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Sorry for the long wait! I dunno what happened!

I can't believe it broke 4000 words! 4500, even!

Also, as I stated at the end of the chapter,...

"I decided that if you guys review a lot, I will add a short omake (very short story) to the end of chapters. They might be humorous, etc, I dunno, but I will. A lot is a number I haven’t decided yet, but for now just enjoy!"

Thanks for reading!


Happy first day of February, everyone! New chappie, as well!

Next one should be out in a couple days... if not you can kill me. Okay not really.

This chapter apparently broke the 4000 word limit, which is nice.

I didn't really mean it to, but think of it as a sorry gift.


Wow! Somehow I didn't update for like... a week... a week and an entire day! I guess I promised I'd give you guys an author's note, but I was close enough to finishing the chapter that I decided against it.

I had decided to release this yesterday, but there was a barrier to my plans >_>.

Hope you enjoy this chapter! I made it decently sized, 3000 words approximately. The next one should be arriving soon enough, patience is rewarded!

Also, R&R is recommended!


Ugh... so like, Chapter 10 is up.

Personally, I think the quality of the chapter isn't as great as the other ones... I wanted to write a different thing but the fact that I had this other idea for this topic and set this one up forced me to write this...

Hope it meets your tastes either way.


Today I decided to release two chapters instead of just one! The second one is more of a small side story, more than anything. It doesn't really affect the plot, but imo it helps build up Naruto's character - shows he's a determined person.

Anyways, chappies 7 + 8 are up!



Oh snap! New chapter up! I got this idea a while back, but I had to do some constant editing. I hope it's not sub par. I can't believe I managed to break 3000 words again!

Don't think this will become a habit.


Aww, winter break ended. No matter, Chapter 5 to my story, Light in a World of Darkness, a NaruKure, is up! I have ideas for a Chapter 6... I can't believe I made the chapter 3500+ words long... o_o. Also check out the fight scene I made. I tried to make it as awesome as possible, but seeing as it's my first, R&R accordingly, pl0x. ;)

Hope you enjoy! I didn't really mean for the chapter updating to take me about 2-3 days >_>. I really ended up only needing about 1-2. I promise Chapter 6 will be up soon.

I'm still toying around with different ideas.

Sorry about the occasional mistakes, I'm still learning.

Older Notes

Hey everyone!

Right now I'm working on a NaruKure - I always thought that pairing was kinda cute. I try to update as much as possible, but sometimes I get bogged down by work.

It's my first fanfic. Reviews are always appreciated! ;)


If I ever forget to update any of my stories (story as of now) for an extended period of time, I'll always update you guys every so often.

Right now my school is on winter vacation, but that ends pretty darn soon. Well, dang. It was nice while it lasted.


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