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hi my name is Guizel B Ayarkah

i live in england and im 22 years old i am gay a bisexual-pokephile and also i am a writer of pokemon erotica

i am in love with : my fiance

there isnt much more to tell about me im a huge Buizel fan (in love with Buizel he is so sexy) me and my friend who is a pikachu fan decided to create two pokemon using a type of fusion between Buizel and Pikachu we call them Buichu my picture and Pikazel (can also be found on deviant art profile Buichu) anything you want to know about me is on my website

this one for my stories

also if you want to talk email or talk on messenger at

warning though dont click on erotic pictures link unless you like erotic pokemon images (my favourite floatzel/buizel and vulpix/espeon

im continuing to write love and lust and post new parts upon completion - love and lust is now complete - i am in the process or rewriting and correcting mistakes

i am also working on two other stories information on these will be added soon for now im keeping them to myself and a few individuals who are my closest friends

thanks to all of you who have been reading my stories id like to request that you send me feedback via my mail or review please feedback is very much appreciated both negetive and positive these maybe replied

-at no point do i state i own pokemon im just a huge fan i simply own the stories not the characters portrayed in them-

people have been asking me where the inspiration for Love and Lust came from well

first of all Love and Lust originally was meant to be just a short story that first part with buizel and the drowning.

this one part was actually a recurring dream i was having it was over a week or so and the dream kept getting longer until it eventually stopped but what happened stayed with me and this dream it felt so real i was starting to think and even wish it was. So i wrote it down for a friend but didn't mention it as a dream he thought id just wrote a story and he loved it so i gave it a shot and put it on a website for others to read they loved it too and told me i should start writing so for the sake of it i went back through it and made it longer adding bits and taking bits away and eventually i ended up writing the story it is today Love and Lust a passion for buizel

people liked it so much they started requesting another part thats when ideas started flowing and soon the other partsstarted to form

now what people dont know is the story is me when people say they put there heart and soul into a story i actually did the experiences are mine like my favourite part in umbri wood with the gentle rubbing and then hand job that actually happened only it was by best friend not an umbreon unfortunately. so there is a lot of me in these stories so please enjoy them and try to let me know what you think or if something needs changing or even if ive made a mistake somewhere please point it out to me

-the rewrite for sexual encounters is now complete-

ok i am looking for someone who can draw to help turn love and lust into a graphic novel they have to be great artists and i want it to be huge not skipping explaining the story in detail with illustrations on one page and the story to that part on another left page illustration right top illustration bottom right story to illustration so if you or you know anyone who can do this please let me know

Unfortunately i will be unable to work on stories for the forseable future as i will be leaving but when i am in my new home i will continue writing starting on rewriting A Night and A Day In Bed With Buizel sorry for this and will return to writing the second i am able please until then enjoy my stories Guizel the human Buizel :) Bui Bui

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