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Dragon Ball Z


Danny Phantom, if the Copypasta below doesn't tip you off.

My Little Pony (When Friendship is Magic gets its own archive, I'll be going there.)

Yugioh (Arc-V and DM)

"Original" Character Profiles

These backstories are probably fic-sized, but I don't think they're worthy of being fics. Why? Because shut up, they're staying here

I'll say it here, these characters probably aren't that good. If they aren't Mary Sues / Gary Stus they'll likely be cliché.

Continuity: Danny Phantom

Name: Nicolas Wilson
Species: Human
Age: 20 (as of Phantom Planet)
Birthday: April 1st
Alter-ego: Nick Paladin
Media Name: Paultergeist
Hometown: Âmeville, Iowa
Powers: None in and of himself.
-Elemental Power: Lightning - control over raw electrical energies, but no ability to generate them.
Unique characteristic: Dissociative identity disorder (Split personalities)
-1) The "Paladyn Blade" - Ecto-powered sword.
-2) Arkhsel Amulet - Family heirloom, supposed good luck charm

Backstory: Nicolas "Nick" Wilson was almost content with his life. He'd been the most popular person at Reptscer High without even trying. In fact, he was trying to be the most unnoticeable person in the school's history. He always carried around a detached hilt on his back, making him seem a little nuts to anyone who didn't know him. Nick's two friends, Logan Nielson and Abigail "Abbs" Steele, had known Nicolas since 3rd grade, and had each given him half a sword prop as his 18th birthday prank: Logan the hilt, Abbs the blade. They told their gullible friend Logan had purchased it from a crazy old fortuneteller at a swap meet in Illinois. The fortuneteller had told them that anyone who could put the sword back together completely would be granted any wish.
Naturally, Nicolas had spent the better part of his spare time on trying to figure out how the blade could be placed back into the hilt. And on his 19th birthday, exactly 1 year after he received it, the sword came together. He made a wish on the sword for superpowers, because, hey, who doesn't want them? But after trying every superpower and transformation-invoking spell and keyword he could think of, nothing happened. Disappointed, Nick started carrying the sword as a prop whenever he went to a comic book convention.
Then came that fateful Summer day. The ghost hero of Amity Park, Danny Phantom, had his secret identity revealed to everyone at a Dumpty Humpty concert. Of course, this changed Nick's cosplay plans for San Diego Comic Fab. Unlike everyone else who was in a costume of Team Phantom, Nick didn't choose Danny, Phantom or Fenton, or Sam as his outfit. He was the one and only Tucker at the entire con. The sword, because it wasn't part of Tucker's look, was hidden in the backpack. Because he couldn't afford the gadgets that came with a Tucker cosplay, he just used carved styrofoam blocks shaped like PDAs and shrink-wrapped them.
On the day before Danny showed up at the convention, Nicolas had been the first to find the Gem of Fantasy... sort of. While waiting in line to get a copy of the Danny Phantom comic, which Danny never authorized, he stepped on the gem. Activated by the contact, the gem brought to existence his deepest wish, superpowers conferred to him by the Paladyn Blade. Because he was in a line for the Danny Phantom comic, his thoughts were only about the awesomeness of having ghost powers. So, ghost powers he received. The abilities bestowed to Nicolas by the Gem were irrevocably tied to the Paladyn Blade, and could only be used while he held it, because his desire was to "be given powers by the Paladyn Blade." The Gem took this literally and the Blade became the source of his ghostly abilities.
Unfortunately, when he gained the powers, his cosplaying/roleplaying experience caused the Gem of Fantasy to give him a split personality. The original was dominant, but there were now two other consciousnesses in his mind. One would come out whenever he became desperate while using his powers and acted as a super mode of sorts, increasing his output 5 times over. and a quiet, shy, female persona that while able to call on less power, was smart enough to make up for it with superior strategic thought. Eventually, Nick figured out a way to communicate with the other two identities, using a series of written notes. The female called herself Nicole, and the superpowerful had no name of his own, and just decided to go with Nick Paladin, the name of Nicolas's supposed "ghost form".
When Danny used the Reality Gauntlet to erase everyone's memories, Nick was shielded by some unknown force he assumed was related to his powers. but really, it was because his Fantasy was never undone before Danny destroyed the Gauntlet and Gems.
Eventually, Nicole came up with an idea of how to actually speak with each other face-to-face-to-face, but it took so long to perfect the technique, that it wasn't until Danny fought Vortex they even managed it successfully once. By limiting their duplications to three forms, Nicole, Wilson, and Paladin had found they could each take one copy. With separate consciousnesses controlling each body, Nick's overall fighting ability had tripled, as it turned out duplicates are weakened by the lack of ability to focus 100%, not an equal distribution of energy.
Nick had become so threatening to ne'redowells that the crime rate dropped to zero in Âmeville. So he decided to look into meeting with Danny Phantom for a friendly competition of skills. However, when he found Fenton Works, he overheard Danny enter the portal again and "remove" his powers. Deciding it might be best to stick around, Nick followed Danny everywhere with ninja-like stealth. When he heard of the Plasmius failing to stop the Disasteroid, and Tucker's plan to turn the Earth intangible, Nick immediately separated into three and pretended to be triplets. Wilson helping build the transfer cables, Paladin rounding up the ghosts Danny missed, and Nicole providing the science teams with sustenance so they could work without breaks, as every second counted.
In the moment of truth, when everyone was focused on the tower, Nick changed to his three-ghost form and scattered their power into the tower as well, providing just enough of a boost to turn the last square mile intangible before the Earth's doom was sealed.
Wilson, Nicole, and Paladin showed Danny their true identities, being one entity, and returned to Âmeville after the statue dedication and has been maintaining contact with Sam, Tucker, and Danny via Doomed. Alone or all together, they have never beaten Lancer, and to this day have no idea who he is.

Continuity: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Note: Due to the sheer amount of these, I'm just going to link to a collective Biography document and list the names of my OCs

Crystal Clear
Murky Depths
Shadow Shard
Sylvia Cloudshadow
Doctor Davis Hoovesworth M.D.
Sweet Melody
Silver Screen/Silver Stream

Continuity: Archie Sonic comics

Name: Shandra
Species: Hedgechidna (Half Hedgehog, half echidna)
Sex: Female
Age: 18 years, 3 months
Alignment: Good
Height: 4' 11" (5' 2" with hat)
Weight: 140 lb


Socks are knee-highs with black-red-black stripes.

Pink Eyes

She has a pair of super-short-shorts under that skirt. The pink line between the skirt and holster-belt is the waistband.

Her natural hair color is gray like her fur, but she dyes a ponytail pink.

Personality: She is a kind girl, but mostly keeps to herself. If someone needs her she'll help out, but she never jumps straight into something unprovoked.

Likes: Any Italian food, shooting ranges, the color pink.

Dislikes: Those who harm her friends, eggplants.

[Skills] Can jump 15 feet in the air, incredible aerial acrobatics (even by Sonicverse standards), ability to use Power Rings, telepathic link to Nightshade that is undaunted by distances.
[Weaponry] Carries a pair of laser pistols, one set to stun at all times due to a dial being broken off, the other can be set to taze, stun, burn, kill, or HyperDeath. HyperDeath fires a powerful beam that vaporizes the victim and hits anything behind him/her with a taze-level blast of leftover energies. She hasn't used this setting except once in training against rocks.

[Skills] Cannot swim. Power Rings wear off 1000x faster than if Sonic uses them. Low stamina. As telepathy with Nightshade is very mentally taxing, she can't focus on much while using it, making telepathy a liability in battle.
[Weapons] As each power setting uses more power than the last, "reload" times increase with the amount of energy being unleashed. If the HyperDeath setting is used, that gun won't be able to fire again for 2 hours. Damaged pistol is prone to shorting out every few shots, making it very unreliable in heavy brawls with multiple opponents.

Biographical data: Her mother was roboticized by Eggman when she was only 7. Her father died trying to stop the Swatbots that captured her mother... of a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs). The locket she wears around her neck is the last connection she has to them, as it holds a photograph of the four at a picnic. Her twin brother Nightshade takes care of her as well as any parent would. She attempted to join the Freedom Fighters at age 15 as a way to avenge her parents, but was turned down because the FF don't allow the use guns for ANY purposes. As such, she and Nightshade travel as their own resistance group. They tend to tail Sonic at a small, but inconspicuous distance. She and Amy are close pals, and Shandra always turns to Amy for girl talks and to confide girl-problems with (love life troubles, etc.; not the other kind of girl-problems).

Name: Nicholas "Nightshade" Hedgechidna (Purposefully one-dimensional and cliche.)
Species: Hedgechidna
Sex: Male
Age: 18 years, 3 months
Alignment: Good
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 178 lbs

Every last bit of his fur is solid black.
Crimson Eyes
Black headband (makes him feel "cool")

Personality: In battle he's a psycho. Piss him off and you WILL die. Good thing he's as hard to piss off as Sonic. Beyond that, he's pretty laid back.

Likes: Honor, fancy cheeses, the color gold (as in, rings).

Dislikes: Cowardice, Eggman, eggplants.

[Skills] Strength rivaling Knuckles's.
Telepathy between himself and Shandra.
Limited Chaos energy manipulation (Chaos Control, Chaos Spear, etc.)

[Weaponry] Harzor of Hellfire, an enigmatic blade from legend in his homeland of Harzorea. By calling its name, Nightshade can summon it to his hand from anywhere on Mobius, or make it burst into flames.

Can't use chaos powers with much potency even with a Chaos Emerald.
As telepathy with Shandra is very mentally taxing, he can't focus on much while using it, making telepathy a liability in battle.
He REALLY likes to partake of herbological adventures. >.>'

Harzor of Hellfire has an unfortunate tendency to explode if its mystical properties are in use for too long.

Biographical data: His mother was roboticized by Eggman when he was only 7. His father died trying to stop the Swatbots that captured his mother... of a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs). His mother didn't survive the roboticization process, as she was ill with swine flu at the time. He has sworn vengeance upon Eggman. He cares for his twin sister Shandra as well as any parent would. He attempted to join the Freedom Fighters at age 15 as a way to avenge his parents, but was turned down because he failed the FF's psych test. Officially the reason was cited as "We want to bring Eggman to justice, not murder him." As such, he and Shandra travel as their own resistance group. They tend to tail Sonic at a small, but inconspicuous distance. He and Sonic are close pals/rivals, and Nightshade always challenges Sonic to chilidog eating contests...which Sonic always wins.

Name: Glare
Species: Hedgechidna
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years, 3 months (Chronological); 18 years, 3 months (Biological)
Alignment: Neutral-Evil
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 153 lb


Personality: Cold, calculating, cares only about the mission at hand. Constantly speaks in eloquent linquistics and his every word consistently has 3 syllables more than needed to convey the thought.

Mental Status: Zen
Fighting Style: The Way of the Samurai
Mortal Foe: Whatever PISSES. HIM. OFF.
Greatest Rival: Nightshade the Hedgehog (another OC of mine; no need for this to come into play)
Hobby: Researching Mobius's history

Likes: His (technical) sister, Shandra.(not like that, you pervs!); Organization.
-Favorite color: Pure, #FFFFFF-grade White.
-Favorite food: Chili Dogs, extra onions.
-Favorite Drink: Cherry Coke.

Dislikes: Incompetence, Disorder.

Abilities: [Skills] Incredible physical strength, IQ of 329, your standard set of Spin techniques.
[Weaponry] "Soul Render" - Mystical sword that, once charged with spiritual energies, inflicts no physical harm to a living opponent, but shreds their soul instead. Robots, rocks, etc. are not living, and as such are sliced to ribbons.

Weaknesses: Horribly naive, tends to miss his chance for a first strike and be caught off-guard because of his long-winded and proper manner of speech.
[Skills] Upon using spin moves, he has a very bad tendency towards nausea.
[Weaponry] Immediately collapses into a 3 hour coma upon using a fully-charged-up Soul Render attack.

Bio: During a Freedom Fighter raid on a roboticizing plant, Nightshade was stuck by a stray laser shot that Sonic dodged easily. A Swatbot collected a DNA sample from the blood and Robotnik, thinking it was Sonic's, attempted to clone Sonic from it.
However, Nightshade and Shandra were still around, and they found out about the cloning machine while imitating Solid Snake through the air ducts. Shandra switched the machine off at 98% completion then hit 6 random keys. Then Nightshade switched it back on and sliced off the connection from the duplicator device to the input console. A sliver of Harzor of Hellfire flew into the machine and SoulRender was created from it. The 2% difference is what caused the color of Glare's fur to be inverted.
Robotnik used a Chaos Emerald to imbue a time-acceleration device with sufficient power to age Glare 16 years in 10 minutes. He gained all his intellectual knowledge over a learning program installed in Robotnik’s mainframe computer akin to the Construct in The Matrix.
Glare escaped from the lab in order to learn more about the outside world beyond Robotnik's intensely-skewed history files. Being born only a few years prior to the present, his naivety often makes him perform acts that are far more evil than his personality would have you believe him capable. He is naturally a neutral character, but hanging out with Robotnik for 1 year, and Rouge for another, twisted his perceptions of good and evil greatly.

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