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Name: Rivyn Daniel

Age: Too Old For This Shit

Gender: Male

URL: My Writer's Page on Facebook

For updates on my stories, I created a facebook page for readers of my story to come and get news and ETA's on when new chapters will become available. Further more its a create way for fans to interact and discuss the story and there might even be voting that will effect portions of the stories. So I really hope people come and join.

Background: I started writing when I was really young, about ten I believe, making up little piddly "spooky" stories and whatnot because I was into Goosebumps as a kid and all the Goosebump clones that were around at the time (hell I had just about ever Goosebump book imagineable when I was a kid) and then I forgot about it for a while, till I was about thirteen, fourteen and I started writing Pokemorph fics in notebooks that my friends would encourage me to write. Then so after I discovered the WarriorGuyver website and discovered that what I was writing in my notebooks were fanfictions. By fifteen I had started to develope my first original story, a fantasy epic and soon after I discovered this website and started writing fanfictions for the net.

I'm currently writing what will be my last ever fanfiction series, Tabula Rasa and its mini sequeals and then I'm moving on and putting and fanfictions behind me and moving on with my original writing.

I want to be a professional author and in my opinion fanfictions should serve only one purpose - for those that wanna be professional published authors - and that is as a learning tool about what to do and what not to do. There's still plenty I gotta learn, but I've learnt all I can from writing fanfictions.

Eventually you have to move on and step up.

Writing Themes:

As far as my interest in writing themes go, I'm fairly fascinated with the whole sub genre of Magical/Scientific Gender Bending, i.e. turning a boy into a girl or vice versa. I experimented with the theme well before I ever heard of Ranma 1/2, and have continued to use it in several projects, including an original sci fi novel I've put on hold at the moment. I dont know what it is exactly that draws me to that theme, maybe its the struggle the character should go through in dealing with the sudden change and how they'll adapt. For some characters the adaption is easier than with others, while for some its the end of the world and their identity as they know it, forcing them to look at themselves and question what is that makes them who they are? Are we who we are because of what we look like? Does this extend to who we are inside? What sexual misconceptions does one gender make about the other? How would they deal with those misconceptions when they're stuck on the other side of the fence? How does this affect friendships? and so on and so forth.

a LOT of people shake their heads at the idea of this theme, but its a continuing source of inspiration, comdey and intrigue to me and I will continue to explore it for as long as possible.

Writing Pet Peeves:

Crossovers: Ok let clarify a bit. When I say crossovers, I'm talking about crossovers that don't make any friggin sense. Pokemon/HarryPotter crossovers? WTF? And I absolutely hate it when a fanfic writers smashes two fics together without any thought or development. If you're going to write a crossover, do one that makes sense or take the time to make sure it makes sense. Best crossover fic I ever read was Lost and Found, a Ranma 1/2/Tenchi Muyo crossover; that was a great story.

AU: Alternate Universe fics where the characters from a series (lets say Slayers) are Highschool School students in our world and are written nothing like what they're truly like. These are not fun fanfics to me and I dont particularly like reading them, though I make exceptions for friends that write them since they take the time to read mine. That being said I have read a couple (mostly my friends) that I do like and thats because they've taken the time to work out how to write those characters in that setting where most others charge in and do everything haphazardedly.

Mpreg: I am extremely opened minded, but Mpreg? No... just... god, no.

Demonizing: Yes, there are always going to be certain characters we hate in things, for me its Akane and Happosai, but when you choose to write a fanfiction that has a character you dont like in it, then your task as a writer is to put aside your personal feelings about that character and write them the way they're supposed to be portrayed. Turning them into the most hateful character in your story is a sure fire way to turn people away from your story because you're not only alienating readers that DO like that character, but you're being unprofessional too.

Paragraph Chapters: What are these? Exactly what they sound like; chapters that are as long as a freakin paragraph. I can not even begin to count the amount of times I've read a kick ass story summary, seen that it had a ton of chapters and then opened it up to find out that every single chapter is as long or maybe just a little bit longer than a god damn paragraph. What the hell?

Below is a link to the galley of the artist that created the cover image I'm using for Tabula Rasa. Please go check out her art as it is fantastic.


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