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Author has written 92 stories for Pokémon, Klonoa, Mega Man, Mario, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Tales of Symphonia, SEGA Superstars, Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, Yu-Gi-Oh, Punch-Out!!, Team Fortress 2, Misc. Games, Wonderful 101, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, Kirby, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Super Smash Brothers, and Splatoon.

I have started a branch account for any MA-rated content I write. Here is the link: cosmicrosedragon. deviantart. com

My FictionPress account, as limited as it is, can be found here: www. fictionpress. com/u/1025977/Vile-EXE

I’ve also started up a Twitter account for anyone who wants to check it out: twitter. com/VileEXE

Lastly, I have my own Wiki for ideas both original and related to existing universes. It’s pretty limited ATM, but check it out here: vileexe. wikia. com

Yaoi and Yuri: Don't expect me to write this. I honestly don't see the appeal. I don't have a problem with homosexuality in real life, but I draw the line at twisting well-known characters into this.

Bashing: Unless I personally hate the character, don't expect me to bash anyone.

Romance: Yes, you could say I'm a romantic. I always enjoy people getting together, and I'm good at making it happen, so you can probably expect this in nearly all my stories.

OCs: I tend to use these a lot. I will allow anyone to use my OCs, but I have some rules:
1: If any of my characters are part of a romance pairing, I expect them to stay in those pairings, even if it becomes one-sided.
2: I'd prefer them not to go OOC.
3: Let me know when you will use them, and give credit to me for any that you use.

Behold my Navi Emblem! Now I can truly call myself Vile.EXE!

Writing commissions have been opened!

After quite some time thinking about it, I have decided to start taking writing commissions. It might be controversial to long-time fans of mine since I've never been that much of a request man, but without a job, I need a little extra cash. I do hope I can establish better relations with people through a bit of business, too.

Sending a Commission

To send me a commission, you have five places to send it:

Here on FF: It's as easy as PMing me.
DeviantArt: Either a note or comment at cosmicrosedragon. deviantart. com.
Twitter: Drop a tweet at account @VileEXE (I couldn't add the period XD).
Tumblr: On my Tumblr, VileEXE, there's a marked area for it.
Email: If none of these work, you can directly email me at tdg5893@yahoo. com

I have a bit of a format I'd like you to use, as it keeps things orderly, but I do make exceptions for commissions on Twitter (dat 140 character limit tho).

Commission Format

This format is for story commissions. YGO Duels, which are my specialty, have their own format.

Universe: The universe this story takes place in.
Genre: The kind of story I'm writing (Adventure, Romance, Comedy, etc.).
Plot: What exactly you want to happen in this story. A little detail would be appreciated, not something like "character A and character B do this and that".
Rating: What rating would this story be?
Usage: Put either "Public" or "Personal". "Public" means the commission will be posted on my DA and is a story you just want to see happen. "Personal" indicates that you wish to use what I write in a story of your own, which I will allow you to do with credit.
Minimum Word Count: If you don't want this story to be too short, specify how many words you want it to at least be. Put "None" here if you don't care how short it is.
Maximum Word Count: Like the last one, if you don't want it to be too long (or if you have a payment cap), specify how many words you don't want it to go past, putting "None" if you don't care how long it is (average commission length would probably be about 1000-2000 words).

The following format is for YGO Duels.

Series: The series of YGO, either canon or fanon, that the Duel takes place in.
Duelists: Everyone taking part in the Duel. OCs are allowed.
Plot: The setup for the Duel.
Starting LP: How many Life Points everyone has at the start.
Decks: What sort of Decks each character uses and their overall strategy. Only use this for OCs or canon characters that aren't using their canon Decks.
Personalities: Only for OCs, how would they act during the Duel?
Result: Who wins/loses, is it a draw, or does it end with no result?
Usage: See the story commission Usage section for details.
Minimum Turn Count: Like the Word Count, specify how many turns you want the Duel to at least be.
Maximum Turn Count: Like the Word Count, specify how many turns you don't want the Duel to go past.

Rarely Taken Topics

There are two things that I do not write outside of the right circumstances. These are:

Yaoi and Yuri: I don't see an appeal to this, but I respect those who do enjoy it. Nevertheless, I will not take commissions for this unless the characters in question are confirmed to be homosexual. It makes it a lot easier to process that way, as a character that hasn't had their sexuality confirmed or is a clear heterosexual being written like this really screws with my head. It might be because I prefer heterosexual pairings, but IDK. Either way, please respect this mental process of mine if you make a commission.

Character Bashing: This type of writing is particular to me: I cannot bash a character unless I personally hate them. I'm pretty sure that everyone who bashes characters is like this, but I figured I'd get this out front.

Cost and Payment Process

Payments for commissions are all done through , so I hope you are able to use it. The cost for story commissions is $.01 USD per word, making roughly $1.00 USD for every 100 words (if I sound patronizing, I apologize). Due to it being easier for me, Duel commissions have a different payment rate: $7.00 USD for every turn in the Duel, with $.25 USD for each Author-Made Card and $.01 USD for each word that isn't part of the Duel. Payments are sent to the email address tdg5893@yahoo. com.

Making sure the payments go through has to be a matter of trust between me and the commissioner. When a commission is complete, I will inform my commissioner of the exact word or turn count, then they will have to transfer the money through . Once I see the payment is complete, I will either post the finished commission on my DA page (if a Public commission) or send it to the commissioner through either FF's DocX system, DA's note system, or, if neither are applicable, through a straight email transition. I will not post public commissions on this profile, as this profile is meant for my personal works: Public commissions will only go on my DeviantArt page. If you don't have either a FF or DA account, please use either Twitter or straight email to commission me.

Explanation Over

Thank you all for listening to my rules and explanations, and I hope to see commissions coming in from fans. You've all been very good to me since the start of my fanfiction career, and even though writing has somewhat become a business now, I'll make sure to keep my free fanfictions on FF alive. I feel that even though I'm asking for money now, directly taking your commissions is one of my ways to give back to you all for your support. Stay awesome, everyone, and let's go to a new future!

Shippings I support (term given if I know it, an italicized shipping term means the term is mine, feel free to use if you want):

Pokemon (Set up by universe)

AshxMisty - PokeShipping (...Do I really have to say anything? It's the original pairing! Misty had better come back.)
Practically any other major hetero Ash Shipping - Advance, Pearl, Negai, Ability, Morpheus, etc. (PokeShipping is my primary pairing, yes, but all other Ash ships appeal to me as well. I don't really know why, though. Ehehe... ')
BrockxHolly - TeenCareShipping
JimmyxMarina - QuestShipping
MayxDrew - ContestShipping (Those who bash this pairing need their heads checked. I may ship AdvanceShipping as well, but since I'm primarily a PokeShipper, I'd choose this over AS anyday.)
DawnxPaul - IkariShipping (Respect my opinion, people. :P)
KennyxZoey - ShootsDownShipping
HarleyxSoledad (Okay, I've gotta be honest. I've done a 180 on this pairing. Harley might've been a dirty fighter in Contests, but he's probably just touchy about his baking skills. That aside, he's not that bad a guy, and Soledad does have interest in him. I'm planning to revise A True Blackheart to have Harley in it instead of Nando because let's face it: who writes about Nando?)

RedxYellow - SpecialShipping (Red and Ash aren't the same person, so I can support this and PokeShipping.)
GreenxBlue - OldRivalShipping (...Need I say anything? Read the manga again if you can't find any hints.)
GoldxCrystal - MangaQuestShipping (Opposites attract here. What else can I say?)
RubyxSapphire - FranticShipping (Enough with your amnesia act, Ruby! Quit being a wuss and get with Sapphire!)
DiaxPlatina - CommonerShipping (Platina is dense if she can't see that Dia likes her.)

Games (If it wasn't for the whole silent protagonist shtick, most of these pairings probably would've happened.):
EthanxKris - NewBarkShipping (I support both of its counterparts. You really think I wouldn't support this too?)
SilverxLyra - SoulSilverShipping (Lyra needed her own Manga counterpart! Seriously!)
BrendanxMay - HoennShipping (Stop bashing Brendan, people! Especially you, ContestShippers!)
LucasxDawn - FortuneShipping
WesxRui - ColosseumShipping
RoarkxGardenia - MossShipping
VolknerxCandace - SenirasuShipping
FalknerxJanine - FatherlyShipping (Who opposes this pairing?)
ThortonxCaitlin (I don't get why people portray Thorton as emotionless and focused on his machines in fics. His quotes in the games make him seem peppy.)
SaturnxMars - ConjunctionShipping (Where do people get these shipping names? This one doesn't even make sense.)
TouyaxTouko - ChessShipping (As awesome as N is, I just CAN'T see him with Touko.)
CherenxBel - DualRivalShipping (Opposites attract yet again, and boy, do they. )
LunickxSolana - RangerShipping
KatexKeith - VatonageShipping (Sorry, AlmiaShippers. Keith's just too cool and hilarious to ignore.)
IcexLavana - (Don't ask why. I'll find a way.)
BenxSummer - ObliviaShipping (I saw hints of this immediately after beating Mission 5.)
Red EyesxBlue Eyes - PurpleShipping (If this name already exists, then it has two meanings now. Also, it has nothing to do with that jerk, Purple Eyes.)

OC (Asterisks indicate which are OCs)
Evin*xJustine* - YinYangShipping (This couple will be official from the start.)
Galen*xSkyla - HighFlightShipping (May or may not end up being official.)

Pikachu(Ash's)xBuneary(Dawn's) - LagomorphShipping (Pikachu's taken on tons of challenges, yet he's scared when a female Pokemon has her eyes on him. ...Wow. Also, despite not being a primary PearlShipper, I've gotta admit, this pairing is cute as hell.)
Pikachu(Ash's)xSnivy(Ash's) (I have no idea where this idea came from, but something is telling me that Snivy is gonna try and hit on Pikachu.)
Minun(Lunick's)xPlusle(Solana's) - RangerCheerSignShipping (As a RangerShipper, it's kinda self-explanatory as to why I support this.)
Zoroark(Evin's)xTanshinki(Felicity's) (This is another from-the-start official in my stories. It illustrates the concept that Trainers will fall in love if their Pokemon do, which their Trainers did. Plus, this just has an appeal to me.)

Sonic The Hedgehog

SonicxAmy (These two would be perfect if Sonic wasn't such a wuss. 3 years apart? Who cares?)
ShadowxJewel (see OC section)
SilverXBlaze (Another bad thing about Sonic 2006: The continuity crap-up kinda screwed this over.)

Tales of Symphonia


Yu-Gi-Oh (Set up by series)

YugixTea (It's a fact that Tea loves him. She's just confused due to Yami's presence.)
JoeyxMai (Okay... is there any competition here? At all?)
TristanxSerenity (Serenity's a fragile girl, and Tristan's more of a sensitive guy than Duke is. That doesn't mean I hate Duke, though!)
AtemxMana (I've done research, and I can tell these two like each other.)

JadenxAlexis (You all know this should've happened. There were hints all over, despite how dense Jaden is. I don't hate Yubel at all, but come on! She came out of nowhere, and Jaden loves her all of a sudden? LAME!)
SyrusxDMG (If you couldn't see that Syrus had a crush on DMG, you are more dense than Jaden.)

YuseixAkiza (There is no viable reason that ANYONE can have against this. It's a good pairing, it's obvious, and there's no competition at all. It didn't happen canonically like everyone wanted, which reeeeeally ticked me off. That's the third strikedown for a Lead pairing in a row. *growls*)
JackxCarly (This is practically canon! They said that they loved each other in the original. But, oh no, Carly just HAD to get amnesia!)
CrowxDove (The character Dove is an OC onwed by AnimeKiwi369. Check her profile out to learn more.)
KalinxMisty (These two might not have met in the anime, but if you think about it, they kinda compliment each other.)
LunaxDexter (I just can't find a match between Luna and Sly. Sly acts like a little prick, and if there was a Season 3, I'd bet anything that he'd try to steal Yusei's Stardust Dragon. Dexter, on the other hand, is quite a nice guy. These two would work in the long run.)
LunaxDaniel (Daniel is owned by AnimeKiwi369, and when we're talking about the reality established in her stories, I support this pairing.)
LeoxLydia (OC)
LeoxMajorie (Majorie is also owned by AnimeKiwi369, and what applied to Daniel applies to her.)

YumaxKotori - SkyShipping (HELL, F-*bleep*-ING, YES. It's the pairing that got me my big break in ZEXAL fanfiction! Not to mention as of the end of the series, it's basically canon! Konami, you have redeemed yourselves in the eyes of shippers!)
TakashixCathy - DeterminationShipping (The two have interacted since Episode 23, and I can see a match between them. Not to mention it would be cute as all hell.)
SharkxAriel - SeaMirrorShipping (An OC pairing. This was back when I was more of a rabid shipper and tried to ship everyone with at least someone, but I'm currently working on showing more of Ariel's character.)
KaitoxJenaveve - SoulShipping (Yet another OC pairing. Same deal as with Ariel, though I have shown more of Jenaveve's character since her debut. Trust me, people, I have a LOT planned for her in future fanfics.)
TetsuoxSei (God damn it, I think I still have the Shipping Virus. Since I decided to make Sei and Sachi a tomboy-girly girl duo, these two sorta clicked. I've been donplaying it due to their personalities, but it's still kinda there.)
YamotoxSachi - YinYangShipping (OC. I'm sure you people have seen the hints already in my fics. Yamoto's the polite guy with DARK monsters, Sachi, at least in my stories, is the somewhat shy girly girl with LIGHT monsters. Cute, no?
TokunosukexHikaya (OC. Yet another product of the Shipping Virus that hit me. Like Ariel, I'm working on a way to show more of her character.)
GauchexDroite - ProctorShipping (...Duh. The writers must've had some pretty good weed to try a KaitoxDroite angle. Thankfully that didn't work out too well. XD Also, in my stories (thanks to some handy Age-Up-Magic), Yamoto is their friggin' son, so... yeah.)
AnnaxYuya - MemoryShipping (NOT an OC; Yuya Tsukune is a canon flashback character. I have gotten flak from people since Yuya's re-debut since Anna suffered a mental breakdown in his re-debut trilogy, and he's the only way her head stays straight. Look, people: There's a BIG difference between a woman needing a man to protect her and a woman needing a man to help her stay on course. The reverse of the latter happens all the time in media. Jeez.)
RioxMarcus (IV, Thomas for canon people) - AccidentShipping (...Okay, so I got into this pairing prior to the Barian Invasion. Sue me. A little Age-Up-Magic for Rio helps this get accomplished. Believe it or not, people, this pairing WILL have some meaning later on down the road. I can promise you of that.)
AkarixSpade - InvestigatorShipping (name not made by me) (Sorry, Charlie fans, but he won't be getting Akari in my stories. I don't hate the guy, but Charlie does not seem like the settling-down type. Not to mention Akari and Spade's interactions are funny as hell.)
TetsukoxRaio (This pairing was back when I thought Tetsuko was going to be a bit more major. You might not see much of this one.)
DurbexRio - HolyIceShipping (I will wholly admit, in the actual canon, this pairing does have its appeal. I knew the writers were pushing it when I saw "The Greatest Duo of the Seven Emperors" and it was C102 and C103 instead of either of them with Nasch's C101 (either the two strongest Emperors or the sibling team). You HolyIceShippers definitely picked a good one. (: )


YuyaxYuzu - FruitShipping (This pairing is classic: Idiot hero (though Yuya isn't a much of an idiot as Yuma) with a tsundere childhood friend love interest. Between SkyShipping and this, apparently Konami thinks the Westermarck Effect is a load of crap, and I happen to agree. Make these two kiss on-screen this time, Konami! The shippers are holding you to a higher standard after ZEXAL!)
YutoxRuri (Considering the major motivation for Yuto's crusade is finding Ruri, it wouldn't surprise me to see these two hook up. Also, here's a quick note: Once Yuto is certain that Yuzu isn't Ruri, he quits watching her. I also see Shun as an overprotective big brother who tries and fails to make Ruri off-limits; that's only gonna piss her off. LOL)
YugoxRin - AppleShipping (Yugo's pretty much confirmed to have a crush on Rin, and I personally see Rin as the "What am I gonna do with you...?" girlfriend who loves him regardless. The headcanon is strong here. XD)
YurixSelena (This one's been weird from the start, since Selena's an Academia defector and Yuri's an evil little prick. But among all the speculation about WHY these two don't seem to care about each other like the other three, I'm convinced that Leo did SOMETHING to one or both of them (brainwashing, isolation, etc.) to prevent that bond. It ain't gonna last, though: Not even Leo can prevent a bond that important.)
AyuxReira (I admit, Episode 29 got me on this bandwagon, too. Reira might be developing as a character in the Synchro Arc, but he's still pretty reserved while Ayu's chipper. It's just plain adorable.)


TaixSora (How much hate mail do you think Toei got for screwing this pairing up? Matt's a cool guy, but seriously, Sora should've been with Tai!)
MarcusxYoshino (They may be four years apart, but honestly, who cares? I've seen pairings with much larger age gaps. Their personalities are practically the perfect example of the "opposites attract" shtick, not to mention Kristy nailed them with that "married couple" joke. )
KeenanxKristy (Comment needed? Not really.)

Mega Man (Set up by series)

RockxRoll (Incest is a false claim between these two. Blood relations are based on DNA. Rock and Roll are pure robots, not Reploids, so they don't have DNA, making it effectively impossible for them to be related, even though they were created by the same person. Not even Rock could disagree with this logic.)
RockxTempo/Mega ManxQuake Woman (Honestly, I predict this pairing in the Archie Comics, and the more I thought about it happening, the more the pairing appealed to me.)

AliaxXxNana (Sometimes I just can't pick between one or the other. I'll write fics for either pairing.)
ZeroxIris (I freaking hate CAPCOM for what they did to Iris.) - X4Shipping (Iris's feelings were revealed in X4)
AxlxCinnamon (inspired by other fics, but hey, it works!)

Megaman TriggerxRoll Caskett (If you've played Legends, you should know that these two aren't siblings at all.)

ZeroxCiel - BelieveShipping (Ciel: "I believe in you...")
HarpuiaxLeviathan (Okay, I can see a point here, but it's moot. Both of them were cloned from X's DNA, but that doesn't make them related. Axl copies DNA, but that doesn't make him related to who he copies, does it?)
RemielxNymph (both OCs)

VentxAile - ModelXShipping (*sighs* They are NOT siblings.)
GreyxAshe - ModelAShipping
GiroxPrairie - ZeroShipping (They are the future Zero and Ciel. What else can I say?)
AtlasxTaylor (OC)
AeolusxPandora (fic-inspired)

Battle Network:

Star Force:

GeoxSonia - StarHeartShipping (My new friend BassDS won me over. The shipping name is his.)
LunaxOC (Unlike BassDS, I don't hate Luna at all, so I've got a plan for her. The OC in question is a secret for now.)
AcexTia (I know her name's Queen Tia, but I prefer Tia.)

Things I Call Shenanigans On

Pokemon protagonist ages: Any sane Pokemon gamer will side with me. Game Freak is clearly lying about character ages, especially Ash. It is not possible to trek across the equivalent of SIX regions (Kanto twice, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh) in one year. Not only do none of the characters look 10, as they're stated to be, but doesn't anyone find it odd that 10 is the age EVERY protagonist seems to get? Hand over your "10" stamp, Game Freak!

Any robots or Reploids in the Megaman series are siblings: They're robots. As in no DNA. It isn't possible for any robots in Megaman to be related. The X series might call it DNA, but it's data. Data can't establish blood relations.

Zero died at the end of MMZ4: Zero's returned from death two times. I doubt he'll let falling from a space colony stop him. Hell, he's done it in Command Mission.

Future Story Ideas(I'll try to do them all, but no promises here):

Megaman Starforce 4 - Reflection (Megaman Starforce): My other video-game storyline turned fanfic. A few months after SF3, Geo Stelar, a.k.a. Megaman, must save the world yet again from the power of the Dark Mirrors, but to do so, he'll have to face the shadows that he sees in the mirror...

The Ultimate Darkloid(Megaman Battle Network): Game-verse. From the remains of Nebula Gray comes a Navi stronger than any Megaman has ever faced. With new friends and enemies out there, Megaman must gather a team to defeat this evil, utilizing the powerful Synchro Strike!

Pokemon Ranger: Transcendent Wills (Pokemon): People and Pokemon alike are vanishing from the Gastrin region. Slash and Rose, two Rangers known for being "less than altruistic", are deployed to stop this mysterious threat to the region.

Family Conflicts(Megaman X): Gaudile, not approving of Cinnamon's relationship with Axl, awakens a second Reploid that he made. He has the Reploid try to break them apart, but what will he decide?

Megaman Zero 5(Megaman Zero): Formerly The Other Guardians. The miraculous return of Zero leads to a new fight against an evil Neo Arcadia Guardian. Zero won't fight alone this time, and maybe, just maybe, he'll realize that dwelling over the past has kept him from finding what he truly needs.

Kirby - Right Back At Ya! Next Season(Kirby): When Kirby finds a gem that transforms him and evolves his mind, it's the start of a new battle. New friends, awakened feelings, and new Kirby modes await as Kirby and his friends battle the monsters of M.A.R. Xpress. Expect more game aspects in this series than in the first one!

Billy Hatcher and The Grand Emblems(SEGA Superstars): A hero's work is never done, as Billy and his friends, accompanied by new friends, must discover the power of the qualities in their hearts to save Morning Land from the new Crow Army. However, Billy's courage is beginning to fade, which could put Morning Land in even more danger...

Megaman 11(Classic Megaman): A mysterious robot appears to Megaman, asking him to save his friends, who have gone berserk and are causing havoc. Wily is up front about claiming responsibility this time. Though suspicious, Megaman agrees to rejoin the fight for the sake of these robots. Like Wily's tenth endeavor, though, he won't fight alone, as he'll be helped by a willing Proto Man, a stubborn Bass, and a not really new ally. But why is Wily so forward? And who is this mysterious robot?

Ape Escape: Apedroid Attack!(Ape Escape): Robots based on those mischievous apes have appeared out of nowhere, and are causing havoc. This is a bigger threat than before, so Spike, Jimmy, Kei, Yumi, and a friend named Duke band together to stop this threat. Instead of capturing the robots, though, the kids will use enhanced gadgets and morphs to hunt them down and bash them to pieces!

WarioWare: Swapped!(WarioWare Inc.!): That's right, it's another Microgame adventure involving the WarioWare cast! This time, the Story Swap edition is introduced, which switches the story you play among a group of characters! That's twice the characters (including some newcomers) and twice the Microgames, making twice the fun!

5D's Season 3(Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's): The members of Team 5D's have all decided to remain in New Domino City after the defeat of Z-one. However, life isn't all fun. More events await the team as they live their lives, and a new threat looms in the shadows, waiting to take its revenge against the Signers...

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: The Future(Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL): Over 20 years after Yuma collected the Numbers, it's his daughter Yuko's time to shine. When the Minus Numbers pull most of the true Numbers from Astral, Yuko and her friends must gather them and the Minuses with the help of Yuko's new power: the Cross Numbers!

ZEXAL Party (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL): A fanfiction rip-off of Mario Party, Yuma and his friends are invited to a virtual board game system to play against each other. Mini-games and wacky events transpire as Yuma and co. go through each board to become the Duel Star!

Sonic Afterlife(Sonic the Hedgehog): Killed by Dr. Eggman, Sonic finds himself in the Afterlife, a spirit world. Guided by the hedgehog ghost Nazo, Sonic's spirit must reach the Afterlife Gate in time in order to return to life!

Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels(Kid Icarus): After the events of Uprising, the Underworld has been passive, and Earth and Skyworld have been at peace. But all three worlds are now in jeopardy, and Pit (along with friends) must combat a new threat that crosses over from a parallel dimension... the Synthetic Angels!

Things I've Created (expect this to be updated quite often, as my head is full of ideas)

Individual Characters:

Chillis The Wolf
Universe: Sonic The Hedgehog
Race: Wolf
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Age: 20
Eyes: Burnt Orange
Appearance: Ice blue fur, with a short mohawk in the center of his head, between his ears; white fur muzzle; long bushy tail; sharp teeth and claws; V-shaped patch of white fur on his chest
Attire: Chillis wears brown hiking boots with the bottoms frozen, white gloves with holes for his claws, and dark blue sunglasses.
Character: Chillis is from a snowy land, and he lives in Station Square. Initially a guy that stayed away from notoriety, when his mischievous side rears its head, he can't help but decide to mess with people.
Personality: Chillis is a big smart-aleck who always keeps his cool. He has a mischievous side to him, but in truth, he hates being on anyone's bad side. He is quite cocky in battle, but sometimes bites off more than he can chew. He often addresses people by nicknames rather than their real names.
Abilities: With his sharp teeth and claws, Chillis can hold his own in a melee battle, but his main ability is his power over ice and snow. He can emit powerful freezing energy from anywhere in his body, usually his hands, but his preferred way is to blow a large gust of freezing wind from his mouth ala Big Bad Wolf. With the frozen bottoms of his boots, he is able to ice skate anywhere due to the lack of friction, and can stop himself by either handstanding after plunging his claws into the ground or by creating an ice structure to lean on.
Quote: "Chill out, Hottie!"
Status: Will Use

Universe: Digimon Vibe
Classification: Dark Warrior Digimon
Type: Virus
Level: Mega
Digivolves From: Unknown
Appearances: Kagemon is similar to a 20-year-old human male, with the whites of his eyes being black and his irises glowing an ivory color. His body is covered by royal bluish-purple armor that radiates a slight shadowy aura. He wears a helmet with a downward-facing V-shape on it. Shadows create what appear to be two dark wings on his back. In his Pitch-Black Mode, his armor turns a pitch-black color. He has four wings instead of two, his arm gauntlets becomes clawed, and the V-shape on the helmet becomes an X-shape. His boots gain a motif that resembles a demonic mouth, complete with red "eye" markings.
Character: Kagemon is one of 15 Digimon that the bands of Digimon Vibe must seek out and defeat in order to be hailed as the toughest band in the Digital World. Kagemon's element is Darkness.
Personality: Kagemon is a humane and loyal Digimon with good intentions, and eagerly awaits any challengers. He has a lover in his comrade, Strykemon, and the two are even shown with a Digi-Egg.
Dark Combat - His hands and feet are covered in dark flames, then he whales on his enemies with hand-to-hand combat.
Crest of Shadows - The V-shape on his helmet glows purple, then he pulls it off and throws it at enemies like a boomerang. He can also use it as a sword.
Nocturnal Eruption - Punches the ground with a dark-energy-infused fist, causing surges of dark energy to erupt from under the ground.
Darkness Nail - He covers his claws in darkness, then slashes his enemies to pieces.
Shadow Hunter - His shadow detaches from his body and attacks the opponent's shadow. Any pain the shadow feels, the owner feels as well.
Shadow Cross - His X-shape glows black, then he creates two images of them to attack enemies with.
Nocturnal Inferno - His strongest move. He unleashes a mass of dark fire from his mouth.
Quote: "My darkness... is unlike any other!"
Status: May Use

Universe: Megaman X
Creator: Professor Gaudile
"Gender": Male
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Navy Blue
Appearance: His armor is that of a warrior Reploid, in a combination of black and red colors. His helmet is black as well, with a big red Hazard symbol on it. His legs are outfitted with special leg gauntlets.
Character: Turmeric is the brother Reploid Cinnamon never knew she had. When he learns about Cinnamon's relationship with Axl, he is happy for her. Unlike Gaudile, who doesn't approve on her relationship, Turmeric supports her all the way. This results in conflicts with his creator. Much like his sister and the three nurse Reploid triplets, he is named after a spice.
Personality: Turmeric isn't exactly like his sister. Though he is also friendly and willing to do the right thing, he's often cocky and rowdy, having intelligence that Cinnamon doesn't. A skeptic by nature, Turmeric does not initially believe anything he's told, preferring to see proof of what he's told first.
Abilities: Turmeric's powers are the opposite of Cinnamon's. Turmeric can control his opponent's Force Metal and overload them, destroying his enemies from the inside out. Also unlike Cinnamon, Turmeric attacks with his feet instead of his hands.
Quote: "Mess with my sis, and you'll answer to me."
Statue: May Use

Aquasia (last name unknown)
Universe: Megaman Battle Network
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Hair: Aqua Blue, tied in double ponytails
Eyes: Green
Navi: Splashwoman.EXE
Attire: Ocean Blue T-shirt with Splashwoman's symbol (a water drop), green shorts, blue sandals
Character: Chaud ends up bumping into Aquasia while he on Lan are on a mission, and the two are instantly smitten with each other. Aquasia decides to help Chaud battle the attacking viruses. After the fall of Dynamoman, Aquasia and Chaud admit their feelings, despite not knowing each other for very long, and become boyfriend and girlfriend.
Personality: Aquasia is a cheerful girl, but she can be naive at times. She worries about Chaud while he is on his missions, and as such, she often tags along, as she is a capable NetBattler.
Quote: "Be careful, Chaud."
Status: May Use

Universe: Megaman Battle Network
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Hair: Ice Blue, flows freely
Eyes: Ocean Blue
Operator: Aquasia
Navi Mark: Water Drop
Attire: Splashwoman wears a wave-shaped tiara adorned withher mark on her head instead of a helmet, water drop shaped earrings from the marks on her head, and ice blue dress-like armor (or whatever a Navi get-up is called) with ocean blue wave designs. Unlike her Classic counterpart, she has legs, which have ocean blue high heels.
Weapon: Trident
Attacks: Will be known if I use her
Character: Protoman meets Splashwoman while on duty, and the two of them instantly become attracted to each other. He has to leave, but they are reunited when Chaud meets Aquasia. Her ex-boyfriend Dynamoman.EXE is out for revenge for when she left him.
Personality: Splashwoman is somewhat shy, but she is quite social at times. She has a massive crush on Protoman, which is luckily mutual. She does get mad quite easily.
Quote: "He doesn't give up, does he?"
Status: May Use

Universe: Klonoa
Age: over 100
Race: Coronian
Hair: Long and scarlet, pulled into the traditional Phantomile double ponytails
Eyes: Scarlet, like his hair
Appearance: Although he is a Coronian, Solareese does not have the short stature that Solare, Soleil, and Moire do. Rather, he appears to be a human, like Lephise. Despite being over 100 years old, he looks no older than 16.
Attire: Solareese wears a Coronian High Priest's uniform like Moire's, only what is purple on Moire's uniform is bright orange on Solareese's. On his hat is a golden Mark of Coronia, and an orange gem is embedded in his forehead. His ponytail bands are short, allowing more of his hair to form the ponytails.
Character: The main antagonist of the story he appears in, Solareese was the High Priest of Coronia before Moire. When he reached age 16, he found a special gem that gives whoever possesses it eternal youth. He left Coronia for some time in his 20's to explore Phantomile. In his 50's, he returned and became the High Priest. He retired in his 90's, and hand-chose Moire to succeed him. He left Coronia again soon after, and hadn't been seen since. Ever since Nahatomb's return, his mission has been to erase darkness from the world of Phantomile.
Personality: As would be expected of a former High Priest, Solareese is noble and has a great sense of honor. He is always calm, and nothing ever ticks him off. He views all failures in his army as "minor setbacks," hinting that he is slightly overconfident. He is also quite devious, as he takes advantage of Klonoa and Lolo's bond by transforming Klonoa. What many don't know is that Solareese has a hidden rage, which you would NOT want to be on the receiving end of. He believes darkness is the cause of all pain, misery, and suffering, so he is out to destroy it.
Abilities: Solareese gets power from the sun itself, but he can function at night. The brighter the sun shines, the stronger he gets. His most common powers seen are his powers over fire and light. He can amplify the sun's rays to heal himself and make himself stronger. However, over his years of life, he gained many other powers, the most important of which is the power to amplify the emotions of people. He used this power on Klonoa and amplified his hatred and rage, transforming him into Beast Klonoa.
Quote: "You disappoint me, Moire..."
Status: Used in Klonoa's True Destiny

Saint Remiel
Universe: Megaman Zero
Race: Reploid
Creator: Unknown
"Gender": Male
Hair: Light Gray, spiked upwards
Eyes: Royal Blue
Appearance: Remiel has armor similar to Harpuia, minus the add-ons made for him. Remiel's main armor color is white. His armor appears to look like formal wear, with a helmet similar to a top hat. His arm gauntlets and boots have angel-wing-shaped add-ons. On his back are two metallic angel wings. He usually floats in the air with his arms folded.
Character: Saint Remiel is the leader of another group of Guardians that Harpuia, Leviathan, Fefnir, and Phantom never knew about. The group is created from X's data as well, and as such, the "X shirt" armor shared by Harpuia, Leviathan, and Phantom is part of most of their armors. Remiel is the Guardian of Light, and is meant to be Harpuia's counterpart. He is proud of Harpuia for having someone as beautiful as Leviathan by his side. "Remiel" is the name of an ancient archangel. In a ZX existence, he returns as Biometal Model R.
Personality: Saint Remiel is always calm and noble, and he also has a desire to keep learning whatever he can. He is protective of all whom he considers to be friends or allies. He has feelings for Nymph, but he doesn't show them, as he is waiting for the perfect time to confess.
Abilities: Remiel has powers over light, and can use its power to form many weapons. His main weapon is a white-bladed rapier, known as the Shining Rapier. One of his most powerful moves is to create a mass of light shards, which he fires at his enemies.
Quote: "Congrats to you, Harpuia."
Status: May Use

Crusher Golem
Universe: Megaman Zero
Race: Reploid
Creator: Unknown
"Gender": Male
Hair: Dark brown, very long, thick, and messy
Eyes: Hazel
Appearance: Golem has the standard chest armor, like Harpuia and Leviathan, but the rest of his armor has jagged edges to simulate stones. His main armor color is brown. Golem does not wear a helmet.
Character: Golem is a member of the other group of Guardians. He is the Guardian of Stone, and is meant to be Fefnir's counterpart. Much like Fefnir, he enjoys a challenge, but he is more rowdy. "Golem" is the name of a mythical rock creature. In a possible ZX existence, he returns as Biometal Model G.
Personality: Golem is a massive smart-aleck, especially to Fefnir, which often leads to fights between them. Although he doesn't actually like them as more than friends, he flirts shamelessly with Leviathan and Rosaile, causing both Harpuia and Remiel to whip him into shape.
Abilities: Golem fights hand-to-hand, using arm and leg guards known as the Geo Gauntlets. He has many powers over stone, such as creating earthquakes and causing stone spires to shoot from the ground. One of his rare techniques is to cause a massive stone column to come up, which he then whales on to create a statue of an enemy. He can then bring the statue to life to fight his enemies.
Quote: "Anybody got some cold water for this hothead? Hahahahah!"
Status: May Use

Silent Magnus
Universe: Megaman Zero
Race: Reploid
Creator: Unknown
"Gender": Male
Hair: Black, short
Eyes: Black
Appearance: Magnus does not sport the standard chest armor like the others. Rather, his whole armor is bulky and blocky. Only one eye can be seen through his helmet. His main armor color is black.
Character: Silent Magnus is the third member of the other Guardians. He is the Guardian of Steel, and is meant to be Phantom's counterpart. As his first name implies, he rarely speaks at all. His second name, "Magnus," comes from "magnetism," or controlling metal. In a possible ZX existence, he returns as Biometal Model M.
Personality: Magnus usually doesn't show a personality, as he almost never speaks. He doesn't seem to trust any of the original Guardians except Phantom.
Abilities: Magnus's bulky armor provides him with excellent defense. His weapon, known as the Metal Wrecker, is a massive spiked ball and chain that he can swing like it's nothing. His power and defense are offset by low speed.
Quote: "..."
Status: May Use

Radiant Nymph
Universe: Megaman Zero
Race: Reploid
Creator: Unknown
"Gender": Female
Hair: Light Pink, in double ponytails
Eyes: Ruby Red
Appearance: Nymph has the standard Guardian chest armor, but the waist armor puffs out like a dress. A rose corsage rests on her right wrist, and her feet are shaped like high heels, similar to Leviathan. Her main armor color is a dark pink. Her hemlet has two small roses on the top where her ponytails comes out, simulating hair buns.
Character: Radiant Nymph is the final member of the other Guardians. She is the Guardian of Nature, and since she is the only female, she is meant to be Leviathan's counterpart. As hinted by her first name, she is very beautiful. Her second name, "Nymph," comes from a wood nymph. In a possible ZX existence, she returns as Biometal Model N.
Personality: Nymph comes off as somewhat shy, but she is very kind. She is in love with Remiel, but is scared of being rejected, so she never tells him.
Abilities: Nymph can control plants freely, though she typically utilizes the Thorn Whip, a dark pink whip lined with spikes. One of her strongest moves is to create a cannon out of a massive flower.
Quote: "How should I tell him...?"
Status: May Use

Taylor (ZX)
Universe: Megaman ZX
Race: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Hair: Black, short, slightly messy
Eyes: Brown
Biometal: Model O
Attire: Taylor is dressed in a red long-sleeve shirt, black pants, and yellow shoes. He wears black fingerless gloves, and two grey earpieces to contact his friends. Around his neck is an orange scarf, a memento of Atlas.
Character: Taylor is a former Raider, who has been wandering around the world for three years. One of them has been spent looking for his old friend, Atlas. He sensed the awakening of the Biometal of Darkness, Model D. Grey and Ashe agree to help him, and he joins up with them.
Personality: Although he is Model O's Biomatch, his personality is nothing like Omega's. He is pure of heart, although he is somewhat smart-alecky with his friends, and can often be somewhat scatterbrained. He is in a romantic relationship with Atlas, and will do whatever he can to protect her.
Megamerged Form: While Megamerged, Taylor looks exactly like Omega Zero, minus the aura. He also retains his orange scarf. He can use the O-Saber and O-Buster. As he is not Model OX, he cannot use the Omega Aura infinitiely, but he can use it for short time periods.
Quote: "I only want you to be happy, Atlas."
Status: Used in MMZX3: Mega Man ZX Enforcers

Relena Magistus
Universe: Megaman Starforce
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Hair: Sleek dark silver, reaching one-third of the way down her torso
Eyes: Emerald
Wizard: Laplace (forced initially, later shared with Solo)
Wave Changed Form: Laplace De Spell
Attire(Relena): Relena wears a lavender tank-top, accompanied by a medium-length dark silver skirt (same as her hair) and white sandals. She wears an ice blue headband. Around her neck is a forest green amulet adorned with a red Mu Symbol.
Attire(Laplace De Spell): Laplace De Spell is dressed in gray dress-like armor (the same color as Laplace's armor) with dark magenta markings on it to make it look more elegant. The bottom part puffs out like Queen Virgo's dress, but it only reaches to her knees, and has dark magenta flaps of fabric at the end. She wears bluish-black high-heels, and her legs appear to be clad in silver pantyhose. A dark magenta mage cloak is on her back, which drapes over her arms but stops at her hands. Her hair is still silver, and uncovered by the cloak. She still wears her Mu Amulet. On her head is a witch's hat that matches her dress (silver with dark magenta trim around the edge), with a golden Mu symbol embedded on the cone. Both of her hands exude fields of bluish-black energy identical to Laplace's energy body.
Character: Relena is a girl who feels very sorry for Solo because of what happened to him in his past. She isn't able to Wave Change at first, but she is forcibly Wave Changed by Laplace combining with her, using her body as a medium to communicate with Solo and give him a scathing speech about his inability to deal with the past, but Laplace himself is barely aware that he even said this: The Core Mirror affected him despite accepting his inner self. Relena's Mu Amulet allows her to see a person's past. She likes him as more than just a friend, and doesn't want him to be a loner any more. When she as Laplace De Spell is defeated by Mega Man, Laplace snaps out of the Core Mirror-induced stupor and is horrified at what he just did to Solo. When Solo is captured by the Reflections, Laplace, guilt-ridden, refuses to cancel the Wave Change and forces Laplace De Spell to try and find them, later aided by Mega Man. The two manage to free Solo, and he and Laplace manage to reconcile after Solo accepts that what the Core Mirror showed him was correct, and that he must prove himself worthy again as a descendant of Mu.
Personality: Relena is carefree and selfless, always thinking of others before herself. She is Solo's second real friend (after a reformed Laplace), and she likes him as more than one. They later become a couple.
Abilities: Laplace De Spell's powers are magical in origin, using the energy around her hands in various forms. As Laplace is a Murian Wizard, any Murian technology registers Laplace De Spell as worthy of using it.
Quote: "I will never judge you like so many others did."
Status: Will Use

Taylor Zasalamel
Universe: Megaman Starforce
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Hair: Short, black, several short bangs
Eyes: Hazel
Wizard: Orion
Wave Changed Form: Orion Blade
Attire(Taylor): Despite being the same age, Taylor is a couple inches taller than Geo. Taylor is decked out in a white t-shirt with a blue collar and sleeve ends, red pants, and yellow shoes. He wears a gold pendant like Geo, but instead of the Shooting Star Emblem, his is the symbol of his family: a capital Z with a sword cutting perpendicularly through the diagonal. He always carries a sword on his back, which is kept in a sheath made of mauve velvet. The tip of his sword is stained with dried blood. On his left hand are blood-stained bandages which he does not remove until a later time, revealing cuts in a Z-shape on the palm. Taylor does use the sword on occasion.
Attire(Orion): Orion looks somewhat like Zero.EXE, but instead of legs, he has a tail made of red Wave Energy. His head is the same, only without the Zero.EXE marks. His eyes are sky blue, not yellow. The chest and stomach are the same, but what is black on Zero is white on Orion. He has no shoulder pads. His left arm is the same, only a bit shorter, and what is black is white. A quiver of green energy arrows is attached to his back, and his right hand is a red bow with a green energy string.
Attire:(Orion Blade): Orion Blade is very similar to Zero.EXE, but his height is unchanged, still only a couple inches taller than Megaman, unlike Zero.EXE, who was almost twice Megaman.EXE's height. He has the same helmet as Orion, but the spikes point to the back at an angle that you can barely see them from the front. His face is a human face, with his eyes behind a lime green visor. A long black cape extends from his helmet down to his legs. The cape is spiked at the end to simulate hair. He has the long shoulder pads, but they are slightly shorter than Zero's, and the ends are rounded instead of pointed. The red chest plate is missing the holes, and his Z pendant is his symbol, much like Geo's star pendant. The white leg areas stay the same, but the black thigh areas become red. The black areas of the stomach and arms are white. The small blue gem on the arm bands are gone. The small red spike on the bands is instead a special rounded gauntlet. He has Zero's boots, but with a white stripe, and two spikes on the sides instead of one on the front. Orion Blade can extend an identical bow to Orion's from the gauntlet on his left wrist, while he can create a green triangle-shaped saber from a thin opening on the right wrist gauntlet.
Character: Taylor is a descendant of a long line of swordsmen, the fourth of seven (soon to be eight) kids, and is the newest member of Geo's class. He has recently gone through his coming-of-age ceremony (the reason for the bandages), and received his sword as a symbol of it. He defeats Rogue in battle, which allows Geo to give him the information that eventually leads to his personality overhaul.
Personality: Taylor is a carefree guy that agrees with Geo's ideology when it comes to bonds. He never addresses anyone by titles, as he was taught that calling someone by their first name (if it is known) is a sign of respect, though this unintentionally angers Luna. Primarily a wild child, Taylor is wise-cracking, brash, and has a tendency to not take things seriously, yet still keeps good intentions in mind. Having five sisters, Taylor can handle situations involving women's "irrationality", as he puts it. Orion is very honorable, and does not crack jokes. For some reason, he and Acid don’t get along very well. Orion Blade is a combination of Taylor’s wise-cracking and Orion’s honor. He is also a bit of a show-off.
Abilities: Even when not Wave Changed, Taylor is a trained swordsman at his young age. He also appears to be quite athletic, as he often climbs and hangs out in trees, jumps from point to point, backflips, and on rare occasion, swings from rope-like objects. Although Orion is an archer, Orion Blade mainly uses the saber on his arm, which was derived from Taylor's sword. Orion Blade can still use arrows as a secondary means of attack, firing them from the bow in his left gauntlet.
Quote: "Yo, Solo!"
Status: Will Use

Drake Blackstar (real name: Drake Nebilis)
Universe: Tales of Symphonia
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair: Purple, short
Eyes: Grey
Weapon: Scythe with long handle
Attacks: Psi and Omega Tempest, Double Demon Fang, several of Presea's axe moves, Darkness spells
Unique Attacks: Scythe Wheel(a Tempest across the ground), Death Tornado(a high-speed spinning attack that leaves Drake dizzy), Thunder Storm(LightningWind spell), Blackfire(DarknessFire spell), Dark L. Punishment(Unison Attack with Genis and Presea), Prism Shadows(Unison Attack with Genis)
Attire: white shirt with a black star, purple pants, black shoes, black gloves
Character: Drake is the son of Abyssion, but he despises the evil Lord Nebilim. After learning of what happened to his father, he changed his last name to rid himself of his link to Nebilim. His father has returned, still souped up with Nebilim's power, so he enlists the help of Lloyd and his friends to destroy him once and for all.
Personality: Drake is very friendly with the group, but is fierce and ruthless to enemies. He gets along the most with Genis and Presea, and decides to try and get them together. The three of them are a powerful force in battle, and they sometimes team up to mess with Raine.
Quote: "I want nothing more to do with that pathetic excuse for a dark lord!"
Status: Used in Defeating The Darkness

Justice Rann
Universe: Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Attire: He wears a white jumpsuit with gold trim. A custom-made law badge is on his belt. His right eye has a scar next to it.
Character: Justice shows up out of nowhere after Trudge decides to mess with Yusei and Akiza. He calls Trudge an "enemy of justice" and challenges him to a duel. If Justice wins, Trudge must leave Sector Security. He is defeated, however, and he drops his accusations. He carries a homemade badge that looks exactly like a Sector Security badge, but is not certified. Trudge helps gets it certified, and Justice becomes a member of Sector Security.
Personality: Justice is honorable and will uphold justice whenever he sees it in danger. Originally hostile towards Trudge, this attitude is dropped after he is defeated, as he knows that Trudge is a true ally of justice.
Deck: He uses a deck based on the Allies of Justice. He can render his opponent's deck a sitting duck to his own with DNA Transplant. Whenever he Synchro Summons, he shouts "Let justice prevail!", just like Yusei shouts "Let's rev it up!"
Quote: "Those against justice will feel my wrath."
Status: Used in True Justice

Pierce Wingman
Universe: Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
Gender: Male
Age: Two years older than Billy
Hair: Raven
Eyes: Yellow
Attire: When he is first seen in the human world, Pierce wears a grey jean jacket over a red shirt, black shorts, and red shoes. Upon entering Morning Land, he gains his own version of the legendary Chicken Suit, which is comprised of a black shirt, blood red lower areas and gloves, the typical red scarf(which is now tied together with an Emblem Of Courage), new gold wristbands with a black gem on each, a black helmet with blood red dots on the sides, and the brown leather parts of the boots. Unique to him are a pair of black dots on the heels of the leather boot areas, and shoulder pads with a spike on each.
Character: Pierce is an old friend of Bantam who has recently moved back to the area. When Billy and the others are called back to Morning Land, Pierce ends up following them by accident. He acquires his own version of the legendary Chicken Suit and learns he is destined to be the fifth hero of Morning Land. He gladly accepts his role and helps them all out.
Personality: Pierce is distant at times, but he is normally friendly. He is calm at practically all times.
Quote: "Let's blast these black birdbrains."
Status: May Use

Universe: Megaman Legends
Gender: Male
Age: Recently turned 16
Hair: Same color as Glyde
Eyes: Teal
Attire: His normal get-up is a gray hoodie, long black pants, and white shoes. However, on Digs, he has armor practically identical to Megaman's, only his is black and white instead of a combination of blues. He has a visor instead of a helmet.
Character: Sometime after Megaman returns from Elysium, he shows up on a Dig that Megaman is on. After a friendly battle(according to Boomer), he teams up with the Bonnes. Boomer is the adoptive brother of Glyde, but prefers the Bonnes over him; an opinion shared by said pirates. He was a loner on Digs at first, but when he joins the Bonnes, Tron becomes his Spotter. In truth, he is actually an Elysuim Purifier Unit like Megaman named Daos, but he was an Aberrant Unit who attempted to destroy the Master System, but he was defeated by Trigger. As punishment for his actions, he was "reset" like Megaman was, no memories of his past life retained, but before this, he spat out that Trigger and the rest of them would regret serving the Master System. It was later learned that this ideology was shown to him by the Master. Despite working on the same side, Megaman and Boomer's coding as Purifier and Aberrant Units make them mortal enemies.
Personality: Boomer is not like his "brother" at all. He is friendly, caring, and acknowledges the strength of those that are strong. He hangs out with the Bonnes to keep tensions low. In battle, he is rowdy and enjoys a challenge. He is aware of Megaman's feelings for Roll, and encourages him to tell her (although through cocky, nonexplicit remarks). During his time with the Bonnes, he slowly starts to gain feelings for the Bonne girl. Though he doesn't explicitly show it, he genuinely cares for her and wants her to get over her crush on Megaman, as it could really bring her down, according to him.
Abilities: Further distancing himself from the blue-armored Digger as well as his red-armored rival Barrett, Boomer does not use an arm cannon. Instead, he wields a machine gun kept on a holster on his back. He can attack with a wide range by spreading his fire. His nature as an Elysium Unit still lies dormant him, however. Sometimes this nature awakens, turning his eyes red and turning him into a calm, collected, Reaverbot-killing machine. Megaman possesses this as well. When he and Megaman are both in Elysium Mode, their opposite-ended coding sometimes forces them to fight.
Quote: "All who prefer me over my bro, say 'Aye!'" (unanimous "Aye" follows)
Status: May Use

"Evolved" Kirby
Universe: Kirby(of course)
Age: appears to be 12(assuming Tiff is 12 also)
Character: At the start of his story, he and the others are led to an odd gem found by their new friend Marx. When Dedede and Escargoon try to take the gem for themselves, Kirby ends up swallowing it. The power of the gem is what transforms him. The gem gives him temporary memory loss, but he soon remembers who he is after seeing the Waprstar.
Appearance: In his new form, Kirby appears to be the same species as Tiff and Tuff, but since he isn't, it is just a transformation, not an evolution. In this form, he is just an inch taller than Tiff. He has pink hair that is light in the center and gets darker as it moves outward. His hair is shorter than Tuff's, so his dark blue eyes can be seen. His skin tone is like that of a human. He wears a one-piece outfit like Tiff, but it is in vertical stripes colored dark pink and purple, with a few slightly lighter pink stripes, dark pink shoulders, and reddish feet. His color scheme is somewhat of a hanger-on from his original form, so no one (save for Dedede and Escargoon) teases him about it. Since he can talk in this new form, his voice is a slightly more mature version of his old voice.
Personality: Kirby's personality does not change much after transforming, as all his past traits continue to show. However, with the growth of his mind, Kirby is smarter, less naive, and more aware of his surroundings than before. He can now speak clearly as well. Eventually, he begins feeling strange around Tiff, and he can't tell what the feeling is; this feeling turns out to be love.
Abilities: Kirby retains his Copy Ability, which has become more powerful with the gem's energy. However, whatever he inhales becomes a small ball of energy so it can fit in his now-smaller mouth. Not only does he gain special headgear, but the design and colors of his outfit(and sometimes skin color) change as well. He sometimes gains certain add-ons or personality changes, depending on his mode. Example: When he is Fire Kirby, his outfit changes to red and orange flame markings. The flames from his headgear come down to look like long firey hair. He is much more rowdy in this mode.
Quote: "Puffball or not, I'm still Kirby!"
Status: May Use

Universe: Ape Escape
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: One year older than Spike
Hair: Black, with two large bangs
Eyes: Green
Attire: Duke is decked out in a white shirt with a light purple jacket, jeans, and white shoes. There is a small chain hooked onto his left front jean pocket.
Character: Duke is a old friend of Spike and Jake (his name also happens to end in "ke" like his friends). Having been around during some experiments, he is well-knowledged in how to use some of the technology, such as the Stun Club and Morph Gear. He is brought onto the team when he takes down a few Apedroids during a Buster Club training session. His Buster Club can switch between a club and a blade.
Personality: Duke is the calmest among all five of the kids. He also seems to be the smartest, as he helps design some of the new morphs.
Buster Club Design: Black hilt with a light grey cone-shaped club
Cyber Ace Morph: Phantom Ace
Quote: "Time these robots comprehended the word 'ouch'."
Status: May Use

Arco The Hedgehog
Universe: Sonic The Hedgehog
Race: Hedgehog/Wisp Hybrid
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Age: 14
Fur: White
Eyes: Silver
Appearance: He has three quills in the back of his head, but his most striking features are his nine bang-like forehead quills. Each of them is streaked with a different color from left to right: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet, purple, and pink.
Attire: He wears a rainbow scarf around his neck, black shoes, and black gloves.
Character: Arco The Hedgehog is a character that meets up with the children of Sonic and his friends. He is infused with DNA from all ten species of Wisps (including the two Nega-Wisps), which gives him his fur color and the streaks on his forehead quills. What exactly has been planned for him is not known yet. His name comes from "arco iris," the Spanish word for "rainbow."
Personality: With many kinds of Wisp DNA within him, Arco has "inherited" all of their personalities. They change like the seasons, however. One thing he tends to do is use color-related puns.
Abilities: Arco's Wisp DNA fills him with Hyper-go-on Energy, allowing to utilize all ten special Wisp Abilities: White Boost, Red Burst, Orange Rocket, Yellow Drill, Green Hover, Cyan Laser, Blue Cube, Violet Void, Purple Frenzy, and Pink Spikes. He can't use them rapid-fire, as he must recharge after each ability use. Arco can also infuse himself into someone else, allowing them to use his powers. However, he can also split himself into nine copies. Each copy possesses only one quill out of his original nine, and their fur color is the same as the streak color of whatever quill they have.
Quote: "Quit being so monochrome!"
Status: May Use

Kaizen Rendo
Universe: Digimon Xros Wars
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair: Silver Black
Eyes: Green
Xros Loader: Lime Green
Digimon Partner: Kokuwamon
Current Collection: Stingmon, MetalMamemon, NiseDrimogemon
Attire: Kaizen is dressed in a lime green shirt with a silver jacket, black jeans, and silver spike-toed shoes. He wears a green helmet with a black triangle on it on his head. Kaizen also has a jetpack modeled after MachGaogamon's engines on his back, allowing him to fly as fast as a MachGaogamon. His Xros Loader is attached to a gauntlet on his left wrist.
Character: Kaizen Rendo is another Digimon Hunter, but he's not allied with Taiki's side or Ryouma's side. He mainly captures only Digimon that can increase his arsenal, and is capable of convincing most Digimon to join him easily. Kaizen has a special ability called Weaponize in his Xros Loader, which lets him change his captured Digimon into weapons for him to use in order to battle himself, such as the Taser Claw from Kokuwamon or the Striker Spike from Stingmon. He carries his girlfriend, Iyazi Mikuru, as they fly across the Digital World via Kaizen's jetpack.
Personality: Kaizen is rather cocky, and he takes joy in seeing others mess up miserably at what they try to do. He isn't necessarily evil, but he's no good guy.
Quote: "Your failure is like a movie to me, so keep it rolling, would ya?"
Status: May Use

Iyazi Mikuru
Universe: Digimon Xros Wars
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair: Sky Blue, done in twin ponytails
Eyes: Navy Blue
Xros Loader: Light Gray with Sky Blue dial and side designs
Digimon Partner: Penguinmon
Attire: Iyazi is dressed in a light gray tank top with, a blue skirt with two tail-like appendages on the back, blue elbow-length fingerless gloves, and white high-heeled boots. She wears a black sunvisor on her head.
Character: Iyazi Mikuru is another Digimon Hunter that is not allied with Taiki or Ryouma. She mainly only captures what she considers "awesome" Digimon, but she usually relies on her boyfriend, Kaizen Rendo, to convince them to join them. Unlike Kaizen, Iyazi does not possess the Weaponize ability. The two of them travel together, Iyazi being carried by Kaizen as he jets through the sky.
Personality: Iyazi is typically laid-back and practically unable to lose her cool. She also enjoys seeing others fail (the reason she's with Kaizen in the first place), but not as much as Kaizen. She has a romantically cocky attitude, flaunting her relationship with Kaizen often and teasing Taiki about Akari.
Quote: "Whatsa matter? The redhead got you red-faced?"
Status: May Use

Universe: Mario
Gender: Male
Race: Human (part Shadite, how much not known)
Age: Same age as Peach (a.k.a. early 20s)
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Dark Green
Affiliation: Kageroland
Attire: Kurado wears a regally designed long-sleeved dark blue tunic with gold embroidery and dark blue pants with silver embroidery. He wears gloves and boots that are opposite his pants and tunic, respectively: the gloves are silver with blue embroidery, and the boots are gold with blue embroidery. On his arms are two rectangular pieces of cloth that hang down, and a silver necklace is around his neck. There are odd purple markings on his forehead; pieces of a seal. Kurado is the only male character to have a wardrobe change during sports games: In such cases, he switches to a simple dark blue t-shirt, blue shorts, and black sneakers.
Character: Kurado is the Prince of Kageroland, a neighbor of the Mushroom Kingdom that is stuck in perpetual night (this is not a bad thing). He has been friends with Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Daisy since they were children, but he has not seen them in eight years. He is to be married within two weeks, and he and his family go to the Mushroom Kingdom to inform them and Sarasaland of the event, and so Kurado can see his friends again. When he and the others were kids, they would always have non-serious fights against each other to train each other while Toadsworth was not watching (Kurado's mother always healed them). After an attack, Kurado takes Peach and Daisy with him to Kageroland Castle to keep them safe, as his father tells him, while Mario and Luigi handle the assailants. Unknown to him, Kurado is part of a double wedding, and his intended brides are Peach and Daisy, as a plan fully set up by an unknown planner.
Personality: As would normally be expected of a prince, Kurado is very noble and polite. He does not wish ill will on anyone and only causes problems when he has a legitimate reason. The markings on his head form a seal that completely prevents Kurado from getting angry, as his powers would go out of control if he got too angry. Kurado will help whoever needs it, even Bowser upon realizing the Koopa King is being controlled by a Peakaku.
Abilities: Being part Shadite, Kurado is capable of using their special dark magic. However, despite not being purely Shadite-blooded, he is a prodigy with the magic and is more skilled than anyone would think. He can wield the magic in various forms to perform amazing attacks. Fluent in both English and Shadish (Shadite language), Kurado is often used as a translator between the Mushroom Kingdom and Kageroland.
Quote: “Don't worry. The darkness will protect you.”

Universe: Puyo Puyo
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Blue left eye, Dark Green right eye
Attire: Veroya wears a brown t-shirt with a black jacket, dark green training shorts, brown combat boots, and black armored boxing gloves with silver armor and various jewels on the ends. A strange helmet is on his head.
Character: Veroya is a warrior that has wandered into Primp Town. Demanding the Wyvern's Eye, he beats down some of the students and takes it, prompting Arle and her friends to find him. Veroya is feared in the world, mostly due to his ruthless nature. It is said that if he ever smiles at someone, he is going to kill them. He is the only main character to have black hair, and the only character period whose name begins with the letter V.
Personality: What sets Veroya apart from the rest of the Puyo Puyo cast is his serious nature. Veroya is condescending, apathetic, rude, only respects those who are strong, and has very low tolerance for what he deems "stupid crap". He's not afraid to respond to anything by simply punching it. He believes life is a war and that only through pain does one become stronger, so he sets out to cause as much pain as he possibly can to anyone he sees, be it physical, mental, or emotional pain (though it usually ends up being physical). As seen when he smiles at someone he intends to kill, he may very well be a sadist.
Abilities: Veroya is an absolute menace in physical combat to the point that he can put even Rulue to shame, and his punches can fell large opponents as shown when he takes down Tarutaru with one punch. He is also skilled in various magic, letting him enhance his attacks with elemental and other properties. In Puyo matches, his AI is extremely tough, focusing on rapidly getting rid of nuisance Puyo and clearing out Attack Puyo to quickly get his Attack Gauge to Level 5, paying absolutely no attention to combos. All his attacks are spoken in English.
Puyo Attacks: Level 1 - Straight Punch, Double Hook, Uppercut; Level 2 - Ice Punch, Fire Hook, Thundercut; Level 3 - Crazy Punch, Hammer Punch, Mega Fist; Level 4 - Shadow Punch, Rocketcut, Tornado Hook; Level 5 - Earthquake Punch, Guillotine Slam, Meteor Punch Assault
Quote: "Fight me. Now."
Status: May Use

Kaifuku (short: Kai)
Universe: Puyo Puyo
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Hair: Goldenrod with a red fringe
Eyes: Green
Attire: Kai wears a white collared shirt with dark pink markings, a blue ascot, red knee-length pants, and white shoes. A bandage is over his nose.
Character: Kaifuku is a new student at Primp Magic Academy, just recently transferred. What makes Kai unique is a disability he has: He is a mute. In spite of this, he quickly makes friends with the cast, having Sig and Klug as translators to know hat he is trying to say. "Kaifuku" is Japanese for "recovery".
Personality: In spite of being mute, Kai comes across as a nice, cheerful, and fun-loving boy. His way of communication through expressions makes him seem annoying at some times, however.
Abilities: Since Kai can't speak, he is very skilled at using sign language to communicate, which Sig and Klug (mostly Klug) can understand. His gestures are often exaggerated (placing a hand to his forehead when just looking, scratching his head when thinking) in order to truly communicate. His main ability is his magic: Kai uses Healing and Assist Magic. In Puyo Assault Matches, his skills aid him and his teammates rather than nail your opponent. This makes him rather dependent on combos to deal damage, but his ability to rapidly clear Puyo and defend against attacks makes him a tough customer. His fringe has a tendency to glow while using his Heal spells. Outside of matches, he apparently has the ability to sense how compatible two people are. He does so by forming a ball of light of his fingertip and holding it close to someone, then pointing around with a light ball on his other fingertip. The closer the second ball's brightness is to the first one, the more compatible the two people are.
Puyo Attacks: Level 1 - Heal, Fever Boost, Barrier; Level 2 - Super Heal, Power Boost, Anti-Heal; Level 3 - Red Heal, Blue Heal, Yellow Heal, Green Heal, Purple Heal, Clear Heal; Level 4 - Mega Heal, Super Fever Boost, Hyper Barrier; Level 5 - Full Recovery, Fever Ready!, Revival (not used if he has no teammates)
Status: May Use


Robot Master Generation 11
Universe: Classic Megaman Members: Psychic Man, Ghost Man, Earth Man, Blaze Woman, Fighter Man, Archer Man, Arctic Man, Sky Man
Group: Allies of the mysterious robot Necro Man, these 8 "pure-humanoid" robots are causing havoc, and Wily claims responsibility! However, something doesn't seem right this time...
Psychic Man: Psychic Man is a purple-armored robot whose body is quite basic in design, but his helmet is much bigger than normal, to simulate a large brain being inside it(which is not the case). A large eye is on the helmet, which he uses to fire his Psychic Pulse attack. Psychic Man is a straightforward thinker, always cutting to the chase. His Psychic Control allows him to move things with his mind.
Ghost Man: Ghost Man has black-and-white armor, and his hands are clawed. His white helmet is shaped like a sheet ghost head, and his eyes are covered by two black sheet ghost eyes with red pupils. He can convert his feet into a ghost’s tail. Ghost Man is a depressed robot who sometimes throws ghostly wails in his speech. With his Ghost Shield, he protects himself with small spirits.
Earth Man: Earth Man is a bulky robot with tan-colored armor speckled with small rocks and cracks, and two small spires on his shoulders. His powerful arms let him dig quickly. Earth Man is strong but silent, never using a lot of words, but he isn’t stupid. He can decimate anything not airborne with his Earth Quake.
Blaze Woman: Blaze Woman has red-and-orange armor designed to fit her feminine frame. Her boots are shaped like high-heels, and she has faux flames on her knees, gloves, and rather developed chest. She has vibrant orange hair that sticks out from her flame-shaped helmet. Blaze Woman is quite smitten with Megaman and flirts shamelessly with him, calling him a “blue stud.” She has a tendency to strike seductive poses during battle. She attacks opponents either in front of her with her Blazing Kiss (a firey heart) or directly above her using her Rising Blaze.
Fighter Man: Fighter Man has yellow armor designed to look like a robe worn by a karate fighter. He has no helmet; rather, he has short dark blonde hair with a brown fighter’s headband. His feet are exposed, as he wears no boots. Fighter Man is an honorable fighter who uses hand-to-hand skills. His Triple Fist fires three fist-shaped energy blasts from a punch.
Archer Man: Archer Man has light green armor designed like a woodsman’s outfit. He also wears a forest green hood over his head, covering his arms and shrouding the top part of his head, but his eyes can still be seen. Archer Man prefers to stay out of sight and attack from a distance. His arrows release a harsh charge of electricity, earning the attack the name Thunder Arrow.
Arctic Man: Arctic Man is covered in dark blue armor made of Perma-Ice, a material that has the same consistency as ice, but cannot melt. He also wears a light blue scarf, and his helmet is also made of Perma-Ice, shaped like spiky hair. Arctic Man is cold-hearted (no pun intended) to almost everyone. He can create his Arctic Sword by freezing the moisture in the air around him, and he can freeze whatever the sword cuts.
Sky Man: Sky Man has light grey armor that is lightweight for added mobility. He has two large sky blue wings to help him fly with ease. Sky Man is a free spirit who can be mischievous at times. His Sky Slicer creates blades of air that slice through near anything and return to him like boomerangs.

WarioWare Newcomers
Universe: WarioWare Inc.!
Description: These people step up to the WarioWare plate in WarioWare: Swapped!, bringing their own set of Microgames to the party! All of them are played using Character Swap.
List of Characters: Red, G.V., Shuri & Ken, Roger (more may come)
Red: Fans since WarioWare: Touched! will recognize this guy; he's Ashley's small devilish pal (so I don't really own him). This time, he's sporting a new look due to having a potion beaker spill all over him. Now he looks like a human the same age as Ashley, with red hair, black eyes, and a black-and-red outfit. If he gets mad, however, his horns, tail, and pitchfork appear. After Red transforms, he pretends to be someone else in order to get closer to Ashley and break her witchy shell (not to mention he has a crush on her). However, he reveals himself when he stumbles upon a side of Ashley he never knew existed; a distraught, lonely side caused by a bad memory. Red's Microgames are horror-themed, and he is played by Character Swapping with Ashley.
G.V.: G.V. is a new girl at Diamond Elementary. Her name is short for her nickname, GigaVolt, which she is always called instead of her real name, Ginger. She has long golden blonde hair (making her one of only two blondes in the whole main cast), cute blue eyes, green gloves, and a dark pink shirt (with a G inside an inverted pentagon on it) with a red skirt. She travels on pink skates with a green helmet, red elbow pads, and green knee pads. G.V. is another avid Nintendo fan, just like the resident game-heads 9-Volt and 18-Volt. As such, she hangs out with them instead of the other girls, often coming home with them and playing games with them. Her primary color, pink, along with her being a blonde parallels her to Princess Peach, just as 9-Volt and 18-Volt are paralleled to Mario and Luigi. G.V. seems to have a crush on 9-Volt, as she sometimes sports a dreamy expression when she watches him play. 9-Volt doesn't see this usually, but 18-Volt is fully aware. G.V.'s games are also based on Nintendo games. She is part of the only three-person group, as you play her by Character Swapping 18-Volt, who can be played after Character Swapping 9-Volt.
Shuri & Ken: These two are a second pair of young ninjas in Diamond City. Shuri is the older brother, with blue hair, brown eyes, and a green outfit with an orange sash. Ken, the younger brother, has black hair, blue eyes, and an orange outfit with a green sash. Shuri & Ken are members of the Koga ninja clan, the enemies of the Iga clan; this, by link, makes them enemies of Kat & Ana. However, when they first meet, they are unaware of each other's origins, and they become fast friends. They soon learn that their bond could be what finally ends the feud between the clans. Though they have no theme, Shuri & Ken's games all test your reaction time. They are played by Character Swapping Kat & Ana.
Roger: Roger is another genius child in Diamond City, but unlike Penny, he chooses to blow his talents on recreational uses, finding actual school to be boring. He is a year older than Penny, with spiked up black hair, an electric blue jacket with jeans, and usually wears green contacts in his eyes that are capable of changing color (Win Game - Yellow, Lose Game - Blue, Speed Up - Purple, Boss Stage - Red, 1-Up - Pink, Level Up - White, Game Over - Black). Roger is as smart as Penny, but in a different field; he is extremely good with computers and drawing up machine schematics. However, he is also lazy and refuses to do anything productive, instead using his smarts to create inventions for him. During their story, Penny encounters Roger creating the schematics for the Maxi-Mixer, and while she is amazed and rattles off with the invention could do, Roger swipes the plans and says it's something he's going to use for fun, which initially puts Penny off, but she tells him that his invention can be both fun and productive, intriguing Roger. The two work together and complete the Maxi-Mixer as a Microgame shuffler. In Roger's portion, however, the machine goes haywire, so he must hack into the Maxi-Mixer and play through the Microgame Defense System to shut it down. He and Penny run the Mix Stages, both with different games mixed up. Roger is played by Character Swapping Penny.

Siete Chances
Universe: Fairy Tail
Description: Siete Chances is an independent Guild in Fiore who mainly exist to instigate Guild-to-Guild competitions, just for the sake of competing. All the members use luck-based Magic styles, but there are no good outcomes for their opponents unless the members want it. There is no true Guild Master for them.
Joker Nagiza: Joker Nagiza is the 27-year-old Guild Ace of Siete Chances and often acts as the impromptu Guild Master. He has a calm, competitive nature and holds respect for other Guilds. He utilizes Card Magic, but unlike Cana's variant, he plays Draw Poker with his cards to get good hands. The better the hand, the more powerful his attack.
Anne Ragleen: Anne Ragleen is 25 years old and second-in-command of Siete Chances. She has a kind yet daring personality, and appears to be in love with Joker. She uses what is known as Slot Magic, where she conjures a visual of a slot machine that determines the attack it uses by the result.
Rokuken: Rokuken is one of the two younger members of the Guild, being only 12 years old. This kid is tricky and often hyperactive, and is diagnosed with ADHD. He utilizes Dice Magic, where he transforms seemingly normal dice into large blocks that flash between outcomes on each side, stopping on an outcome when they land. He can also have his untransformed dice take on the outcome, such as setting them on fire when one of his transformed dice lands on Fire. He often bounces on top of one of his transformed dice, able to roll it by moving his feet.
Kinya Zenimani: Kinya Zenimani is a rich 19-year-old boy who joined Siete Chances to provide funding to them. He is stoic yet easily amused, and he is quite stingy when it comes to currency, having total control of the Guild's finances. Kinya is often seen flipping a special gold coin. This coin is magical, which he uses for his Coin Magic, where he typically flips the coin and calls the outcomes, aiding himself if he is right and attacking the opponent if he is wrong, but he is also capable of manipulating waves of coins.
Akakuro Midori: Akakuro Midori is a mysterious mage of Siete Chances who hides himself behind a hood that is a part of his cloak. His age is unknown, but people place him at around his mid-to-late-40s or early 50s due to his voice. Despite his obscuration of his face, he is a surprisingly easy-to-get-along-with attitude and is a friendly person. Akakuro uses Roulette Magic, conjuring a roulette board and using it to perform his moves. If the ball lands in a green space, his attack is a very special one. His name is made of the words for "red, black, green", the colors of the spaces on a roulette board.
Mizumi Oumi: Mizumi Oumi is considered one of the most beautiful mages in Fiore, though she voluntarily refused the title of Miss Fiore twice. She is modest despite her impressive beauty, and keeps a cool head, yet is not above flirting. She uses Panel Magic, creating special panels that she or her opponent can flip over to cause an attack. If all her panels are flipped up in a certain time frame, however, they perform a more powerful attack.
Kaya Hopeson: Kaya Hopeson is one of the two junior members along with Rokuken, also being 12 years old. She appears innocent, but is actually quite devious, which Rokuken likes in her. She is always holding her signature Chance Bag, which is purple with yellow question marks. This lets her use her Chance Magic, where she reaches into her bag and pulls out a random item.


Digivice DX
Universe: Digimon Data Squad
Appearance: These Digivices are similar in design to Digivice Bursts, but their appearances are rather warped and shoddy.
Description: A Digivice DX is a special Digivice used by those who utilize Dark DNA (also known as Dark Digisoul). These Digivices allow the human to safely channel the raw power within the Dark DNA into their Digimon for a Dark Digivolution without having them go out of control. If a Dark Form has a corresponding alternate form, the human can scan their other DNA in order to have them Slide Evolve to their alternate form. Characters who possess or will possess Digivice DXs are Marcus Damon and Jackson Freesian. The call for Dark Digivolution is, "Dark DNA, Charge!", preceded and followed by either an angry roar (Marcus) or an evil laugh (Jackson) to unleash the Dark DNA, topped off with their eyes flashing red during the charge.

Twin Eggs
Universe: Pokemon
Description: Twin Eggs are an extremely rare case of Pokemon Eggs that can only be found if you breed two different Pokemon (except Ditto). These extremely rare Eggs take longer to hatch than normal Pokemon Eggs, but when they do, they hatch into two Pokemon instead of one. The Pokemon that hatch from the Twin Egg are the pre-evolved/baby forms (if there is one) of both parent Pokemon. (Example: A Twin Egg from a Seismitoad and a Kingdra will hatch into a Tympole and a Horsea.) The newborn Pokemon can possibly learn moves from whichever parent Pokemon they do not evolve into. Certain Pokemon can only be bred through Twin Eggs, such as Rufflet.

Mark of Star Eight
Uinverse: Mario
Description: The Mark of Star Eight is the symbol of ancient warrior who protected the Mushroom Kingdom from an evil force 1000 years ago. With the evil vanquished, the hero broke his symbol into eight pieces and scattered them into the world, stating that they would appear on eight individuals who would be destined to save the world from the same evil in 1000 years. The Mark of Star Eight appears as a white octagonal base with the Roman Numeral Eight (VIII) on it. Each side has a triangle connected to it, each one of a different color. From the top going clockwise, the colors go: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink. An individual with a piece of the Mark has the base along with one triangle. The Mark Pieces are each one solid color, corresponding with the original color of the triangle, with a Roman Numeral from one to eight in clockwise order.

Attack Puyo
Universe: Puyo Puyo
Description: Attack Puyo are a mechanic in the new Puyo Assault matches, differentiated by exaggerated angry eyebrows. Attack Puyo come in each of the colors, but can be matched up with each other even if they are different colors. Each Attack Puyo eliminated fills an Attack Gauge for the player. By using energy in the Gauge, the player can pull off a combo-exclusive attack with no hitch, nailing the opponent with the appropriate amount of nuisance Puyo. The Attack Gauge can be filled up to Level 5, but it is very difficult, as the Gauge will be lowered if you are hit with nuisance Puyo.


Synchro Digivolution
Universe: Digimon Data Squad
Description: Synchro Digivolution is a branch of DNA Digivolution activated by a person combining their own DNA with that of another individual via contact. To do this, the person must possess a very intense bond with the foreign DNA's owner. Both users then scan the combined DNA into one Digivice, activating the process. The Digimon partner of the Digivice's owner is the primary Digimon, and the Digimon of the owner of the foreign DNA Digimon is the secondary Digimon. What makes this different from normal DNA Digivolution is that instead of the Digimon combining into a totally different Digimon, the secondary Digimon transforms into energy and powers up the primary Digimon, resulting in a Mode Change. Characters capable of activating Synchro Digivolution are Marcus, who uses Yoshino's DNA to combine ShineGreymon and Rosemon into ShineGreymon Rose Mode, Thomas, who uses Relena's DNA to combine MirageGaogamon and Callismon into MirageGaogamon Wild Mode, and Keenan, who uses Kristy's DNA to combine Ravemon and Phoenixmon into Ravemon Life Mode. These three duos seem to confirm a belief that Synchro Digivolution can only occur between opposite-gendered DNA owners. The call for Synchro Digivolution is spoken by both characters involved, and is as follows: "DNA! Synchronize! Charge!"

Ultimate Spirit Evolution
Universe: Digimon Frontier
Description: Ultimate Spirit Evolution is a special Spirit Evolution activated by an Ultimate Fractal Code. This Evolution results in an Ultimate Human Spirit, which is much more powerful than a Beast Spirit, but has repercussions on the human that forms it. During the evolution sequence, the human immediately becomes their Human Spirit form, then seven stars fly around them and implant themselves into the forehead, chest, back, backs of hands, and tops of feet of the warrior. The stars then turn into gems which transform the warrior. An example is UltimateAgunimon, formed from the Ultimate Spirit Evolution of Takuya.

Dark Digi-Xros
Universe: Digimon Xros Wars
Description: Dark Digi-Xrosing is the Digi-Xros equivilent of Dark Digivolution. When a user exhibits extreme negative emotions (fury, despair, etc.) so intense that their mind becomes clouded, the Xros Loader reacts and becomes discolored, the V on the Loader as well as the dial and side designs turning black (this is only while the Dark Digi-Xros is in effect). With this, the user can Digi-Xros their Digimon into a more powerful form, often a normally evil Digimon. However, the Xros Loader's power makes the new Digimon unstable and out of control. When the Digimon return to normal from the Dark Digi-Xros, they and the one who Dark Digi-Xrossed them have no recollection of it happening. Those capable of using Dark Digi-Xros (though they are unaware at this point) are Taiki Kudo and Kaizen Rendo.

Giga Form
Universe: Mario
Description: Giga Forms are special forms that can be taken by Mario, Luigi, and Kurado under certain circumstances. The three of them are engulfed by their signature element (Mario - Fire, Luigi - Lightning, Kurado - Darkness), which transforms them into a form that is completely synchronized with their element. Their color scheme changes (Mario - Orange, Luigi - Light Blue, Kurado - Black), their element radiates from their body, and their eyes glow their original favored color. One notable thing about the Giga Form is that it causes the personality of whoever is using it to become much darker, as seen when Mario tears through a group of enemies with his fire, a look of pure rage on his face. In Kurado's case, his language skills seem to deteriorate, as he speaks mostly Shadish instead of English when in his form. Giga Forms are only used as a last resort.

Ice Dragon Slayer Magic
Universe: Fairy Tail
Description: Ice Dragon Slayer Magic is another form of Dragon Slayer Magic, which uses the element of ice. This type of Magic allows the user to control freezing winds to freeze opponents and generate armor parts out of ice, similar to Static Ice-Make, making this Magic more oriented toward defense and stalling rather than offense. The ice generated by this Magic is very tough, said to be either on par with or surpass Iron Dragon Slayer Magic in durability, but is also lightweight, allowing the user to move quickly. This ice cannot be melted, even by direct fire. As a result of having this Magic, Ice Dragon Slayers are unaffected by cold temperatures and cannot be frozen, and they can eat external sources of ice to replenish their strength. Aesthetically, Ice Dragon Slayers have a body temperature of 32 degrees F, and their breath can always be seen as if they were in cold areas. As a weakness, like other Dragon Slayers, Ice Dragon Slayers suffer from motion sickness.
Ice Dragon's Roar - The user expels a powerful tornado of freezing wind from their mouth. The blunt power of the attack is moderate, but whatever the tornado hits will be frozen in thick ice.
Ice Dragon's Freezing Bite - The user bites down on their target and conducts their energy into the target, freezing part or all of them solid.
Ice Dragon's Hide - The user forms thick ice around their body as a defensive shield that can block most attacks.
Ice Dragon's Claws - The user forms thick yet lightweight ice over their hands in the form of dragonic claws. These claws can slash through very tough defenses, even Iron Dragon's Scales.
Ice Dragon's Tail - The user forms a spiked tail out of ice behind them, which can be used as a powerful battering tool.
Ice Dragon's Feet - The user forms dragonic feet made of ice over their legs. These legs can traverse over ice without sliding and snow without sinking. These feet can even quick-freeze onto surfaces, allowing users to walk up surfaces.
Ice Dragon's Helm - The user forms a dragon-style helmet over their head made of ice. Not only does the helmet provide defense for the user's head, it also increases the power of the user's Ice Dragon's Roar and Freezing Bite. However, upon the cancellation of this spell, the user suffers from a bout of "ice dizziness".
Ice Dragon's Direct Freeze - If any of the user's ice armor pieces make contact with the opponent, the user can conduct their freezing energy through them to freeze their victim.
Ice Dragon's Knight - An advanced Ice Dragon Slayer spell that casts Ice Dragon's Hide, Claws, Tail, Feet, and Helm all at once, giving the user a full set of ice armor and all of their effects.
Ice Dragon's Image - A very advanced Ice Dragon Slayer spell that causes the user to surround themselves in ice in the shape of an enormous dragon. The user can then control the dragon through their energy.

Modified Digivolution Lines (Digimon stories only, changes in bold)

Adventure 02

Davis: Veemon-->Flamedramon(Armor w/ Courage Digi-Egg)/Raidramon(Armor w/ Friendship Digi-Egg)/Magnamon(Armor w/ Miracles Digi-Egg, accessed with glowing Crest)/BlackFlamedramon(Dark Armor w/ Courage Digi-Egg)/ExVeemon(Champion)-->Paildramon(DNA w/ Stingmon)/DoubleExVeemon(Ultimate from ExVeemon)-->Imperialdramon(Mega from Paildramon)/ZeeExVeemon(Warp from Veemon)
Ken: Wormmon-->Pucchiemon(Armor w/ Kindness Digi-Egg)/Stingmon(Champion)-->Paildramon (DNA w/ ExVeemon)/JewelBeemon (Ultimate from Stingmon)-->Imperialdramon (Mega from Paildramon)/GranKuwagamon (Mega, Warp from Wormmon)
Yolei: Hawkmon-->Halsemon(Armor w/ Love Digi-Egg)/Shurimon(Armor w/ Sincerity Digi-Egg)/Aquilamon(Champion)-->Silphymon (DNA w/ Gatomon)-->Valkyrimon (Warp from Hawkmon)
Cody: Armadillomon-->Digmon(Armor w/ Knowledge Digi-Egg)/Submarimon(Armor w/ Reliability Digi-Egg)/Ankylomon(Champion)-->Shakkoumon(DNA w/ Angemon)-->Vikemon(Warp from Armadillomon)
T.K.: Patamon-->Pegasusmon(Armor w/ Hope Digi-Egg)/Angemon(Champion)-->Shakkoumon(DNA w/ Ankylomon)/MagnaAngemon(Ultimate from Angemon)-->Seraphimon(Warp from Angemon)
Kari: Salamon-->Gatomon-->Nefertimon(Armor w/ Light Digi-Egg)/Angewomon(Ultimate)-->Silphymon(DNA w/ Aquilamon)-->Magnadramon(Mega from Angewomon)
Aaron: Candlemon(Rookie)-->Poltermon(Armor w/ Darkness Digi-Egg)/Wizardmon-->Mysticmon(Ultimate)-->Dynasmon(Warp from Wizardmon)


Takato: Guilmon-->Growlmon-->WarGrowlmon(Ultimate via Blue Card)/BerserkGrowlmon(Ultimate via Hazard Card)-->Gallantmon(Biomerge from Guilmon)/Megidramon(Mega from BerserkGrowlmon or Warp Digivolve from Guilmon via Hazard Card)-->Gallantmon Crimson Mode(Mode Change w/ Grani)
Rika: Renamon-->Kyubimon-->Taomon(Ultimate via Blue Card)-->Sakuyamon(Biomerge from Renamon)-->Sakuyamon Miko Mode(Mode Change)
Jeri: Liollmon(Rookie)-->Leomon-->GrapLeomon(Ultimate via Blue Card)-->BanchoLeomon(Warp from Liollmon via Yellow Card)
Ryo: Monodramon-->Strikedramon-->Cyberdramon-->Justimon(Biomerge from Monodramon)
Susie: Lopmon-->Truiemon-->Antylamon(Data)(Ultimate via Blue Card)-->Cherubimon(Data)(Biomerge from Lopmon)
Kazu: Hagurumon-->Guardromon-->Andromon(Ultimate via Blue Card)-->HiAndromon(Warp from Hagurumon via Yellow Card)
Ai and Mako: Impmon-->Sangloupmon-->Matadormon-->Beelzemon(Warp from Impmon via Yellow Card)-->Beelzemon Blast Mode(Mode Change)
Chelsea: FanBeemon-->Waspmon-->CannonBeemon-->TigerVespamon(Warp from FanBeemon via Yellow Card)
Kurt: DemiDevimon-->Devimon-->NeoDevimon-->Reapermon(Mega from DemiDevimon via Yellow Card)/NeoMyotismon(Mega from DemiDevimon via Black Card)


Takuya: Agunimon(Human)-->BurningGreymon(Beast)-->Aldamon(Fusion)/UltimateAgunimon(Ultimate Human)-->EmperorGreymon(Unified)-->Susanoomon(Ancient, combine w/ Koji)
Koji: Lobomon(Human)-->KendoGarurumon(Beast)-->Beowulfmon(Fusion)/UltimateLobomon(Ultimate Human)-->MagnaGarurumon(Unified)-->Susanoomon(Ancient, combine w/ Takuya)
Zoe: Kazemon(Human)-->Zephyrmon(Beast)-->UltimateKazemon(Ultimate Human)
J.P.: Beetlemon(Human)-->MetalKabuterimon(Beast)-->UltimateBeetlemon(Ultimate Human)
Tommy: Kumamon(Human)-->Korikakumon(Beast)-->UltimateKumamon(Ultimate Human)
Koichi: Loweemon(Human)-->JagerLoweemon(Beast)-->Rhihimon(Fusion)/UltimateLoweemon(Ultimate Human)
Jeremy: Grumblemon(Human)-->Gigasmon(Beast)-->UltimateGrumblemon(Ultimate Human)
Kaito: Arbormon(Human)-->Petaldramon(Beast)-->UltimateArbormon(Ultimate Human)
Cassie: Ranamon(Human)-->Calmaramon(Beast)-->UltimateRanamon(Ultimate Human)
Charlie: Mercurymon(Human)-->Sakkakumon(Beast)-->UltimateMercurymon(Ultimate Human)
Rinji: Desetamon(Human)-->Leadramon(Beast)

Data Squad

Marcus: Agumon-->GeoGreymon-->RizeGreymon-->ShineGreymon(Double Warp from Agumon)-->ShineGreymon Burst Mode(Burst Evolution)/Ruin Mode(Dark DNA)/Rose Mode(Synchro w/ Rosemon)
Thomas: Gaomon-->Gaogamon-->MachGaogamon-->MirageGaogamon(Double Warp from Gaomon)-->MirageGaogamon Burst Mode(Burst Evolution)/Wild Mode(Synchro w/ Callismon)
Keenan: Falcomon-->Peckmon-->Crowmon-->Ravemon(Double Warp from Falcomon)--> Ravemon Burst Mode(Burst Evolution)/Life Mode(Synchro w/ Phoenixmon)
Kristy: Biyomon-->Aquilamon-->Garudamon-->Phoenixmon(Double Warp from Biyomon)
Relena: Bearmon-->Grizzlymon-->Warumonzaemon-->Callismon(Double Warp from Bearmon)
Jackson: Dorumon-->Dorugamon-->DoruGreymon-->Dorugoramon(Double Warp from Dorumon)-->DexDorugoramon(Dark DNA)

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