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"Each Event is preceded by Prophecy. But without the Hero, there is no Event."

- Zurin Arctus


Greetings, I am the Sapiarch of Tamrielic Studies, a traveler and adventurer who hails from the city-state of Lillandril on Summerset Isle, namesake of the Summerset Isles. Known all across the rest of Tamriel as the Altmeri homeland. A province whose people supposedly have a heritage connecting us directly to our ancestors, the gods whom comprise our pantheon. Here in these Isles, we follow the Wise, our teachers and priests, and shape our culture through the works of such great artists, warriors, and princes. The last of whom are among the most famous rulers across Tamriel. Though we also have some of the most profitable merchant lords and merchants who deal only in the most perfect of goods, and workers who create and mass produce those goods perfectly. Since we aspire to perfection in all things, of course. And anyone can be a landowner here in Summerset. It is a place where both the Aedra, Our Ancestors, and Daedra, Not Our Ancestors, thrive on their respective sects of worship, just as in any other province like Morrowind and High Rock, to present my second and third home provinces as fine examples. Because they and everything else make for great stories to tell and write of, as all of Tamriel is a beacon calling forth such glorious exploration.

Which is where I come in as one such explorer. I have been to all matter of places in each of the various provinces and saw much on my journeys. Having witnessed events great and small, I find the duty of putting quill to paper an important one. What I have experienced across Tamriel is what I feel should be shared with an audience who may take an interest in what I have to share. Although, as an author presenting these tales of travel and adventure, I know there will be skeptics positing that my works are—as they say—not canon. Which is most certainly true, I shall not deny this as these are all purely works of fiction fabricated from what I learned throughout the continent. They are meant to be fantastic in the sense they are incredible but based upon much research and outlining. Which is why I nevertheless strive to ensure these fictitious works are fully immersive, authentic, realistic, and lore friendly to the vast world that is Tamriel as I delve deep into its future. Through my eyes, of course, since this is all my personal interpretation of the future going forward.

Because it is fanfiction written by somebody who is a huge fan of Tamriel’s history and its lore. That word is quite well-known throughout this site, and readers who checked out my previous fanfics will know I have written fanfiction for other universes like the Gray Garden, Evil Within, and Umineko no Naku Koro ni under the nom de plume of Fan of Games. While some works will remain published, I am removing works from universes that I feel I may not remain too active in. This does not mean I am not fond of those universes anymore, just that I may not be able to keep a commitment to publishing further fanfiction in them anymore. I had made one such commitment for the Okegom universe the Gray Garden is a part of and I had also planned on writing fanfiction for Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea too. Although I am still a fan of these games and will not ever forget how they brought me great inspiration, it has been too long since I have actively written fanfiction to develop the non-canon direction I was going in with them. So I am afraid some of the Gray Garden fanfics will be removed. But not deleted on my end since I might someday return to the Okegom universe. As to the remaining works I have selected to stay published, these show my growth as a fanfiction writer and I do not wish to remove them because I want to show this growth.

As to why I have chosen the Elder Scrolls as my main fanfiction community, my inspiration comes from watching videos made by Zaric Zhakaron on YouTube. His videos go over many great crucial details in serious depth about the series, from how it functions as a video game series with regards to story and gameplay, the series’ lore as a whole, and how it all could be improved upon through fanfiction/personal interpretations. As a fanfiction author, I want to provide that very kind of professionalism and treatment to the Elder Scrolls’ lore by going beyond Skyrim. Apologies for the wordplay coming across as a pun alluding to the Beyond Skyrim mod project for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (which I am not a member of, by the way). Joking aside, that is exactly what I want to do with my Elder Scrolls fanfiction going forward because it is quite important in my perspective.

Profile Avatar/Image:

A screenshot I took while playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Mission Statement:

My objective as a fanfiction author is to pursue my craft as a hobby, not to profit off of my works monetarily because I want it to be read freely by anybody who is interested in it. My fanfics are meant to be enjoyed and should not be taken as canon works of any series. They are my means of exploring paths that were not taken by the original universe. I am going to construct and develop non-canon lore and relationships between characters that were not shared in the original universe. As somebody with an interest in roleplaying games, I will incorporate features that will make each of my fanfics feel like a proper roleplaying experience from a narrative perspective. I will portray morals and different perspectives in my fanfiction and fully develop characters with personalities, characteristics, motives, ideals, goals, and objectives. I aim to foster critical thought about content and context to develop discussion by letting readers share opinions perspectives, and experiences in a manner that is amicable and thought provoking. Because it is better that we all learn together.

Vision Statement:

My goal throughout my hobby is to write about ideas that interest me. Since this is a hobby I am freely pursuing of my own accord, I am essentially my own boss and will not restrict myself with deadlines. This is a passion, not a job. I may commit myself to a specific universe or a few if plural so I can establish a niche for myself. Or I may not if I think I cannot make that commitment or am beginning to get burned out on writing fanfiction for it. But my fanfiction is here for reading and will continue to remain for however long lasts so that readers could enjoy them.

Rights Statement:

As the author of these fanfics, I reserve the right to take down any of my works if I believe they are not of satisfactory quality or are no longer of satisfactory quality. Other fanfiction authors do not have permission to use anything from my fanfics without asking me for said permission prior. With regards to the availability of my fanfiction, it shall be posted on and alone. Only I will publish my fanfiction because I am the one writing it.

And my fanfiction shall only be published in the English language; I have specified why in Post #50 of a forum thread called "Responding to Reviews" in a Gray Garden forum entitled, "The Gray Forum." While I understand there are other ways my fanfiction can become more well-known and widely read, please understand that as the author of these fanfics I would much rather be the one deciding what to do with them and how to make them available and accessible to others. Bear in mind all rights belong to the original creators of what universes and series my fanfiction takes place in, so I would prefer to keep it in one place in one language I know how to communicate in if the original creators find my fanfiction and wish to express feedback. That said, the original creators might not know English very well, but unfortunately I do not know other languages very well either--hence my preference for English because I can understand it better.

General Disclaimer:

As I said above, I am going to be focusing my efforts on what could take place after Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Not during the game’s events as I have seen quite a lot dealing with that subject matter and more fanfics being written as sequels to the game, however direct or indirect. You will not see either of those things from me. I will flesh out the Fourth Era moving forward by creating a timeline of important events to build upon. Immersion, authenticity, realism, and lore friendliness will be critical. But as it is my own personal interpretation of the lore, I will be taking some liberties as necessary. The liberties being: the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP), the Imperial Library, and in-game lore books as my main sources of lore that I can cross-reference. These two websites and the lore books are where plenty of material on given topics can be found. Also, anything from the main series and their canon spin-offs will be differentiated from Elder Scrolls Online. I am also going to use the Fantasy Name Generator since it is a fantastic source for the names of new places and characters. My interpretation may differ from your own and what loremasters may say is canon to the series, and it might even differ from what is in the games themselves too because I am going to stand by the traditional canon. Meaning more emphasis will be placed upon what is in the older games than both Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online as these two are contradictory.

So what exactly will that entail? A number of things, really. First and foremost, lore found on the UESP is liable to change at any time because it is a wikia. By contrast, the Imperial Library is a more solidified structure that is concrete enough to provide just as much information based on what was found in the games and lore books. However, the Imperial Library is not as complete as the UESP in my opinion because there are some topics on it that do not have enough content. But it may be a more authoritative source than the UESP as it is run by admins with library experience. Still, the UESP will be my primary source of the two websites because there is more content on it. The in-game lore books, found on both and in the Tales of Tamriel and Skyrim Library anthologies, shall also be primary sources as they come directly from the games and were in them since launch. Though I shall be careful with what I find and determine how best it can be used in my fanfiction.

As to the distinctions between the main series and Elder Scrolls Online, the latter is totally contradictory with its lore and a serious mess to sort through and untangle. Its events are considered canon by Zenimax and Bethesda, though take place in an alternate interpretation they claim is the real world of Tamriel whereas everything is just a bunch of fanciful tales in the words of Lawrence Schick. An alternative that was used to build a multiverse via the Summerset expansion. Although this may make the Elder Scrolls universe bigger and add so much more content to Tamriel, it is of sub-par quality in my opinion. To reiterate, the MMO is a messy state of affairs that is difficult to figure out and unpack with regards to the main series and its canon spin-offs. There is just so much going on in such a way that it looks, feels, and operates more like a theme park as Zaric Zhakaron calls it. Which makes it so confusing to follow from a narrative perspective even though there are things in Elder Scrolls Online that may have been done right or are the only things that were made known about a particular subject. Although, Elder Scrolls Online could also be considered a good example of Michael Kirkbride’s notion that there are different levels of good ideas. Coupled with Schick’s statement leaning towards the MMO being canon, more so than the main series and spin-offs, it sounds like a bad idea in general. Especially as Kirkbride’s idea is ludicrous because he did not take into account the fact that there are bad ideas nor the need for quality control to determine what is good and bad. In this, Elder Scrolls Online does not appeal to anything in traditional canon.

Granted, there are some things Elder Scrolls Online did fairly alright, on a passing level at times to the occasional things that were somewhat good. Its provincial expansions opened Tamriel up more than the base game did, thereby introducing more exploration and architectural structures. Along with some general things too that can serve as supplements. So I will be including some of these general things, architectural styles, landscaping, the bestiary, and places where possible into my fanfiction as a compromise. Because these things fill the lack of worldbuilding which has yet to be finished by the main series and canon spin-offs. But they will be incorporated in ways which must make sense from the perspective of my fanfiction and need to align with the traditional canon.

Skyrim as depicted in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim did not match its depiction in Elder Scrolls I: Arena. Nor did Solstheim’s depiction in its Dragonborn DLC match the portrayal in Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind’s Bloodmoon expansion. While I understand these places may look different after a long two century time-skip from both the Late Fourth and Early Fifth Centuries of the Third Era to the Early Third Century of the Fourth Era, there are features from the prior depictions that should have been included in Skyrim’s base game and Dragonborn DLC. First, Skyrim was not a province similar to Cyrodiil in that it had multiple biomes. In Elder Scrolls I: Arena, the majority of its lands were covered in snow and barren tundra. The village of Amber Guard and the town of Karthwasten Hall were the only settlements in the green area with foliage. Both of these places will be brought back in their original locations and the same will apply to the other locations from Skyrim in Elder Scrolls I: Arena if they were moved or discarded in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This goes especially for Markarth Side, and yes, Markarth will be called by its original name. This is going to apply to Solstheim’s original locations from Bloodmoon too. I plan on sticking to the traditional geography as close as I can so it could be totally lore friendly by accurately appeasing the traditional locations.

That being said, I will respect the time-skip and allow some differences to remain. Like the eruption of Red Mountain spreading to Solstheim and causing much of its environment to become ash. Speaking of which, Vvardenfell is going to be completely encased in ash and it will not be as inhabited anymore in my fanfiction. This will be true for parts of Morrowind too, especially around the city of Mournhold, which is now just a city and no longer the city-state it used to be as a result of the Accession War against the Argonians. Meaning that much of southern Morrowind will now be considered territory of Argonia. The rest of Morrowind will of course be inhabited, but the level of habitation will vary per region. And House Dres will not be a Great House anymore for the very same reason, though it will retain its status as a lesser Dunmeri House. Survival and reconstruction will be ensured in regions now blanketed by ash, but to roughly the same extent as the habitation.

Also, I will let Markarth as featured in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remain at the same time as Markarth Side. However, this Markarth shall now be under the Forsworn as opposed to the Nords due to the completion of No One Escapes Cidhna Mine quest in favor of the former. I have gone over it in the non-canon lore presented in Elder Scrolls Travels: Herne, so I will not repeat it here. Though I will say the name will remain the same under the Forsworn while the Nords and non-Nords who escaped the city will flee to the exact spot where Markarth Side was originally founded. Enabling Markarth Side to have existed prior in Elder Scrolls I: Arena so it can make its return in my fanfics.

And any lore that pertained to the time-skip will remain; this applies to lore specific to both Skyrim and Solstheim, but in these two cases I shall make changes that will make sense as well as fit the traditional narrative. This compromise lets me bring back the old while maintaining the new. It is what shall happen going forward and it is what I believe should have been done in the canon. Bethesda should have considered and done that instead of remaking these places from the ground up while throwing in some things to appease the original depictions. This was a fatal error, a grave wrongdoing on their part in my perspective since it does the province and the island a vast injustice that should not have happened. It should have been corrected in development of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and its Dragonborn DLC, not cast off for new contradictory depictions. If Bethesda is not going to address this in the series going forward, I will address it in my fanfiction. And I shall do everything I can to the best of my abilities in upholding this approach from a non-canon stance. This should not be taken as a promise or a pledge that I will be completely or partially successful.

I am, after all, writing all of this alone. This whole endeavor, while massive, is not a project being written by a team of people, just myself. With that said, as said above in the parentheses, I am not a member of the Beyond Skyrim project nor am I affiliated with it in any way. Likewise, I am not a member of or affiliated with these projects either: Skywind; Skyblivion; OpenTESArena; OpenMW; TES3MP; Morrowind Rebirth; Tamriel Rebuilt; Project Tamriel; and Daggerfall Unity. I have not played any of these mod projects, but I do watch videos they post on YouTube regarding their progress. Any resemblance or inclusion of something in these projects that may appear within my fanfiction, either similar to or the same, is purely coincidental. Also, I am not a mod creator or am affiliated with any mod creators. I have played around with mods for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as well as with a few for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Though I will not be incorporating any mods from either of these two games as well as from Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in any of my fanfics. Similarly, I am not an employee of Bethesda or other companies of the Zenimax family, nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I do not own the Elder Scrolls as it is owned by Bethesda. I do not own any of the lore I find on the UESP and I do not own the names on the Fantasy Name Generator. I have not played: Elder Scrolls I: Arena; Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall; the trilogy of Elder Scrolls Travels: Dawnstar; Stormhold; and Shadowkey; Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire; Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard; Elder Scrolls Legends; and Elder Scrolls Online. I played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim extensively, and I played a small smidgeon of Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. So my personal experience with the series is extremely limited, but I want to keep working on that. I want to continue playing Morrowind and maybe acquire the other games, except for Elder Scrolls Legends and Elder Scrolls Online. Or I may just watch YouTube videos on them.

The reason why I have specified everything in the above paragraphs first was because I am going to be working with some procedurally generated and randomly generated landmass content in my Elder Scrolls fanfiction. As a fan of the series who played Oblivion and Skyrim to a serious degree, the locations I am most familiar with are those that are in these two games. I am not really familiar with Vvardenfell, nor have I ever been to Mournhold nor Solstheim as it was depicted in the Bloodmoon expansion. This is because of my sheer lack of playtime in Morrowind, but I would like to go through it more in-depth to gain a better understanding of its locations. With everywhere else, I am going to stick to the maps from the games as best I can while building these landmasses. Anything that has yet to be shown will be randomly generated so long as it fits with the geography.

In the first chapter of every Elder Scrolls fanfic, I am going to start off with author’s notes that describe the story and my thought process behind its creation and production. A summarization of the General Disclaimer will come after with a referral to my profile page for the full General Disclaimer so it could remain consistent. The reason why I am placing both the author’s notes and disclaimer first is because once these are out of the way, nothing will inhibit readers from enjoying my fanfiction. There will be no author’s notes or a disclaimer anywhere at the bottom at of the first chapter or subsequent chapters, nor at the top of subsequent chapters. Except the epilogue because I will be placing more author’s notes below it once the fanfic has officially concluded. This way I can spare readers unnecessary interruptions in the text. I understand including the disclaimer could be considered redundant when it is on my profile page in full, but each of my Elder Scrolls fanfics are going to be completely standalone. Readers do not need to start with one and go from it onward or backward, nor do they have to begin from the very first Elder Scrolls fanfic I have written (and am still working on at this time). Any fanfic will do as they so choose. And in case they do not go to my profile page for the full disclaimer. I understand some readers may not want to which is fine with me. Its main points are really the only things it needs; anything else that does not make it into the disclaimer in each fanfic is only necessary for the profile page only, not my fanfics themselves.

For the sake of convenience, I am going to answer direct questions and direct comments in the epilogue’s author’s notes. This is because I cannot answer or respond to everything on my own. Like I said, I am pursuing these fanfics by myself and can only do so much alone and proceed at a pace I can handle. Plus, there will be obligations which I need to take care of in the real world that will take time away from writing my fanfiction. So if anybody makes a comment in general, I will likely not respond to it unless it was directed at me for clarification or is a question I could answer. Any questions or comments put forth by multiple people on the same subject or topic in bulk will be addressed to everyone with one answer. If a question or comment was posed by a single person, I will address that person directly. If anyone does not want me to name them in the author’s notes, please let me know and I shall comply with your request. If anybody chooses to leave their review as a generic guest without signing into an account if they have one or without leaving a pen name or nom de plume to go by, I will respond indirectly without mentioning any names. If you do leave a name as a guest reviewer, please do not use your real name, only a nom de plume or a pen name that I can use to address you specifically. A pen name or nom de plume is optional, not mandatory. I wish to protect the privacy of my readers, so please DO NOT ever disclose your real name to me.

And do note that I may not have the answer or all the answers sought. I also may not know how to answer some questions or comments at the time of the epilogue. And there may be answers I give that may not be satisfactory either in part or in full. Some questions and comments may have to wind up going unanswered or be answered at a later time when I am able to provide an answer. Although I would like to answer questions and comments, as a single fanfiction author writing all of these fanfics on my own, I acknowledge it will be time consuming responding to every question and every comment. So I am only going to either answer as many questions or comments as I can or choose the best questions and comments to answer if they are thought provoking and if my own responses are also thought provoking. And I will set a date for myself about a month or two after each fanfic's completion to stop answering questions and comments so I can focus more on the following fanfic. This is so I can save time from having to respond to so many reviewers on a daily basis. Both because of obligations in real life and so I can focus more on getting each of my fanfics to you. Your feedback will not go unnoticed and any feedback and constructive criticism you provide can be of help. Though I may not be able to thank everyone directly, I highly appreciate feedback and constructive criticism even if it does not always apply or will not always apply. I am listening even if I cannot respond all the time and to everything, so please do not take any lack or absence of attention from me to you as a way of ignoring you. Again, there is only so much I can do when writing all of this all on my own. But although I am doing all of the writing and editing myself, we are all traveling in this adventure together not by ourselves, but as a unified group. I am not your leader since I am one of you, but I can be your guide through my Elder Scrolls fanfiction if I am able to and also if you will have me. Though again, this is just a fun hobby of mine.

Finally, there will be two additional structures in my fanfiction that follow both the author’s notes and the disclaimer in the first chapter. The first of these will be some lore to set the timeframe when each fanfic takes place. This lore is, again, non-canon as it is my own personal interpretation of how the Fourth Era will progress. And it will also set the stage for certain events to occur in my fanfiction, while presenting some random snippets and events added for extra flavor and seasoning. The latter of which may not become main subjects in my fanfiction or have entire fanfics devoted to them. But they may be alluded to as a reference or be covered in non-canon lore books I develop to supplement my Elder Scrolls fanfiction. The same will apply to the major events that led up to my fanfics as well. Once the lore establishes both the timeframe and the stage, I will be following up with a short opening to the fanfic. This will set the tone I am going for by bringing together the background lore and the fanfic’s beginning. Like in Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard and some of the other installments in the main series. But I am aiming to make it much closer to Redguard’s opening cinematic since that I feel is the best approach to take when starting the opening narrative.

This infrastructure will apply to the non-canon lore books I write to supplement my Elder Scrolls fanfiction, but with two differences that apply to the one-shot lore books. First, I will not be answering questions or comments that pertain to the content and context in the author's notes because of their nature as one-shots. I may answer questions and comments that pertain to other lore books and the main Travels and Adventures fanfics, however, as specified above. And second, the author's notes for the one-shot lore books will be placed under the story instead of at the top because they are one-shots, not longer works that span multiple chapters.

Fanfiction Authors Disclaimer:

I do not steal or plagiarize the works of other fanfiction authors. I do not own any of the universes I have written fanfiction for or may write fanfiction for in the future. Anything new that appears in my fanfiction but was not from the original universes or other authors and fanfiction authors is of my own creation. If I wish to use anything that another fanfiction author has used in their fanfiction, I will ask them for permission to include it in mine and credit them for it. If I accidently forget to include your pen name or nom de plume in the author's notes in the first chapter/prologue of the fanfic I am using it in, please remind me to give you credit in a review of that chapter and I will be sure to reupload the first chapter with your pen name/nom de plume and credit given with thanks for the reminder when I am able to. The same applies to one-shots.

However, suggestions for whole fanfics or one-shots may be written by me if the fanfiction authors I presented them to do not write them. I will not write suggestions which only cover part of a full-length fanfic or a fanfic with several chapters if the suggestions were meant to only be a part or parts of that fanfic. If a fanfic I suggested ideas to is currently in the works and is not an anthology or collection of one-shots, I will not write about my suggestions or incorporate them in any of my own fanfics. I shall only write full fanfics I suggested that have not been written by the other fanfiction author for whatever their reasons were. But I will not write full fanfics if they are still in the process of development by the other author or have yet to be written by them if they decided to accept my suggestions or is thinking about accepting them. My reasons for offering suggestions to other authors are to give them advice and ideas to think about writing if they want it/them and because, as a single fanfiction author pursuing my own projects all by myself, I may not have the time or interest to write them myself. I can keep the suggestions in reserve if they need more time to think about accepting them--they can take however long they wish to decide--or if they do not but another fanfiction author takes an interest and starts thinking about accepting too. The suggestions shall be on a first come first serve basis, though can be returned to me or presented to another fanfiction author if they are ideas/projects I am truly not interested in or have the time for. In the latter situation, I ask that the other fanfiction author I originally presented the suggestions to asks me first if it is okay to turn them over to another fanfiction author.

Reading Disclaimer:

Please bear in mind that I do not read too much fanfiction due to obligations in real life and the need to write my own fanfiction. It is possible that I may start reading one or several--usually one at a time--and leave them unfinished for these reasons. It is also possible that I may not leave reviews often or immediately upon finishing a fanfic I have been reading. My reason for this is because I want to enjoy the fanfic and will only leave a review once the fanfic has concluded. If I am invested in reading the fanfic, I will likely favorite it at some point or I may not. If I do, it may not happen right away. And I prefer to favorite fanfics that have concluded or are likely to conclude instead of any fanfics that remain inactive for long periods of time. Occasionally, I may let this slide and keep the fanfic favorited if I like what is there so far. But this is more unlikely than it is likely. I do have preferences for what I like in fanfiction and what kind of fanfiction I read, so I will decide what fanfics I want to read. I may take suggestions for what to read if the fanfic is something of high quality (if the fanfics are of high quality, plural), so it is possible I may make exceptions for fanfics I might not normally read or may not have taken an interest in at first based on my first impression of it.

Also, if something in one of my fanfics was found in a fanfic I had not written that had been written prior to mine by another fanfiction author or someone else, please let me know what the fanfic's title is and who the fanfiction author is. It is possible I had not read their work(s) prior to putting or incorporating whatever the thing was in mine and was unaware of the prior fanfic's existence or its contents and context if I had seen it but not read it either in part or full. If this happens, I would like to apologize to the other fanfiction author for the mistake and work something out. Whether that is removing the thing from my fanfic or leaving it in and crediting the prior fanfiction author with another apology and thanks for the permission to leave it in will be determined by the other fanfiction author. I am open to either option and will accept whichever outcome. Likewise, if a fanfiction author or someone else discovers something I had written is in a fanfic that was written by another fanfiction author and I was unaware of it, please let me know only after checking if I had not publicly given permission for its inclusion in the other fanfiction author's fanfic. If I had not given permission, it may be that the other fanfiction author was unaware of my own works. Again, we could work something out.

If anybody has any problems with my work, please be kind and do not flame or troll my work. If it is an issue you have about a problem in one of my fanfics, please let me know nicely without being mean. I understand that not everyone will like my fanfics and that is totally fine with me, but please do be polite about it if you do not.

YouTube Disclaimer:

Concerning YouTube, I do not have an account that will allow me to contact YouTubers if the content in my fanfiction is inspired by their videos. I will not be using any content from videos in my fanfiction, so this should not be an issue. However, any resemblance or inclusion of anything from a YouTube video I have not seen and am unaware of is purely coincidental. I do not deny the fact I receive some inspiration and influence from watching YouTube videos, though. This is due to inspiration and influence being general instead of specific and available to everyone in my view. And it is helpful when writing my fanfiction or when I am thinking about what ideas to write about.

With regards to my Elder Scrolls fanfiction, the following Elder Scrolls YouTubers whom I watch are: Zaric Zhakaron; Lady of Scrolls; Imperial Knowledge; and FudgeMuppet. While I do watch other channels devoted to the Elder Scrolls, the reason I am specifying these four is because I personally consider them loremasters to various extents and watch their videos on lore pertaining to the series. However, the reason I have not included them alongside the other sources of lore that were mentioned above—the UESP, Imperial Library, and in-game lore books—is because each of their videos are largely similar to those sources in that they showcase and compile it on YouTube. I do not believe their videos are bad; in fact, I enjoy watching their videos. But I do not have their permission to use them as sources because I do not have a YouTube account, so I cannot ask them for permission. Also, of the four, Zaric Zhakaron presented the lore from his own interpretation of it the same way I am—he is where I got that inspiration from. Whereas FudgeMuppet and Imperial Knowledge provide theories and ideas as they discuss the lore in their videos. And Lady of Scrolls’ videos are much closer to being pure showcases and compilations because they lack the ideas and theories approach and a personal interpretation like that of Zaric Zhakaron. Again, their videos are not bad and I am not saying this as an insult to any of them because it is just a basic description of how they each approach the lore. If I had to rate which of them were my favorites: Zaric Zhakaron would be first; Lady of Scrolls is second; and Imperial Knowledge and FudgeMuppet share third.

Review Format and Review Disclaimer

Positives: Indicates excellent coverage of a certain aspect featured in the context of a story, something I believe has fulfilled an objective in mind for it quite well.

Neutrals: Indicates average coverage of a certain aspect featured in the context of a story, or something I am still unsure of even after I finish reading the story.

Negatives: Indicates insufficient coverage of a certain aspect featured in the context of a story, something I believe could be made better with improvements.

I am in no way a professional critic and I do not base my reviews on personal taste even if the story contributes to or reinforces it in some way. I do not focus on spelling and grammar mistakes either because not every fanfiction author can find every such mistake in their works. I simply review the story for what it is by pointing out anything that was successful, could use some more clarification, or needs improvements (respectively in order of the format above). I do not mean to insult others or their work or even imply anything like it to one, the other, or both. Even if it may sound blunt and comes across that way, I mean no offense intended towards anyone whose work I reviewed as I merely wish to indicate anything that could use more work and clarification if needed. Although, I do apologize if any offense came across unintentionally or by accident. I provide reviews to give my opinion of how it was and to help others so they can fix any mistakes in the fanfic and improve their past, present, and future works if they want to. I cannot force my opinion on others and I do not make any attempt to as the suggestions I provide are for the fanfiction author to consider. Whether they want to accept the suggestions is up to them, not me, so I cannot do anything beyond that point. The best I can do is leave my advice up for consideration without forcing it onto others.


Questions and Answers:

Question One: How did you get into writing fanfiction?

Answer: I first began reading fanfiction years ago when a friend showed to me and explained what it was about. I did not start writing straight away, though, so it was quite a while before my first fanfic, a Cthulhu Mythos one-shot split into three chapters which were each one paragraph long, became published. I do not remember much else about it other than it was set in Innsmouth and involved a Shoggoth. As the years progressed, my hobby as a fanfiction author was on and off due to things I had to do in real life, writer’s block, losses of inspiration, and a lack of any real commitment to universes. The only sort of commitments I suppose could be considered commitments were the one-shots I published for Umineko no Naku Koro ni and poetry I published for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. As well as my yearly commitment to publishing horror fanfiction every Halloween (currently, I am publishing horror poetry for the Evil Within on this front). Prior to these two universes, I had published several works for Rozen Maiden and the Cthulhu Mythos. Both of which may be considered commitments too. However, I did not get into writing too much.

It was not until the end of 2014 into 2015 when I found a niche for myself. I was aware of the Okegom universe for some time before I had actually written anything for it. But once I started writing Okegom fanfiction for the Gray Garden, something clicked for me and I realized it became a peak interest of mine. My writing felt more active than ever before, in part because I had cleared up plenty of time to devote to it. So I spent much of my time allocated to writing fanfiction towards the Gray Garden and wrote a number of one-shots and four full-length fanfics. The first of which being a crossover with the Five Nights at Freddy’s universe in celebration of the third installment’s release. For clarification, I am not actually a fan of Five Nights at Freddy’s; although I am not fond of the games and the books, I was intrigued by how the series provoked speculation among its fans with regards to the lore. At the time when the series was comprised of three games—now there is so much ridiculous content that it is a convoluted mess like Kingdom Hearts. But that is beside the point. Getting back on track, production on the last full-length fanfic I wrote for the Gray Garden slowed near the end of the project. It took a quite a long while before I actually finished writing it.

The aforementioned reasons that affected my hobby early on, minus a lack of commitment, were the reasons why. I am still a fan of the Okegom universe, though, and I was creating so much content for it that had not been uploaded as fanfiction or into forums I planned on making to share the kind of features I wanted to implement. I made a timeline for my non-canon fanfiction that was going to be split between the Gray Garden and Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. Both do take place in the same universe, after all, so I thought it would be a great idea to tie them together along with other parts of the Okegom universe. I was also developing attributes, skills, magic, and classes that are staples of roleplaying games; as well as non-canon lore to help define everything. It was a massive undertaking, especially with regards to the classes and the magic. I wound up establishing a hundred thirty-five different classes, and I have not even begun to count the many different types of Mancy magic I was going to use across eleven different categories of Mancy magic. Insane, am I right? Although I wanted to do it all, and a part of me still does, I realize now that it is too much.

This is how my desire to write Okegom fanfiction burned out. It is something I have come to acknowledge and is why I am either taking a break from it or dropping the commitment entirely. My thought process was to try my hand at writing fanfiction for the Elder Scrolls as a way to take that break and return to the Okegom universe refreshed. Like crop rotation, if you will. Depending on how well I do with the Elder Scrolls, however, I may wind up sticking with it instead of going back to Okegom fanfiction. So do not hold me to anything since I cannot make this a promise or a pledge. I hope you all understand and will not hold it against me if I ever decide to drop Okegom.

Question Two: How do you approach writing fanfiction?

Answer: I prefer to come up with my own original fanfics while incorporating characters from a movie, a show, a book, or a game. I like to expand upon what is in canon by adding in what I personally think could have or should have been canon. What is covered in popular media such as anime/manga and games seems to follow a linear path that feels limited in my opinion, so I want to explore other ways not taken in a universe to see how it could have been developed further. You can only go so far before running out of ideas, which is one reason why I write fanfiction--to continue where the original left off and go in a direction I believe is worth exploring. That is why I write fanfiction, and I hope the original creators do not have problems with it because I like the series/universes I write about. And by writing fanfiction, other people may take an interest in the original universes and series and become members of the communities and audiences that form around them.

Question Three: Who and what are your main inspirations for writing?

Answer: Literary-wise, my biggest source of inspiration is H.P. Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos. His portrayals of primordially eldritch horrors and cosmic deities are among the greatest in the genre as the Cthulhu Mythos is the perfect blend of horror and science fiction. Thus leading to the science fiction horror subgenre, of which the Cthulhu Mythos is a subgenre in of itself. And his works in the Cthulhu Mythos, as well as the Dreamlands and regular macabre fiction he wrote, are truly among the most well-written works of fiction I have ever read. Each story in the Mythos felt so immersive while providing glimpses into his views of the early twentieth century. This time period was characterized by significant events such as the World Wars (with more emphasis upon World War I specifically), innovations in technology that paved the way for further advancements in various fields, scientific theories posed that aided those fields, and social perspectives in society.

Among the themes in Lovecraft’s fiction is a radically extreme bias in favor of both upper and upper middle classes containing prominent traits of a society he preferred and felt comfortable in throughout much of his life. He perceived that civilization was threatened by barbarism in many different forms like ancient civilizations and curses. This perception was prompted by his racism which is easily seen in his works, though Lovecraft took that much further. Being shaped by New England’s society led him to believe only this society was free of barbarism. It was how his views of racism and civilization were developed. But at the same time, Lovecraft was uncertain towards scientific phenomena and scientific exploration due to a fear of the unknown leading to discoveries that were both unnatural and horrific. The barbarism was characterized by him as being associated with forbidden knowledge and inhuman influences on humanity which were dark and supernatural. All of which led Lovecraft to form the belief that the preservation of English values was critical to civilization and that its culture of elite universal classism should have been defined by the humans who established a high culture as superior to other cultures in order to ensure its complete survival.

Survival only in a world that was defined by views and perspectives like his. Except it was also defined by social advancements in society which paved the way for racial and gender equality. These were grand changes even though Lovecraft still believed they possessed the risks and fears that would have been harmful to civilization, especially the English race and culture that comprised the society he believed was perfect. I do not advocate for harmful bias like that of racism or sexism as I believe in and promote and advocate for equality. Though, having read Lovecraft’s works and possessing a passion for history, I believe his works of fiction, especially the Cthulhu Mythos, are among the greatest in portraying the early twentieth century. Although they were written with his perspective in mind, I am of the opinion that his fiction is a great example of historical authenticity which, as a history buff, is something I enjoy. Now, Lovecraft eventually realized his views were extreme and toned them down later in life. Though to be totally honest, I think toning the Cthulhu Mythos down is damaging to its structure. I am a traditionalist when it comes to this sub-genre, so I am not a fan of modern interpretations that mostly do it injustices. Not every modern author who has written for the Cthulhu Mythos is like this, but I feel the call is not being heard as effectively.

Also, Lovecraft is not the only author who has contributed to the Cthulhu Mythos. He was its creator and founder, but August Derleth was the one who coined that name while contributing some of his own works to it. And a number of other authors besides Derleth have helped develop it further: Robert Bloch; Clark Ashton Smith; Lin Carter; Brian Lumley; as well as Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire. Even Stephen King has made a couple contributions to the Cthulhu Mythos, among other authors. So I strongly encourage fellow readers to check out these fantastic works for themselves.

The Elder Scrolls and Okegom universe are also huge inspirations as I discussed above. As are the other aforementioned universes like Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, Rozen Maiden, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Evil Within, and other universes/series that will be mentioned as my interests.

Question Four: What are your fondest memories of being on

Answer: My fondest memories are of interacting with particular fanfiction authors as well as writing for the various universes I have had temporary commitments to. When I first joined, the very first community I became a part of was the Cthulhu Mythos alongside Mantinas and Regina Demonica (who then became Crow’s Talon, now called GZZAHAVJKD). Back then it was just the three of us getting together in the forums created by Regina and moving the forums along with our posts. As we interacted, I created a roleplaying game/story that Regina and I created characters for. Mantinas might have wanted to create some too, but I do not recall if he did. In time, the three of us went our separate ways. However, the foundation we left behind for other fanfiction writers in the community remained. I have paid the old haunting ground a visit on occasions and extended my stay there slightly to interact with its new members: Tim66; Makwa; TARDIS Blue Carbuncle; Dryad Princess; TailsLovesCosmo; Grimgor Ironhide (now goes by the nom de plume, Soup Fish); Wrathnar the Unreasonable; and Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire himself, a leading Lovecraftian author of today according to S. T. Joshi. Sadly, Pugmire passed away a couple years ago on March 26, 2019, but I will always remember having the chance to interact with him. He was a fantastic author and while I cannot speak for the whole Cthulhu Mythos community, I am certain we all miss him and will recall his contributions. May the Elder Gods and the Great Old Ones watch over his spirit.

After leaving the Cthulhu Mythos community, which I should say was not actually the only community I was a part of, I starting looking for other communities to write for. The Umineko no Naku Koro ni community was one such place where I posted a number of fanfics, focusing on my favorite character pairing of Ange Ushiromiya and Asmodeus as well as Belphegor. It was during this time when I had interacted with Fukuji Mihoko and read her gargantuan collection of Umineko one-shots entitled: “Being Dysfunctional Has Never Been So Much Fun.” It was quite the massive collection that, among some of her other Umineko works, became a favorite of mine. It contains a total of two hundred eighty-four one-shots, several of which were suggestions I provided her, and it received a grand total of seven hundred ninety reviews (at the time of writing this answer). My suggestions pertained to Ange, Asmodeus, and Belphegor. But when Fukuji stopped writing one-shots for it I began writing the rest of my suggestions for her myself which further dealt with Ange and Asmodeus having a sisterly relationship (Ange as the older sister and Asmodeus as the younger sister). Still, she remains one of my favorite fanfiction authors and I am thankful for the interaction, her reviews of some of my own works, and for writing several of my suggestions for her collection. Although she does not write much fanfiction anymore, or any at all, I still like her Umineko works.

Finally, there are my memories of writing fanfiction for the Okegom Universe, mainly for the Gray Garden as it was the game I started with. Like I said above, I have planned on also writing for Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea and tying my fanfiction for both together. Though that has not happened yet and I do not know when it may eventually resume if I ever resume writing about it. I am so thankful to Okegom for creating such a fantastic universe because it inspired me to truly take my fanfiction writing to the next level and continue to improve my skills as I continue writing.

Question Five: Do you plan on bringing back fanfics you have removed?

Answer: That largely depends on the fanfic in particular, but it is also the case that I shall be sticking with a universe I feel I can make a serious commitment and contribution to. Although I have written a number of fanfics that I am satisfied with, there are others I may no longer be too satisfied with if at all. Writer’s block being the problem that it is can affect my inspiration as well. And real life obligations do need to take precedent at times, however long they may take. Each of the fanfics I have written prior to my Okegom and Elder Scrolls fanfiction could have achieved as much success as the effort I put into them throughout my hobby. A few, like Fire Emblem: Season of Autumn, Corvus no Naku Koro ni, and Amnesia: A Sister’s Despair, had the potential to become full-length fanfics but had fallen to the wayside due to a lack of inspiration and time to work upon them. If and when I do bring back past fanfics, including these three, I would like to rewrite them so that they can be improved and maybe look like what I expected back then or what I expect now.

Question Six: Do you plan on rewriting some of your past fanfiction that is still published?

Answer: Again, that largely depends on the fanfic in particular. There are some which I do want to rewrite such as Friend and The Music of Erich Zann, two Rozen Maiden fanfics, the latter of which was also a crossover with H.P. Lovecraft’s short story of the same name as a homage to it. Of the two, Friend is going to require more work and thought into what direction I want it to go in. It was also a crossover with Ju-On: The Grudge video game, but there was no category for this game on at the time. Likewise, The Music of Erich Zann would also need reworking, but I do know what I actually want to do with it if and when I rewrite it. There are also those three aforementioned fanfics in the previous answer, but I am unsure about those at this time. The fanfics I would most like to rewrite are my Okegom fanfics. The first two have already been rewritten and did not take a lot of time to since they were one-shots. The same goes for the others, save the full-length fanfics which contain multiple chapters and thus require more time and effort than the rest.

Question Seven: Do you plan on returning to previous communities you were a part of?

Answer: No, I do not see myself returning in full at this time. That does not mean I will not write and publish at least a few fanfics for each of those communities every now and then. Though if and when I do, it will likely be single projects rather than a complete commitment to the universe.

Question Eight: What are your favorite and least favorite genres of literature?

Answer: Horror has always been my favorite because I feel it is one of the most immersive genres out there. Its elements are quite fascinating to me and are things I try to incorporate into my fanfiction whenever I write horror. The genius loci can be so eerie depending on how well settings are done, from the creepy atmosphere brought about by describing locations in great detail such as their appearance and feelings to the tension of timing particular scares and what the scares can be. Readers may or may not expect something to happen. Blood and gore can incorporate the survival into the horror. And supernatural trumps humans and animals because it cannot be fully explained or understood, raising more questions than answers and sometimes going unanswered/unresolved.

As to my least favorite genre, it is romance because I am not fond of sexual content as it is highly inappropriate. I hold myself to high standards since I want my fanfiction to be professional even though it is a hobby. That is not to say the genre is bad and that I will not include it provided it is done appropriately without sexual content. But it has to be light and only for both storytelling and world building. It shall not, in any way, shape, or form, have anything sexually graphic because that is going way too far. So if there is romance in my fanfiction, do not expect this kind of content.


Favorite Games: Fatal Frame series; Elder Scrolls series; Okegom universe; Fire Emblem (Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, and Radiant Dawn); Evil Within 1 and 2; Noel: The Mortal Fate; Cat in the Box; Angels of Death; Mad Father; Eternal Senia; Scratches; Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder and Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage; Amnesia: The Dark Descent; Age of Empires series; Castlevania series; Bloodstained series; F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon, F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point, F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate; Team Fortress 2; Demon’s Souls; Dark Souls trilogy; Bloodborne; Code Vein; Freedom Planet; Hotel Dusk: Room 215; Class of Heroes; Blade Kitten; Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja 2; Bioshock; Doom 3; and Portal 1 and 2

Favorite Anime: Rozen Maiden & Rozen Maiden Traumend; Spice and Wolf; Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina; I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level; Violet Evergarden; Land of the Lustrous; Little Witch Academia; Saga of Tanya the Evil; Shiki; Princess Principal; Re:Creators; Umineko no Naku Koro ni; Claymore; and Castlevania

Favorite Anime Movies: Spirited Away; Howl’s Moving Castle; and Wolf Children

Favorite Hololive V-Tubers: Tsunomaki Watame; Yukihana Lamy; Momosuzu Nene; Hoshimachi Suisui; Usada Pekora; Nanashi Mumei; Ceres Fauna; Ninomae Ina’nis; Pavolia Reine; Gawr Gura; Hakos Baelz; Kureiji Ollie; Kanata Amane; Tokoyami Towa; Himemori Luna; Shirakami Fubuki; Mori Calliope; and Takanashi Kiara

Favorite Movies: The Conjuring Universe; Deliver Us From Evil; Saw series; Reincarnation; Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogies; The Equalizer 1 and 2; A Dog’s Purpose, A Dog’s Journey, and A Dog’s Way Home; Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows; Batman Begins, Dark Knight, and Dark Knight Rises; Pirates of the Caribbean IV: On Stranger Tides and Pirates of the Caribbean V: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Favorite Actors & Actresses: Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga; Denzel Washington; Liam Neeson; Jason Statham; Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Shows: Ghost Adventures; Too Cute!; River Monsters; Law and Order; BBC’s Sherlock; Gotham

Favorite Fiction: Cthulhu Mythos; Sherlock Holmes; Count of Monte Cristo; Dracula

Favorite Historical Time Periods: The Ancient World; Medieval Period; Renaissance; The Enlightenment; Colonialism

Favorite Ancient World Civilizations: Greece (Athens and Sparta); Persian Empire; Roman Republic, Roman Empire; Incan, Mayan, and Aztec Empires; Visigoths; Ostrogoths; Phoenicians

Favorite Medieval Subjects: Knights Templars; Hospitallers; Crusades; Saladin; Hundred Years War; Wars of the Roses; Tudors; Plantagenets; Franks; Vikings; Medieval Villages, Cities, and Castles; The Black Death; Witchcraft and Witch Hunts; Inquisition; Christianity; Catholicism; Protestantism; Church and State; Feudalism

Favorite Medieval Countries: England; France; Italy; Germany; Iberia (Spain and Portugal)

Favorite Colonial Civilizations: Thirteen Colonies; Latin America; Africa; Asia; India; the Pacific; Oceania; Australia

Favorite Colonial Subjects: Maritime Expansion; Conquistadors

Favorite Asian History Subjects: History of Japan; History of Shintoism

Other Favorite Historical Subjects: Wars; Politics; Trade; Religion; Monarchies; Baronies; Duchies; Counties; Marches; Kingdoms; Fiefdoms; Empires

Favorite Mythologies: Greek; Norse; Celtic; Phoenician; Zoroastrian; Japanese; Chinese

Favorite Character Pairings and Genres I Think Fit Them:

Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Ange & Asmodeus (Friendship, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Horror); Ange & Belphegor (Friendship, Horror)

Rozen Maiden: Suigintou & Megu (Friendship); Shinku & Megu (Friendship, Horror); Suiseiseki & Souseiseki (Family)

Okegom Pairings:

Wadanohara & the Great Blue Sea: Lobco & Chlomaki (Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Horror, Humor); Lobco & Wadanohara (Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Horror); Lobco & Mikotsu (Horror); Lobco & Daimajo/Great Witch (Friendship, General); Pulmo & Helica (Friendship, Humor); Wadanohara & Pulmo (Friendship); Wadanohara & Helica (Friendship); Wadanohara and Creamil (Friendship, Horror); Wadanohara & Irena (Friendship); Wadanohara & Tatsumiya (Friendship, Family); Wadanohara & Laurentia (Friendship, Horror); Wadanohara & Daimajo/Great Witch (Friendship, General); Miyura & Helica (Friendship, Humor)

Gray Garden: Raspbel & Rawberry (Family); Macarona & Rawberry (Friendship); Macarona & Reficul (Humor); Macarona & Sin (Friendship); Macarona & Rane (Friendship); Macarona & Mercury (Friendship); Macarona & Rosaliya (Friendship); Macarona & Lil (Friendship, Humor); Macarona & GriRea (Friendship); Macarona & Yosafire (Friendship); Poemi & Rieta (Family, Friendship); Ater & Arbus (Family, Friendship, Humor); Ater, Arbus, & Alela Grora (Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship); Yosafire & Froze (Friendship, Humor); Yosafire & Greif (Horror, Humor); Yosafire & Chelan (Friendship); Chelan & Dialo (Friendship); Kcalb & Wodahs (Family)

Works Cited:

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The URL links to these websites were not showing up properly, so I had to remove them from the citations. You can still find these websites online. The Imperial Library and the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) are likely to be familiar to anyone who is a fan of the Elder Scrolls. The Fantasy Name Generator might not be, however. Though the easiest way to find them is with a search engine like Google. Simply type in any of these three sources with the Elder Scrolls added after it for immediate results.

Current Fanfiction Project:

Elder Scrolls Travels: Roseguard- Prologue Finished

List of Fanfiction Projects:

These are each of the projects I am interested in pursuing. Do note that this list will not be exhaustive. Ideas added here may be changed in part or full or may be removed at any given point. These are my ideas and are not suggestions given to other fanfiction authors, so please do not plagiarize them. I am presenting them here to avoid advertent/inadvertent issues with plagiarism.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Rockpark- 4E 208. The King of Argonia passes away in the dead of night. With the province caught in political intrigue, its kingdoms and settlements choose sides as ideas of independence and coalition are given birth. Something within the old palace at Rockpark stirs. Spirits take up arms and wombats scurry in the swamps. An agitated god demands retribution.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: The Alessian Order- 4E 214. The Second Great War is over. The Alliance of Man is victorious and all of Tamriel is in celebration as the Dominion is held liable. A dream carries three visions to a reformed Alessian Order: A prophet from Valenwood, a Marukhati Selective; an identity; a sliver of a covenant’s blood. An ancestral statue shall be reformed in time.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Karndar Watch- 4E 217. The province of Alinor is in ruin. Its towns and villages lie in shambles, wrecked and razed by soldiers of the Alliance of Man. Its capital city-states now bow and kneel to the Lhotunics of Hammerfell. As the Thalmor laws are abolished and rewritten, a common law points to Karndar Watch. For what reason was the old comparison made?

Elder Scrolls Travels: Necrom- 4E 220. Reports reach House Redoran on alleged Argonian activity encroaching further into Morrowind. A regiment of troops investigate and find nothing. A necromancer offers to resurrect the honored dead in Necrom to bolster their defenses. Attention is drawn to the City of the Dead as House Indoril reluctantly acquiesces. But not all of the dead agree.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Wild Hunt- 4E 221. High King Ulfric Stormcloak of Skyrim was among his army and allies in the invasion of Valenwood during the Second Great War. Unlike his ancient predecessor, he survived the Wild Hunt. Under Lhotunic control, Valenwood is beginning its recovery. Rumors of an ancient Bosmeri threat in and around Lynpar March merge into reports.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Crimson Scars- 4E 224. Three years passed since the reformation of the Crimson Scars. Though gaining renown on such short notice, the guild lacks the membership to expand beyond the Barony of Dwynnen. A vampire of the Order of the Black Worm is invited to serve as an instructor and ambassador to aid in its expansion. War shall be fought in the shadows.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Pilgrim- 4E 229. A pilgrim travels north from Cheydinhal to the neighboring province of Orsinium. His only wish is to see what has become of Skyrim and ascend the Seven Thousand Steps. But Skyrim is no more and the legendary monastery of High Hrothgar has fallen into ruin. Sovngarde now lies in the Ashpit and Malacath sits upon the Throne of Shor.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Riverhold- 4E 230. When the Argonians conquered Anequina during the Blackwood War, the region became a territory of Argonia. Forced to live under the oppression of their overlords, former inhabitants of the Aldmeri Dominion’s client state resigned themselves to Argonian rule. A chance to secede and become part of Cyrodiil becomes available to Riverhold.

Elder Scrolls Travels: The Abecean Sea- 4E 234. An Altmeri mystic scries a great evil in the Abecean Sea. The Sload of Thras begin to rise up. A Crown of Lillandril authorizes a captain of the Summerset Navy to lead a preemptive strike. Their success is dwarfed by the appearance of a Daedric ship. Vessels and harbor towns sink to its cannons as it is pursued over the Abecean Sea.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Penitus Oculatus- 4E 235. A report reaches the desk of an Elder Councilman. A team of Penitus Oculatus agents are dispatched to the source. A new Battlespire is built under Azra’s Crossing in Hammerfell. The Shadow Legion reforms under one of the Blades seeking to rebuild the Septim Dynasty, or so he claims. His identity is a mystery beneath the cowl.

Elder Scrolls Travels: The Valus Mountains- 4E 241. A new source of Ebony is discovered in the Valus Mountains. The Hlaalu Miners Office takes charge of operations until its miners stop returning. House Hlaalu dispatches Knights of the Thorn to investigate the cause. Something is in the mountains, hunting for prey around the ruins. What lurks in the blizzard is no ordinary creature.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Shadowfoot- 4E 244. Commercial trade to the Imperial City has been declining as of late. Bandits and the Cyrodiil Thieves Guild are suspected. The recovery of a gold ring thought to have gone missing during the Oblivion Crisis unveils a crime the guild would have frowned upon. An ambitious city guard plots to undermine the credibility for his own benefit.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Jehanna- 4E 247. Trade with the Orc Strongholds of Wrothgar brings great wealth to Jehanna. Relations with the local Reachmen and the Western Reach remain cordial, yet strained. An old ship docks in the harbor before communication with Jehanna ceases abruptly. Attention is drawn to the kingdom’s capital as a dead god swims to the city-state with its followers.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Keerilth- 4E 249. A Keerilth is driven into the West Weald after escaping from vampire hunters. With nowhere else to go, she settles in the Borough of Fort Black Boot. Her feeding puts the town on edge as the Imperial Legion investigates. But bodies she hasn’t fed on start pointing them to her. Another vampire lurks in the town, trapping her in her new home.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Cybiades- 4E 252. The assassination of a high profile merchant lord in Isfijer draws attention throughout the Kingdom of Sentinel. The investigation leads to Cybiades and the lord of Cosh Hall. Once an impressive stronghold, its heirloom and the secret it had carried have long since been lost. It is the answer to why the lord’s bloodline has ruled Cybiades for years.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Alinor- 4E 253. A movement among the Kinlords in Alinor starts to gain traction. A vote is to be called on bringing back the name “Summerset Isles.” Many citizens support it, save for a minority in the royal court of the city of Alinor. They do not want to lose the esteem of having a province named after Alinor. Finding a Thalmor among them forces a decision.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Necromancer- 4E 256. A caravan leaves the outskirts of Senchel. A plague of undead walk at its side as the outrider returns his charge to where he belongs. A lone survivor from a cult of necromancers slain by Vigilants finds herself drawn to it. Others follow in its wake. A city and the island on which it stands has resurfaced, awaiting the baron who ruled it.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Fin Gleam- 4E 258. Rumors of the Elder Council’s decline and the Third Empire’s end have long been common gossip for years. A petty Footpad of the Cyrodiil Thieves Guild discovers the enchantment upon an ancient artifact. A mercenary sorcerer is enlisted by a merchant lord from Anvil to search for the ancestral heirloom pilfered from him by the guild.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Bruma- 4E 260. The Blackwood Battle climaxed the fall of the Third Empire. The Emperor is forced to resign the Elder Council. In a final effort to acquire some gold, a councilman sends a lone nightblade to the ruins of Bruma. He tasks her with recovering artifacts collected by Countess Narina Carvain. She knows nothing of the horrific fiends that reside there.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Silgrad Tower- 4E 262. House Redoran sends supplies to its forces in southern Morrowind through the checkpoint of Silgrad Tower. A threat from the Icewind Peaks receives attention when Orcish mercenaries are discovered searching for an ancient Velothi tower. The grudge between two Daedric Princes over corruption through trickery will be settled in battle.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Silencer- 4E 265. A murder instills uncertainty and terror in the village of Burgpath. Conspiracy theories spread after the suspicion of a political motive becomes public knowledge. Inquiries are closed and cases shut, allowing a guild of assassins to assume their dominance in the Duchy of Daenia. A new recruit is shown what belonged to the late Brotherhood.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Order of the Candle- 4E 267. Forebear Erndyn of Hegathe has been elected Emperor. The Order of the Candle prepares to welcome him to his throne in Sentinel. The first Emperor of the new Fourth Empire appoints a new Grandmaster of the knightly order. A conspiracy erupts when the Grandmaster is suddenly assassinated and another candidate steps up.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Keepers of the Razor- 4E 268. During the Second Great War, an order of Daedra hunters went into Skyrim. They returned to Kvatch with three pieces of a Daedric Artifact. The fourth was soon lost in Skyrim’s demolition. Decades passed as the Oblivion Crisis sinks further into memory. The pieces are safe, or so they think. A splinter group rises at the dawn.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Renrijra Krin- 4E 272. The Renrijra Krin have been imprisoned for decades since the Blackwood War. The Kingdom of Senchel, long since fallen to the An-Xileel, was the last remnant of Khajiiti civilization. Elsweyr is no more and can never rise again, now part of Argonia. A prison break catches the An-Xileel’s attention. Elsweyr may be gone, but not them.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Shornhelm- 4E 274. Winter falls upon Shornhelm. Baron Lorunius Lariat of House Tamrith contemplates the political situation. House Dorell and House Montclair vie for power, engaging in subterfuge. A claimant to the throne of Shornhelm emerges out of the shadows. The Houses of Shornhelm are thrown into chaos as assassinations and blackmail abound.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Order of the Lamp- 4E 278. The descendant of a Palatinus of the old Mages Guild gathers his research on the guild’s knightly order. The Kinlord of Firsthold wants to reform his kingdom’s Mages Guild. The legacy of Vanus Galerion is retold in celebration. But a letter and evidence from Lady Gyrnasse of Sollicich-on-Ker threatens to tarnish that reputation.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Knightblade- 4E 279. Soulrest lacks a voice in the monarchy of Argonia. The chieftain demands greater inclusion and authority from An-Xileel, threatening to go against them if the wishes of Soulrest’s Hist are not fulfilled. The discovery of a black market run by Khajiit prompts a Knightblade of Soulrest to investigate. Her findings must empower Soulrest.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Knights of the Owl- 4E 282. The War of Seven Kingdoms breaks out in High Rock. Only Wayrest remains neutral as rumors of the Lhotunics’ entrance into the war spread behind the scenes. The Baroness of Glenpoint sends two Knights of the Owl to investigate. Their mission pits them against Wayrest’s fabled Knights of the Rose and their enigmatic advisor.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Hackdirt- 4E 283. The Chorrol Builders Company wants to construct a new trading post near the city. A surveyor went to the area, but never returned. The King forbids further activity. His decree sparks interest from a member of the Cyrodiil Thieves Guild. The long dead village awaits. Hidden in flora and overgrowth lie dark secrets that should have stayed buried.

Elder Scrolls Travels: The Isle of Flame- 4E 285. With the dissolution of the Third Empire came a heightened decline in interest within the Champions of Cyrodiil. A minor courtier serving the Magistrate of Bravil refuses to let their history dissipate. A summoning to the Isle of Flame in the Shivering Isles unveils the truth in madness. Golden Saints once banished desire his overthrow.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Wasten Coridale- 4E 288. A shipment of goods to Wasten Coridale from Alinor is delayed by a storm. Cargo is discovered to be missing. Lady Kelkemmeril demands a full investigation as another storm brews from the west. Citizens of the town begin disappearing. The storm rages and foul magic seeps up from the sea, encroaching towards the Hanging Gardens.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Pugilist- 4E 291. A snowstorm falls deep upon the Kingdom of Wintersplain. Frigid tundra caked in snow carries with it the arrival of a claymore as frozen as the blizzard that delivers it. A loose prophecy is revealed with the coming of an Ice Tribe. Interpreted as a conquest against him, the king looks to the reign of High King Harold. Fists shall meet blade.

Elder Scrolls Travels: The Draudach Mountains- 4E 294. A storm rages over the Draudach Mountains as the local Reachmen perform a sacrifice to their Daedric Princes. A vision of Dwemer ruins is bestowed to shamen, revealing an artifact once acquired by the Thalmor and lost to society. An adventurer has come to the Draudach Mountains for that precise purpose on behalf of a client.

Elder Scrolls Travels: The Gold Coast- 4E 296. There is a decline in the population of deer, mountain lions, and wolves in the Gold Coast. Concerned with the rise in their extinction and their attacks, the Queen of Anvil orders Gold Coast Foresters to arrest poachers. As the crime is almost under control, a peculiar smuggling operation is discovered when one of the Foresters gets bitten.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Agamanus- 4E 300. The Fourth Century has begun and Tamriel remains divided between the Fourth Empire and the Saxhleel Coalition. Tensions between the two remain muted, but amicable. A map uncovering the location of an old temple south of Corinthe is discovered. Ancient treasures long since forgotten resurface below the savannah…as do its rulers.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Windhelm- 4E 305. Almost a century has passed since the great city of Windhelm was decimated in the Reach of Ghosts. Over time, people migrated to the area where it once stood and reconstructed it anew. Reborn from ruin, a holiday is to be decreed in celebration. To mark the day, its Jarl sends for the battleaxe wielded by a bastard son. Its delivery is illegitimate.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Skywatch- 4E 308. A view from the top of the tallest spire in the city of Skywatch is breathtaking. When the Second Great War came, this tower was destroyed. Rebuilt during Auridon’s reconstruction, the spire became a symbol of Auridon’s rise from the ashes. To the people, it is a shining beacon. To a threat over the horizon, it is a challenge against its control.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Skingrad- 4E 311. The Queen of Skingrad refuses to allow the Fourth Empire to take over her kingdom. Skingrad struggles to remain independent. People are afraid the Fourth Empire will one day lay siege to the city. The nobles shirk their duties, some trying to invite the Fourth Empire in secret. Nobody is safe from the assassins hiding within Skingrad’s city walls.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Ordinator- 4E 312. Dunmeri Nibenay has converted to the faith of the Yokudan pantheon. House Indoril has left the Great Council, considering its people heretics against the Three Good Daedra. Uncertain of where their future lies, priests of House Indoril place their faith within an Ordinator of Doctrine and Ordination to guide them on a path to a new home.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Wood Orc- 4E 315. Clan Drublog of Jathsogur negotiate a trade agreement with the Bosmeri Rotmeth brewers of Vulkwasten Wood. Their hunters have come up empty-handed as of late, desperate to reclaim their gains. A Daedric aspect descends into the forest to retrieve his two spears. And a Daedroth from the Accords of Madness stalks the basin for prey.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Dragonstar- 4E 317. A delivery for the Emperor halts in Dragonstar. Rumors suggest it has been stolen. A student of the School of Julianos and her friend in the Thieves Guild get caught in the middle. Their attempt to steal a rare tome gets them into trouble when they learn a conjurer enlisted an Orc Stronghold to steal that tome from a caravan going to Dragonstar.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Singmont- 4E 322. In the Ilessan Hills is the small town of Singmont. Little traffic barely graces the settlement and very few people call Singmont home. The daughter of the resident Priest of Arkay is an outcast, avoided by the people. Her life is slowly corrupted by a Plane of Oblivion after entering an abandoned chapel. Another portal to this Plane was erected.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Witch Hunter- 4E 326. A curse seeps southwest from a sunken city on the northern coast of Summerset Isle. Travelers arriving in Lillandril speak of a dangerous cult of Altmer who prey on those isolated in the region. A witch hunter from High Rock is enlisted by the Kinlord of Lillandril to investigate. He notes a peculiar similarity to the Falmer of Skyrim.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Drajkmyr Marsh- 4E 328. The Reach of Ghosts took Hjaalmarch in 4E 208 over a century ago. Once the Sea of Ghosts retracted it grasp, the former Hold regained its marshy lands. Argonians who migrated from Argonia founded a new town deep in the marsh near the ruins of Morthal. Two necromancers arrive seeking the secret buried deep underneath Kjenstag.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Argonia- 4E 331. The Fourth Empire rose to power in Tamriel. The King of Argonia knows war with it is disastrous. The Hist wavers in its influence as Hist Trees are suddenly dying. The King acquires help from an Agaceph priest. The descendant of a Shadowscale uncovers a dark plot threatening to alter the course of Argonia’s history and its inhabitants’ lives.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: The Glenmoril Wyrd- 4E 335. A witch is cast out of Daggerfall. Without a place to call home, she wanders the province in search of a place to stay. The Glenmoril Wyrd offers her an invitation to join their flock if she will pass a trial. Sent to Falkreath Hold and the Rift in Orsinium, she is to persuade the Orcs to allow the Glenmoril Wyrd into their holdings.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Telvanni- 4E 337. A Telvanni Wizard in the Colovian Highlands reminisces on Morrowind’s lore. The old Dunmeri province is poisoned land under Argonian rule. Nibenay now stands as the stage of Dunmeri power. A sorcerer arrives in the region in search of a shipwreck. How it came to be there is unknown, only that he blames House Telvanni as the cause.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Woodhearth- 4E 340. Maritime trade prospers in Woodhearth. Ships come from the Gold Coast of Cyrodiil, Hammerfell, the Summerset Isles, and High Rock. The city is advertised as safe, but below the surface is a web of criminal activity. A Khajiit Skooma dealer runs the black market, eluding the guards at every turn. A new inspector hopes to acquire the trail.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Erabenimsun- 4E 344. The Ashlanders are a dying culture as the tribes adapted to civilized life or went extinct. Only a lone remnant of the Erabenimsun Ashlanders remains in the Alik’r Desert. The sands carry danger and a Daedric Artifact thought destroyed long ago. The Alik’r hunt her down, out for her blood as payment for the murders she has committed.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Thieves Guild- 4E 346. A new king is crowned on the throne of Evermor. His first policy is to increase military funding for the city watch to arrest members of the Thieves Guild. Suspecting a conspiracy within the royal court, the doyen sends out thieves to steal information and disrupt political ties. His best cat burglar soon stumbles upon a conflict of interest.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Fingerbowl Cave- 4E 352. The Albione Family have long been heads of the Imperial City’s Jewelers Guild. They’re known throughout Tamriel, but only the wealthiest and politically savvy can afford the jewels. The political climate made them migrate to Sentinel, but a few stayed to oversee the family crypt. A family secret rises from the grave for his revenge.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Moonguard- 4E 354. News spreads throughout the sleepy village of Moonguard of a new experiment performed by its Mages Guild. The reaction is only little fanfare in a community whose intrigue in the magical arts died out so long ago. A young mage goes upon a pilgrimage to the Kurallian Mountains in search of answers. A forgotten Sage may provide them.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Veiled Heritance- 4E 359. The Crown of Cloudrest is found dead in her estate. An investigation is underway as an inspector of the city watch investigates. Clues are scarce, but signs indicate an old order from the Second Era is responsible. A young girl is recruited off the streets. She is tasked with delivering messages to the nobility, unaware of the intended goal.

Elder Scrolls Adventures: Battlemage- 4E 363. An expedition into Nedic ruins southeast of Skaven draws attention from the Emperor. Funds are granted to the expedition force to perform a full analysis and investigation of the ruins. A former member of the Elinhir Mages Guild is called upon when the expedition turns south. Her discoveries are not what she expects from Nedic ruins.

Elder Scrolls Travels: Elden Root- 4E 368. The Synod has suffered major political setbacks in its history. Nearly driven into dissolution as its final offices in Valenwood are nearly shut down, the Synod makes a last attempt to prevent their destruction. A Jaqspur from Elden Root discovers their plot until she stumbles upon the truth of their operation. There is no definite, only perchance.

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