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Hi there,

I come here mainly to read fanfics with my favorite pairings in them.

My favorite shows and pairings:

Chicago Fire - Dawson and Casey (Dawsey)

Chicago PD - Lindsay and Halstead (Linstead)

CSI - Grissom/Sara (GSR)

Lie to Me - Cal/Gillian (Callian)

House M.D. - House/Cameron (Hameron)

The Mentalist - Jane/Lisbon (Jisbon)

Castle - Castle/Beckett (Caskett)

Bones - Booth/Brennan

Fairly Legal - Kate/Ben

Other shows I like to watch:

Criminal Minds



The Closer

Major Crimes

Law & Order SVU



More about my activity on FanFiction.Net:


I read (as well as write, understand and speak) croatian (my mother tongue but there is nothing in croatian on FF.Net), english and german and I'm very sensitive to grammar and spelling errors.

I love happy or at least hopeful endings. That is why I seldom read WIP-s and when it comes to completed fics often read the ending first and then the rest of it (if I liked the ending).


I seldom review because I'm either too lazy to do so, didn't like it or don't know what to say.


Sadly I don't write fan fiction because I still don't have enough self confidence or talent to write in an foreign language (whether in german or in english) and I'm a perfectionist.

P.S.: I changed my name. It used to be ggperic and still is on some other sites.