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Heya guys

Yeah minor set back regarding the loading, see I typed up the Pride and Prejudice I promised to upload and then the people who the story is based on went and did something even CRAZIER which I will HAVE to add to the story. Harry Potter will also have to wait as it seems that will take a while and you've probably guessed I would prefer to upload stories when they are complete as opposed to by chapter. Until then I am going to write a short taster Narnia fan fiction for you. Feel free to add me if you want.

Nikkie xx

About me:

I'll start with the obvious; favourite subjects are Physics, English (mainly literature) and Art though I enjoy art more as a hobby. I particulary enjoy drawing manga or at the other end of the scale, realism. Favourite books currently include Jane Austen's "First Impressions" more commonly known as Pride and Prejudice. Physics is my very favourite subject because I want to become an Astrophysicist when I'm older and currently run an Astrophysics Club at school with my mates which is so much fun. MSN or internet connection of any kind I could not live without as proven by my being babysat the other month at my grandma's with no connection leaving me crying and wishing I had credit on my phone. I also play guitar a little bit bit for a band that hasn't really taken off yet and DID sing for a band in which the drummer wanted me out (which really upset me more then I'm letting on at school :P), as well as being a techy for my school and a little while ago (note nerd bragging up ahead) completed Southampton's Byron Enigma challenge with the same -friend-, strike that, boyfriend (about time too) that I techy with.

By the way, I am rather nervous about getting my grammar and spelling correct in this profile because I've seen from mates that it is critised harshly. I'm really bad at spelling, just so you know slightly dyslexic, so please go easy on me :') . I look forward to reading everyone else's fanfiction too and hope you enjoy mine.

N. x