tries to kill Danny at one point... He's similar to Dani in that respect. Only, this clone actually took over Danny's life.

- from Slenderman's Assistant

(Super Sister) Slenderman - Not an original Character, but because I've sort of changed him to fit into the story, he is sort of original (either that, or OOC). I sometimes refer to him as "Super Sister Slenderman", as opposed to "Traditional Slenderman" or "Slender Game Slenderman".

- from Blasted Pocketwatch

Alternative Fem!Prussia - Her sister, Germany, died, leaving Prussia alone, which is why she agreed to leave. She wanted to see her sister (or brother) again. And then she never came back. Like England, the appeal of travelling through universes is too strong to ever go back.

Alternative France - In his world, he became the largest, and soon, only Empire in the world. In the 20th century, things started falling apart. As he'd lost his title of "France" at some point in history and was only referred to as "the French Empire" or simply "Empire", he started dying when the Empire started falling apart. Escaping his world meant he could continue existing. If he ever goes back though, he will die. He goes by "France" again.

Alternative Spain - He was saved from a dying world. Literally, the sun exploded. Everyone he knew was dying and he was the only one that was saved. The event scarred him, but he doesn't let any of his (new) friends notice. Much like Alternative France, he can't return to his world, as he'd likewise die.

British America - canon!England's adopted younger sister. In her world, the colony personification that fought against England in the American Revolution, who would have been known as America or Alfred F. Jones, was killed by England at that moment when, in the canon universe, England had the choice of shooting America or letting him go. This England chose to shoot him. This lead to British America being born, as England won the revolution and there wasn't a personification left for the colonies. British America wasn't given the same love and care that America received in his colonial days, due to her England being scarred by the events of the American Revolution, specifically the death of America. When canon!England offers her the chance to leave with him, she does.

- from Two Spiders

Spider Venom - The antagonist of the story. Should be completely evil... But it seems he still has room for family.

- from the Bad Pasta

Luciano - Luciano is 2p!Italy, so technically not an OC (and yet somehow... :I ) He's a Blood Spirit that wants revenge against Feliciano, who caused him to nearly die.

Alex Knöpfli - School janitor. Unlike his Human Curiosity-counterpart, he's actually a nice guy... Or is he?

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Danny Phantom - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 47 - Words: 857,375 - Reviews: 1433 - Favs: 666 - Follows: 570 - Updated: 11/26/2013 - Published: 1/2/2008 - Vlad M., Danny F., Sam M., Gregor/Elliot
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